What The Shirt?


As Archi Zuber mentioned in today’s The Morning After post, some intrepid businessperson on the internet– specifically, a site called Teespring– has been selling a t-shirt that appears to be a total fucking… um… homage to the little Edwin Taking The Parrot For A Walk GIF that blew up the internet (relatively) late last month, having been conceived and executed, as I noted at the time, by Zubes and fellow DJFer Scott Johnson way back on May 1st.

No, really, I can’t possibly imagine where the idea came from:


At the time of writing this person has sold more than $3000 worth of the damn thing, which serves as a lesson well-learned for our lazy asses, but is also… I don’t know… probably kinda bullshit.

It’s not atypical, though, as it seems like knocked-off Jays paraphernalia is all the rage. Or… at least is kind of a thing. Witness, for example, these items I was alerted to the other week from reader Tristan, who explained to me that he “was down in San Francisco for the Jays’ mini-series and came across something weird I thought I’d throw your way. Got pulled into Urban Outfitters by my girl…and saw these hugely weird shirts riffing on the Jays’ logo (see attached). Some brand called Staple Pigeon. I’d never heard of it.”

“Came home,” he adds, “looked it up and apparently it’s a thing.”


That looks… uh… familiar. By which I, of course, mean, like another total fucking homage.

And, to be perfectly clear, I have no idea what is in or out of bounds, legally, when it comes to stuff like this– nor do I particularly care. Knock-offs for all, I say! It’s just… weird.

Tristan followed up his initial email with another What The Shirt? thing.

“Not that I’m trying to avail myself to you as some go-to fashion tipster,” he wrote, “but I’m back in town and stopped in at the Drake General Store on Bathurst last night… only to see this (kind of awesome) montrosity:”


The J. Peterman-esque copy from the Drake General Store site explains it thusly:

 ”Stand apart from the fair-weather fans with our unique take on the classic Blue Jays logo tee. An inside-out print and Japanese characters add a dose of Drake quirkiness, and our supersoft Supima cotton means this top is as delightful to wear as it is to look at. Pairs well with peanuts and Cracker Jacks.”

Ugh. Also… what the shirt? Maybe these sorts of items have always have been a thing and I’ve just never noticed. Or, at the very least, never been so bereft of content as to write a post about it. Gotta be one of those, right?

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  1. The Japanese lettered shirt really does say “Toronto Blue Jays” if anyone cares.

    So…what about those stupid “I heart BJs” shirts that you see people wearing, and crazy guys hawking outside the dome? Pretty sure they’re not official merchandise.

    • yeah no kidding. this sort of thing is not new at all. this is a non-story made into a story only because it was somehow a little closer to the bloggers. that’s all. we live in a post-modern era where a Kraftwerk riff bought (or ripped off) & replayed by some morons in England becomes a much bigger hit than the original…and nearly no one realizes it wasn’t Coldplay’s riff to begin with. and they made a lot of $$ off of it.

      The Parrot is a thing, and a funny awesome thing. The idea, the joke, the meme in itself is great and folks can take satisfaction and enjoyment from that alone. If what someone wanted was $$$, well then its a simple lesson: you have to get on that from the minute you decide to release the idea from your head. otherwise, someone else will look to capitalize/monetize your idea. that’s the dumb world we live in & i know you know all this already, so it should be no surprise.

      in addition: I kind of wish zuber or whomever had made a Tshirt of this themselves…because I have to go on record saying that I think Tshirt looks fucking lame. the art is kind of underwhelming, the layout bad, & the wording is plain stupid. someone could have done a great job of this and instead this tshirt sucks. the original gif is so much more enjoyable than this particular attempt at a merchandise version.

  2. even worse was that everyone seemed to be alright with the guy ripping off you guys on the gays subreddit, even though scott johnson said him and zubes created the fucking thing.

    • So DJF has trademark to the idea of a generic parrot being on a player’s arm?

      I is confused. And 3k gross is nothing. You have to design the thing and promote it and produce it and mail it and keep accounting… too much headache for probably $500 of actual profit.

  3. I should have patented the name.

  4. I think it’s great the guy at the store knows this generation in toronto wants one thing, not to be seen as part of the masses. Start by being a jays fan instead of a leafs fan, now the jays are kind of popular, keep wearing their stuff, but in this new brand that only the cool kids have.
    I expect to see Starbucks patrons in toronto everywhere to have one of these gems on under their plaid shirt

  5. cripes, I thought you guys were working with Teespring. I already ordered two. Oops.

  6. I think the I <3 BJs shirt has replaced the Arencibia t-shirt/jersey as the official uniform of the bandwagon/casual female Blue Jays fan.

  7. Blaming the woman for going into Urban Outfitters I see.

  8. I gotta say, I hate that design. The GIF, though brilliant, also sort of bothered me. Isn’t the point of the “walk the parrot” thing that the bird should be on his forearm?

    Also, “Encarnacion’s Parrot” is lame. “Take the parrot for a walk” or get the fuck out.

    • Agreed.

      I always thought he was falconeering, anyway.

    • I think it looks like the parrot has one foot on EE’s shoulder and one foot on his upper arm, so he has to hold his arm up like otherwise the parrot wouldn’t have level footing. Regardless this is definitely we should be discussing in greater detail.

  9. York Region punk rock band, The Flatliners, also made a pretty sweet Jays’ t-shirt.

  10. The ideal though not happening scenario, at least for the latter shirt, is that the Drake gets sued out of existence.

  11. I bought one right away and shared it on Facebook lol thanx got the link hahaha

  12. Stand apart from the fair-weather fans by wearing a Japanese Jays t-shirt that’s geared towards the fans who believe Kawasaki is the greatest shortstop since John McDonald. No wait, I did that wrong.

  13. I recall seeing posters for a “WAMCO” t-shirt on the street.

    So why isn’t DJF selling t-shirts with it’s “smiling everyday man” logo on the front and the words “In DJF we trust” on the back?


  14. Pretty sure using Edwin’s likeness to sell stuff without permission of MLB would not end well if MLB and / or Edwin didn’t want it to . Now MLB isn’t as Zealous about copyright protection as say the nfl .. But with the traffic this site gets.. I wouldn’t be surprised if a cease and desist wasn’t forth coming .. In other words .. Order them shirts ASAP

  15. Sailor Moon and Ace had sex and a bad t-shirt was born

  16. And now I’ve got Peterman’s voice reading that description in my head. Amazing.

  17. I’d buy a DJF shirt, as long as it didn’t have any Coors logos on it.

    • I would also buy one, but as you saw, the bloggers here are lazy asses…..not my words lol

      but really though, someone get on that

  18. I want that pigeon shirt!

  19. to me the bj’s shirt always implied a connection between oral sex and our former closer.
    so with that in mind, it has seemed pretty weird to see all the bro’s sporting the shirts.

  20. I give you cafe press in all its weird glory…


    It’s an old t-shirt idea from them that’s still around even after I first saw it in 2007. Not saying it may or may not appropriate, but its out there…

  21. You know what’s really bullshit? I can guarantee that if Archi had not linked to the website this morning, Mr. Intrepid Businessperson would not have the traffic and sales that he/she currently has.

    Mr. Intrepid Businessperson thanks you for the free advertising.

    • Yeah, the morning link plus this putting it front and centre makes DJF de facto sponsors of this shirt.

  22. Romero 3.0 on the bump today in Buffalo.

  23. It’s trademark infringement for sure, but I partially blame the Jays for having such shitty merchandise. How hard would it to be for them to hire some kid with a few good ideas to churn some t-shirts. Have you ever tried to find a decent Jays shirt or hat? you have to sort through whole bunch of lame shit to find one. Also – DFJ make yourself a damn t-shirt already, easy money.

  24. I wish I could find a picture or could find whoever would have bought my donated shirt from Value Village, but I was in Northern Thailand and found a shirt in a market that said “Primordial Cannabis Wonderland” and had a pot leaf in the middle of the Paramount Canada’s Wonderland logo. Very strange. I bought it and wore the crap out of it until it “shrunk” and I couldn’t fit into it anymore.

  25. The people that gripe over the parrot being on the forearm or not are the best.

    Keep up the lunacy – very entertaining!

  26. Drat
    Does this mean I need to send Stoeten a cut of all the caps,t-shirts,coffee mugs,keychains with the DJF logo I’ve been selling ?
    It supplements my pension and the commemorative DJF condoms have been a hot seller.Ya know like the slogan says ” don’t get on the boat without one”. and ” On a hot streak?Go all the way with DJF”

  27. This is actually kind of my fault.

    I visit that subreddit fairly frequently. The designer had posted a thread saying that he wanted to do a Jays shirt, but wanted suggestions as to what it should be.

    I said that he “should probably design EE’s parrot.”

    People upvoted and then it was a shirt.

    Sorry. I didn’t get a cut either.

    • Wouldn’t worry about it.
      Archi didn’t seem upset when he mentioned it in his post.
      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?”

  28. I have a one-off shirt that I made and have worn to games and had dozens upon dozens of fans and stadium employees give me thumbs up, comments etc.
    Actually got it on the JumboTron after many attempts and they cut away quick.
    It’s 90% original in that I was “inspired” by a different shirt I saw.
    Maybe I should get on that shit…

    PS- it has nothing to do with “hearting BJ’s”.

  29. The only reason I got the shirt was because it was on here ……

  30. I’m waiting for someone to show up at the game in a parrot costume with a “Walk me” sign.

    Maybe it’ll be me.

  31. There’s nothing wrong with independent paraphernalia IMO. Just as there’s nothing wrong with music artists using a previously written riff or re-performing an already written song.

    Be happy the Jays brand is doing well enough that people actually WANT to wear something that has the logo (or resemblance of) on their clothes. Rogers should be happy too.

    As for music, I was once a purist who despised covers and new artists using other artists work to capitalize. But, I have come around to thinking that in some ways it introduces older music to new generations, in a sense keeping some of the older stuff still alive.

    In respect to these t-shirts…I think they’re pretty cool. As for Stoeten’s even small concern about someone else ripping off an idea (Edwin’s Parrot)…chill out. It’s a cool thought on a blog that people are reading and turning into a t-shirt. And that’s a really, really good thing.

  32. Blue Jays win 8 in a row and now they have to worry about knock off memorabilia, are we yankee status yet?

  33. Blue Jays win 8 in a row and now they have to worry about knock off memorabilia, are we yankee status yet or what?

  34. that Drake t looks like the bird is about to ralf

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