Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

Over the last 30 days Mark Buehrle has made five starts for the Toronto Blue Jays, pitching 33 innings in total, with an ERA of 1.91, a FIP of 2.72 and an xFIP of 3.35. He’s kept the ball in the ballpark, and on the ground. He’s struck out three batters for every walk he’s issued. He’s posted a WHIP of just 1.06 and, according to FanGraphs, has been worth nearly a full win– 0.9 WAR.

Of course, he’d been below replacement level to that point, so his mark for the season stands at just 0.6. But still! It’s been a good run, as the club has been winning– 21-12 since being beaten by Boston on May 11th– and we’ve been seeing the kind of pitcher we hoped the Jays would be getting when they made their deal with the Marlins for the former White Sox ace.

Or… actually… we’ve probably been seeing better. And with the good times still a-rollin’, and Buehrle having been nearly two runs better at home than on the road this year– aaand with the Rockies being the Rockies– you kinda just can’t help but be positive about tonight’s endeavor, can you?


Pretty much took care of that with the previous two posts.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Colorado Rockies

2B D.J. LeMahieu (R)
LF Carlos Gonzalez (L)
RF Michael Cuddyer (R)
DH Willin Rosario (R)
3B Nolan Arenado (R)
1B Jordan Pacheco (R)
CF Tyler Colvin (L)
C Yorvit Torrealba (R)
SS Josh Rutledge (R)

RHP Juan Nicasio

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  1. I love that chart on GB the other day about Kawasaki’s would-be ill-fated trip to the HR Derby.

    It just goes to show people have paid a price for playing him so shallow sometimes. I believe that was Triple #5 for Muni.

    • LOL, Kawasaki is now T-4 in the AL with 4 Triples. (Not 5, my bad.)

    • It pains me but I just reviewed the Angels record following their 8 game winning streak. Followed by 2-2 vs the Dodgers, then being swept in a 4 game set by the ASTROS.

  2. Rajai is fast.

  3. Jose’s timing is way way off.

  4. Rajai baserunning is serious. baseball porn

  5. Soft hands…schtrong arm




  9. Oh no! Did the parrot get to safety!?

  10. Shut up, was that Stoets loosing his mind.

    Spring for a fitted Stoets, Velcro backs are for kids.

  11. Wait, did Stoeten get on tv? What’s happening?!? I’m still at work.

    • If it was him, he was having a spaz after Edwin got hit.

      Like, hilariously spazzy.

      • yeah, looked like he was on the verge of keeling over…when fat guys get riled up it always looks more dangerous for them than whoever they’re mad at…

        • Instead of turning green like the Hulk they turn red from hypertension. Everyone around them is afraid their heads will pop off and spew a thirty foot geyser of blood.

      • Zuber we have our Gif for tomorrow morning.

  12. WTF was up with Torrealba’s reaction after Edwin got hit? Almost looked like he was talking sh*t to him…

    and I refuse to believe that bearded dude is not related to Stoeten

    • Fat guy with a beard, yeah all 500 million of them must be related.

      Nothing to do with beer and pork rinds.

  13. I don’t like how Torealba got in EE’s face after the HBP

  14. Delabars the guy you want out there for a plunking. He’s 6’6 and half robot.

  15. Yaseil Puig, Captain Queeg

    Metal balls, Delabar’s heavy balls

    Synchronicity…I think so

  16. ATL has El Oso Blanco, but we have the Delabear

  17. Delabar is better than Jon Rauch

  18. Delabar!

  19. Just for the record, I really dislike the Rockies colors. Black, grey and or white + purple makes them look like bad guys. Old Jays uniforms sucked with black. Could be even better of a move than dumping Wells.

  20. God…I so want to stick my whole face in the chest area of that girl wearing the white top just to the right.
    I feel a bit of motorboating coming on.

  21. The Rockies are about to face 4 different closers in 4 consecutive innings.

  22. Do the Jays boast the strongest pen in the AL?

  23. Took some searching but found a music video worse then Colby Rasmus burning in the outfield

    • I am aware of the video you’re referring to, but “burning in the outfield” sounds like polite talk for a nasty STD.

  24. I need a womens perspective… Juice Weasel, would you plunk a Rockie in the 9th?

    • I am feeling extra bitchy tonight, so yes – I most definitely would. However, I love baseball fights + I know how wrong this is + don’t need a lecture. My baseball-related dreams are to witness a perfect game/no hitter + to be witness to a kickass baseball fight.

      • I saw George Bell kick the everloving shit out of Gene Nelson in 1989 after LaRussa told Nelson to plunk Jorge. There was blood spewing and everything. McGwire had hit a grand slam to Mars off of Henke to make it 8-5 Oakland.

        I’m convinced that was both the game that got Jimy Williams canned and the game that made the Jays a better team that year.

        • Karate kick….with cleats!
          Kiss my purple ass, gringo.

          • That was the Bruce Kison incident.

            This was Nelson plunking Jorge on the upper back. Jorge paused and ran like a maniac to the mound. Nelson fell to his knees, arms wrapped around Jorge’s legs as ol’ Georgy pummeled his head like the sheepdog from the Warner Bros. cartoons.

            It was glorious and hilarious at the same time. Gotta love George Bell like you’ve gotta love Rickey.

            • Ninth inning, damp and shitty old Exhibition stadium in early May with a three run Oakland lead and LaRussa tells his pitcher to drill George.

              George did the right thing.

    • bean’s been collecting ball sacks for years.

  25. Tell me Outman is not the best name for a pitcher, like, EVAR. Go ahead, just try and tell me that.

  26. Wtf is in that briefcase? There was some spray in there labeled “Magic.”

    Fucking PEDs.

  27. rasmus is out man

  28. JPA with a good at bat. Maybe all this talk is for real.

  29. Wow he walked

  30. JP Walks?

    This is getting weird.

  31. Arencibia wanted to swing at that pitch so badly.

  32. Wow, JP has had some great ABs today.

  33. He walked!

  34. Arencibia just went to first. WTF happened there? It was strange and confusing.

  35. Time to change the batteries in the smoke alarm.

  36. someone must have given JPA “The Tao of Hitting” … laying off low and away, accepting gift horses? Wow!

  37. I must have missed this news tidbit but what happened to Rivera as third base coach?

  38. Ah fuck

  39. The guy with the 96% contract rate missed on a hit and run? Choke!

  40. If Jp had walked and stole a base, I would’ve had to go buy a lottery ticket

  41. 8

  42. bam!

  43. Sweeetness

  44. Woo sweep!


  46. Ballgame!

  47. The only way I could imagine anything else being as satisfying as this, is if I could multiple orgasm.


  49. It just gets better and better.

  50. This is so great.

  51. 1 game under .500. How many would be joyous at this result in late March?

    Meaningful September games, please.

    • One game under with Jose Reyes just DYING to be unleashed.

    • I backloaded my flex pack with 4 games in September. I can’t wait.

      • You smart bastard. Hook a brother up on a road trip.

      • +1. I got two tickets to the season finale on September 29 against the Rays.

        I hope the Jays clinch a playoff spot that day if not sooner.

        The baseball gods have shown mercy on the Jays. Reyes coming back soon. Ricky Ro could also be back.

      • I have a flex pack game this Friday, I was really hoping the streak was still going. Looking forward to this!

    • @Famous


      I think what fans forget, myself included is that the team plays 162 games.

      It sucks that the Jays slump started on April 2nd & didn’t finish till May 4th. since then the Jays are playing 600 ball which is what we expected in the offseason

      • A few numbers…

        May 12 – Jays were 13-24.
        Since then, they’re 22-12, a .647 pace. If they can keep that particular pace for the rest of the 91 games, they would go 59-32, resulting in a 94-68 record.

        Going exactly .600 in the 91 games left, that’s a 55-36 record to finish at 90-72.

        • @ travis Snider

          I think the Jays will have a tougher time against the AL east, so 94 wins seems unrealistic.

          Meaningful games in august seems more realistic every day

          • Oh, I agree… but thought it’d be fun to speculate based on current paces. All it takes is for a couple of losses to bump that pace back down to the mid-80s.

          • How many AL East games could they have left? They already played the Yankees and Red Sox a ton and are going through the AL East again next week while they are hot.

  52. FIRE JOHN GIBBONS!! shit

  53. Boom chocolate latte latte

  54. This feels surreal.

  55. It’s happening! It’s [finally] all happening!
    Soooo – .500 on Friday? Sadly, I have a shindig to attend + won’t be here. Unless I’m not feeling well. Then I’ll be here + be super bitchy. I’ll be here + on the boat in spirit, of course.

  56. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

    • Yup

      • @ Radar


        Could we get a carnival Cruiseboat?

        • Norwalk… Can we save that one for Fuckface Farrell?

        • With or without the rivers of human feces?

        • Sail away, sail away
          We will cross the mighty ocean into Toronto Bay
          Sail away, sail away
          We will cross the mighty ocean into Toronto Bay

        • @ oakville

          I think you’re gonna need a fleet of ‘em.

          • 2Radar

            What’s interesting is that there was so much hype in the pre season, then the Jays went 10-21 & now 25-16 since then.

            Imagine if the Jays had started 25-16 , then went 10-21, fans would be blasting AA & Gibby for the team collapse etc.

            It seems that when there was no pressure on the jays after april, they played much better.

            The Jays have a smoke & mirrors rotation now that is playing Yankeeisque april 2013 baseball.

            It’s weird watching the Jays claw back into a playoff race with Chien Ming wang & Esmail “carlos V” Rogers.

    • Duuun dun duuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun BOM BOM dun dun dun dun dun dun doo dedoo doo dedoo dede doo dede doo dededoo

  57. I heard a big trade is brewing and we might get Jose Reyes for Nicolino, Marisnick and Hechavarria. I think a move like this might put us over the top. Thoughts?

  58. at lesat the massholes lose 6-2

  59. finally I can look at the standings and box scores. Summer may be saved.

  60. Kawasaki leads the AL in Triples per AB among those batters with 4 or more Triples. PLAYOFFS.

  61. No game tomorrow? dafuq am I supposed to watch at work? basketball?

  62. Not much difference in the offensive numbers between Kawasaki and Lawrie this year, through a near identical amount of AB:

    Kawasaki, M TOR 140AB 19R 0HR 14RBI 7SB .221//337/.644
    Lawrie, B TOR 139AB 11R 5HR 14RBI 2SB .209/.268/.642

    • For someone with no power to speak of, Mune really knows how to walk. Highest BB% on the team — 12th highest in all of baseball with at least 160PA. Unreal.

      • Yep, I would really hate to see him go while they keep bonicrapio on the team. His obp is so valuable in that 9 spot with our top heavy lineup.

  63. On the Orioles Hangout forum they have a thread about the upcoming series, in which a poster just dropped this load of goodness:

    “I hate the Blue Jays because they cheat. I’m convinced that they take designer steroids that aren’t available in the US, and I’m convinced that they steal signs from the CF stands when they are at home. They’ll hit home runs on good pitches, because they know what’s coming. ”

    It’s the man in white, guys!

  64. I wonder if Gibby moves melky down to the 6th spot when Reyes comes back.

  65. Just wondering, before I consider subscribing… is this an actual, individually composed letter to each and every subscriber, or does each and every writer compose a single letter each and every week and send the same composition to all in the subscribers they’re assigned to write to?

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