Toronto Blue Jays v San Diego Padres

Nothing like Chien-Ming Wang taking the mound on a Sunday afternoon in search of a four-game sweep of the Texas Rangers. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, this is your game threat.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

1. Melky Cabrera (S) LF
2. Jose Bautista (R) DH
3. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 3B
4. Adam Lind (L) 1B
5. Mark DeRosa (R) 2B
6. Rajai Davis (R) RF
7. Colby Rasmus (L) CF
8. J.P. Arencibia (R) C
9. Maicer Izturis (S) SS

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Texas Rangers

1. Jurickson Profar (S) 3B
2. Elvis Andrus (R) SS
3. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B
4. Adrian Beltre (R) DH
5. A.J. Pierzynski (L) C
6. Nelson Cruz (R) RF
7. David Murphy (L) LF
8. Chris McGuiness (L) 1B
9. Leonys Martin (L) CF

LHP Derek Holland

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  1. wow

  2. Adam Lind. MVP.

  3. Woohoo!!! Adam Lind.

  4. KITTENFACE!!!!!!


  5. Wtf is goin on?! When did lind become our best hitter??

  6. Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!

  7. Lind…. wow.

  8. It appears to be broom time. Finally.

  9. Love it!

  10. Dear Adam Lind…
    I am heartily sorry for ever calling you a complete waste of skin. I’m very sorry for ever having considered trading you for a bucket of second-hand baseballs. I regret ever having suggested letting you go.
    I love you – you big sleepy-eyed, tousle-haired left-handed goof. Don’t ever change.

  11. Where the fuck was lind the past 3 years? WOW

  12. I was only 70% listening, but I’m fairly sure that Jack Morris just said Adam Lind is on a “horrid” pace. Well bespoken Jack.

  13. How many more ABs before Lind hits the leaderboard?

  14. Adam Lind is hitting .352/.420/.564 with a wOBA of .419 and wRC+ of 168


  15. Kittenface with a 3 run Hr!!!!.

    I feel like its 2009.

    Would Texas trade Profar for Lind? He hits well there.

  16. Washington is an idiot so yes

  17. this lind guy, he’s good eh?

  18. Encarnacion and Adam Lind have both come back from the dead approximately 1 year after being DFA’d/outrighted. I assume Romero will be starting the 2014 All-Star Game.

  19. I think I love a 3 p.m. start. Gives me time to do shit during the day, watch a game and then have supper.
    Plus afternoon beers are great.

    • Me, too.
      I’ve got a roast going on the barbeque rotisserie outside, and am sampling some fine fermented grapes in the 90 minutes it will take to cook.

      • Haha, pretty much my afternoon too. Had one last roast in the freezer before I get a new quarter of beef.

    • Going out for beers and the game is the only productive thing I’ve done all day.

    • I love the 3pm or 4pm starts! Why does Toronto cling so stubbornly to the 1pm afternoon games?
      Not that I’ve done anything productive pre-game other than play videogames.

      • They should at least have 4pm start times on sat. They used to have that. 1 pm start time is pretty standard on sundays across MLB.

  20. This series is our statement to the league. I know Texas is slumping lately (altho most of that is cause by playing us 7 games in just over a week) but even so, theyre still one of the best teams in baseball.

    Could any oher team in the game right now come into Texas and not just sweep a 4 gamer, but do so in devastating fashion? Outscoring them 25-2?

    Also, I hav a gut that Wang is going to be our Garcia/Colon ca. 2011. Not by his numbers, obviously sss, but just watching him pitch His stuff is good and it feels like hes going to at least give you a QS everytime out there.

  21. Man, Wang got really lucky today…

    • You need that to win baseball games though.

    • The Jays have been unlucky for some time. Some of should balance it out for Jays eventually.

    • 7 hits over 7 innings and only 2 walks – I’ll say thats pretty well as good a Wang start as one can get. Mind you, half his K’s were from McGuiness, but 5 k’s is decent. Biggest thing is the ability to go 7 innings, thats really all we can ask.

  22. Maicer is the worst

  23. The fuck was that Maicer?!

  24. Gibbons really stretched Wang out today. He looked like he could have been done by the 5th inning.

  25. Where the fuck are the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays?

    • “Where the fuck is jesuscristo?”

      A query never asked on DJF.

      • I was going to ask a question of that type…all the trolls have taken a break the last week. funny that

    • They’ve been here the whole time.

      You just couldn’t see them outside the boat.

    • They’re in the boat with the rest of us, enjoying a great Father’s Day.

    • Remember how much you crowed about Matt Moore and Rays player development and how the season was over and the Jays were garbage and they should blow it all up?

      Yeah. Go back to not posting here you shit eating waste.

      • If a team isn’t competing by the deadline, you have to consider selling. Not sure what is Earth shattering about that. The team is having a good series… they are still in last place and nowhere near where they need to be to make the playoffs. Shut the fuck up.

        I still stand behind my comments about the Rays. Teams that can’t field any above-average homegrown players are sick in one way or another (drafting, development…).

        • Umm, the jays best hitter has always been a jay his whole career, but I’m sure you, along with most, would’ve wanted him gone years ago.

          Also that’s bullshit comment, most organizations don’t have more that 3-4 positionals players and 3-4 pitchers that started in their organization.

  26. I hate an 8 man bullpen, but there isn’t really a man in the ‘pen that you can send down. They are all playing so well.

    Besides McGowan (who has only given up 1 run), the next highest ERA coming out of the bullpen is Darren Oliver at 2.84!

    Plus the Jays don’t really have a long man in the bullpen, and at most all the guys can pitch is 2 innings, so it is good to have a bigger pen.

    • And what happens with Santos and Morrow and Happ return?

      Esmil would probably be pushed back to the bullpen and be the longman. So then you need to send down at least two bullpen guys.

      This might be looking too far ahead though, as it is not like Perez or Wagner are sure things, and what are the odds of every Jay pitcher being healthy…

    • The bullpen has been outstanding all season. The offense started heating up in May and now the starters are catching up.

      AA has done really well to pick up guys like Wagner and Perez out of nowhere.

  27. Good article in yesterday’s Globe about strike calls against Bautista. Research shows Bautista “has received worse ball-and-strike-call treatment than most players this season”. Some company tracks this stuff.

  28. A couple of weeks ago I told you guys this team could still make a run. People insisted they were dead in the water, but I knew there was still time. This series is especially gratifying when you consider last year they went to Texas and got destroyed, not only getting swept in 3 games, but getting outscored 34-16. I don’t think Kinsler is 100%, and without Moreland, Josh Hamilton and Michael Young, the Rangers are a less than average team.

    • Lots of sore ankles around here, people jumping on and off the bandwagon

      • Check the story on the Boston sportswriter Carfado a couple weeks back on this blog, I did absolutley say this was possible.

        • Jim, I wasn’t referring to you.

          • No one in Ohio ever jumps off a boat, karen.

            Burn on, big river, burn on
            Burn on, big river, burn on
            Now the Lord can make you tumble
            And the Lord can make you turn
            And the Lord can make you overflow
            But the Lord can’t make you burn

    • something something boat

    • I had nightmares about Hamilton’s walk-off HR (not sure if it was the same series). Feels fucking good to smash these bastards.

    • I read this three times Jim, and enjoyed it more each time.

    • The Rangers are a “less than average team”? They are a great fucking team in a slump. There’s a difference.

      • Theyre really only “slumping” because of thw Toronto Blue Jays. They had won 8 of 9 before they came to town last weekend.

        • Uh no, not accurate. Texas is 6-14 in their past 20 games, including 1-6 vs the Jays. That means they’re 5-8 against all other teams in that stretch, so they certainly weren’t winning “8 of 9″ before facing the Jays. In the three series before facing the Jays the first time, they lost two out of three against the Red Sox, won 3 out of 4 vs KC and were swept by Arizona with a third game washed out. They were 4-5 in the nine games before facing the Jays, not 8-1 as mentioned by you and another poster earlier.

    • Outscored them 39-10 while taking 6 of 7.

      Thats not a game its a lesson.

      • Much like Jim in Ohio, I’m really enjoying the Jays playing the ball they’re capable of. After April and having to read the shit posted on DJF, I find the last week especially satisfying.

        • It is a good sign, no doubt. But that’s all it is… a week. Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet gentlemen.

          • Quit pissing in the punch bowl for one day. I think the people that supported the Jays through the shit storm possess the perspective to realize we haven’t won the World Series yet. That said, fuck off and let us enjoy the sweep.

          • jesuscristo is not invited to the circle jerk.

          • actually they’ve been pretty good for a while. they did dig one fucking big hole though. but they’re playing much better and they still get reyes back soon so things aren’t bleak as they were a couple weeks ago. we could still finish last but i could also see the last place team in the al east looking down on .500 when it all ends. fucking brutal division.

    • The Jays are still in last place.

      The have to keep this pace AND Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore have to LOSE.

      That’s almost impossible.

      April did them in.

      • The Wankees and Rays are 4-6 in their last 10. Nothing’s impossible.

        • Moreover, they still have games to play against those teams. Which puts their destiny squarely in their hands.

      • Hey Glen, there’s this thing called a ‘Wild card playoff spot’ maybe you’ve heard of it, likely not. Anyways this year there happens to be 2 of those up for grabs.

    • You are the greatest

  29. If they hold on and win this game, they will only be 7 back in the loss column.

    • I don’t want to see them just get into the playoffs for some “one and done” scenario. I’d love to see them win the division. That would really shove it up John Farrell’s a$$.

  30. Another classic Zaun-ism: “sign Wilson and make him closer”

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Wilson but you just cant demote Janssen and I doubt Wilson settles for anything less than closer. Casey has been a beast and to take that away would be a travesty.

    • A FA 1/3 into the season won’t settle for anything less then closer?


      • Let him settle into the quagmire then.

      • Reason he hasn’t signed 1/3 into the season is because no team would take him on for his asking price and to be a closer. Same reason Oswalt waited out until he could get a shot at a starting rotation

    • Why would you demote one of the best closers in baseball since the start of last season who continues to dominate for a guy fresh off surgery who might never be any good again?

      Even at his best he wasnt much better then what were getting out of Casey now. Not to mention what a way to reward your core pieces.

      Zauns a fucking idiot.

  31. To the guys saying they are not to impressed with Wang, all I got to say is in 2 games as a minor league signing he pitched 14 innings for the Jays and gave the bullpen a bit of a rest. When you look at the Jays they have 28 games where there pitching staff has gone 6 innings or more, and two of them have come from Wang. so giving the bullpen a rest he doing exactly what the jays want. Heck, give him a couple more games and when morrow and Happ are back I would consider keeping Wang and try trading JJ for a recently injured high draft pick ptbnl.

    • it probably depends on what the jays front office reasonably assesses their chance of playoffs at this year. if they think they can make the miracle comeback then jj is probably the one they roll with. if they think they’ll get close but not make the cut then he’s likely gone with a couple of the good bullpen pieces and one of the utility guys to try to snag someone who will help solidify the infield for next year.

      • Why not trade for a lucas giolito type? jays like to draft those type of guys anyway? and that was just the first that came to my head. and personally Johnson has not look solid enough to improve your playoff chances, and even if they make it to the playoffs you roll a 3 or max 4 man rotation anyway, Morrow, Dickey, Burhle, Happ (he will be back by then).

        • yeah. but if jj has any trade value it’s because he’s pitching closer to his norm coming off the dl. in that case he’s probably a much better option to fill out the rotation than one of the scrap heap guys they’ve got in there now. so if they are close enough that the brass thinks they should make a run the only way they’d be able to justify trading jj is if wang or one of the guys getting healthy (perez, hutch, drabek) looks like they might be able to provide as much value as jj to the rotation. or if they think the drop off from jj to one of those guys wouldn’t be as much as the improvement we’d gain from upgrading 2b or C or what have you. if the brass looks to retool at the deadline then jj headlines a package for a close to the majors prospect they think might help them next year. and beyond. i don’t think they trade for guys that are gonna take a few years to get here at this point. that’s where most of their prospects are after the trades this winter. only gose is actually tapping on the door and he still needs to develop some hit according to most people.

  32. It’s been a while since the Jays have so thoroughly dominated a good team in a series, hasn’t it? It feels like Texas was never a threat.

  33. So Lind is hitting the ball again.. wtf…

  34. Jesus… it’s STOETEN!

  35. Kawasaki’s pre game shenanigans kill me…love that man.

  36. Can we have a Kawasaki HR just to rub it in

  37. Baltimore beat Boston and Tampa lost to the Royals. Looks like a good day all around. I’ll even concede the apparent Yankees win for the benefit of the Bean Weasel.

    • Yankees are in a world of hurt tho. Pretty much every single one of the miracle men (Wells, Hafner, Overbay etc) that were overperforming out of their minds in April have all resumed sucking pretty bad. Tex may be injured again (not that he was doing anything) and even Cano is cooling off a bit. That lineup is bad. bottom 1/3 of the league bad. And the pitching, while decent (I believe they have something like a 4.50 era since mid May) is not enough to help such a horrible offense.

      I still firmly believe they finishblast in the division.

    • Woohoo – +1 for human garbage! I feel like I’ve seen a week’s worth of Yankees losses.
      I support four teams though, so I always guarantee myself a little misery. It’s good for the soul.

  38. They were talking about Jose Reyes tearing it up in his rehab start.
    I’m actually drooling a bit here.

    • Or where they playing “hypothetical”?

    • Uh….doesn’t his rehab thing only begin on Monday?

      • That’s what I was thinking….so I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.
        I hate when they talk about anything that doesn’t involve soft hands or playing the game the right way.
        Tabby and Buck should never talk in the abstract.

        • He played a simulated game, went 2-2 with a walk and a triple.

          • Ah!
            They conveniently left out the “simulated” part….hence my confusion.
            That’s like describing your wild and crazy night with blonde identical twins from Sweden…and leaving out the part where it was “simulated”.

            • I was still stimulated.

            • No, not really. He’s facing live pitching and doing actual hitting, just against guys on his own team rather than in a competitive game that matters in the minor league standings.

  39. For totally selfish reasons I hope we don’t see Reyes with the Jays until Sunday. I’m going to the Bisons game on Saturday and have been hoping to see him there.

  40. Jays have outscored the Rangers 24-2 in this series.

    Now that’s an ass whupping.

  41. It’s baseball, and therefore wildly unpredictable but the Jays are firing on all cylinders right now. Love it.

  42. Ok, someone throw some strikes and end this game.

  43. C’mon guys…2 out!

  44. Alrighty, lets get the last out and end this fucker.

  45. Let’s see if this works.


  46. Welp, that was almost ugly.

  47. Thanks for the momentary heart attack, Beltre.

  48. Well I just shit my pants.

  49. Earlier I posted that I “hadn’t been ridiculously gratified in what seems like ages.”

    That is no longer true.
    This boat rocks.
    Never get off.

    This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in the boat shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in Canada now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here on the boat,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

  50. I thought that was gone. Yeesh.

  51. Sweep! Finally.

    But the guys did amazingly well and the baby steps are turning into 10-league strides.

  52. Sweeeep

    That’s curling for sweep!

  54. Mint…time to head home and roll the Rockies.

    Boatfully yours,

  55. Gave em a couple pity runs

  56. Adam Lind is now basically 2nd in BA, 2nd in OBP, and T4th in SLG… Even with the 0-fer at bats required to meet qualification, he’s top 5 in the first two and top 10 in SLG.


  57. Crap. Johnson is pitching tomorrow. That’s that for this streak.

  58. Wilner telling the trolls to fuck off on Jays talk.

  59. So the Jays just swept a 4-game series which included pitching matchups of Rogers-Darvish and Wang-Holland. Just awesome

  60. Jays are totally lights out right now. Pretty comfy in this here boat!

    BTW, totally over their heads right now. Don’t take that wrong, now – they were due for some good luck – earlier on you could say that if it wasn’t for bad luck they would have no luck at all. Let’s hope it goes to a 9 – 10 game streak before they regress to the mean!

    9-Gamer puts them to .500!

  61. angels put up 5 runs in the ninth with the bases loaded two out for pujols down by one.

  62. yeah. strike one was a brutal call too.

  63. I feel like putting my boot up someone’s ass.

  64. AA needs to trade Lind ASAP while he has actual value. We don’t need two 1B/DH type players so if Lind has any value whatsoever we need to something for him before the trade deadline.

    I could be totally wrong and Lind is a superstar but I doubt it.

    • You ARE totally wrong.

    • “We don’t need two 1B/DH type”

      Why not? The Jays are DH-ing Mark fuckin DeRosa against LHP on a regular basis. If anything, we don’t have enough of ‘em.

      • I’d say that Lind has earned himself the job against lefties for the time being. His performance against lefties has been pretty convincing in the small sample size. We can break the Rajai glass in case of emergency.

      • You have EE, Bautista and Melky needing occasional days off from the field. That’s your right handed DH right there.

        I like the fact that Gibbons is a bit National league by moving guys in and out of position and late inning replacements. Keeps the regulars healthy and the bench players sharp.

    • Thank god AA is way smarter than you.

  65. Because we all need it once in a while:

  66. Jays have had the toughest schedule in baseball, opponents with a combined 523 winning percentage.

    If we can sweep colorado and then take 2/3 from bmore…we will be at 500 in mid/late June!!!

    • Wouldn’t that be the case for most bad teams – since they would be inflating the winning percentage of every team that plays against them by losing to them?

  67. AA needs to unplug his phone until after the season is over. Once he knows what he’s really got, he can get to dialing.

  68. Hey, sorry missed a good chunk fo the gane-fathers day and all.
    However, congrats to the jays and in particular EE
    I have mentioned a couple of times, as a former pitcher, how important infield defence is
    and that I think each Jays pitcher has had upwards of a run added to their ERA by shoody infield defence this year) can’t quantify it exactly, gut feel) by balls that leak thru and missed balls scored as “hits” and DPs fucked up.
    We saw a perfect example today IMO, as that grab EE made in the 4th was a game changer. Rangers score 2 minimum that inning , maybe 3, maybe knock Wang rom the game and he gets charged with 3 runs against his ERA. Instead he gets a zero!
    Then e’body says what a great game he pitched!
    He did pitch well but we still need that excellent D and today EE gave it to us.
    Also. to my buddy small potatoes. after promoting Lind toa Platinum Fukstik last Sept ( the worst ranking given) he has now escaped that level for the time being based on his execellent year so far. He gets out permanently if he is still anywhere near this EOY
    Rasmus is moving up too I must admit, despite what I have said about him
    Looks like Romero
    o took his place
    Foward Soviet! Out here in the fields…. and then I met her, just some barroom queen in Memphis.
    I tried to take her upstairs for a ride (tee hee)

  69. soory guys i have 2 bottes of Merlot abd a couple of beers. Even Boni Looks good to me today

  70. Adam Lind for Ian Kinsler. Do it.

  71. .500 is in sight!!!!

  72. sign lincecum early in the offseason and put him on the magic ball program asap. his velocity comes back. boom. ace in the hole.

    • That plus a ready supply of primo Canadian weed.

      Lincecum strikes me as a Bill Lee type, an American with a Canadian inside him trying to get out!

      He would thrive here.

  73. awesome weekend in Dallas obviously; nice job cutting into the standings deficits vs AL East teams. And, I checked in on Daniel Norris. He has also had a “comeback”. He piled up some horrendous numbers early on in Lansing, but since April 21st, only 1 bad outing in 9: 33 innings, 31 hits, 21 BBs (problem area perhaps), 39 Ks (yes please), and only 13 ERs.

  74. Don’t look now, but the Jays are 5.5 out of a wildcard.

  75. after taking 6/7 from the team holding the 2nd wild card spot over the last week.

  76. I’m sick of seeing the rampant optimism and suggestions that all the trolls are gone. Fine, feel good about things for now if you’d like but keep in mind that this season is OVER!

    A few wins is nice, I guess, but it’s too little too late and there is no shot at the playoffs. Lind is only playing well because it doesn’t matter. He’ll turn back to his old ways soon enough. The starters are done too. Too old, too inconsistent, worthless!

    For these reasons, I will continue to refuse to watch another game this season. I absolutely will not allow myself to be exposed to this nonsense anymore. Furthermore, I won’t even listen to games on the radio anymore.

    In addition, I will not be back to the site this year! I’m OUT!

  77. Adam Lind eh? Fuck if he keeps going like this, this team may just have a chance of getting back into the race. If the Jays can get this rig back on the road before July 31.. I say AA does very little till the off season. If the Jays start to slump.. I wouldn’t be surprised to see JJ and possibly Izturits gone for a decent infielder who can play second base. Do I know one.. no.. but that doesn’t mean AA hasn’t got his eye on someone. Also.. I think AA parts ways with JP either at the deadline or in the Off season. He hits home runs.. but fuck, he isn’t much good for anything else other than the third out. Rasmus too… as much as I like the guy.. he needs to learn to see the breaking better.

  78. 26 games until the All Star break. During those 26 games they’ll play:

    6 against the Orioles
    3 against the Rays
    4 against the Massholes

    3 against the Rockies*
    4 against the Tigers
    3 against the Twins*
    3 against the Indians

    *Asterisk denotes team is under .500

    They don’t have an easy schedule, but with the team playing half the remaining games against AL East opponents, and sprinkle in 6 games against wet paper bags, the Jays not only have an opportunity to get back to .500, but get back in the division race.

    They’re only 3.5 back of Tampa for 4th! (something lame to be excited about, but it was ugly for the longest time).

    • If they ever truly want to be successful n the post season theyrebgonna HAVE to get good at beating thosebtough teams. Why not start now?

      • Exactly. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much kool-aid during this winning streak, but being 2+ games over .500 by the All-Star break, and 5 games or less back of the divisional lead seems feasible all of a sudden. Especially with guys like Morrow and Reyes coming back soon.

    • Rockies are over. 500. Granted, they are a team the jays should beat. Especially at home. Buy yeah, they HAVE to start beating teams in the AL east consistently if they have any hopes of making the playoffs. Their current record against those teams is atrocious.


    Being a fan is fun again.

  80. Having Reyes back for the Boston shores would be nice, to add to a fuck you to Farrell

    • When he due back? Boston series? Confirrrrmed….?

    • Not sure it’ll be that early.He’s got 2 weeks of rehab games but yes it’ll be nice to see him back.
      Rumors are that reyes wil be back at leadoff ,of course, and Cabrerra will be bumped to fifth in the line up,to protect Lind,
      If Lind continues, can’t say I disagree

      • Theoretically he could be back before those two weeks are up no? I don’t expect the Jays to rush him, but if he is looking lights out after a week there is no reason to keep him down. Of course, if that’s the case it comes with the added excitement of him seemingly already finding his swing which I personally expect will probably take a few weeks after his return.

      • Probably does not make a difference, but I would almost rather see:

        Reyes, Bautista, Lind, EE, Cabrera, Rasmus

        Then your line-up goes: Switch, Right, Left, Right, Switch, Left

        Man… typing that out really drives home the flexibility that this line-up can have. It seems like a short time ago that our line-up was basically: RRRRLRRLR

  81. “I keep hearing the Rangers are struggling and all that,” Gibbons said. “Maybe we’re pitching good. Maybe we’re playing good. I get tired of hearing that. I tip my hat to my guys.”


    • Good for him. It’s about time someone stuck up for their guys.
      All the time we get damned with faint praise – “oh, the Rangers are a struggling team”. boo-fucking-hoo.
      You know what? The Jays just played damn good baseball. Why is it so hard to say that?
      EE’s stellar catch yesterday, and the crisp double plays all weekend had nothing to do with taking advantage of a “struggling team”….in fact, it’s the hallmark of a team rounding into form.

      Good for Gibby for saying “Fuck the OTHER team and their problems….how about giving OUR guys props for a change”.
      Gibby can flip burgers and open beer at my BBQ anytime.

  82. 4am fangraphs observation: EE’s BABIP is .249 right now so as good as he’s been, he should be doing even better. Granted his career BABIP is pretty low at .279, but that’s still fairly significant. This is also while having his line drive rate is up and ground ball and fly ball rates are down so it’s also seems to be driven by plain bad luck.

  83. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Jays were 37-36 by Sunday?


  85. Anyone else here not in a big rush to see Lawrie with his ego and 200 average back in the lineup?

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