Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays

Jose Bautista is on Vine, it turns out, and apparently that means he now has the capability of posting an oddly lewd and lascivious, yet hypnotic, montage of pre-game routine moves in the Jays’ clubhouse, featuring him and shortstop Munenori Kawasaki. Because that’s what he did last night.

It’s… uh… it’s somethin’ else.

Check the clip after the jump.

Who says ballplayers have too much time on their hands?


Crotch grab in the direction of @The_Liberator_ for the clip.

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  1. tehe

    man i hope the find a way to keep him come Friday when Jose Reyes is back,

    Ya, i said it, its happening

  2. I think I just saw Kawasaki’s O face.

  3. Foam rolling is a great poor man’s massage. I love it.


  5. 6th!!1!

  6. Josh Thole walking by thinking “wtf!?”

  7. foam rolling is key – particularly for anyone who sits at a desk all day…. especially the one where inner thigh is making sweet sweet love to the foam roller.

    eric cressey is one of the leading trainers for baseball players… here is a quick series for foam rolling.


  8. Weighted Balls….

    Foam Rolling….

    The new market efficiency?

  9. I popped my ACL last summer partly due to excessive IT band tightness. Foam rolling will keep ya limber boys.

    • How tight were your IT bands?….cause mine are tight now and i didn’t know that could lead to ACL injuries

  10. Some of those shots are NSFW. *fans self*

  11. When did this “powered by Coors Light” nonsense start?

    I suspect Stoeten wouldn’t be caught dead drinking Coors Light….well maybe if it was free, and the only thing available. But still?!?

    • They’ve gotta pay the bills, and young mostly male sports fans that self identify as excessive beer drinkers are kinda the sweet spot for Molson Coors.

    • At least they are using “Powered by” correctly. Although “Fueled by” would be more apropos.

  12. If this were three months ago and it were still cool, I’d say someone should set that video to the Harlem Shake song. But I won’t do that. No. No I won’t.

  13. BNS has an article on the fate of Kawasaki when Reyes returns…..

    It’s a good article, it covers all the possibilities.


  14. Dafuq I just watch

  15. nice article and all but fuck who cares


    ‘Excited about the Toronto Blue Jays’ six-game win streak and how the starting pitching rotation seems to have turned things around?

    Now, imagine energetic leadoff hitter Jose Reyes blazing on the basepaths and showing off his gap power while Brandon Morrow blows away hitters with a mid-90s fastball and freezes them at the plate with off-speed deliveries.

    Reyes’s major league return is expected sooner, perhaps this weekend against the visiting Baltimore Orioles,’


  16. Sweet Jesus. That video was something else.
    I know it’s probably a really effective training technique, but goddamn!
    Joey Bats was goin’ to fuckin’ town on that thing!

  17. I grew up on a farm and once dated a foam roller. Sweet memories of sneaking out to the barn for a roll in the hay.

  18. LOL only non-athletes would laugh at this. Foam rolling keeps some of these guys alive midseason.

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