Toronto Blue Jays v San Francisco Giants

I understand that pitcher wins don’t mean a damn thing– repeat: not a damn thing, people– but if I’d told you back in January that on June 17th the Jays would be at four games below .500 and just 5.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot despite receiving only twelve wins combined to that point from R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, Brandon Morrow, Ricky Romero and Josh Johnson, you could be forgiven for thinking that something must have gone horribly right to have kept the team afloat despite what surely must have been terrible underperformance from either the bullpen, the lineup, the rotation itself, or some combination of all three.

It certainly doesn’t feel like that’s been the story of the season so far, but remarkably, here we are, with Josh Johnson about to take the hill for the seventh time as a member of the Blue Jays, and still searching for his first win. Getting here, until this past weekend, had been ugly– a constant dance with death– and maybe they’re still in too deep of a hole for the club to dig themselves out of. But… shit, I don’t know.

The Yankees and Rangers are currently tied for that last Wild Card spot, and only Cleveland, Kansas City and Tampa Bay sit between our boys and those two. It’s still a long way to go, but it’s been an impressive run since May 4th, when the season reached its nadir, and the club’s 10-21 record was better than only the Astros and Marlins. Since that nifty little arbitrary endpoint, the Oakland A’s are the only American League club to have played better, and the Jays now find themselves with a better overall record than a number of fellow AL clubs– the Twins, Mariners, Angels, White Sox and Astros, to be specific.

No, it’s not good enough yet, but at least it’s something resembling a starting point. With the talent on this club– much of which we know we haven’t seen the best of yet– right now that’s all they need.


Late change to the lineup for the Jays, as Melky Cabrera, who was originally the DH, moves to left field, with Jose Bautista taking the DH spot. Rajai Davis fills in in right, and yes, Encarnacion is back at third, as Adam Lind stays in the lineup against a lefty– Colby, too!

Shi Davidi tweets that both Jose Reyes and Brandon Morrow will move up to a higher minor league level before finishing their rehab work, which begins in earnest tonight in Dunedin.

Reyes plays for Dunedin tonight,” tweets Scott MacArthur. “On timeline for return Gibbons joked that he said ‘two weeks’ about ‘five or six days ago.’ ” Hmmm…

And how about this for awesomeness, via a tweet from the Dunedin Blue Jays: “Jose Reyes looks just fine! Leads off the 1st with a line drive single over SS, and scores from first on Jon Berti’s RBI 3B! 2-1 Dunedin.”

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
3B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Colorado Rockies

CF Dexter Fowler (S)
2B D.J. LeMahieu (R)
DH Carlos Gonzalez (L)
RF Michael Cuddyer (R)
1B Todd Helton (L)
C Willin Rosario (R)
LF Tyler Colvin (L)
3B Nolan Arenado (R)
SS Jonathan Herrera (S)

LHP Jorge De La Rosa

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  1. By the way I really like Jack Morris. Low-key and informative. He’s good up there. Also manages to cut through all Tabler’s bs.

  2. What was the date and how many games behind were they when they fired Jimmy Williams and hired Cito?


    • May 15. 12-24 record.

      • And they were 33-36 after 69 games that year.

      • @GSMC,

        the Jays were statistically weaker this year at 10-21 which is a .322 winning percentage.
        This is weaker tan 12-24 which is .333 winning percentage.

        Since the low point, the Jays are 23-15 which is -605 winning percentage,

        605 winning percentage is 98 wins per season which is amazing.

        It shouldn’t continue based on historical norms, but it is looking increasingly likely that the Jays will be playing competitive baseball in July.

        Great News!

        • Great news, indeed! I don’t care if they play .605 ball once they hit the summit. They just need to stay at the top of the heap.

    • 5.5 GB

  3. I know Lawries defense. But hitting 200 are the Jays in any hurry to get Lawrie back in the lineup? Is it just coincidence that they are playing well with him gone?

  4. I’m just so excited to be winning. It’s almost a totally foreign experience to feel genuine happiness when watching the Blue Jays.

    In short – I love you guys.

    • When it was 0-0 in the 7th i still expected to win.

      That was somethin

      • So did I. Which is super unusual as I never expect anything good to happen. In baseball or in life.

        This winning streak might just change my entire worldview. I’m scared. I have to take a bath as I’m thoroughly discombobulated.

    • A word to the wise bean…

      Watch your back until The Monkey Army forgets your recent comments.

      • No worries. I’m 5×5. I can handle myself.
        To be fair though, it didn’t really register with me that my comments could be taken as *that* provocative. It’s just standard banter for me IRL.

    • Back at ya bean weasel.
      If I was 55 or 60 years younger….

      • Woah. Exactly how old are you?!?

        • here we go….

        • Math was never Radar’s specialty. Smooth talking, on the other hand…

        • Turned 84,last Tuesday.

          • By the way, RADAR:

            Not long ago you said you turned 82 on May 2nd.
            I’m confused.

            • There’s a reason behind that SP.
              If you’re truly curious,I’ll explain.

              • Colour me truly curious RADAR.

                • Once upon a time,in the earlier days of the blog,Stoeten and I got into a lengthy discussion.His side, a circular argument based on sabermetrics that contradicted itself,mine a practical discourse based upon real world,common sense, old school baseball.
                  When it was obvious that Stoeten was losing the argument overwhelmingly,A sabermetric geek came to his defense and tried to debate my lack of logical understanding.Frustrated,the last retort to eminate from this poor beaten soul,was along the lines of “you’re too old to understand the new ways of baseball analysis.How old are you anyways?”
                  So I told him 73 in July.
                  Same guy asks the same question one hour later.
                  88 last January.
                  later somebody else asks
                  93 next Thursday
                  This goes on for quite awhile over months and NOBODY catches on that I say a different age every time.( These are the brilliant scholars who tell me they’re smarter than me and I’m the old idiot.)
                  Eventually,there were some that caught on to what I was doing and it became an inside joke with the regulars.
                  About a year ago, Stoeten finally noticed the different ages and deduced that i was probably misleading my true age and that he didn’t believe I was that old. No shit ,Sherlock, it’s been a joke for years.
                  Nowadays the gag is more representative of old school baseball vs micrometrics.

                  PS. There’s nothing wrong with sabermetrics,( I was a follower of Bill James when it was considered cutting edge radical crap and you had to go to obscure bookstores to get a copy of the “Baseball Abstract”, ironic isn’t it) as long as it’s used as one of the tools to aid in analysis of the game and not the only one.
                  You know the quote.
                  “Lies,damn lies, and statistics”

                  • Interesting as always RADAR.

                    However, as someone who said “at my age, ain’t got the time to be subtle, not sure what tommorrow will bring,” let me cut to the chase and re-ask bean’s original question, before it’s (alas!) too late.

                    “Woah. Exactly how old are you?!?”

                    • As always with me, It brings to mind a lyric:

                      You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
                      You don’t spit into the wind
                      You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
                      And you don’t ask RADAR his age.

      • You need to be more subtle at being subtle, Radar.

      • I hear you RADAR
        (or should I say Methuselah)

        25-30 for me, as though that matters!

    • +1. If the Jays do pull off a miracle & play competitive baseball in September, the city will be going crazy .

      We deserve this after 20 years of suckitude.

  5. Colby is a terrific baserunner. Reads the ball well and he’s fucking fast too

  6. When was the last time we won six in a row?

  7. When we were 10-21, we all figured it would take playing .600 ball to get this right again.

    Well, 23-15 since is a .605 winning pct.

  8. Looks like the Ranger’s bats are starting to ehat up, 7 runs in the 6th already. Can;t do that against our boss ass pitching Texas, no you cant’

  9. I know I’m late, but thank fuck I was wrong about Johnson’s start. Too bad my fucking gym decided to switch to the hockey game with one out in the ninth. Useless twats!

  10. Esmil ‘Ace’ Rogers up against his former team tomorrow/

  11. I don’t know about anyone else, but this game shows me the following:

    That was the JJ, AA thought he sold the store to get …

    JJ’s 7+ innings with 10 SO trumps the other pitcher’s 1 hitter in 7 because he was able to dominate the other team by getting those outs by himself … if we need an ACE and I am not sure it’s even wise to imagine that any team has one of those rare beasts … but if we need such an one, this is what it looks like …

    People have been saying we beat a Texas team that is scuffling to put it politely, BUT, We are the ones who have made it look that way, they were 8 out of 9 before they ran into us at home a couple of weeks ago … we beat up a team that was on a roll, not a team that was playing poorly. That makes what has happened larger than what most of the commenters have yet acknowledged. This has been better than good, it has been Great!

    And for MI to change from goat to hero in one night is the icing on a delicious cake.

    What boat this is more like an eagle, soaring in space.

  12. Ahhahahahah and Baltimore gets Verlander tomorrow after losing today.

  13. Kit Kat Blizzard.

    Best blizzard?

  14. Listen to this twat on Wilner talking about Bonifacio having excellent bat control and then even bigger twat Wilner saying bunts are bullshit.

    • hey leave MW to be euphoric and confused at the same time … no need to see if you can let the air out of an eagle.

    • My 2 cents, don’t listen to Wilner.

      Watch the last few innings of the opponents games that effect the Jays.

      Look at the standings for 5 minutes.

      Then go to bed happy thinking your own thoughts, not someone else’s.

    • Wilner is such a fucking idiot.

      • Wilner hung up on me once since he only allows handjobs to keep on talking so that he can show the world what a clever little beaver he is when it comes to baseball.

    • I know right? They come up with a stat that shows that the sacrifice bunt reduces your run expectancy, so all of a sudden it’s as if the SB has no value. It’s fucking baseball, sometimes all you need is 1 run. Do you really care that your run expectancy drops from 3.9 down to 3.4 ( or whatever it is) when you need a run late in a game?

  15. Oh this is glorious. Fucking finally.
    I’m getting the biggest kick out of Rasmus tho. Every day he looks more and more ‘Cletus’, hyuk, hyuk. Fucking Lynyrd Skynyrd would tell this guy to tidy things up a bit

    • at least he hasn’t gone all ZZ top on us yet ???

      • But the manager’s name is Gibbons hahaha! I’m betting the full Monty by Sept

        • @Barky.

          As a relatively new Jays fan, post Gibby 2008 era). I must say I like how Gibby does matchups, moves the lineups around. There are no farrellball screw ups or Cito’s keep everyone in the lineup at he same spot if they are slumping.

          Gibby is a good guy. I love the texas drawl.

          Gibby gives the team the best lineup every night with a chance to win. that’s all we can ask.

          I see what AA saw in him.

          • I say – I say boy! Yer a bit slow on tha draw there boy! Ya gots one hand on yer pecker and tha other’s stuck in a bucket o’ syrup. So I’ll spell ‘ER out for ya son (I’m a good that way):
            Rasmus – Skynyrd – ZZ Top – Gibbons. A quick google son. A quick google s’all ya need. Guitarist Gibbons (Billy, ZZ Top) v. manager Gibbons (John, Blue Jays). It’s what they call a dooblay entender. Two meanings in one boy! That’s economy! Don’t worry, you’ll get it……one day……mebbe…….

          • Oak, me son, bless ya …. you’re on the boat and enjoying it MORE!

    • Sweet Home Alabama:

      White skin, red necks, blue collars, black music.

  16. I’d almost forgotten what a good run looks like. They’re saying it’s been 2 years, but it feels a lot longer. If they can turn this 8-2 run into 14-6 or 15-5 they’re going to be right there.

    • +1.

      Jays have not gone on big runs over the past few years.

      It’s about time. wait till Reyes & ( Good ) Morrow get back.

      • Morrow, with in a lot of ways, no pressure …

        When this guy has confidence, his stuff is top drawer …

        What’s amazing is, he has not come close to Romeroing yet … that’s gotta be a good sign.

  17. I watched TV baseball consistently for the first time for the opening 2 months of the 2008 season … then 4 years of gamecast as how I “followed” the Jays … then I found VIP box but live on the fringe of the Interweb, about 1 mb/s at the best of times, so needless to say, my experience of gamecast grew my imagination enough to appreciate the inconsistent “reception” … learning what the numbers in the boxscore tell and what is left aside has led me to the conclusion that even the best advanced stats only provide a relative and dangerous probability – imagine you are a gambler and trusting ANY prior analysis of baseball … this is a game to teach us all what failure can teach that leads to success, but which some of success will never know. BABIP.

    • a measure of some kind of luck which we all know is pretty hard to measure in any meaningful way … as I continue talking to myself … in dawgy dream ….

      • great to be part of ecstasy (not big E fortunately or unfortunately) … “hard to say” as an old friend who was a commando (archaic word, now, eh?) on Cyprus in the 60′s … everyone else was fondly experiencing herbal remedies at the time and any attempt at a definitive statement was met with Randy, murmuring, “hard to say” …

        and later, when I’d heard the “message in the music” and moved to the countryside … I met Clarence the 40 something who lived with his mom at the end of my road and used to stagger up and watch me work at something, and say, “tings take time, boy … they takes their time”

    • I’ll have what ^^he’s^^ having!

      • you’re more than welcome, woooooooooffffffffff!

        • oh, what was that?

          the WORST fight with the woman who thinks I should be a better lover by not telling the truth … and not giving up and working through THAT and only getting the game for the last 2 outs which didn’t take long and then piecing it together Here …. oh, yeah and then deciding, wisely, I imagined that reaquaintance with said, herbal remedy might be a worthy reward for fighting the battle … my team continuing to express Mastery and I can only hope this happens more than not for the rest of the year … if we average 2 out of 3 no-one will catch us, so even less is more than enough to end up HOT and have a chance … and we won’t and can’t know this for a few months which can continue to be whatever kind of roller coaster she turns out to be …

    • dawg, I really must introduce you to fukstik.

      • I’m on a role (sic) …


        just because it’s hard to measure does not necessarily mean it doesn’t exist … very unpredictable and maybe not subject to statistical analysis …


        …. for you cross-sportsters out there … {spell check accepted THAT?}

        Bruins had momentum, Leafs stole it from them and imagined that with 10 minutes left it was “safe” to remove the foot from the pedal …

        Tonight Bruins are implying momentum in their camp by their play … how realistic is it to think that my guess about how many games it will take to reach an outcome … ???

        in that or any other game, or in life for that matter?

        results, Follow, not lead, but they can lead to more positive OR negative results depending on how badly we’ve lost the Moment. Yes?

        • I don’t cheer for boston or the other side for what that matters to attacking trolls … and trolls, I luv ya, but I hate to see you suffering from your own device … what sticks out in your communication is that you are bound and determined to find a way, any way, to suffer …. sucks to be you … parallel to Kill Bil Vol1, “I am being at my most compassionate here” and totally realistic.

  18. Leave Dawg alone SP. He’s just stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again.

    • yah, kone, howya get out?

    • Exquisitely put, Isabella.

      Now the bricks lay on Grand Street
      Where the neon madmen climb.
      They all fall there so perfectly,
      It all seems so well timed.
      An’ here I sit so patiently
      Waiting to find out what price
      You have to pay to get out of
      Going through all these things twice.
      Oh, Mama, can this really be the end,
      To be stuck inside of Mobile
      With the Memphis blues again.

      • Oh, and needless to say, I’ll have a double of whatever he’s having.

        Cheers to both of you.

        • thanks, SP … when I first heard you saying you’re from the “best coast”, I assumed, because of the spuds that you were from PEI and I was lookin’ at you from where I sit, high on the NS hills across and seeing most of PEI from my eerie …. BUT … what’s best among dawgs?

          • Dawg, for your personal peace of mind, let me revise my location to be on the ‘left’ coast.

            (Actually that would also be good for my own peace of mind. The thought of you looking down on me from your eagle’s eyrie is unsettling.)

  19. While we’ve gone 8-2 in the last 10, the next best record in division is 6-4. That’s good.

    What’s bad is that we’re still 5th in the division and a lot needs to happen before we’re serious playoff contenders. I’m rooting for it, but I would settle for a respectable finish and us to be contenders from the start next season.

    One thing is for sure, winning is really fun to be a part of!

    • I’m totally getting used to this winning thing. We can’t stop now.

    • It’s only the middle of June.
      I’m not ‘settling’ for anything short of #1.

      (I do take your point, however. I’m just not ready at this early date to stand up on my back feet and applaud anything other that first place, with a ticket to the play-offs.)

      • me too, why settle for 2nd or less when 1st is still totally available and, Especially with the weaknesses and vicisitudes that are likely to plague our opponents … When they’re smiling, they’re smiling and the whole world smiles with you … check it out!

    • … at this point, for true fans … and that could be everyone, up to you … the rest of this year has almost got to be interesting and probably entertaining and if it succeeds, even just, just as much, as you quite realistically express satisfaction, in advance, for … enlightening for those on the **** ….

      this season has been a demonstration of the pains and joys of human unpredictability and, whoops ??? we’re having fun and can continue in that vein regardless of results because we are learning to love our team with all of their foibles … that’s, pretty much, all They need, from us …

      • Honestly, wherever this team goes, it’s been a ton of fun to root for. Maybe that’s jut because of the talent level, but I gotta admit, I love this team.

  20. last one, and I’m outa here, even tho’ “It’s Not Over” …

    the winning is that much sweeter because of the losing that proceeded it … if we had a 10 game lead at this point, like we expected, most of us would be imagining we we’re just a bit bored …

  21. I see we’ve turned up the weird tonight. Is that what happens when the Jays win six in a row?
    Who the fuck cares? Enjoy it while you can. Cheers to Smelly Old Dawg being whatever the fuck it is he’s being.

  22. Dawg, and potatoes.You fuckers steal my god damn merlot or you been drinkin Colby’s “shine”?
    We’re on a roll, not in it ,and we need you guys lucid to support the progarm.
    Damn fine comments and anaecdotes I might add from a couple of old warhorses.
    Was out playin ball myself tonite ( well slo pitch at my age of course) and welost to the first place team which is stacked with 3 young uns ( 3guys between 40-45, league max)
    We have one guy who is 46, everyone else at least 50+, but a good tussel nonetheless.
    Got home after imbibing slightly and the fukin game was over. remids me of a song…This song is over, it’s all a hit now”….The who
    Whateve you guys do, don’t eat the yellow snow-it’ll fuck yer brains
    Forward Soviet! DA, First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin!
    Good game JJ!

    • I approve everything about this message, except for the staying lucid part.

    • This song is over
      I’m left with only tears
      I must remember
      Even if it takes a million years

      The song is over
      The song is over

      except in one note, pure and easy
      Playing so free like a breath rippling by.

  23. Forward into the drunken monday evening, monkey army, FORWARD.

    Just got home from work, hate not being able to watch the Jays right now.
    TOMORROW though….

    • ….and Stoeten:


  24. I honestly can’t believe Reyes and Morrow are still coming back. This is the strangest team I’ve ever rooted for, but I’m so glad I never got off the boat – thanks to the ladies and gents here for keeping me sane through the toils and tribulations. No selling at any point: these are the guys to lead us to the promised land, if not this year then next.

    Thanks to Fairservice for playing Parkes this year. I’m sure it’s not easy for him, but none of this would be possible without his reverse jinxes.

    • The attack dog ‘Fairweather’, once semi-affectionally known as the ‘Ankle-Biter’, has his own peculiar role to play.
      Unfortunately for him, he’s not on the boat.

      Consider him our Greek Chorus.

      • I honestly think if Wally Pip had been around more often, Drew would have been forced to counter more often with the positive outlook, and maybe, just maybe he would have stayed on the boat long enough.

        • I agree. Anyone who’s read GROF knows Drew’s not one to dive off the boat before it truly enters deep waters. But it wouldn’t be DJF if someone wasn’t relentlessly pessimistic. Kudos to Fairweather for falling on the sword early.

    • Morrow may actually be a downgrade.

  25. By the end of tomorrow Jays could be 34-36 with Tampa being 36-35….we’re comin for ya Joe.
    Albeit my inner Redsox hate will have me rooting for Tampa Bay in both games of the doubleheader.

    • I know, I know

      I’m supposed to be sleepin’

      First we take Tam-Pa

      Then we take Bos-Ton

      • Ah remember me, I used to live for music
        Remember me, I brought your groceries in
        Well it’s Father’s Day and everybody’s wounded
        First we take Tampa, then we take Boston.

  26. Great night. Jays win, get some clutch hitting at the end, had a few laughs on the board here, and found out RADAR is 157 years of age tomorrow. Love it.

  27. Game Recap:

    Josh Johnson had wicked movement on his breaking pitches and his fastball was riding more than it had been this season.

    La Rosa was dealing…turning pitches over, keeping us out front all night, but able to keep us honesty by busting it inside with 93 mph heat.

    Rockes had the defensive game of their lives or else this game would have been decided ea

  28. drinking. Cecilchrist

  29. Hey guys, sorry if it was one of you I called the cops on. Ya just freaked me out trying to get in my house this morning.
    The guy was definitely drunk enough to be a DJF, but I imagine us commenters to be classy(ish) drunks who know where they live when they return from a night of indulging. Not some guy who doesn’t understand the simple phrase, “fuck off, you don’t live here, leave.”
    Wait, Jesuscristo, was that you?

  30. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…..keep them dogies rollin’
    Move ‘em on up, move ‘em on out…
    Keep it rollin’….rawhide!

    I know – I’m dating myself.

  31. Jon Morosi labelling Buehrle as a potential Trade deadline target and calling his 2/$37 million deal a “bargain” by free agency standards.

    • He also has Lind as a ‘sell high’ candidate.

      Me, I’m liking the idea of winning the division, instead…

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