Ho ho ho. Of course I know “beamed up” isn’t a Star Wars reference, you pedantic twit.

But it’s not untrue that, as I noted in the post below, it seems as though Jose Reyes will be at Coca-Cola Field on Saturday,  passing through the Queen City on a rehab assignment and taking part in the Buffalo Bisons’ delightfully minor league-y Star Wars Night promotion in the process.

“As is customary,” says, Reyes and his Bisons teammates “will wear a special Star Wars jersey during the game. The team will then autograph the jerseys as soon as the game is over for various raffles held during the contest. All proceeds of the auctions benefit the American Heart Association.” They add that “there will be a silent auction for some jerseys, while you’ll be able to win others in a ticketed raffle. Also, stay tuned to for a special online auction for a unique Star Wars Night experience.”

Regarding the clothing, a separate press release explains:

Each year, the Bisons players wear a different customized jersey, approved by Lucas Film Ltd., that are auctioned off during the game. This year’s uniform is emblematic of the Sith’s 2012 capture of Luke Skywalker, despite the best efforts of the Rebel Alliance. An “Imperial Cog” is branded on the back of the uniform with the Dark Side’s trademark red look.

Um… OK.

Here’s a look at the jersey Reyes– presumably– and his teammates will be wearing:


Um… OK.

And as for the logo seen at the top of the page, we’re told this…

The new Bisons Star Wars logo showcases Buster’s acceptance into the Jedi order. After serving alongside Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance since 2008, Buster has shown his dedication to restoring equality and peace in the galaxy. The Bisons new Star Wars logo features Buster wearing the classic Jedi robe while holding a blue lightsaber ready to battle whatever comes out of the Death Star behind him.

Um… OK.

The club’s Fan Guide for the night explains that, in addition to many other themed activities and auctions– including the ones for the jerseys, and another where fans can earn the right to throw out the first pitch with Darth Vader– “close to 50 Characters will be appearing throughout the night and will be available for pictures at the Washington Street gate. Darth Vader will only be available from the 2nd inning to the 6th inning so be sure to plan accordingly.”

Fifty characters!

Also from the Fan Guide:

A must-have keepsake on Star Wars Night is your very own Laser Sword. New this year the Bisons will be selling laser swords outside of the Coca-Cola Field prior to gates opening to provide an additional laser sword location. Once you are inside the ballpark, we will once again have two redemption locations at stand 121 and “Luke & Ollie’s’ above the Washington Street gate. Each Laser Sword flashes three different colors to avoid the need to choose a color and also makes noise based on movement. They cost $7 each with proceeds to benefit the American Heart Association.

So… what are you waiting for??? I mean, sure you might not be eight years old now, but who knows what Saturday could bring? Maybe by then you’ll… y’know… understand what the hell any of this stuff means.

According to @BuffaloBisons, you can get yourself some tickets here.

Um… OK?


And how about this for a promotions department. According to a tweet from Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, the Bisons already have a scoreboard ad featuring Reyes ready to go. Minor League baseball: the awesomest.




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  1. I find your lack of conviction disturbing.

    Ah, who am I kidding…this sounds pretty weird all around.

  2. God bless Minor League Baseball, where teams seemingly do whatever the fuck they want and it’s amazing.

  3. Wow. Did the geeks not let you into their club when you were in school?

  4. Good thing Dickey is scheduled to pitch Friday night, I wouldn’t want him to be conflicted as to where his heart is telling him to be.

  5. I planned to go to the game with my brother before finding out it was Star Wars night. Still gonna go. The lady friend asked me how seriously Star Wars it was going to be, not convinced it would be that big. Told her I had a feeling Star Wars night was kinda big.
    I believe I now have my confirmation.

  6. Can you imagine the pandemonium in the 500s if people were up there with lightsabres?

  7. This sounds quite entertaining, and then you also get to see Reyes!

  8. $12 tickets? Can’t complain about that. Now to find someone to go with.

  9. I’m in.

  10. If only they had names on the jerseys would totally buy a Reyes Star Wars Bison’s Jersey….

  11. This isn’t weird. My nephews who are still in single digits are HUGELY into Star Wars. This will bring out the kids. It’s not necessarily intended to bring out the adults.

  12. That jersey with Vader on it would be sweeeetttt!!!!

  13. Everything about this is 100% awesome and all of us should feel bad if we can’t make it to this amazing event.

    I know I feel crazy jelly

  14. I would do disgusting regrettable things for a signed Reyes Star Wars jersey

  15. A big welcome back to the ‘ol birddawg! Fuck em birdie!
    I’m already 3/4 thru a bottle of merlot ( with a beeer chaser) getting ready for the Jays to make it 8 staright!
    Small Potatoes, my guru who used my name in vain yesterday..
    Oh a storm is threatening my very life today
    If I don’t get some shelter, Oh yeah I’m goin a fade away

    So, I will be out here in the fields fightin for a win. I must admit, I am close to taking Lind out of the platinum Fukstik territory if he can keep this up for another 30 days! Good for him
    If Romero finishes the year shiitn the bed like he has been then he will awarded Lind’s place

    • When the train left the station, it had two lights on behind
      Yeah, the train left the station, it had two lights on behind
      Yeah, the train left the station, it had two lights on behind
      Well, the blue light was your baby and the red light was your mind

      All your love’s in vain

  16. I will be there. Haven’t convinced my wife to dress up as Princess Leia… yet. Maybe next year?

    I don’t know if I’m excited to see Reyes play or if I’m sad that I’ll be missing Kawasaki. I guess I can always go to another game later in the year in the hope that I can get him to sign my hat or something.

  17. Star Wars Night crowd >>>>>>>>> Star Trek Night crowd.

  18. laser swords!

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