Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Now a little something to kill time on a Thursday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we play Fucked Or Unfucked, looking at factors that may continue to make the Jays’ season fucked, despite a run of good play, or may make it totally unfucked, because of it.

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  1. Haven’t listened yet, but really… how can anyone ACTUALLY say they’re ‘fucked/no chance’ if they’re 4.5 out with 90 to go. AND all of the sudden looking actually awesome.

    Not saying they will make the playoffs, or that it’s even likely. But TOTALLY possible at this point.

    • I’m pretty sure Drew just does it to play devil’s advocate with no Parkes around. He probably likes the Jays chances as much as anyone, but you need equal parts dreamer and realist to make for an interesting podcast. That being said, he does a damn fine job of it!

      • I hear ya on that.

        To be honest, when the Jays were 10-21 I think there was a compelling argument for the ‘they’re fucked’ camp. But with such a long season, I just don’t think you can really write off a team in April or May.

      • Still behind (by considerable margins in some cases) a number of really good teams in the AL East, and some good teams with way more favorable schedules in the other divisions. “Fucked” is too much for me too, but he’s not wrong that it’s still going to take something really special to do it.

        • Yeah, I know what you’re saying. It’s going to take quite a feat.

          But to me, if the Jays were 5 back with 11 to play (or something) and had a few teams infront of them, then THAT’S fucked. Like theoretically possible, but would take a miracle.

          But 5 back with 90 to play? When the team looks like it’s sorted a lot of its shit out? It will be hard, and is definitely not the most likely outcome, but I don’t think it’s pray for a miracle time.

          • We are 7 back by the way. I wouldn’t put a whole bunch of stock in WCGB with how volatile that situation proved to be last year.

            • I’m not sure what they’re means. They’re 5 back of the 2nd Wild Card. Not really open to interpretation!

        • And having said that, how many times this year has a Blue Jay gotten a crucial hit or HR on the last strike of the last out of the game? I HATE saying it, but there’s a feeling of….ok nevermind.

    • They don’t not have a chance at all, but they must keep winning. Not necessarily 8 in a row every time, but they have to win almost every series they play, especially against AL East teams, from here on out. They can definitely do it. We just can’t afford even one more slide. That is, a 5 game losing streak or more, or losing 9/10 – we cannot afford even one of those. They need to go about 56-35 the rest of the way to get to 91 wins, which is probably what it will take. So if you look at 8 game sections of the season (convenient as they just won 8 in a row), they need to go 5-3 for each “season.” Definitely doable, just have to play consistently solid the rest of the year, no major fuck-ups.
      Let’s go!

  2. It isn’t Monday and this is new

  3. Wish the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip would make a return.

  4. @ work and can’t listen for a while, someone plz tell me context of the photo above (assuming it is addressed in podcast).

  5. Yahoo sports MLB power rankings…

    17. Toronto Blue Jays (35-36; Previous: 23) – If U.S. government is really intent on monitoring citizens’ private information, Blue Jays suggest it put a man with a two-way radio in a center-field hotel room. Really simpler that way.

    • From that article:

      “The Yankees lost 19 of their first 30 games but have the best record in the major leagues since then, at 79-44.”

      Could be quite pertinent.

  6. “16 in a row. Why not us? Fuck it.”

    And what happened, then? Well, in Toronto they say – that the Stoeten’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

    And then – the true meaning of baseball came through, and the Stoeten found the strength of *ten* Stoetens, plus two!

  7. There’s really no argument to be made that the Jays are fucked. Fucked at least to me means that you can win a very good portion of your games and you still won’t make it. For example, there were fucked when there were 10 games out of the wildcard and had the second worst record in the AL. Now you can’t say that at all.

    The Jays will play the AL East teams just like the AL East teams will play the Jays. Obviously the Jays are the underdogs, but if they take care of business they’ll be playing meaningful games down the road.

    • you guys are looking at this all wrong. they are 4.5 games out of the wildcard with over 3 months to go. one could argue that is not a significant number to overcome GIVEN your team is better than the teams ahead of you.

      I believe this team has a superior roster to several of the teams ahead of them. in fact I believe that with the return of reyes and the eventual return of lawrie and morrow, the actual roster is superior to all the rest in the aL east. now having the superior roster doesnt mean shit if they dont play like it…but my point is its not that difficult a task for the better team to make up 4.5 games over such a long time relative to inferior teams.

      its not like the jays are 4.5 games behind teams that are stacked and loaded for bear.

  8. Rangers and O’s both got to 93 wins last year to get to the play in

    Even the Rays won 90 last year

  9. Thank you Tigers!

  10. yanks + sox lose

    only 5 games behind first in loss column

  11. If the Jays somehow manage to sweep the OrioLOLes, I think the Jays will then officially be unfucked, depending on what the rest of the AL East does. Right now they’re in a grey area, me thinks.

  12. If the blue jays can improve significantly against their own division, I think they have a shot of making the playoffs. Currently they are 12-20 against the AL East. If only we hadn’t gone 1-8 against the yankees this year.

  13. I liked the Jays 500 by Canada but I will take Friday too. Well I thought that was really cool and optimistic, but here we are tomorrow is Friday and they might be 500, wow. hope I can pull in the Jays in Algonquin.

  14. One game at a time

    • +1.

      I do think Jays fans have to be careful about looking ahead to September.

      the next 10 games are very crucial because we have not played an AL East team since May 26th.

      The good news is that it feels like “‘playoff baseball” now.

  15. Time to haul out ever coaching cliche out there….every clubhouse speech.
    This season depends on the next 3 weeks – play shitty, you’re fucked. Play at least .500, and you’re semi-unfucked. Play .500 and over, and we’re in this thing til the end.

  16. “Wang is like Kawasaki”

    “That’s fucking racist”.

    Well done Drew.

  17. I fucking hate the Orioles for many reasons, but none moreso than the fact that their games are inexplicably blacked out in Washington DC.

    Now I might actually have to go to GODDAMNED BALTIMORE and watch them live. Actually, that sounds pretty sweet.

    Never mind. Go Jays!

  18. How can you NOT be jacked up for tonight’s game ?? CNNSI was calling it a showdown. The .500 game possibility, 20+ games before many were calling for it. Dickey. Lind. Davis. Fucking bring it.

    • @Holier than Tao.

      I am very excited for tonights game. I haven’t been able to watch a full game in at least a week due to work.

  19. Jays take it tonight…Lind over Davis! Now, I gave my head a shake that CNNSI, the Americans paying attention to the Jays and it’s not 1992-93, is calling tonight’s Jays came a showdown between LIND and anyone? Just imagine if you went to an island in January in the south pacific without the ability to watch the Jays and came home today and read (the first thing anyone should do is log onto DJFs) that post…and as for having a chance at a playoff birth, other than the Tigers 35-5 start where they buried the opposition in ’84, anything is possible and with 90 games left, they could win it by 10 games…nobody honestly knows what’s going to happen and that’s why I love baseball…every pitch changes the complexion of the game.

  20. Word over at MLBTR is……

    Baltimore is satisfied with the defense of Ryan Flaherty, and Brian Roberts is nearing a rehab assignment. According to Ghiroli, the Orioles would prefer to “[funnel] any and all resources and trade chips into helping out the rotation.”

    If this is the case, in my opinion,it looks like either KC or Toronto are the most likely landing spots for Chase Utley if traded.

    Let’s assume that both KC and Toronto are on Utley’s 21 team partial no trade list, and just go with the conclusion that he’ll wave it to have a good shot at winning.


    1. Do the Phillies trade him?

    2. What is the market price for 2 months of Chase Utley?

    3. Would Chase Utley receive a qualifying offer at the end of the year from Philadelphia? Remember, he’s Chase Utley.

    4. Is KC is a similar situation as BAL where it would make more sense to bolster a different part of the team?

  21. I just can’t see Dickey start this game and not get touched up for 3 runs or more against this offense. He’d have to be feeling no discomfort and be completely locked in mentally for him to be sharp enough against these hitters. Maybe the extra day’s rest helps him.

    I like our guys to blow up Hammel though too, he’s just not very good. We BETTER blow up Jason Hammel, get to him early, step on the jugular and open the floodgates. No lead feels safe against Davis and Co.

    Basically, what I’m saying is. In order to win, the Jays will have to score more runs than the other team.

  22. I hate how whenever I pause this podcast and I go to start it back again, it freezes a few moments later and I have to go back and refresh it. I feel like I’m in a love hate relationship, mostly love though.

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