Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

The Esmil Rogers experiment in the Jays’ starting rotation continues tonight against his former team, the Colorado Rockies. And while, with a 1.26 ERA, 3.48 FIP, and .270 wOBA against in his 14.1 innings as a starter so far, it can’t possibly continue, what this post presupposes is… maybe it can?

After all, Esmil is a new man! Earlier today @James_In_TO tweeted out a link to Rogers’ Brooks Baseball player card, which shows how he has ramped up usage of a sinker that maybe he should have been turning to all along. Rogers’ four-seamer and slider accounted for over 85% of his pitches thrown back in April, but for June the number has been less than 60%, with his sinker usage rising from 3.86% in April to 28.13% this month– which has been, by far, his best month of the season.

Obviously he couldn’t just throw like a reliever if he expected to turn lineups over multiple times after his slide into the rotation, but he was a starter in his previous life back in Colorado, and never had his repertoire looked quite like this. Maybe he’s onto something!

I mean… maybe the league just hasn’t caught up with the explosion of sinker usage from him, but… maybe he’s onto something! Let the good times roll, amiright?


Rogers would do well to continue being sharp, as the Jays are going to need him. As I wrote about earlier, Brandon Morrow suffered a bit of a setback in his rehab start last night, and while J.A. Happ threw a side session today, according to a Shi Davidi tweet, and is getting closer to health, it still looks like it’s going to be Rogers and Chien-Ming Wang in the rotation for a while.

Know what I couldn’t possibly care less about? Jeff Francis’s passport.

From (heard of them), we have a look at a nifty new stadium design for the Atlanta Falcons. Why might that be relevant to Jays fans? Their current home, the Georgia Dome, opened in 1992, three years after the Rogers Centre. *COUGH*

Uh… yeah.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Colorado Rockies

2B Josh Rutledge (R)
DH Jordan Pacheco (R)
LF Carlos Gonzalez (L)
RF Michael Cuddyer (R)
C Willin Rosario (R)
1B Todd Helton (L)
3B Nolan Arenado (R)
CF Tyler Colvin (L)
SS Jonathan Herrera (S)

LHP Jeff Francis

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  1. Would have liked to see Colby in there but can’t argue with the Skippers decisions of late.

    • Colby has been getting eaten alive by Lefty’s this year.

      • 63 wRC+ 265 wOBA, and all while having a .326 BABIP so it’s not like it’s looking up.

        • Against RHP: .372 wOBA, 136 wRC+, .269 ISO and a 10% walk rate. If it weren’t for his great defense I’d want to shield him from LHP entirely.

  2. Awesome Tenenbaums reference.

  3. Including tonight’s game, the Jays will have only played 12 of 70 games against teams that are currently under .500 In the next 24 games leading up to the all-star break, the Jays will play 6 more current sub 500 teams. That makes for a first half total of 18 of 94 (it would’ve been 15 yesterday) games played against teams currently below .500

    I can’t bother to check but that has got to be the toughest sched in the MLB so far.

  4. Can’t do anything but roll with this hand we’ve been dealt.
    Come on offense!

  5. reasons for jays winning streak:

    wang, wagner, thole, rogers

    so much for “we knew this team would turn it around”

    • They’ve made great contributions but that greatly understates how well Colby, Lind, Bautista and EE have been playing.

      For any team to be a winner you need to eventually rely on organization depth.

      AA deserves the credit for the names you mentioned.

      • wang opted out of his contract with yanks, wouldn’t even be here if morrow was healthy

        thole should have been called up long time ago instead of old man blanco
        thole also puts pressure on JPA to play well.

        rogers also taking place of happ.

        and guess what when reyes gets back it’ll be kawasaki sent down despite being a million times better than bono.

        AA is the one that doesn’t put the best players on the field to begin with.

        • You just made my point.

          AA acquired Wang to replace an injured Morrow. Great move
          He acquired Rogers for a shitty coach.
          He acquired SakiBomb as depth, and that’s what he’s been. He becomes uneeded when Reyes returns.

          I agree on your argument with Blanco-Thole, I can only imagine they wanted him to play everyday in AAA instead of backing up Strike3bia who he thought could carry the mail.

          Overall AA has done a great job.

        • This is mostly insanity. The four players you named initially have combined for less than one WAR this year.
          That said,

          We are winning 100% completely and totally because of Adam Lind and Brett Cecil, a Vince Vaughan/Owen Wilson movie is in theaters and the new season of Arrested Development just premiered. It is not 2009.

          Is the truth any less insane?

  6. So many maroons on djf

  7. Jays 5-0 since I got my spankin’ new blue Jays uniform in the mail last Wednesday. I choose to believe that’s the real reason why the team has done so well of late.

  8. You know what i couldn’t possibly care less about? The fact that Stoeten couldn’t possibly care less about Jeff Francis’s passport.

    Talk about trolling.

    • Who cares… let it go. ha

    • I get that it doesn’t really matter where the player is from nor am I going to cheer for Francis just because he’s Canadian but holy fuck Stoeten has a stick up his ass about Canadian baseball players.

  9. I got Joey Bats as my Beat the Streak pick tonight.
    I’m at a modest 11 games but it’s the longest I’ve had.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever cracked double digits. Baseballs a bitch.

      • Agreed. And when I’ve tried to make “smart” picks I always shit the bed.
        So lately I’ve just been picking with my heart, Lind, Bats and EE have contributed.
        I’m gonna stay with Jays.

  10. Check out the swinging strikes already. Johnson had 18 last night, is this a Rockies thing or a Jays thing?


  12. Holy fuck Francis works slow.

  13. What a terrible decision to throw home there, I wish that would have been a foot higher to teach that fool a lesson.

  14. Way to go, Kittenface!

  15. LIND

  16. Canadians can’t play baseball. Joey Votto is lying about where he was born.

  17. Rosey is playing well.

  18. Nice to see the Jays got a new Canadian batting practice pitcher… that’s now two screamers where the wall happened to get in the way of the ball.

    • … and that’s three scorchers off the wall now. The wall is helping to keep the line moving and avoiding any rally-killing HRs.

  19. Fuck I can’t watch this. Get Francis outta there.

  20. Cibia!


  22. This is exactly what I wanted to see when facing Jeff Francis…the key has been off the wall not over it to keep the rally going…

  23. That inning was delicious (minus the De Rosa baserunning/whatever the coach told him)

  24. What is with the three man booth?? It’s annoying.

  25. Did sportsnet lose a bunch of camera people to free agency, because it’s just brutal to watch at times. Miss entire plays and then they don’t show you the replay. I remember it being better in years past.

  26. Nice piece of sliding from JP, although he probably would have had an easier slide to 2nd if he didn’t admire his hit for so long.

  27. Pitch to the score!!

  28. E5

  29. De Rosa….

  30. DeRosa: Piece of Shit.

  31. DaRosa got nailed…bad call by the 3rd base coach. Only one out, why send him? He thought he was going to get stopped…but the coach waved him on. By then, it’s too late.

  32. LMFAO – Boni channeling his inner Tony Parker with the bounce pass.

    • That was just beautiful to “guide” EE to first with that bounce. I half-expected Tim Duncan to show up with a textbook pick move on the baserunner.

  33. that’s two veteran presents in two innings!

  34. Redemption.

  35. De Rosa does good.

  36. I dont get why they didnt do lind 1st eddie 3rd…just as i say that double play

  37. Nice.

  38. I think the camera crew is too focused on getting a shot of those CG ads they have introduced this year.

    • I know these kinds of threats mean nothing to Rogers, but those ads are going to be one of the final straws that makes me cut the cable. Fuck it. I pay way too much money and the commercials between innings are stupid enough. Fake ads on the fake grass is just too much.

  39. Man bautista was at 300 like 2.5 weeks ago..sitting at 265

  40. Buck+Tabler+Arenado = <3

  41. great graphic of Esmil Rogers’ sinker usage:

  42. So rogers cant possibly sustain this success with such a low k rate right? Sinker or otherwise

    • It was really just the one start where he went 7 innings with 0 K’s that’s making his k/9 as a starter so low. In the other starts he wasn’t Roger Clemens but he struck out an average amount of batters. Tonight he has 2 K’s through 3 so more of the same.

  43. Clearly the team’s improvement can be traced to the return of Gibby’s Shacket. He was wearing that #5 uniform the first month of the season and it didn’t work. Hail the power of the Shacket.


  45. Esmil looks like hes on cloud 9

  46. OK. Time to fuck this Francis up.

  47. Retiring 12 of the first 13 batters he’s faced. This is nuts.

  48. Imagine the audition for these world vision commercials?

  49. Ballet on cleats.

  50. “Rogers is filthy tonight” – Buck

  51. Cy Young is dealing tonight.

  52. Wow. Unbelievable. Rogers sure looks like a good pick-up by AA now!

  53. Rogers’ command looks pretty fucking good so far.

    It definitely lessens the blow from the Morrow setback and Happ not being too close.

  54. That rockstar Rogers montage was fucking sweet.

  55. Batista seems to be missing some meaty pitches lately. Haven’t seen him hit this many pop-outs and little dribblers in a while. I’m sure he’ll be back to awesome soon.

  56. EE is God!

  57. SQUAWK

  58. Excuse me while I go for a walk.

  59. I love Eddie sooooo much…

  60. There goes the parrot!

  61. Take thr parrot for a FUCKIN WALK

  62. there goes the parrot

  63. Parrot #19 being walked!

  64. Parrot philanthropist

  65. I have such a weird feeling right now. Is this what winning is like? Will I start growing hair in weird places?

  66. Ed-bull gives you wiiiiiiings!


  68. I called Francis for 8 earned, I was way off.

  69. Where is the 500 by Canada Day guy? I was going to tell him to stop being so pessimistic.

  70. And there goes the no-hitter. Thank you Buck for mentioning he had a no-hitter going.

  71. No Hayhurst. Rogers can’t hear what Wilner is saying.

  72. Bye bye no-hitter… now let’s shut the door on these Rox.

  73. Oh well, not a big deal.

    Just gotta look on the bright side of life.


  74. If the Jays come back and play some kind of meaningful games towards the end of the season even if they don’t get to the playoffs, then Gibby has to be in contention for Manager of the Year. Which right now is a lock for Fuckface. So that’s another reason to hope this wonderfullness continues.

  75. Buchholz to the DL too! Fuck him, fuck the Red Sox and fuck their fans.

  76. Ishmael!

  77. Jesus, Rogers looks good. Didn’t see the beginning of the game but he must’ve established that strike zone from the get. Sweet.

  78. Fuck. If you can’t depend on Verlander……

    • Yah really – the rest of my no name fantasy guys have been pitching my team back into contention, but my big $$$ guy has been spotty…

  79. JP!

  80. That was fucking sexy

  81. Heyooo!

    Unlike most of you, I hope the best for JPA. At the very least a few more HR and he has real value in a trade!

  82. JP with another get out of Jail free card.

    • Tell me about it…now we’ll never be rid of him.
      It’s not like we needed that homerun.

  83. At this rate all the trolls and haters will be endangered.

  84. Heyooo!


  85. Haha

    What the fuck is going on

  86. Wow wow wow

  87. That dance by the kid in the outfield seats is my highlight of the year.

  88. what the fuck….

  89. This is nuts

  90. Fucking Maicer… laugh.

  91. Of Maicer And Men!

  92. hitting soft tossing lefties is like cutting soft butter.

  93. why is it when the jays bomb another pitcher the only guy who can’t get a hit is you know who

  94. My son is at the game tonight, I told him if the Jays streak ends, I’ll blame him.
    He has a horrid record.
    Maybe he’s been spared my wrath (*fingers crossed)

  95. 8 earned. Maybe I’m a seer.

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