Toronto Blue Jays v San Diego Padres

Nothing like Chien-Ming Wang taking the mound on a Sunday afternoon in search of a four-game sweep of the Texas Rangers. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, this is your game threat.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

1. Melky Cabrera (S) LF
2. Jose Bautista (R) DH
3. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 3B
4. Adam Lind (L) 1B
5. Mark DeRosa (R) 2B
6. Rajai Davis (R) RF
7. Colby Rasmus (L) CF
8. J.P. Arencibia (R) C
9. Maicer Izturis (S) SS

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Texas Rangers

1. Jurickson Profar (S) 3B
2. Elvis Andrus (R) SS
3. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B
4. Adrian Beltre (R) DH
5. A.J. Pierzynski (L) C
6. Nelson Cruz (R) RF
7. David Murphy (L) LF
8. Chris McGuiness (L) 1B
9. Leonys Martin (L) CF

LHP Derek Holland

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  1. JB DHin eh? Guess his legs still be cramped. Should be a wild game w/ EE @ 3rd

  2. Not an optimal infield for a groundball pitcher but nothing is getting in the way of this sweeeeeep!

  3. Day the Jays move ahead of the Yankees

    Over/Under is July 21


  4. Nice to be on a roll, heard Brett Lawrie checked into Betty Ford for his Red Bull addiction and hopes to snag Lindsay Lohan.

  5. Maybe i am missing something..when is jj going to pitch again

  6. Lind against a tough lefty

    Let the experiment begin.

  7. He’s not too tough against lefties this year though (grated, SSS):

  8. It is pretty remarkable that the lineup changes around like this because Gibby want’s to keep Lind in the lineup, who would have thought that at the beginning of the year.

  9. My son promised me a sweep for Father’s Day. Make it so, Gibby.

  10. Interesting piece about Maicer from Blueburd Banter a few days back. Link was in the daily deuce.

    Apparently he’s only popped up twice all year and has a great line drive rate. Rdiculously low BABIP and really no way to account for it other than bad luck.

    Grabbed a couple base hits yesterday so hopefully his luck is turning around.

    • you allergic to hyperlinks?

    • yea, he has been the better than bonicrapio. knows how to walk also, at least historically.

    • I’ve thought the same thing. He’s not really that good, but not -1.3 WAR bad either. His numbers look putrid right now, but the number that jumps out is the 16 strikeouts in 196 PA — lowest rate on the team. He doesn’t strike me as a JPA type who’s just plain stupid, or a Henry Blanco way past his prime. Just really fucking unlucky.

      • Speaking of Blanco he crushed a grand slam in the Mariners 4-0 win over the Yanks yesterday.

        What the hell?

    • Anecdotely, this seems true. I can’t remember how many games he’s gone 0fer despite hitting rockets right at fielders.

    • Remember when we first signed him and Stoeten posted an article comparing him to Scutaro? They have very similar career numbers, both are average or just above average defenders, decent on-base, make decent contact and don’t strike out a lot. They don’t hit for power though.

      Difference is Scutaro got a crazy contract based on his post-season play last year, while Izturis was a bit more affordable.

      • @alfonso,

        Remember when the Jays got rid of Scutaro becase the red sox offered him a big contract for 2010?

        He has continued to produce since 2009.

        He once stole a base on a walk. That’s how good he is.

  11. Out of the blue here….but what exactly is the deal with Happ? I haven’t heard if there was an actual, definable injury as a result of the incident.

  12. Can the Jays hand the Rangers their first home four-game sweep in team history? Can there?!

  13. Happy Father’s day to all.

    bob elliott ‏@elliottbaseball 38m 8 Jays amateur scouts let go: Cliff Pastornicky Darin Vaughan Dan Cox Bobby Gandolfo Michael Pesce Steve Miller Mike Medici, Joel Grampietro

    Organizational shift in policy?
    Will they be replaced?

    • AA not happy with the all HS pitcher draft?

    • And I get my answer.

      keithlaw ‏@keithlaw 3m New SD adding his own guys. Lost some very good scouts though. RT @AndyMc9293: Any ideas as to why the Jays fired eight amateur scouts?

      • Since AA started he’s built either THE largest or one of the largest scouting depts in MLB. Now that the farm system is bult up, it makes sense that he would cut back a bit. At least, that would be my guess.

  14. And this is a good thing.
    tried searching the net for more info on the weighted ball program, can’t find too much.

  15. In recent days I’ve come to learn that there are dudes with children posting here, so to that end – Happy Father’s Day.
    I’ll try to behave myself on this special day.

    • I’m a dude with a child, thanks man!

    • Thanks on behalf of all other possessors of progeny.

      • Although I have friends + family with children, I still feel too young to be conversing with people who have kids.
        Wait – maybe not too young – too immature is more accurate.
        Being a parent seems terrifying – best to all of you.

        • Having kids is the worst best time of your life.

          Terrifying, fascinating, frustrating, exciting, expensive and ridiculously gratifying all at the same time.

          • I’ll take your word for it.
            There will be no offspring coming forth from my loins.
            Pretty doubtful I’ll ever be even an aunt.

            • I used to say that. From about age 16 til my late twenties…then you realize that things change in your life.

              Having a child was the best thing to happen in my life, and I had some wicked fun times in my younger years.

              I can understand why people don’t want kids though either, so…there’s that.

              • I definitely know that I do not want children.
                I’m very self-aware about how selfish I am.
                The weasel line ends with me.

            • i’m with you bean. though i am already an uncle i don’t plan on terrorizing the world with my offspring.

              • I think the only reason I say I want to be an aunt is because my sorta brothers-in-law all live in different countries. So the kids would still be far away from me. I’m not good with kids. I’ll wait until they become angsty teens.

                • uncling is way easier than parenting. all you gotta do is spoil them and play with their cool train sets then give them back to your furious siblings.

            • Why does that statement seem to just beg for a smart ass one liner?

              And I’ve got nuthin…

          • I haven’t been ridiculously gratified in what seems like ages.

          • Well put

    • No need to behave.

      • Fathers like kids to behave, though?
        All that “if you don’t shut up, we are turning this car around!” bluster?
        I don’t want to be the one that gets the DJF car turned around, especially with our current forward momentum!

    • Thanks!

  16. Erectile Rotation

    You’re welcome

  17. Arencibia batting 8th against a LHP! Gibby is learning! Brings a tear to my eye.

  18. Jose looks like shit lately…that swing is WAY off…when he does make contact, he’s popping everything up

    • Yeah, surprised when they put up that graphic of him hitting over .300 on the road trip. Seems like he has been struggling other than those chi games.

      • just looked, and the numbers do not back me up at all…had hits all through the CHI series, and had a couple yesterday…but to me his swing looks ugly as hell right now…

        • he had three home runs in two games in chicago, including the game tying home run in the ninth that allowed us to one the second game.

  19. Does Wang have the slowest delivery of life or what? Almost at the point that I’m hoping for runners on so that he can start pitching out of the stretch.

  20. The only thing I want for Fathers Day is for Megan’s dad to cease and desist.

    Is that too much to ask?

  21. I want a ‘Bama Blast.

  22. Why the fuck wasn’t Thole on this team in April?
    Can anyone satisfactorily answer that?

  23. Yeah!

  24. Leadership skillz!

  25. Yes! JP!
    He’s been looking better of late.

  26. Yep, jpa does that sometimes!!

  27. I love it when JP Arenshitia runs into one.

  28. Sweet knee sweat bands on Rajai … great look bud!

  29. Nice! JP took a day off modelling to hit a homerun…did you guys bring your brooms?

  30. It’s a really good thing to see JP hitting homers still (results of this game aside), because it’s really looked like he has been trying to be more selective lately and you just gotta think that if the power dried up during that process he wouldn’t stick with it.

    • I dont think hes been more selective. Its just whats he does. Provides leadership (strikeouts) and hits homers sometimes.

      • I’m not talking about the homeruns. You’re right, he just runs into meatballs sometimes. I mean, that I think I’ve seen him take more pitches that he would usually sell out on, even if some of those ended up being strikes. He’s also picked up a couple walks recently which isn’t much for anyone but JP but it’s an improvement. I haven’t checked out his swing rate stats for the last 6 or 7 games, which is where I think I’ve visually seen a difference but I believe they’ve improved slightly.

  31. Doing some spring cleaning today and the brooms are definitely out. Take em away, toys!

  32. Blind squirrel!

  33. I’m convinced that JPA was playing too much during the Blanco era. On pace for 150 game appearances at the time.

    Now that he can get proper rest he’ll be much better and much more consistent at being better.

    • I openly admit that I have trashed JPA and if he has changed then I’ll apologize. Nothing would make me happier. But we are talking about one of the worst strikeout guys in MLB.

  34. What the hell is with this strike zone? This ump has been the definition of inconsistent.

  35. How much is wong making?

  36. That is one wonderful Wang.


  38. Does anybody notice that the ball sounds like a softball coming off the bat. There’s been that dull thud ever since this series started.

  39. Kittenface looking great!

  40. Adam Lind is my spirit animal.

  41. I’m still drinking coffee and Buck is shit-faced.

    He’s a real role model.

  42. This good approach discussion is fucking enlightening.

  43. Wang is fucking brutal to watch. Works really slow, delayed windup, and doesnt throw strikes.

  44. Where there’s a Wang there’s a way.

  45. Fuck, we’re winning this game so far, aren’t we

  46. Wang has a one-hitter through three.

    At this point, style points don’t matter.

  47. Colby!!!

  48. Cletus is fucking awesome.

  49. Well he gets a bunch of double plays apparently so he’s not all bad.

    In other news, the Jays are reclamation kings. Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind, Cecil, a bunch of no-name pitchers who have done pretty well for us and now Chien-Min Wang who isn’t pitching badly at all.

    Not to mention Colby Rasmus and his new-found ability to hit the shit outta the ball!

  50. Beauty, there’s my ‘Bama Bomb.

  51. Hitting one for Tony…

  52. Colby! Sweet!

  53. Alabama-Bomb!!!!! Atta boy Cleatus Rasmcgee

  54. Gose who??

  55. That Colby JPA “slump buster” is now legend!

  56. And did Abraham Cibia just get a multi hit game?!?!?

  57. JPA with a double.

  58. They’ve got their hitting shoes on says Tabby. If you can’t trust Tabby, who can you trust?

  59. The JPA haters have gone silent today.

  60. Fuck you Aaron Shitia.

  61. Now that I’m noticing Maddux put his hand on everyone’s shoulder it’s becoming increasingly creepy.

    • “Wanna hit the showers Derek? We can soap up together”

    • If someone did that to me – especially if I was struggling – they would pull back a stump.

      • Sparky Anderson used to grab the pitcher’s shirt to see how fast his heart was beating. If it was too fast he’d yank him because he wasn’t calm enough.

  62. Not to be so negative, especially when this team is awesome right now, but I can’t remember when Bautista has looked this bad. It wasn’t long ago he was hitting over .300.

    • Yeah, I have faith in him though. He knows what hes doing at the plate unlike certain other teammates with “leadership” skills.

      • Haha. Yeah. Gotta love it when the 25th spot on the roster is wasted on the mythical “leadership” skills. I hope DeRosa is gone once Reyes is back and they keep Kawasaki.

      • I meant jpa. Derosa hasnt been that bad actually. I’d get rid of bonicrapio before him.

        • Well, JPA also. DeRosa seems like a complete waste. Bonifacio at least can spell at multiple positions, including the outfield. DeRosa can’t do that, and is a far slower runner, so at least Bonifacio can pinch run and take over an IF position, unlike Rajai.

          • True. i just wish boni wasnt such an awful hitter and fielder.

          • Dont know if DeRosa has played outfield or 1B, but I know for sure he’s played 2B, SS and 3B. Plus he’s got more plate discipline than Boni and can lay down a bunt.

    • I think you must be watching a the Bizaro World feed.

      In his last 7 games Jose has a line of .320/.393/.680

      • Far smaller sample size than his bed shitting streak, but that’s encouraging to see. Like afdg, I have faith in him turning it around. Many of his swings lately are fugly though, like his last strikeout.

    • he was 2-4 yesterday. hit three homeruns in two games in chicago. was 0-8 with a walk or two in the first two games of this series. hit a shot to the waring track in his second at bat today. maybe he looked awful in the darvish/grimm starts, i don’t know. but i don’t get where the signs of general doom are.

      • We’re all nitpicking over small sample sizes here, but for the month of June:

        6.8% walk rate
        .294 wOBA
        82 wRC+
        .271 OBP

        He’ll come out of it, and is possibly starting to. But there’s no denying, for this month, he’s pretty turribell.

  63. Darren Oliver’s dad has to be like 130.

  64. I need to go back to sleep;

    I’ll try to make it back for the 7th

  65. That gassy wheeze of Buck’s must be some experience up close and personal.

  66. Encarnacion with a gorgeous fucking grab.

  67. So Steady Eddie.

  68. E5!

  69. EE better be going to the all star game.

  70. Nice snag Edwin.

  71. Holy shit Edwin! Game-saver right there

  72. Wang threw one pitch in the strike zone that entire at bat.

  73. Come on kittenface, swinging at those down and away sliders is sooooo last year.

  74. how many more at bats does Lind need to be leading the league in average

  75. Sexy catch.
    [je suis desolee.]

  76. Wow, Vernon Wells has a .107 wOBA and -47 wRC+ in the month of June

    • that’s the vernon we all wanted playing for the yankees when we saw them early.

    • The wheels have fallen off the Yankees entirely. I knew it would happen. But it’s still brutal to watch. I’m a masochist who doesn’t shy away.

      • I have a buddy whose a Yankees fan. I remember him saying over the winter sometime that he’s been a Yanks fan for 20 years, through thick and thin. I informed him that he doesn’t know what thin means, but he might this year.
        I’m surprised they’ve played as well as they have.

        • I’ve also been a Yankee fan for that long. There were some rough times in there, but I suppose I was young + clueless + just liked to absorb as much baseball as possible [not much has changed] – I didn’t notice how bad things were. Or that other teams have had it consistently worse.

    • I knew he would come crashing back to earth.

    • @Deere,

      but Wells, Overbay, Nix, Francisco helped the Yankees beat up on the Jays in April & those wins stil count.

      It could be the differece between playoffs/no playoffs.

      I assume Jeter & Alex Rodriguez would be playing soon.

  77. Every time I watch Cabrera chase fly balls in the outfield, I wince in pain for him. It looks so awkward.

    I give him full credit though, he somehow finds a way to get to the vast majority of balls that should be caught, awkward running and all.

    • yeah. i think he needs to be dh every now and then. today’s infield alignment makes it work. rajai/boni in left depending on pitchers dominant hand.

      • if lind turns back into a pumpkin against lefties maybe a dl stint when reyes comes back to get it rested up. or just revet to letting him hobble around and still play acceptable but painful to watch (and i’m sure play) defense.

  78. Nice to get some payback from the Yankees scrap heap. Wang’s been pretty decent so far.

  79. JPA is back to providing the leadership this team so desperately needs.

  80. Buck venturing back into the creepy with his talk about pervin’ on the Cowboys cheerleaders.

  81. Wow. Can JPA please fuck off with his brief spurts of awesomeness? It really interferes with the fact that he sucks

  82. I love Wang!

    This pitcher is pretty good today too, who is he?

  83. Only it Texas would they have that hotdog.

  84. Always nice to see you, Melky!

  85. My sports anger levels are at a season low. This is awesome (for now).

  86. just missed that one.

  87. Wang’s ERA down to 3.38, FIP down to 5.09, and xFIP to 3.88. For 500k, I’ll take it.

  88. Don’t wanna get too far ahead of ourselves, but after the upcoming Rockies series, the Jays play three straight series against AL East teams. Talk about a golden opportunity for the Jays to make-up serious ground. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Reyes back within a week. If the pitching continues to hold-up, things could get pretty interesting.

  89. Yippers

  90. Bautista RBI, wrestles LEADERSHIP (TM) banner back.

  91. Everything’s bigger in Texas – their sports stadiums, their hotdogs…their etc…

  92. I was about to post that the Texas guys are much more enjoyable than buck and tabby. Then this exchange happened

    - Encarnacion’s so good that they moved Bautista, a pretty good power hitter in his own right, to second so that he could bat third

    - a sign Encarnacion’s passed him by, if you will


    • i know that’s not the reason he’s there, but it might not hurt with optics for the mouth breathers having a true masher of his caliber to slot into the three spot with the bautista move. meat head sees bautista hitting second ‘he can’t bunt or hit behind the runner, but at least we still have a guy who can produce in the three hole’

  93. Oh my God Adam Lind is so fucking good.

  94. Well that’s helpful. KITTENFACE!

  95. I knew Lind was going to knock that shit outta the park…Lind for MVP!

  96. YAAA, Lind!

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