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Drew Sheppard looks at R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball over at FanGraphs, and says he sees a subtle difference in arm speed and more violence in the delivery when comparing the way Dickey throws his 80+ mph knuckler and the slower one he’s primarily relied on this season. “And given his back and neck issues, it appears that he’s less willing to inflict that motion on his body this season,” he says, concluding that the best may still yet be to come.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan looks at how it has gone so abysmally bad, so quickly for April’s Yankee hero, Vernon Wells.

Great stuff from Drew over at Getting Blanked, as he scouts Munenori Kawasaki (for the home run derby). Muni doesn’t have a whole lotta power, you see…

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at some of the options available for the Jays when Jose Reyes comes back and somebody– presumably Kawasaki– has to be removed from the roster.

“I could feel it in that first inning. I was just letting it go, and not trying to force my slider to move, just trusting it,” said Josh Johnson following last night’s pitchers’ duel with Jorge De La Rosa, according to John Lott of the National Post. “We’re winning,” he added. “That’s the fun part and the key thing.”

In the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair starts coming around on Maicer Izturis, who finally had himself a big game last night. In another piece, Blair looks at the resurgent Adam Lind.

Elsewhere in the Globe, Tom Maloney tells us about Emil Rogers’ baseball career coming full circle, as the former Rockies starter gets set to face his old team tonight– and the starter, Jeff Francis, whose return from the DL last year bumped Esmil from Colorado’s roster. Rogers is, of course, now a reborn starter with the Jays, after spending the last two seasons in relief.

In the Toronto Star, Brendan Kennedy looks at Francis, who starts tonight for just the second time in his country of birth, here 1200 innings, nine seasons, and a number of DL trips into his career.

Kennedy also speaks to Joe Carter, whose advice to the current crop of Blue Jays is to keep on taking things one game at a time.

Elsewhere, Richard Griffin had an excellent, wide-ranging chat with readers at the Toronto Star this afternoon, in which, among other things, he actually brought up the possibility that the Jays could try to make a play for Chase Utley. Welcome back, old pipe dream. It’s been a while. Griff also says he thinks J.P. Arencibia has looked better after doing some work with roving catching instructor Sal Fasano last week. Hmm…

MLBTR passes on a piece from Jon Morosi at Fox Sports, who in a video clip at the top of the post suggests that the Jays are “right on the fence” when it comes to whether to sell or to buy when this year’s non-waiver trade deadline arrives on July 31st. I suppose this next six weeks will make clear what they need to do.

In a notebook post at BlueJays.com, Evan Peaslee and Teddy Cahill talk to John Gibbons, who sounds like he’s taking Joe Carter’s advice, and– among other things– look at the slow return to health of top Jays prospects Aaron Sanchez, Roberto Osuna and Daniel Norris.

Lastly, Jays Prospects tells us a thing or two about the four players the Lansing Lugnuts are sending to the Midwest League’s All-Star Game– Christian Lopes, Gustavo Pierre, Dalton Pompey and Wil Browning. Meanwhile, the Blue Jay Hunter gives us the low down on the Lansing experience, having hit up a game at Cooley Law School Stadium.

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  1. Trolololsi back on the bandwagon

  2. Poor Vernon. We’ll see how tough his skin is when the NY media and fans are finished with him. He’ll be rethinking his “I’ve always wanted to be a Yankee” statement from earlier in the season.

    • “87 plate appearances in April: .321/.379/.603
      85 plate appearances since May 22: .120/.129/.133″

      Haha oh wow

  3. Fuck up Francis so bad that he never wants to make another start in his country of birth

  4. And over at Jays Journal some guy calls Stoeten out. For seriouses?


    • Stoeten can be a dickhead, but jaysjournal is a piece of fuck. Didnt they recently have a post about trading bautista?

      not a blog worth visiting imo

    • Well he is right. They’ve played with all kinds of panic lately. Nobody even has finger nails or anything.

    • That blog is just awful. Worse writing than Rosie diManno.

      • They’re doing well because they’re having fun and playing urgent. I wonder if Stoets has seen this yet, I imagine he’d get a huge kick out of it.

        • I write there and in all fairness, it’s a fan site with a wide variety of content. Look more closely and you’ll see that alot of articles have a point/counterpoint. Trade Bautista/Dont Trade Bautista. Panic/Dont Panic. You might agree with one but not the other. If you’re going to lambast us, at least take a deeper dive….please?

        • Well at least someone here has a sense of humour. Full disclosure – I also write at Jays Journal.

    • He should have used a boat.

    • Just a piece of crap piece of, well…really.. Some tweener with the internet. Guff

  5. Morrow had a setback. Jays cant rely on that fucking guy to stay on the field. Him and lawrie spend more time on the dl than active roster. O well, at least reyes will be back soon.

  6. Ya the Morrow news is a little concerning. I am obviously not a doctor but the words “forearm tightness” and “setback” are never good.

  7. How many people have made the Dickey, Johnson, Wang joke in the last three days?
    - by Yoenis Envy 6/18/2013 4:27:03 PM 12:27 PM

    The players are all wearing t-shirts with a crude reference on the front and the three pitchers names on the back…so I think they know and like it.
    - by Richard Griffin 6/18/2013 4:27:46 PM 12:27 PM


  8. Brandon who?

  9. The GIFS of those three successive popups sure bring back memories.

  10. I think I’d rather keep Kawasaki around… I mean the Blue Jays infield is basically Jose Reyes and Shit. That being the case I think I’d rather keep the least shitty shit around and to my eye that’s Kawasaki (to say nothing about the amusement value) I find it pretty hard to see a valid play based arguement for keeping Bonifacio over Kawasaki. But Contractual stuff will probably make the result different.

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