Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

A few items coming from the Twitter fingers of the reporters down at Rogers Centre today that just seem too big to leave until tonight’s Game Threat, as we have new word on the progress of three key Jays who’ve been injured throughout the club’s recent run back towards quasi-respectability…

So… that’s some good news– at least, in a relative sense, as far as Morrow goes. And there’s more!

It’s June 19th, and Brett Lawrie and Jose Reyes have still yet to play a game together as members of the Toronto Blue Jays, which is rather fucked, when you think about it– especially given their current state of, as I said, quasi-respectability. And shit, with Lind and even Colby Rasmus actually hitting, a lineup of Reyes-Bautista-Encarncion-Lind-Cabrera-Rasmus-Lawrie-Arencibia-Izturis on a pretty-much day-to-day basis (at least against right-handers), looks downright a-fucking-OK.

Not that, as Gregor’s tweet suggests, Lawrie is particularly close. But he’s at least out of the walking boot for certain now, and resuming baseball activity, which… I’ll totally take.

As for Morrow, no news is good news. It’s not great that he’s still on the shelf, and shut down from throwing, but several clowns on Twitter were convinced yesterday that the next time they saw his name would be in a sentence beginning with the words “Tommy John” and continuing with the words “surgery is needed for” and then finishing up with… y’know… his name.

A couple more Reyes notes, regarding his progressing rehab assignment:

The infield move pretty much has to be demoting Munenori Kawasaki, unfortunately. But other than, good news all around!

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  1. Moving in the right direction!

  2. Brett Lawrie is a plug. Trade him and his .200 average. He can go make errors and jump for chest high lines drives somewhere else. The reason we’re on a winning streak is his weak ass bat isn’t in the lineup.

  3. Why kawasaki?? Personally, I think bonicrapio should go. He has been terrible, is terrible. Kawasaki doesnt offer the positional versatility but they still have izturis for that. Other than that kawasaki is a better hitter and helps this team more with his ABs. I wouldnt mind seeing him hitting 9 and playing 2nd against righties when reyes gets back.

    • Because he can be optioned down. Because he can’t face left-handers. Because he’s not a pinch runner, a third baseman, or outfielder.

      The other three back-up calibre infielders are more versatile and end up leaving the organization if they get sent down, neither of which are things Kawasaki can say.

      • From a contractual standpoint yes Kawasaki goes down… frankly I’d rather they jettison Bonifacio since he’s worse then Kawasaki defensively and doesn’t get on base as well.

      • It might worth hiring some intern to copy + paste this as a response to the 1000′s of inevitable, identical comments over the next week.

    • Bonifacio is a better baserunner, and can play in the outfield as well. I hate to see Muni go – I’d rather they go to a 7 man pen for now – but I think it’s a no brainer that Bonifacio has more value as an end of the bench guy.

      • As shit crazy as it sounds, they could also keep kawasaki and send down either perez or mccgowan. not like those guys pitch much anyway. no more road interleague games till september, starters doing much better, could make a strong argument for going to 7 man pen.

        • If they send down Perez or McGowan, they have to be designated for assignment. That means no return on investment. Very not AA.

  4. Maybe if the pitching continues being excellent, they’ll put a bullet in this eight man bullpen when Reyes comes back instead, keep Kawasaki as insurance while Reyes gets back into things.

    I also heard it suggested that they DL Melky for a bit to rest his hamstrings.

  5. Why not DFA Juan Perez and keep Kawasaki around until Lawrie is ready? You have to clear a 40 man spot for Jose anyway, and why do you need four lefties out there? Cecil, Oliver and Loup can hold it down.


    • Because Juan Perez is a fucking beast, and Kawasaki is a low-average singles hitter.

      That said, it does make some sense.

      • Here is our pitching leaderboard sorted by WAR thus far for 2013.

        Note that Juan Perez has been worth precisely one R.A.Dickeys, (or precisely one Ishmael Rogerses if you happen to be of the Spanish or Jewish persuasions.) and 1.1 J.A.Happs. He has been literally immeasurably more valuable to the team than Brandon Morrow.

        Kawasaki, however, has outproduced all stated currencies, likely due to his Japaneseyness. he has contributed far more to the team thus far than either Bonifacio or Izturis. That said they have combined to rob us of 1.9 wins above replacement players. I know that WAR is really downrating them because of small sample size problems with the calculation of DRS and stuff, but that makes that no less egregious. There are a lot of things you can point to that show that Izturis has been the victim of some terrible luck but seriously Bonifacio has a 44 wRC+ right now and he’s been relatively sheltered from tough pitchers. His BABIP is lower than his career norms but not enough to explain that.

        I hate to say it because I like the dude, but Bonifacio might just be shitty at the ol’ baseball.

        • WAR tells the story of what has happened so far this year, yes. Do you think it’s this predictive going forward though? Really?

  6. No doubt that boni has been terrible thus far as a Jay, but this is a guy that can play infield/outfield and stole 40 bags in 2011 and 30 bags in 2012 in 64 games. He had an OBP of .360 in 154 games in 2011. As much as he’s been a shitbag with the Jays, in the past he’s pretty much been the definition of a guy I want on my bench. Kawasaki is awesome from an entertainment perspective, but give Lo Viste a chance.

  7. However good enough Kawasaki has been, I’d still like to think the Jays are better than that long term. Solid minor league depth is his calling.

  8. I liked Lawrie until I started following him on Twitter. What a nut case he is. And his 200 batting average doesn’t help.

  9. I think we have all known all along that Kawasaki was going down when Reyes came back. Bonifacio’s glove at second has come a long way to the point where he is now making the difficult plays and not fucking up the simple ones. Who doesn’t want that kind of speed out of the nine hole? It’s been a great ride Moony, we will need you again before all is said and done.

  10. Where’s jesuscristo?

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  12. as fun as Kawasaki has been to witness as a ball player..his bat has to be the first to sit.

  13. So Reyes should be back by the Red Sox series at the latest but Lawrie looks like July at this point.

  14. The commentary hasn’t improved much, but the Jays have. Sweep the Rock’s!

  15. So nothing new shown on Morrow’s MRI but he is feeling sore? This guy is SOFT and Dickey pretty much called him out with his comments a couple of weeks ago. Morrow needs to man up and pitch and stop being the hot-cold-cold-cold-hot-cold-cold pitcher he has been.

    Looking forward to Lawrie’s return. Hopefully, he is more relaxed and has worked on his “load” as suggested by Mottola.

  16. In other news, the EE Parrot shirt passed 200 sales. I feel for the DJF crew on this one, you certainly deserve a portion (or all) of the proceeds.

  17. Lose one of Derosa, Izzy, or Boni or send Kawasaki down and lose no one…. Ummm am I missing something or is simple to see that keeping eveyone in the organization is the best play?

  18. I don’t really like calling us “clowns” just for hypothesizing what “forearm soreness” might be a euphemism for. Sure, maybe he’ll come back fine, but suggesting that a pitcher with arm problems might be in for the long haul is hardly ridiculous.

  19. Re: Reyes-Bautista-Encarncion-Lind-Cabrera-Rasmus-Lawrie-Arencibia-Izturis

    I’d be open to the bottom 3 being Arencibia-Izturis-Lawrie


    I know that some players splits diminish the value of this, but isn’t part of line up construction forcing the opposing manager to make the least optimized choices in burning relief pitchers?

    Added bonus***narrative junkies can talk about taking the “pressure” of Lawire, Cito style!, but we’ll all know it’s about line up optimizations, right? Everybody wins.

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