Game Threat: Jays @ Rangers

Yep. This is it.

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  1. By the way jays could have a 7 game winning steak with sons luck

  2. Damn Stoeten, I can hear the phone ringing haha.

  3. Jays
    Cabrera LF
    Bautista RF
    Encarnacion DH
    Lind 1B
    Rasmus CF
    Izturis 3B
    Thole C
    Bonifacio 2B

    Kinsler 2B
    Andrus SS
    Berkman DH
    Beltre 3B
    Pierzynski C
    Cruz RF
    Murphy LF
    McGuiness 1B
    Martin CF
    Lindblom P

  4. Kinsler?!?!??!

  5. For some reason this seems like a big game for the Jays. A 4 game win streak, a series sweep, seems like a big momentum game. Let’s go Blue Jays!

  6. “Yep. This is it”

    Better than nothin.

  7. We was wobbed.

  8. As a loyal reader (who would kill to have your job) I have been a little dissapointed by the lack of regular content of late. Know its part of your style, but please, go back to 2 pcasts a week, more content please

    • Though nothing has been said of it and I am only speculating, I get the feeling that something is going on at the Score. Getting Blanked was not regular this week with the podcasts, the Zubes has disappeared completely and content from both DJF and Getting Blanked seems to be coming erratically. DJF had some great posts Thursday but they seemed like ones that had been in the pipeline a while (in baseball season terms) and not necessarily fresh content. I love the site and will continue to frequent it everyday I just wish i knew what was going on with it.

  9. All we need is a place to chat.

  10. How is the humidity in Texas this time of year? Will the knuckle ball work?

  11. Is anyone else able to watch the game on rogers anyplacetv website without subscribing to cable anymore? For a long time i was able to just as an internet customer but its not working anymore? sad day

  12. Tabby, you probably don’t have to worry about your brain getting in the way.

  13. Lindy!

  14. Kittenface just roared.

  15. I called for a big week-end for the Man from Muncie in last night’s threat.

    Thank you Kittenface.

  16. Now if Dickey can just not give up 6-7 runs today, the Jays may have a chance.

  17. Dickey is always stretching out his back and looks like he is in pain on his face. If he’s gonna give up 6 runs per start why not just go on the DL.

    • And replace him with who?

    • I guess the only difference is the innings. There are lots of guys that will give up 6 runs, but they last a couple of innings. With Dickey, he may be getting shelled but at least it is over a long stretch which gives the bullpen a chance to rest. I think he will go on the DL as soon as some of the other pitchers (Drabek, Hutchison, Happ, Romero?) come back.

      • Morrow is rehabing,Happ is injured,JJ is dealing with a blister,RR is in Buffalo,they tried Ortiz,Noiin,Sanchez and Osuna aren’t ready and coming off injury.You already have a converted reliever.
        Even slightly injured,R.A. is all you got.

        • I agree, he will continue to pitch until other guys can get healthy and give him a chance to go on the DL. There just is not enough depth in the system with all of the injuries to cover the loss of Dickey (even shitty Dickey) because of the innings he eats and the odd game he dominates.

          • Technically, if they wanted to DL him after the game today, his next start is on an off-day. They would need a spot starter for the 25th and they he’d be eligible to come back for the Canada Day game.

        • When Happ and Morrow get back they should DL him for 2 starts. If they need an extra arm bring up Jenkins

  18. Two of the balls to Berkman were strikes (well one borderline, one most def). While I love idea of roboumps, really do worry that umps don’t know how to call dickey’s game. He’s been burned a lot by it this year.

    • Naw, Berkman ABs are things of their own. Rivera gets every borderline strike Berkman gets every borderline ball.

  19. how do you parasites not have cable?

  20. Everyone better pay attention to Thole to see how he compares to JPA.

  21. Am I the only one that feels an urge to punch AJ Kazinski in the face?

  22. A win today and a loss for TB n we’re gonna start creepin up on the Rays

    We’re comin for your club, Mr Maddon

    • Don’t start talking like that. You will Jinx them. Remember when Stoeten talked about the Jays pulling to within .500 before that 4 game yankee series? Look what happened there. Nobody start speculating. Everybody knows there record and how many wins they are below .500. DONT JINX IT!!!!

  23. That effort is embarrassing.

  24. Lots of hot dudes in the stands down in Texas today

  25. Anyone think we could pry Profar away from the Rangers?

  26. Fact: if the jays win this I’m gettin weird tonight. Feel free to join me

  27. Dickey is commencing to remind me why I really really wanted the Jays to get him…

  28. Holy fucking Lind…

  29. Cletus is making me very happy.

  30. Cletus!


  32. Colby! No doubt about that one.

  33. the two lefties doin’ work

  34. The Demon Barber of Clete Street strikes again!

  35. Jays be fuckin walloping the ball offa Lindbloom today

  36. Does Cletus have severe acne scars or what? What is going on with his face? I’ve always wondered, never asked.

    • It’s powered by homeruns and Colby Cash.

    • you mean his funky beard? I have seen some dudes with lots of acne grow decent beards, so it can’t be that

      he does have some freckles on his face, the melanoma types prolly from working the moonshine distillery every summer as a child

  37. I feel like the Jays are the 70lb weakling that got sand kicked in its face all through April and the beginning of May and then ate its Wheaties, its spinach and did the Charles Atlas weight-lifting program and then headed on back to the beach.

    I just want to remind y’all that all this is taking place without Reyes and Lawrie and almost all the original starters.

    • I honestly keep forgetting this team is minus Lawrie, too. Reyes is obviously important for that high-OBP leadoff presence but the way the team is playing right now, I’m indifferent to Lawrie’s return.

      • Because he’s been atrocious at the plate. I’m all for 2011 Lawrie coming back, however.

        • He is a big strong kid and should be batting for power. I wonder if starting at the leadoff for so long messed him up a bit?

  38. My neck and back were feeling a little tight there when I gave up those hits. Just sayin’.

  39. KINSLER?!? [and Thole!]
    My body is not ready!
    I was out indulging in one of my remaining vices + I’ve been missing the game!
    I’m here now, in the boat + I might just get WEIRD…but with feelings…
    I may need a nurse more than the rest of ya’ll.

  40. Thank fuck for Thole blockig that

  41. Cmon Dick….big opprotunity here

  42. Jose’s defense has been great this year.

  43. Phew

  44. Clearly Dickey was just walking him to get to McGuinness.

  45. Big out, great job by bautista as well. I like our outfield defense, even melky is very solid with the glove, i don’t get why Stoeten keeps wanting him to move to DH. His hammy issue of before limited him a bit I agree, but that was an injury.

  46. Has anybody figured out why we’re halfway through the season and Sportsnet is still using player photos from last year, including short shag Cletus, and player photos of Bonifacio, Buehrle, Reyes, Cabrera etc. from last year that have Jays hats and jerseys photoshopped on them?

    • With the player payroll increase there had to be cutbacks in the photography dept.

  47. Reyes and Lawrie still haven’t played in the same game this year

  48. Left the water park so I could get on the boat. What a run we’re on.

  49. I like it when Buck says NIFTY.

  50. Ruh-roh…

  51. Having just joined the game, how has Thole played so far?

  52. No PBs, No problem.

  53. Big strikeout.

  54. I feel an EE dinger coming.

  55. Dickey’s run up one hell of a pitch count today.

    Sixth inning too.

  56. Should be fun the watch Honus throw some fire now.

  57. Ruh-roh 2.0

  58. DIckey’s been walking the razor’s edge…but always found a way to wiggle out of trouble. If Wagner can shut the door here – I’ll call it a good outing.

  59. God bless the pen

  60. Poor Alex Cobb. That looked brutal.

    Why can’t things like that happen to players like Buchholz instead?

  61. Keep it rolling Cleetus you handsome bastard.

  62. First pitch swinging is not hot.
    Got to grind out @ bats for proper eye candy.

  63. Is the boxscore at correct?

    How do the Rangers have 18 LOB after only 6 innings?

  64. This place has been super pleasant the last few weeks! Winning vanquished the trolls, I guess.

  65. I burnt a bunch of chicken fingers in the oven and now my house smells like ass.
    What do I do to get the smoke smell out?

  66. They just interviewed a drunk stagette party on the Texas feed.
    One of the chicks is already polluted.

  67. Bautista out….fingers crossed

  68. Gotta love the good ol Jason Frasor pace

  69. I’ll laugh if this game goes to extras. FIRE GIBBONS, HE’S A CANCER.

  70. Bautista crashed into the wall a few innings ago. I wonder if he bruised his outer leg.

  71. You don’t often hear ‘Lind’ and ‘must move quickly’ together.

  72. Aaaaaaah Cecil

    He good

  73. CECIL!! I knew we’d find a use for you!

  74. Hey, listen to us! Adam Lind!! Amazing. Brett Cecil! The best!! Whodathunk?

  75. It’s like we’re in some kind of alternative universe.

  76. Time for a Frasor meltdown?

  77. Another run to make it a grand-slam lead would be nice


  79. I wish I could point out how I always believed in Cecil, but I can’t because those were back in the days when I just shouted my commentary @ the TV + not online/the Tweety.

  80. I wonder how many Gold Gloves Beltre has?

  81. Cletus on the base paths is becoming one of my favourite things.


  83. Nice hit Thole.

  84. C’mon Thole, make us forget about JPA!

  85. Joshua

  86. Thole showing leadership.

  87. atta kid thole


  89. Not as sexy as a JPA flailing K, but it will have to do.

  90. Hoe manybgold gloves was that, Buck?

  91. I`d like to punch Piershitski right in the yap

  92. HOLY SHIT that blonde chick was gross.


  93. I’m nervous when Dusty pitches. He doesn’t really look up to major league calibre yet.

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