Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

Over the last 30 days Mark Buehrle has made five starts for the Toronto Blue Jays, pitching 33 innings in total, with an ERA of 1.91, a FIP of 2.72 and an xFIP of 3.35. He’s kept the ball in the ballpark, and on the ground. He’s struck out three batters for every walk he’s issued. He’s posted a WHIP of just 1.06 and, according to FanGraphs, has been worth nearly a full win– 0.9 WAR.

Of course, he’d been below replacement level to that point, so his mark for the season stands at just 0.6. But still! It’s been a good run, as the club has been winning– 21-12 since being beaten by Boston on May 11th– and we’ve been seeing the kind of pitcher we hoped the Jays would be getting when they made their deal with the Marlins for the former White Sox ace.

Or… actually… we’ve probably been seeing better. And with the good times still a-rollin’, and Buehrle having been nearly two runs better at home than on the road this year– aaand with the Rockies being the Rockies– you kinda just can’t help but be positive about tonight’s endeavor, can you?


Pretty much took care of that with the previous two posts.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Colorado Rockies

2B D.J. LeMahieu (R)
LF Carlos Gonzalez (L)
RF Michael Cuddyer (R)
DH Willin Rosario (R)
3B Nolan Arenado (R)
1B Jordan Pacheco (R)
CF Tyler Colvin (L)
C Yorvit Torrealba (R)
SS Josh Rutledge (R)

RHP Juan Nicasio

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  1. When the hurly-buerhle’s done, when the battle’s lost and won

  2. As much as we’d LIKE Francis to take the hill again today after the fireworks yesterday, pretty sure Colorado will be trotting somebody else to the mound to start this one.

  3. Francis pitching again, sweet, luscious sweater meat.

    • With a tired arm.

    • “At the major league level, all the players know the score of the game” – Jack Morris during Tuesday’s game

      “Back in 2007 the Jays won 10 straight games over a stretch of seven games” – Buck Martinez during Tuesday’s game

  4. I know it’s been said here a couple of times but does anyone ever remember Rogers marketing free Blue Jays OnDemand for all Rogers customers, not just those with Sportsnet? I’m having a battle with Rogers right now after they did “profile updates” a couple weeks ago and I was no longer able to watch online (I only have internet/home phone). It would be good to hear what others remember about this marketing campaign (from a couple years ago) and if they just took the service away not as a mistake but as a business decision.

  5. A big welcome back to the ‘ol birddawg! Fuck em birdie!
    I’m already 3/4 thru a bottle of merlot ( with a beeer chaser) getting ready for the Jays to make it 8 staright!
    Small Potatoes, my guru who used my name in vain yesterday..
    Oh a storm is threatening my very life today
    If I don’t get some shelter, Oh yeah I’m goin a fade away

    So, I will be out here in the fields fightin for a win. I must admit, I am close to taking Lind out of the platinum Fukstik territory if he can keep this up for another 30 days! Good for him
    If Romero finishes the year shiitn the bed like he has been then he will awarded Lind’s place
    Hey, I’m reposting here!

    • When the train, it left the station, there was two lights on behind,
      When the train, it left the station, there was two lights on behind,
      Well, the blue light was your baby, and the red light was your mind.
      All your love’s in vain.

    • Yeah, because you posted it already in the other thread. And now a second time here? Who gives a fuck? One post per comment is probably sufficient.

      • Because, asshole, I didn’t realize the threat was up. Go eat some yellow snow-fuk you’re getting arrogant,man

        • Arrogant? Because you’re reposting the same nonsense over and over? Just clearing away junk for people, my friend.

          • Howz, it over and Over, dickhead?
            I posted it once and told you why I did again. Who made you chief fukin censor?
            You, yourself, will go the fukstik zone if you don’t take a hike

            • You guys need to come in for the real thing. Little bro hug.
              Things are going too well for you kids to be smashing wine bottles and going for throats.

            • That’s a joke, right?
              It’s kind of a default thing. When you start your own website, you’re ‘chief censor.’

              • Blackbird singing in the dead of night
                Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
                All your life
                You were only waiting for this moment to be free

                Blackbird fly, blackbird fly
                Into the light of the dark black night

  6. I’m attributing the Jays’ turnaround to the permanent retirement of that stupid Stadium Love song.

  7. Jays going for the sweep. This bird is going to kick back and get shitfaced.

  8. Tabby says JP got crossed up. Looked to me like he just failed to catch the exact pitch he was expecting and set up for.

    • Don’t mess with the hurly burly man. Yeah JPA just plain fucked that up/uckily it didn’t cost us 2 runs

    • Leave JPA alone. He’s all fixed now. And clearly just showing his leadership. By showing how NOT to do something.

      • Did Fasona teach him that last week too?

      • I still maintain that if you give Thole 2 out of 5 starts, JPA will be a little more motivated to toe the line.

        • Agreed. Most teams that don’t have a starter named Molina, Maurer or Posey usually give the starter 1 or 2 days off a week anyway.

          I’ve noticed JP has been calling a better game, haven’t noticed the defensive wizardry everyone has been claiming of late. He still looks stiff back there but if he can just call a smart game it’s the most important thing.

  9. It’s fun watching other teams shit the bed on defense.

  10. EE is kinda the best

  11. SHHHHHHH… Linds being quiet

  12. The Magnificent Man from Muncie.

  13. Holy fuck! I hope Lind keeps this up.

  14. Thanks Lind for finishing my walk!

  15. LIND

  16. 3 run homer! Woo!

  17. Lets get 8!!

  18. mew mew mew mew mew mew mew!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. He’s out of the FS zone. Go Lind!

  20. Lind for GBOAT!

  21. When’s the last time we actually TRAILED in a game at any point? Right before the Bautista homer off of Addison Reed?

  22. Silver Lind-ings Playbook!

  23. That slow motion video of Adam Lind hitting that out was as pretty a swing as I’ve seen. Freaking awesome.

  24. Holy shit, imagine Reyes hitting in front of these beasts.

  25. This is some new level of hot. Like Griffey Jr. hot when he went 9 games straight with a homer.

  26. You think Linds gonna be traded at a really really high point? Isn’t his contract up at the end of the season?

  27. Loving the Jays’ baseball of late. These games feel like playoff games! Finally some life back into this season.

  28. WTB: new hamstring for Melky

  29. Buehrle getting hit.

  30. Just as much as i love our 1-5 i fucking hate our 6-9 in the lineup. It’ll get a bit better when reyes returns at least.

  31. I have a feeling the Jays will need at a minimum 7 runs tonight.

  32. Jack’s pumping tires.

  33. Emilio!!! Hard Hit!!!

  34. So last night Wilner said something that was just so factually incorrect I hope someone corrected him on it…I dont know if they did as I fell asleep before the jays talk was over.

    Someone brought up the fact that Kawasaki gets on base pretty well…Wilner his on base percentage is good relative to his average…but overall his obp THIS YEAR is TERRIBLE!

    well how the FUCK can you consider someone who gets on base 10 percent more than league average while playing adequate defense at a prime position be considered TERRIBLE?

    then he went on to discuss his crappy batting average and his crappy slugging..all true..yet wilner will just as soon turn the argument around on someone and say that “not getting out” is the most important thing an offensive player can do.

    • I dont take wilner seriously anymore. He has his own agenda.

    • Who is best at 2B? Kawasaki, Boni, or Izturis? Defensively I imagine the answer is Kawasaki if he is comfortable at second. Offensively it is probably Kawasaki as well, unless Bonifacio gets his bat going. I think I would rather send Izturis down than Kawasaki.

      • Izturis has $ and yrs left on his deal so cant get rid of him.

      • Offensively, Kawasaki’s most definitely third out of those three.
        I love the guy, but it’s not even close.

        • .337 OBP for Kawasaki vs. .233 for Bonifacio and .259 for Izturis.

          • Izturis career: .332
            Boni career: .320

            None of them are hot shit with the bat, but, let’s be honest, this is pretty much Kawasaki’s ceiling offensively, and he’s got a .292 slugging percentage.

            He’s a lot of fun. He’s also an absolutley terrible big league hitter.

      • I dont care who they keep, they all have their warts and they all have some pluses..none are great , good, or even average. I just wish that when so called “experts” are trying to educate the fans that they dont spew bullshit.

        If wilner thinks a shortstop who gets on base better than league average is “terrible” than he is in the wrong business.

        Im pretty sure he does know this, he just gets off on being contrarian.

        remember a few years ago when he would go off on people who asked him how he was doing?

        have you EVER heard a radio talk show host make a big deal out of that ? I mean hosts with a lot bigger audiences and fan fare than he .

        then he went on this diatribe about calling callers out when they would use the term “we” for discussing the team.

        who gives a fuck wilner? if these micreants that call you did not hold bball so important to them that they actually feel part of the organization, then you would not have a job.

        • Dude OBP without any slugging needs to be way more than 10 points above league average to be “good”.

      • People keep railing on Izturis. To me, he’s clearly the slicker fielder of the 3.

    • As soon as I heard that call, I knew what Mike’s response would be. One of these days I hope someone picks up on that and tells Mike that he uses arbitrary endpoints all the time when it suits his purpose and swings it back on anyone else when they do it to him. He can’t ever admit he’s wrong about anything

  35. Tabby says a WHIP of 1 is “good”. 1.2 is not good. Not a single qualified starter in the AL or NL had a WHIP under 1 last year.

  36. Saki and izturis are probably close defensively at 2bag, though that opinion comes from watching and not any metric.

    Boni has way more upside with the bat and legs.

    Saki will be going, it seems inevitable.

    • I disagree that boni offers more upside with the bat. His career ops is awful(so is kawa’s) but he can get on base waayyy better which i think is very valuable to this lineup when they have everyone healthy. Esp with the top half of the lineup coming up after kawa gets on base.

      • the jays are going to go with izturis as the everyday second bagger. they sort of gave boni his shot and his high risk / high reward contribution is not something this offense needs to take a risk on. Izturis is the better player overall. much better command of the strikezone. much harder to strike out.

        Id rather keep boni on the bench for late game pinch running.

        • yeah. i like the thought of having one or both of rajai, boni on the bench every game gives you a tonne of speed to play around with late in close games and leaves a bunch of flexibility for defence.

          • Totally.
            I can picture a final game of the year where we need to win to get in. We get a guy on base and then Rajai comes in, steals bases, hell breaks loose and we score the winning run.


            • and boni has the same kind of game changing speed. we just haven’t seen it because he hasn’t been getting on base. but if we let someone else get on base for him then he’d be deadly.

    • boni has been making some pretty amazing plays at 2nd lately, too

  37. Histories of ages past
    Unenlightened shadows cast
    Down through all eternity
    The crying of humanity.
    ‘Tis then when the Hurly Buehrle Man
    Comes singing songs of love,
    Then when the Hurly Burhrle Man
    Comes singing songs of love.

    • That song will always remind me of the Zodiac movie.

      • I’m just mad about saffron…

      • It reminds me of 1968, which is much cooler, but then I’m ancient.

        • ’68 was a good year.

        • George Harrison wrote a verse that had to be cut to preserve the precious time limit for ’45′s:

          When the truth gets buried deep
          Beneath the thousand years of sleep
          Time demands a turn-around
          And once again the truth is found
          Awakening the Hurdy Gurdy Man
          Who comes singing songs of love.

        • told you we have a lot in common SP

          • General Jack D. Ripper: Yes, a uh, a profound sense of fatigue… a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I… I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence.
            Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: Hmm.
            General Jack D. Ripper: I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women uh… women sense my power and they seek the life essence. I, uh… I do not avoid women, Mandrake.
            Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: No.
            General Jack D. Ripper: But I… I do deny them my essence.

    • I don’t go in for this hippie stuff. I don’t think Buerhle does either.

  38. so let me understand this game, the harder you hit it, the more likely you are to get out. the softer you hit it, the more likely you are to get a hit

  39. Gotta give props to the infield defense lately. It’s been tight tight tight.

    • Remember buck was the orioles announcer before he came here. so he had to watch mark reynolds play 3b on a daily basis. You must understand that context to appreciate why Buck shits his pants when someone at 3b catches a hard hit liner. that and he has seen brett lawrie jump three feet in the air to “catch” line drives at his belt.

      • Buck got here in 2010, a full year before Reynolds played a single game for the Orioles.

  40. Buck annoys me with all these “d is amazing” when line drives are being hit right at the fielders. Its still a nice play but these guys are pros so they should be able to catch them. Amazing plays are when fielders get to balls you would think they cant get to.

  41. Defense! Defense!

  42. FYI – Wilner wants everyone to know that it’s completely normal for the cinnamon anal lube to burn a bit at first. If you just give it some time, not only is it an effective lubricating agent, but the spiciness of the cinnamon actually becomes quite pleasurable.


  43. Lose weight, Andrew.

    Once you shed 30 pounds, you’ll no longer need the hipster beard to hide your chins.

  44. He also wants you to understand that when using a large anal dildo, be sure to warm up with something small first…like wilners cock

  45. Tony Soprano( James gandolfini) has passed away from a heart attack at age 51. #Sad News.

  46. Shit, Tony Soprano died.

    He was a great actor. I’m sad.

  47. Colby with more savvy baserunning

  48. Fuck Rogers.

    Fuck Football.

    What just happened?

    • Easy Spud, may be time to decant another bottle.

      Breathe. Breathe together.

      • I’ve only got so much time left on this mortal coil, Smasher, and I choose baseball when I’m watching (and paying for) baseball.

        Fuck The Bill’s.

  49. Buck just asked EJ if he couldnt wait to “strap it on”

  50. Nice Boney

  51. Bonifantastico

  52. WOW, Tony Soprano dead/??

    “woke up this morning….” errrr. wait…guess I didnt!

  53. If Kawasaki had decent power, he’d be unstoppable

  54. You know, when Buehrle pitches in Tampa next week it’s kinda the anniversary of the boat.

    God bless Wilard.

  55. Buehrle is going to give up homers as a Jay. What are the odds he finishes out his contract with Toronto?

  56. It’ll be a hard contract to sell to another team. That shit is seriously backloaded.

    • Given the premium price on good pitching… if he can continue doing what he has been doing in his last few starts, he is worth keeping.

      The Jays really need to try and keep players like Hutch down in the minors for depth.

  57. Fuck yes!

  58. Fuck yeah Morris showing you all how the Buerler was pitching to the score. Pitchin to win.

  59. Wow, I thought that was a hit for sure.

  60. My new streak is at 2, doubled down with Joey Bats and Chris Davis tonight.

    You kids should partake, it’s free and 5.6 million.

    Just make sure you take us DJF’s to the Dome all expenses (drinks) paid.

    • Whenever I see this guy I think of Richard Wagner, the composer. And pronounce his name thusly.

  61. Seems like a long shot but my cable just went down an I cant watch the game. My
    Internet is still up, doubt I can get the game, but is there any online radio stream that anyone uses etc so I can follow.

  62. Wagner is a beauty. How has he not caught on somewhere?
    Again need to give props to Anthopolous.

    • Hes alrite. Throws a lot of fastballs that are pretty straight.

      • He’s been making big leaguers look foolish for a few weeks now.
        I think alrite is a touch light.

        We got him for nothing and he throws 97. Give the Greek Geek some props.

        • Well, the league hasnt seen him much. I’ll give him props but curious to see if it lasts. What cecil is doing is way more impressive. Missing a ton of bats.

  63. Cloobz!

  64. That’s one beautiful hillbilly.

  65. FLOW

  66. I often wish it was possible to get the batters perspective. Because some pitches are just so clearly balls out of the pitchers hand from our angle and JP and players of his ilk take huge cuts at them like they’re in their wheelhouse.

  67. As we wait here in Siagon, Ricky is pitching in the bush leagues, getting stronger.

  68. Cecil Swoon.

  69. I heart Goggles.

  70. Goggles, Zeus-like, throws Thunderbolts.

  71. Too easy for the Ceece.

  72. Holy shit, anyone have a swinging strike count for Cecil this inning?

  73. 6 straight strikes from Cecil, this is not the droid we were looking for (hail Star Wars night)

  74. Was that just Cecil’s no hitter that could have been a perfecto?

  75. I think all the criticisms the whiny crew had about the coaching staff throughout this season (and there were plenty when the Jays struggled – Jesuscrisco I hope you lose internet access forever you sack of shit) cut their own tongues out in offering to the pitching coaches who have turned Brett “Ugh” Cecil and Adam “He’s in the Majors?” Lind into two of the best players at their positions in baseball.

  76. Cecil has been the best pitcher on the roster this year by faaaarrrr.

  77. If my memory still works …. the same gang that is wanting to scrap Izturis and/or Boni these days, wanted to scrap Cecil a year or so ago … “some tings take time”

  78. So far so good but I’d like to see a cya bingo from another homeboy

  79. My balls are suddenly feeling weighted.

  80. Wow!

  81. Awesome!

  82. I fucking love this bullpen. They have my complete confidence.

  83. Lo Viste!! *bow*

  84. #lovistesaki

  85. Yes!

  86. Muni pulls up at third with the Lo Viste!!

  87. Melks!

  88. I’m feeling so good right now, I’m gonna sink this low…


    • I feel so good I’m goining to make somebody’s day tonight
      I feel so good I’m going to make somebody pay tonight
      I’m old enough to sin but I’m too young to vote
      Society been dragging on the tail of my coat
      But I’ve got a suitcase full of fifty pound notes
      And a half-naked woman with her tongue down my throat

  89. Love the late game Rajai/Melky combo

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