Atlanta Brave v Toronto Blue Jays

Because apparently it can’t all be good news, word from the reporters speaking with John Gibbons down at Rogers Centre today tells us of a setback for Brandon Morrow…


Gregor elaborates:

According to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy, Gibbons called the issue forearm “tenderness,” which… doesn’t exactly sound catastrophic, but clearly isn’t good. Especially with the club probably already flying too close to the sun on wings of pastrami when it comes to Chien-Ming Wang and Esmil Rogers.

I don’t know…

Some other injury news coming out of the Rogers Centre this afternoon, as well: Gregor tweets that Luis Perez has had a minor setback in his recovery from last year’s Tommy John surgery, and his rehab has been stopped, for the time being. On the good side of the ledger, though, Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News writes about Jose Reyes, who may be joining the Bisons on a rehab assignment by the end of the week, with most reporters now seeming to figure he’ll be making his big league return on Monday. Brendan Kennedy tweets that Gibbers says Reyes could go to New Hampshire instead of Buffalo, so don’t go getting too excited in the Queen City just yet. Either way, Reyes is close at least. Better news than this latest bummer about Morrow, eh?

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  1. Breaking: Wang will continue hurl white things for BJ’s

  2. Well….I guess that solves one of the who goes to Buffalo problems.
    I hope is sore sorearm is working fucking soon. FUCK!

  3. Dammit, Brandon. I told you you’d get better if you played with my heavy balls. But you just didn’t listen….

  4. What’s the deal with Santos. Haven’t heard much about that turd lately.

    • Long Tossing

    • Turd? So fucking sorry he can’t be healthy enough for you to not be fucking clueless about how terrific he is.

      • Oh get off your fucking horse already.

      • My goodness, such salty language. Perhaps you should swipe the sand away from your vulva and get the mustard out of your beard.

        • Yes, he’s injured. Calling him a turd for that is beyond fucking stupid– almost as hopelessly dumb as defending calling him a turd. Congratulations.

        • Right on cue – apparently the only way “real men” hurl insults these days is by calling someone gay or using feminized labels as insults. Real witty, champ.

          • +1000 for Pud

            Who are these misogynist fucks that still use a vagina as a simile for weakness. Hey Mitch, do you know what your sign of weakness is? Clue: your lack of intelligence and staggering ignorance. Go back to your parents basement, get off the fucking blog and do your homework. I’m sure Grade 11 is much more difficult than you thought it’d be, even if it’s your second time through.

            • Lol is this serious?

              Because women have a history of fighting and dying wars?

              Heck, when a country is plundered, and all the men have been captured or killed what do the women do?

              They mate with the plunderers.

              So yes calling someone a vagina to signify weakness is valid. Go white knight somewhere else

      • The deal is he had Labrum surgery. It’s not like TJ. Check Casey’s numbers in the first year he came back. It will take this whole season to get back to normal.

      • LOL terrific?

        Yes he’s been really terrific in his time 1.5 seasons in Toronto while 99% has been spent on the DL.

        If a guy is chronically injured and can’t play through any level of pain, fans are entitled to call him a turd.

        Stoeten sometimes your constant defending of these guys in every situation grows so fucking old man.

        • Constant defending of these guys in every situation? You think because you say something emphatically enough nobody’s going to notice what laughable horseshit it is?

          Also, when you get a second, please learn to fucking read. Did I say “has been terrific as a Toronto Blue Jay?” Of course not. But thanks for being dumb enough to think you could get away with shitting on my for saying it without looking like a complete moron. Was good for a laugh.

          • Well you did call him “terrific” without adding a qualifier (as a White Sox/Blue Jay etc. etc)and used the present tense “is” so by extension you did infer that he has been terrific as a Toronto Blue Jay.

            My own opinion is that Sergio Santois is actually not terrific based off of what I saw of him as a Blue Jay (I didn’t see any of him as a sox to make a determination based off that). The Slider looks nasty but I’m not sure he could throw it for a called strike, his other stuff has looked either significantly hittable or too wild for him to qualify as “terrific”.
            Now… that’s a small sample size so it remains possible that one day he will be terrific

            • I did not make that inference, no. He is a terrific pitcher when healthy, which he hasn’t been since he got here. I specifically mentioned health in my comment. Is Troy Tulowitzki still terrific even though he’s hurt, or is he a turd now until he gets back into the Rockies’ lineup? Or is, y’know, it ridiculous to call someone a turd because he’s hurt?

              • Yeah it is silly to call someone a turd just because he’s injured… although I didn’t see Brent call him a turd for that reason (or any reason… he called him a turd and then you just assumed that he was calling him a turd because he’s hurt). Unless it’s somehow your conclusion that there is absolutely, positively, 100%, no way that anyone could possible dislike anything at all about Sergio Santos ever (except that he’s hurt).

                But I don’t really want to defend someone using the term turd… simple because as far as an insult goes it’s pretty weak. I do however want to actually see someone be terrific for an extended period before calling them terrific.

                I guess ultimately I think that Sergio Santos is neither a turd nor is he terrific.

              • stoeten…as the author of this article and the lead of this blog its laughable that you’d get this worked up over someone calling sergio santos a turd. thus far in a bluejays uniform hes been a fucking turd. a lemon. in what amounts to roughly 230 ballgames he’s been healthy for about 5% of them. not even. mike sirotka thinks this guy is brittle. does his stuff play when hes healthy? sure…but that’s not the fucking point.

                the commenter is well within his right to call him a turd, it wasn’t even said maliciously.
                in short your a major fucking douche Stoeten. really and fucking truly…get off your high horse…you have an opinion, but always remember its just that. stop acting like your the authority on all things bluejays baseball. fucking ass.

              • Also, Sergio Santos has no place being mentioned in the same conversation as Tulo, vis-a-vis greatness or lack thereof.

              • I’m concerned for your health. If your anger is genuine, you’re due for an early heart attack. Try rising above once in awhile.

              • I’d be a terrific pitcher if I was 7 feet tall and had a 100mph fastball with pinpoint control. I don’t so, I’m not. If you can’t take the field in 2 years, you’re useless. Hence, a turd.

          • Hey Stoeten – just sayin, the DJF board troll sianspheric is in no way affiliated with sianspheric the band…

            sianspheric the band love you. To the point that it’s uncomfortable. End of line.

            • So a guy who hasn’t been able to get on the field in 2 years is terrific? Fuck right off you imbecile. Santos is garbage.

        • Calling anyone a turd, is just dumb. What are we, eleventeen? Grow up.

        • +1.

          Santos has pitched 10 innings in 2 seasons for the Jays. He is a short stop converted to reliever on a great contract. “terrific ” is an overstatement.

      • Santos had one big year in the majors 2 years ago. He has to be healthy and pitch consistently for an extended period of time before I can call him terrific. Ill go with has potential which unfortunately puts him in the same category as mcgowen and cecil and several other jays throwers. some who put it together some who never will.

      • Health is a skill. Perhaps the most important of skills. If Santos can’t get on the field to show whatever value he can bring, he’s not worth much.

    • You too lazy to google it for yourself? Or just showing off how you can say a swear word without getting in trouble from your mom?

    • Sergio’s pussy is hurt.

  5. At least it’s a relatively short drive from Dunedin to Birmingham.

  6. I thought something was wrong when John Lott tweeted his line from last night. 5 hits, 3 runs in 2 innings. Ugly.

  7. Is it a setback, or just more lies(!!!!!!) from the front office?

  8. Jays need to acquire another #3 starter at the deadline or the offseason to cover for morrow. Like seriously, the guy is made of fucking glass. Missed almost 2 months last year and has already missed a month this year.

    • Did you count those months up all by yourself? YAY!

      • relax your boner Stoeten. He has been prone to injury

        • ‘Prone to injury’ is such a dumb fucking phrase.

          If he gets hurt a lot, call him a guy who seems to not pitch through pain.

          I am soooo sick of ‘injury prone’ getting labelled on players, it is fucked up. There are reasons other than ‘prone’ as to why they suffer their injuries.

          Just dumb

      • Ummm thats not the point. The point is, morrow is injury prone and the jays cant rely on this guy to stay healthy for a full season based on his history.

        • 2010: Only 146 innings, but wasn’t hurt– they shut him down early.
          2011: 17 games with forearm inflammation, but still makes 30 starts.
          2012: Oblique injury.
          2013: Forearm injury.

          Is it really so bad or are people trying to create a narrative here for no reason whatsoever?

          • Re: Is it really so bad

            I guess not when it’s compared to Santos ;)

          • Ah, ya. You wrote the data out yourself. Surprised how two people could come to totally different conclusions, looking at same facts. He is injured often. Fine if you don’t like term “injury prone,” but he gets injured often, and cannot be relied upon, to this point, to consistently produce. It is frustrating to the fanbase.

            Might I so boldly suggest that a guy who can’t last the year with a regular starting pitcher workload (in each of the last 4 years save 1), gets injuries that cause him to miss months in back to back seasons, for no apparent reason other than general difficulty of being a pitcher (as opposed to Happ, or even a Tommy John sitch, blowing out ligament, etc.), is maybe someone that I don’t have to love on this team going forward?

            • That would be a comment I could totally get behind if I was dumb enough to believe he’s missing months “for no apparent reason other than general difficulty of being a pitcher.”

              • You’re dumb enough to believe that a guy who can’t throw a baseball should be considered a terrific pitcher so why shouldn’t we believe that you aren’t?

      • So much indignation in you Stoeten.

        Do you have a raging boner of protection and love for every Jay?

  9. Here’s comes Tommy John to the rescue! Oh, and why the FUCK didn’t the WWF give me a Brian a run with the tag belts? FUCK!

    • JJB

      No run with the belts because of that crap you guys pulled with Koko B Ware in the masks

  10. not surprised Morrow has always been a bandaid

  11. Luckily we seemed to have caught lightening in a bottle with both Ishmael and Wangster. But who knows how long it will last? hopefully Morrow will get better soon.

  12. Re: issue forearm “tenderness”

    That’s easy to solve….. Just get his lady friend to caress his forearm lightly, give it soft nibbles, and gentle kisses.

  13. Morrow’s career, looked at as a weather report.

    “Today we will see some flashes of brilliance, followed by some mediocracy. 60% chance of forearm tightness heading into the weekend”.

    I hope he can get it all together and stay healthy, but this story is going to repeat over and over I fear.

  14. Clearly I’m not the first person to have this thought, but it’s time to brace ourselves for Tommy John. Forearm soreness kills.

    • Thinking the same thing. Also, last year Hutch had almost the same problem and they jerked him around for almost 2 months before his surgery. Because of that, he’s going to miss pitching in the MLB this year.

  15. Not surprising the way he was throwing. Spotty control and variable velocity. My guess is TJ surgery is forthcoming. “Forearm tightness” is often secret code for “sore elbow” in many organizations.

    Pitchers get hurt and the sun rises in the sky. Both things that are out of our control. We should be thankful that AA was on a mission to obtain so many good arms in the offseason (and very reticent to give any of them up – i.e. Cecil, Rogers). He took particular flack for the stream of pitchers including Rogers, then Storey, and others. Now Rogers is our #4 starter. Wang is pitching over his head right now, but he’s your #5 and if he can pitch to an ERA south of 5, he’ll be doing his job.

    • He had forearm soreness in 2011 and was fine– injury was at the start of the year, and he still made 30 starts.

      Let’s not go nuts.

      • Its not nutz to speculate. It may not be true. It may not even be likely to be true, but lets say there’s a ten percent chance its true….that would still not fall in the realm of “nutz”

        • Well, since you have zero idea of what percentage true it might be, yes, it’s nuts.

          • Not stating facts. Just possible outcomes. I’m still firmly in the boat. However, that soreness in 2011 could have been ligament damage which did not get worse at the time.

            I am glad AA has been stockpiling pitching depth (like Lincoln, Rogers, Wang, Ortiz, Wagner, Perez) because you often need it. Hard throwers are great to stockpile (not including Ortiz in that bunch). However, it appears that pitchers with minor league options are like gold to AA.

  16. Holy fuck – this poor bastard just can’t get healthy.
    In all honesty…the injuries are icing, his year when “healthy” has been so atrocious after being so outstanding last year – really the shining light on the staff – and this was supposed to be the year he really took the leap…

    Thank god the Jays have turned things around so we can’t all sit and talk about this…get him fixed and back to health and dominancy (I like that word:)

  17. Sore sorearm is the worst… Get well soon.

    • I figured he’d mistyped it, went to change it to forearm and figured, fuck it, it makes sense

  18. This is just the fan in me, but I just want him to suck it up at this point. If he had a hang nail on a toe he’d wind up on the 15-day DL.

    At least Reyes is still healthy.

  19. Im not saying mcgowan and morrow are the same person.

    but no one has seen them together at the same time.

  20. What’s Lawries story? Any ETA on that guy?

  21. Sooooo hoping Reyes gets a few games in Buffalo. I’m down there Sat. night for the Bisons game, it’d be awesome to see him back in action.

  22. You guys have really gone fully “tsn comment section” this year. Fuck.

    First of all, Stoeten is the one posting this bad news and using the phrase “ugh”. Just because he isn’t buying into your whiny, chicken little, bitching about how injury prone he is, doesn’t make him a “defender” of anything.

    Secondly, um, gee you fuckwits, let me think how to explain this, um PITCHERS TEND TO GET INJURED. The Buehrle’s of the world are FAR AND FEW BETWEEN. Be glad we have one of them.

  23. Reyes in Buffalo Saturday? Yes please. Heading down to that game and it’d be awesome to see him play at Coca-Cola Field.

  24. I am the only DJF who thinks Cecil should get a start??

    • I’ve thought so for a while. Not that simple though. He’d have to be stretched out and ultimately he may not want to start.

      I think his velocity isn’t neccessarily due to only short appearances, but who knows.

      • Fuck tho when Wang and Rogers implode why not? Do you have evidence he does NOT want to start? Last I heard (that Jays winter tour special on SN) he wanted to be a SP?

      • What makes you think this? A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve had a thought and just applied it to another human being because thats what you’d like them to think or feel that this means you are an idiot.

        Follow this simple rule to achieve new heights in your idiocy! Don’t just think his velocity is unrelated to his workload, why doesnt he mix in a knuckleball to guarantee a cy young? I don’t think lack of practice is whats stopping him!

    • I think he has found his way as a reliever, had many chances to find his way as a starter. Love him out of the pen though.

  25. Stoeten, are you going to post that AA “is an Idiot” story any time soon?

  26. Come on guys. Can’t we all be friends? It’s the fucking high point of the Jay’s season!

  27. Hayhurst called this yesterday in a pre-game interview. First bad line Morrow throws up, he’ll be “injured” again. Bit of a chicken and the egg argument, tho. What comes first? Morrow’s pain or Morrow’s bad outing?

  28. I hope Reyes is in Buffalo this weekend. I have tickets to Saturday night’s game. Also, it’s the Bisons’ Star Wars night. Light Sabres and fireworks for the win!

  29. The same brain trust that had Johnson traded for rosin bags last week is now writing off Morrow. Mike Wilner will never be out of a job in this town. And these people are allowed to vote.

  30. I felt compelled to comment even though I never do.
    Re Stoeten ; he can say whatever he wants, his blog
    Morrow; injuries happen to everyone. Giving up on these guys because of it is not always the right way to go. Ie Chris Carpenter. I’m not saying that’s Morrow’s situation but who’s to say he can’t have a nice career once he battles through whatever issues ailing him
    Turd & fans ; people should relish how we are able to have these great forums to talk about our favorite team instead so many losers just looking for shock value and just plain dumb ass commentary. Grow up or even better go play in traffic
    If your a fan enjoy the team. For example JPA is not playing well but it’s not like we have a clear upgrade over him do stop bashing him. It’s really sad how the fan base can be so unsupportive. Thanks for listening. Go Jays!

  31. Happ back?

  32. Here’s a question I would like to pose. Concerning Reyes, why wouldn’t the Jays just bring him up as soon as they are sure he can make it through a game without re-injuring his ankle? Ie. why not bring him up for the Baltimore series on Friday. Why bother sending him to AA or AAA to make sure the bat is 100%? I am willing to bet Reyes at 50% can still out hit Kawasaki at 100%! As loveable as Kawasaki is, I am pretty sure people will forget about him and his .215 average as soon as Reyes is back!

  33. On the injury front when would Hutchison and Drabek start throwing rehab games assuming a normal recovery time and no setbacks?

  34. when hes in there, he fuckni sucks anyways…yeah once in a while he’ll pitch a gem against the mariners, hes at best a #4/5 with the stuff of a #2 on occasion. ridiculous.

  35. His fucking forearm, holy fuck. I wish we lived in the 80′s where guys pitched like men. Shaun Marcum ass tap.

  36. Dickey is hurting
    Dickey is better
    Dickey is hurting
    Dickey is better
    Dickey is hurting

    Morrow is fine
    Morrow is pushed back
    Morrow is back
    Morrow is on DL
    Morrow is is rehabbing
    Morrow is more hurt

    Buehrle is exposed
    Buehrle is bad
    Buehrle is albatross
    Buehrle is okay
    Buehrle is better
    Buehrle is leading staff

    JJ is cold
    JJ is adjusting
    JJ is pushed back
    JJ is bad
    JJ is on DL
    JJ is not getting better
    JJ is back and good
    JJ is bad
    JJ is great

    Happ is good
    Happ is decent 4th/5th starter
    Happ is laser beamed to skull
    Happ is okay from laser beam
    Happ is on DL, but not for head

    Romero is bad
    Romero is fixing
    Romero is bad
    Romero is bad
    Romero is bad
    Romero is bad
    Romero is doing it his way

    Ortiz is lucky
    Ortiz is lucky
    Ortiz is good story
    Ortiz is heart breaking story
    Ortiz is finished
    Ortiz is fine?

    Wang is answer
    Wang is scary
    Wang is good

    Rogers is desperation
    Rogers is ok
    Rogers is ok again
    Rogers is ace



  37. Score Executive #1: Wins don’t seem to get as many comments as when these guys are steaming mad at the team.

    Score Executive #2 (sidekick to #1): Yea, we need to see some increased engagement. We want the “monkey army” (uses actual air quotes) to get fired up!

    Stoeten: Okay, the problem is that the team is, y’know, winning.

    Score Executive #1: Maybe you could … nah, that wouldn’t work.

    Exec #2: No, say it big guy!

    Exec #1: Well, how about if you emphatically disagree with several mostly-innocuous comments and be as condescending as possible while doing so?? Maybe even when the commenters have valid points!! That kind of stuff really drives engagement!!

    Stoeten: Sure man, whatever.

    Morrow gets injured a lot. Tough to make a case that says otherwise. Santos, though maybe not a “turd”, can certainly not be labelled “terrific”. That’s absurd.

    Go Jays!


    • You gotta admit we’re getting better with Kenny Williams.

      We got 9 whole innings out of Santos! (That’s like a Mike Sirotka complete game, for those counting.)

    • I think you left your caps lock on. Santos has a lot of time to make his club friendly contract seem like a bargain. Molina still has cracked a big league lineup. Kenny Williams was a horrible base runner and a G.M. of a world series team. Whether or not he had information on Santos’s impending health, we will probably never know, but it seems that it was his delivery that worried most. Not unheard of.

      Same goes with Morrow. The worst thing that happen to him was the miss management of his role while with the Mariners. But he hasn’t missed a half season like when Halliday was struck in the leg. Or entire season, like the likes of Leiter or Carpetner. All three of the pitchers that I mention went on to do big things in their thirties. I would only hope that he stays in the fold long enough that we still have him in his best years of his career.

  39. I think it’s fairly clear at this point that Morrow will never be able to put together a full season. Further, he’ll never reach his potential. It takes him a quarter of a season to round into form and just when he looks lik ehe’ll go into beast mode – poof! he gets injured again.

    I don’t know why I keep coming back for more. I just can’t seem to stop doing it to myself. Well, this is where I draw the line. No more!!

    I refuse to believe things will work out in the future. Because of this, I will not watch another game. Not this year and I will also boycott next year’s games as well. In addition, I will not listen to any games on my phone this year either. I will cancel my mlb app audio subscription immediately.

    I absolutely, steadfastly refuse to be exposed to this any further – I just can’t take it. It’s over and I’m out – I won’t be back.

    • um, can you take the troll army with you?

      maybe take ‘em to your sense of humour class.

      kudos for the best job in here of reflecting the wangwads’ moronity.

    • Last time I was here you were saying the same old tired BS. You were the sole reason I stopped coming by. History repeats itself. See you!

    • You are completely and utterly full of shit.

  40. This would be tougher news to take if the club weren’t fucking killing it right now. Reyes on Monday? Fuck yesssssssssss.

  41. I had a problem with Dirk Hayhurts-not-being-able-to-effectivly-make-a-living-at-what-I-love-doing saying Morrow wasnt sucking up the pitching through pain like all pitchers are forced to do in their career. Morrow is a type 1 diabetic, and doesnt heal properly even with the most attention being paid to his injuries. Given that fact, I think he’s done extremely well staying off the DL throughout his career. I’m not defending him or Stoeten, cause I think Stoeten is a rotten DBag, but cut Morrow a bit of slack.

    • I’ll admit, I’ve never thought that being diabetic could potentially have an effect on being able to recover

  42. Morrow is a downgrade at this point.

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