June 18th vs Rockies

Batter pLI WPA
Cabrera – LF 0.34 0.033
Bautista – RF 0.48 -0.031
Encarnacion – 1B 0.44 0.138
Lind – DH 0.34 0.063
DeRosa – 3B 0.27 0.052 Pitcher pLI WPA
Davis – CF 0.34 -0.005 Rogers – SP 0.47 0.200
Arencibia – C 0.23 0.063 Loup – SP 0.20 -0.003
Izturis – SS / 2B 0.18 -0.015 Oliver – RP 0.17 0.013
Bonifacio – 2B / LF 0.20 -0.015 Delabar – RP 0.10 0.007
Total 0.32 0.283 Total 0.38 0.217

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Esmil Rogers, 20.0%
Griffin: Jose Bautista, -3.1%
Impact At-Bat: Edwin Encarnacion RBI Double, Bot 1, 9.4%
Impact Pitch: Nolan Arenado GIDP, Top 2, -6.7%
Highest Leverage AB: Arenado GIDP, Top 2, 1.57
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Jose Bautista Groundout, Top 1, 1.57
Lineup Contribution: 28.3%
Pitching Contribution: 21.7%
Average Leverage Index: 0.35
Chart explanation

- Esmil Rogers’ line: 6.2ip, 4h, 2er, 5k, 1bb, 89 pitches, 4 swinging strikes, 60 game score, 2.01FIP.

- Jeff Francis’ line: 6.0ip, 10h, 8er, 3hr, 2k, 88 pitches, 5 swinging strikes, 22 game score, 8.89FIP.

- Esmil Rogers turned in his most impressive performance in the starting rotation, taking a no-hitter into the 6th inning. Jonathan Herrera broke it up with a line drive single with one out, and Rogers lasted until the middle of the 7th. Working with a 8-0 lead, Rogers gave up a ground-rule double to Carlos Gonzalez, and then back-to-back singles to Michael Cuddyer and Wilin Rosario. He managed two ground ball outs before giving way to Aaron Loup to clean up the inning. Darren Oliver and Human Victory Delabar mopped up the 8th and 9th. The Jays arms combined to hold the Rockies to just 4 hits.

- The offense woke up in a big way after sputtering in the first game of the series. The party got started with 5 straight hits from Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Lind, Mark DeRosa, Rajai Davis, and J.P. Arencibia in the 1st inning and a 4-0 Jays lead.

- Encarnacion (19) took the parrot for a stroll (t-shirts being sold by someone else are available now!) in the 5th, Arencibia (15) and Maicer Izturis (4) went back-to-back in the 6th to put the 8th nail in Jeff Francis’ coffin for the night.

- Arencibia put together a 3-for-4 night at the plate with a pair of RBI. Encarnacion went 2-for-4 with 3 RBI. 58 RBI for EE through 70 games.

- The Jays managed 11 hits as a team. Cabrera also had 2, Bautista and Bonifacio were the only hitters to not get on base.

- Despite 11 runs the two teams maintained a quick pace, getting in and out in 2:20.

- Almost 23,000 in attendance to see the Rockies on a Tuesday night.

- For the 2nd game in a row nothing gif worthy happened.

- The (34-36) Blue Jays win their 7th straight and move within 2 games of .500. The projected match-up for the series closer is Mark Buehrle (4.48FIP, 0.6fWAR) v Juan Nicasio (4.44FIP, 0.9fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. In the photo, Muni is thinking – DAT ASS!

  2. I kind of really want to buy that shirt!

  3. the t-shirt… looks Awesome.

  4. I’m loving these posts (again). It’s like you think it’s just a one night stand, but realize she’s moving in, except it’s awesome.

  5. Is it just me, or should the parrot go on the arm and not the shoulder? I mean why put the arm up if he’s going to sit on the shoulder anyway, which he (the parrot) could do perfectly well with the arm down?

    • I asked that question in the past and got hated on.

    • Which is why it should be a falcon and not a parrot.

      Wouldn’t a falcon named Mordecai be a perfect hipster/baseball juxtaposition?

      We were too hasty in embracing the parrot.

    • Agreed. Plus stating “Encarnacion’s Parrot” underneath it kind of ruins the hipsterness of it. The whole point is to be obscure about it.

      • Really?! It’s baseball! It’s a guy with his arm cocked running around the bases, with a parrot on his shoulder! Why does it have to be hip? Why can’t it be silly?!

        • Don’t ask me. I wear cheap blue jeans and plain black tshirts. I don’t own one piece of plaid clothing.

          I just think if you are going to be so hipster as to wear a shirt of a player with parrot, it seems funny to have a label saying exactly what’s in the picture.

    • I hope they have it small enough for my son.

  6. JPA looked much better behind the plate last night. He was setting targets early and framing the pitches nicely.

  7. Hope you’re getting some of that action on the T-shirt sales Zubes.

  8. Wilner still calls it the chicken wing.. so 2012. Get a clue Wilner.

  9. So the Jays basically got Rogers for John Farrell.

    IF he sticks in the rotation is it the best AA trade ever?

  10. Wrong.

    There was a kid doing a pelvic thrust dance after EE’s (I think) bomb. Definitely GIF worthy.

    Someone do it.

  11. That actually a pretty awesome T-shit

  12. Wow and now Buehrle pitching and he’s hot right now. This is fun!

  13. FYI, we were 34-33 this time last year, and 3.5 games back of the wild card. Pretty damn close to where we are now. I’ll fuckin’ take it!

    • We don’t discuss those years when he who shall not be named managed the club. It’s like they never happened.

    • And wasn’t this around when the starting rotation blew up?

      • It was a time of hope and happiness, compared with the first two months of this season! I don’t think we were crazy injury-riddled at this point last year. That mostly came after the all-star break.

        • From what I can google:
          Brandon Morrow left the game with an oblique strain on June 12
          Drew Hutchison left for eventual TJ surgery on June 15
          Kyle Drabek left for TJ surgery on or before June 18
          and Luis Perez left for TJ surgery on or befroe Jul 16

  14. The Blue Jays are the Hansel of baseball.

  15. Now can they do it against the AL East? Because that’s where it really counts.
    They’ve gotten a taste…an appetizer, so to speak.
    Next up – the meat and potatoes.

  16. Random question that I can’t find the answer to so maybe someone will know here: does Luis Perez have options remaining? I’m just thinking about all the roster shuffles that will take place when everybody starts returning, both 25 and 40 man. If Perez does have options I have to believe he ends up in Buffalo.

  17. Rogers arms were ridiculously greasy. Will Jack Morris complain about that too?

  18. Nice shirt, but um shouldn’t the parrot be on the arm, not the shoulder?

  19. Take Morrow behind the barn and put him out of his misery. 2 slugs right in his forearm.

  20. Happ will comeback before morrow btw

    • ya for sure. I wouldnt mess with the team at all right now. Let Wang lose the job.

      • I’m pretty sure Happ has one option left as well. So the Jays can stash him in AAA until another injury, or Wang proves himself to be limp.

  21. Agree with earlier comments. The kid doing the air thrusting in the outfield seats after that jack must be made into a GIF. Someone take the liberty!

    • I can count on one hand how many times ive used my PVR to stop and rewind live TV. The pelvic thrust by that kid last night was one of them.

  22. Buck would read that caption as:

    Lookin’ like Ish-mail-ion Bucks

  23. Anyone worried that the Adam Lind balloon is going pop soon? In June he has 2BB to 14 K’s. He is being held up by some unsustainable BABIP. Hopefully he keeps going, but his BB:K has been heading in the wrong direction since the start of the season. Could be an alarming trend going forward.

    • I had the same thought watching him at the plate last night. Hes in the batting title race right now, but I have to believe he will not be able to sustain that all year. As long as he can maintain some consistency throughout the year though, I will take it. Makes it a bit easier when other guys are hitting as well, he doesnt need to carry this team the way his hot streak (IMO) has buoyed this team out of the 10 games below .500 mark they were at.

      • Ya I definitely thought he looked better earlier in the year, but that BABIP is scaring me. His career BABIP is .300, this season is .386. Really dont think that can continue, but my fingers are crossed.

        • By the way his BABIP is 5th highest in the league for players with at least 200 PA.

          • Although his LD% is 20 percent higher than his career average. Maybe he’s just making better contact, guess we’ll wait and see.

          • this is what I don’t get about BABIP, it in no way measures quality of contact.
            Lind is spraying line drives everywhere, so he’s getting more hits.
            I don’t know but I would bet Lawrie’s BABIP is low because he pounds two hoppers to the second baseman.

    • Given his history we should all be worried. But I think (and hope) it’s real because Mottola’s got him thinking about what pitch is coming next. Plus he’s also adjusted his mechanics.

    • Totally understand the concerns given his history, but it’s encouraging that his great numbers have coincided with a drastic change in his approach and what seems to be bolstered confidence from being shielded from tough lefties.

      I’m just gonna enjoy the ride for now.

      • I think the team options on his contract are also a huge factor. Lets be honest, he needs to perform to get paid. Maybe now he has the incentive to try to get better.

  24. Our old hitting coach and Anchorman?
    I wonder if these guys will personalize it so you can put your own name on it.


  25. Nobody cares about strikeouts!

  26. I support taking parrots for a stroll and I support this shirt, having bought two.

  27. In sad news, I wonder if this is Kawasaki’s last game? Reyes could be back as early as Friday, so if anyone’s going to the game tonight try to get a good Kawasaki chant going to give him a good sendoff; he sure has been entertaining to watch, which, when it’s all said and done, is really why a lot of us care about baseball in the first place.

    • If it’s me I take my chances sending McGowan down. Now that the starting pitchers are performing, we don’t need an 8 man bullpen.

      I’m sure this won’t happen, so much has been invested in Dustin. (maybe even promises behind closed doors) so it’s probably Muney on his way out.

    • Yeah, he serves no real purpose on the bench unfortunately.
      The good news is Reyes is 2-4 today with an RBI and a stolen base.

    • I see Reyes back on Monday. The Blue Jays will have Muni for the weekend series.

  28. Is he playing tonight?

  29. After a 7 game win streak i see the buzz with fans on here, but still not a buzz in the city like there was in spring training.
    Perhaps after the weekend, maybe after Jays hit 500.

    • Probably won’t start again till after Canada Day, depending where the team is at.

    • It was really hilarious watching a recap of Sid, from time and sid, say that blue jays fans shouldn’t get too excited about the 6 (maybe 5 at the time) game win streak the jays were on. He described the fan’s misplaced excitement that stemmed from the streak as ‘drinking the kookaid’, which as far as I know is a complete misuse of the term.

    • NBA and NHL finals are on. US Open Golf. French Open Tennis. The sport world’s been pretty busy, but I agree, after Canada Day people have their minds locked into summer mode and that means Jays all the way.

    • The jays are hitting a timely streak right now. Buzz is growing rapidly as the team approaches .500 and Reyes return looms. Once July 1st passes (Stanley Cup, Draft and FA Day) fall off the calendar, look out.

      Ankles were sprained and knees bruised as the bandwagon nearly spilled, but those of us who have stuck it out will gladly help the rest get back on board.

    • We’re about to hit the perfect shit storm for casual fans. NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals will both be over in the next week or two, plus a lot of inter-divisional games, Canada Day, etc. Should be fun.

  30. I don’t think the BABIP by Lind will hold up – its unsustainable. However, the change in approach, modification to head position and reduction in strength of swing could easily be here to stay. This team has had a lot of success with fixing mid-career guys with substantial power (see Encarnacion, E; Bautista, J.)

  31. After starting 12-24, the 1989 Blue Jays were also 34-36. Ended up 58-58 on August 12th and then went on a 22-6 run. Won their division with 89 wins.

  32. In case you are wondering where I am, I am still picking the remants of last nite’s supper from my beard. I have better things to do than contribute to this site and do the job that I am paid for

  33. I was so pissed at Derosa’s running error in the first, wtf was he and the 3rd base coach smoking?

    • Looked like Hale didn’t get the best read and was a bit late to start waving Derosa home. But it was useless because Derosa was staring at the dirt, and the rest is history.

    • DeRosa is on the hook for roughly 0% of that fuck up.

      Consider it a lesson learned for the base coach to give a sign earlier and/or make the call that is most correct in that situation (no outs and 3 straight hard hits i believe)

  34. Dunedin clinches first have playoffs. And Reyes tweets a picture of him leading the celebration.

    I. Fucking. Love. Reyes

  35. Has anyone heard anything regarding the Jays and Bickford? Sounds like all the top picks are signing, Appel being the latest, and nothing regarding him yet (not worried, just curious).

    • Hasn’t been anything, but that’s true of many teams so far. Jim Callis mentioned to a similar question (not Jays-related) earlier today that teams sign and announce signings at different paces, so there’s nothing to be concerned about at this point.

      • Makes sense, and Anthopoulos has often waited until the 11th hour to sign his top pick, so it’s nothing new. I do know the Jays signed DJ Davis quickly last year, which I think is the only time he’s done so in his first 3 drafts.

    • If he isn’t signed then the Jays get to keep the pick for next year?

      • We get the 11 pick Next year but lose the slot money this year. So if Bickford is undersigning, we don’t get any of the bonus money. Not really a good move.

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