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Jon Morosi of FoxSports writes about potential trade candidates, noting that Adam Lind could be intriguing if they fall out of the race, and so could Mark Buehrle, though he seems to think that the Jays turnaround is for real. If they get to .500 by the All-Star break, he says in the accompanying video, it’s “at least conceivable” they could be buyers rather than sellers.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that Jose Reyes and Brandon Morrow have joined the Dunedin Blue Jays on rehab assignments. Fucking yes! Reyes tweets a Vine clip that shows him getting ready… or something.

Meanwhile, John Lott tweets that J.A. Happ is set to throw in the bullpen either tomorrow or Wednesday, which is good news as he continues to recover from a knee injury that took place during his scary beaning on a comebacker in Tampa last month.

The Bloom Is Off Brett Lawrie’s Rose is the title of a piece at FanGraphs, wherein Paul Swydan compares the Jays’ injured third baseman to Jeff Keppinger. Ouch.

At North Of The Border Gregor Chisholm writes that the Jays have hired Jamie Evans, the man behind the off-season weighted ball program that pitchers Steve Delabar and Brett Cecil have had so much success with. Because… why not?

Jonah Keri has his power rankings up at Grantland, and for the first time in forever the Jays are actually a talking point! Though… they’ve only moved their way up to 19th place. “If we’re going to give Orioles hitting coach Jim Presley a bit of the credit for Chris Davis hitting like Babe Ruth, we should probably do the same for Jays hitting coach Chad Mottola,” he writes. “After three-plus years of more lousy results at the start of this season from Lind, Mottola got in the cage with him and changed everything. Lind started hitting a lot more off a tee, and Mottola opened his stance slightly, raised his hands at the plate, and had him move farther off the plate. As with Davis, we can point to other factors, such as Lind’s .462 batting average on balls in play during that stretch. The fact that Lind has struck out about four times more often than he’s walked during this stretch makes you wonder if he’s truly suddenly mastered the strike zone, or if this is just a hot streak destined to turn sour in the near future. Still, he has been belting the ball to all fields with few cheapies during the streak; this might not be sustainable, but it’s not quite right to call it luck either.”

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail looks at how a company’s research shows that Jose Bautista may have a point when he argues that he’s being jobbed this year when it comes to balls and strikes.

Elsewhere in the Globe, Maloney looks at tonight’s starter Josh Johnson, who he says needs to get back to his best in order to help the Jays. Would be nice, huh?

In the National Post, John Lott writes that, while it was a long time coming, the Jays are finally hot. Shit, maybe it’ll even keep going for a while.

Lott also writes about Esmil Rogers, who suddenly looks the part of seasoned starter, he says, and will face his former team this week, as the Rockies come town.

In the Toronto Sun, Mike Rutsey and Bob Elliott look at Jason Frasor, the ex-Jay who appears to be a nice fit in Texas.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Rutsey talks to J.P. Arencibia, who is trying to stay positive through his slump, and wonders if yesterday’s home run might have re-awoken the catcher’s bat. Meanwhile, Elliott looks at the Tulowitzki-Romero matchup that could have been, as the Jays face the Rockies this week.

HELLO KEVIN PILLAR! Today’s Monday Morning Ten Pack at Baseball Prospectus has some good stuff about the New Hampshire outfielder. “Pillar’s tools aren’t flashy but what he does well – hit, and hit a lot – could carry him to the big leagues,” they explain. “After sitting on him for three games last week, I found Pillar’s ability to get the barrel to the ball to be truly impressive. His quiet load and solid bat speed allow him to make easy contact on a variety of pitches and he uses the whole field very well. He doesn’t have a ton of power but he can drive the ball from gap to gap and pick up some extra-base hits.” Don’t get too excited, though, as they call him a future fourth outfielder.

Jays Prospects gives us an update on Lansing pitcher Wil Browning, who is racking up strikeouts, and another on New Hampshire’s Marcus Stroman, who is missing a lot of bats of late.

Scott Johnson tweets a map showing how the Jays have played on the road this year, which… would look a whole lot worse if not for Texas.

In his latest Bullpen post at the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin talks to Sal Fasano about the club’s catching depth in the minors, among numerous other things.

Gerry McDonald of Batter’s Box awesomely provides some stats from extended Spring Training, while Woodman663 of Bluebird Banter provides some additional context.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Jays182 takes a look at this newfangled thing they call Adam Lind.

The Blue Jay Hunter flashes back to John McDonald’s Father’s Day home run back in 2010.

In a notebook post at BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm notes that, among other things, John Gibbons has been named to the AL All-Star team’s coaching staff. In a different notebook post he tells us that the club expects Brandon Morrow’s rehab work to be brief, though Jose Reyes may be playing rehab games for two weeks (though… personally, I kinda doubt that).

Yet another BlueJays.com notebook post tells us that Reyes felt great after his simulated game late last week, and looked at J.P. Arencibia and Maicer Izturis, both of whom may finally be starting to show signs of life after prolonged slumps.

Lastly, from Friday, it’s the always awesome MLB GIFs of the Week at Getting Blanked.

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  1. Lawrie has definitely been a major disappointment on offense. Not jpa/boni bad, but close. He seems to have regressed from when he came up in 2011. He was more patient back then. It definitely is concerning but I’d give him another season to show some progress before a conclusion can be made on him. He has to learn to play smarter as well to keep himself off the DL.

    • He’s got so much movement before his swing, I know it’s hard to change, but he’s moves a fuckton

    • I hate this “play smarter” narrative. First of all, playing cautious probably gets you more injured than anything else. Secondly, other than once or twice crashing into camera bays, what exactly has he done that isn’t smart? He caught his foot on a slide. Shit happens.

      Now I’ll admit he has been a terrible disappointment at the plate. THAT I would dial back. He’s at 110% while Lind is having great success at 90%.

    • yankees sign randy ruiz.

      he’ll be batting .300 and have 20 homeruns for them down the stretch.

  2. Buyers! Wahoo!

  3. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Jays did nothing at the deadline. Getting all these bodies back for free represents the upgrade they need.

    • Could you IMAGINE going in after the break at .500 AND having the team healthy AND everyone (Dickey, Johnson, Morrow especially) playing how well we had HOPED they would at thebstart of the season.

        • Some hard choices are ahead for sure. Going to run out of roster spots soon with the guys coming off the 60 day DL. Lost of chips to sell, and buy an upgraded bench bat. As much as it pains me to say it…..a fan fav may be on his way out by the trade deadline…..but if it makes the team better, worth it. Just wish I could read AAs mind, cause the log jam is coming. Can’t just send guys down who have options if they are playing better then a no option guy.

          • Talking about Kawasaki? I doubt he gets moved. He’s a better option for the 25th man than DeRosa is. Sure, DeRosa can hit lefties, but so can Davis, and at least he won’t need a pinch runner.

            • With great sadness, I am…..he plays SS…..DeRosa plays…..everything. But as he can be optioned, not really who I meant. I’m thinking it would likely be Rajai, as he out of options, and Boni is just a clone of him who can play multi spots. Rajai may be attactive to NL teams as a PR or even a PH vs Leftys. Pair him with one of our many pitchers we seem to have, might get something for him. Not an everyday player, but a power upgrade as we have the speed bench guy.

            • Derosa has proven more valuable than Izturis at this point…Rajai, Derosa, Thole, Boni gives 2+ pinch runners, positional flexibility and ability to pinch hit Rajai for Colby or Thole for JPA late in games…I know everyone is hating on Bonifacio but as a super utility pinch runner playing 40-50% of the time I’ll take him any day over Maicer…

              • Derosa has proven more valuable than Izturis at this point

                No argument there. problem is Izturis is making bank, and no one would take his contract.

              • Maicer is due for some positive regression due to a comically low BABIP and IFH% for his peripherals and profile. So is Boni, just far, far less.

                Maicer is actually the better player; you could be forgiven for not being aware though because he has been fucking gouge-your-eyes-awful.

  4. Seriously, fuck you National Post paywall!

  5. Missed these posts over the past few weeks. Great to have everything in one spot, some great reads in there. Glad life is slowing down a little so I can get back to enjoying baseball…..jays winning more and more helps to lol.

    They win tonight, then think they have a shot at a sweep again. JJ still worries me.
    And will be nice to see Dickey start a 3 game set on Friday, let’s hope he can get that thing dancing again.

    Love this time of year. Beer camping and baseball.

  6. “I still need to make pitches and get outs,” Johnson said. “I’m not going to make that the reason why I was throwing balls or walking people.”

    do you feel like he was making fun of dickey?

  7. Enjoyed this gem on Buck Martinez from the most recent Fangraphs piece on the worst swings of the week. (A Colby swing against Darvish is featured)

    “During this plate appearance, the Toronto broadcast was going on about how Darvish isn’t much of a fastball pitcher, even though he possesses a fastball that sits easily in the mid-90s. Buck Martinez seemed put off by Darvish pitching backwards, and repeated the old bromide about the necessity of pitching off your heater. Darvish, definitely, throws more offspeed stuff than most starting pitchers. He has more weapons than most starting pitchers, and the threat of the fastball is always present. As Martinez was talking, Rasmus struck out on an offspeed pitch. The broadcast even noted Darvish’s league-leading strikeout total. He’s averaging almost seven innings a start. It wasn’t about putting two and two together. It was about putting one and one together, and instead of connecting the dots, Buck Martinez drew a crooked line in the opposite direction and then swallowed the crayon.”

  8. BEST line from the Maloney article: “Bowden also supports the logic of a Mark Buehrle-for-Andre Ethier trade, which may explain why he’s writing rather than running a baseball team these days.”

  9. Every time I get pissed about Lawrie’s offensive shittiness I think of Royals fans and smile.

  10. It’s funny how we all anoint Lind despite 3 years of sucking like a high end escort but many on here (and many media) are willing to cut ties with Brett Lawrie.

    Kid is 23. He has obvious huge talent regardless of what has been visible this year.
    It baffles me the venom that has been spat at this kid.

  11. That map isn’t accurate…just off the top of my head, the Jays played a three game set in San Diego and then at least two in San Fran, making a 2-2 record in that state impossible. Pretty sure they split a two game set in San Fran after dropping 2 of 3 in SD for a 2-3 record.

  12. My girl friend is in Taiwan and said that everyday there’s a full page in their papers about Blue Jays and Chien Ming Wang. I wanna see how many Asians are going to show up next time he pitches.

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