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At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi takes a lengthy look at Colby Rasmus, the demons in his head (both named Tony, I believe), his successful turn (so far) in 2013, and the help Chad Mottola has given him when it comes to working smarter. Must-read stuff.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith talks to Todd Helton, who still believes that a team like the Jays can make a playoff run, having been a big part of some Rockies Magic in 2007 and 2009.

Think I didnttt ??? Brett Lawrie tweets an injury update: “Ankle is gettin there for an update ! Better and better each day”. Alright!

So… uh… the latest Miami New Times piece on the Biogenesis scandal– you know, the one in which a shady character makes MLB come off like total scumbags?– is pretty effing crazy. Give yourself some time for this one, but it’s worth it.

In the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair looks at the Jays’ hiring of Jamie Evans, the man behind the off-season weighted ball program that has helped Steve Delabar and Brett Cecil so greatly, seemingly.

Bill Langkhof has a big piece on the resurgence of Adam Lind, over at the Toronto Sun. Definitely worth a read.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Steve Buffery talks to the Jays– and, in particular, Alex Anthopoulos– about fans jumping off and on the bandwagon, which the GM says he’s not bothered by.

In the Toronto Star, Brendan Kennedy looks at the two former misfit Jays largely responsible for last night’s victory– Adam Lind and Brett Cecil. And separately he takes a look at the club’s surprisingly good bullpen.

Elsewhere in the Star, Cathal Kelly takes a hopeful turn on the Jays.

John Lott gets on it too, profiling the suddenly prolific (see what I kinda did there?) Brett Cecil for the National Post.

Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News tells us about last night’s successful Ricky Romero start for the Bisons.

Nick Ashbourne of Bluebird Banter calls Melky Cabrera a “ninja of ineptitude,” whatever that means, noting that the Jays’ soon-to-be-former lead-off hitter is hitting for a pretty empty .275 average this year. I’d argue that the slugging percentage might be a bit higher if not for a number of doubles-turned-into-singles, or the hamstring issues in general, but what the hell do I know?

As if Matt Harvey couldn’t get more awesome, SNY’s MetsBlog tells us about the time that Matt Harvey challenged Jon Rauch to a fight.

Draft stuff, as Jim Callis of Baseball America tweets that the Jays “will make run at at least one late guy, Brentz or Tellez most obvious guy.” That would be eleventh-rounder, Missouri prep lefty Jacob Brentz, or– please, please, please be this one– 30th-rounder, California prep first baseman Rowdy Tellez.

The Bullpen Gospels: The Movie? Apparently that’s gonna be a thing. NotGraphs gives you the dirt-ish. Also: congrats, Dirk!

Scott Lewis crushes it at Fanatico, giving us the low-down on the seven types of GIF creators out there on the interweb. (More SLewis crushing it? A people’s history of the Maple Leafs Game 7 meltdown against the Bruins at Backhand Shelf).

Lastly, because I missed it yesterday, check out the previous Getting Blanked Podcast as well.

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  1. It’s nice of Steve to talk to AA about fans jumping off and on the bandwagon … but how about his own fucking sector?

  2. Sure, let’s all jump on Melky now that there’s not much to complain about.

    • Who you want to jump on is your choice. I, however, don’t swing from both sides of the plate.

    • nailed it,
      just such stereotypical toronto sports fans.
      let’s see here, eight game winning streak, everyone’s playing good…
      lind is playing too good to bitch about…. cecil the same, even jpa is heating up…
      should i just be happy? no fuck that, i can find something to bitch about if i try hard enough…
      umm….. Fuckin Melky cabrera isn’t hitting for enough power! and our back up second basemen isn’t good enough!

    • You’re right, Dave Stewart, Welch, Eck, Ricky, Hendu, Hudson, Zito, Mulder, Carney, Parker, Steinbach, Frank Thomas, etc. (I can keep going) had no impact on the A’s suseccs. Please. Every team had a handful of juicers during those years, Giants and A’s included. Who’s to say the 2012 Giants didn’t have juicers? We know the 2002 team did.

  3. Is the djf pod going to be drew repeating the jays are fucked for 35 minutes?

  4. I’m not sure how much Melky’s bad hammy’s have to do with his low power numbers. How many of his hitshave actually been hit hard? Going off memory, many of them were groundballs or soft line drives.

    • lower half of your body is a big part of the swing, where a lot of the power comes from, or maybe PEDs really are the reason he hit so well….but 275 on this team, well thats awesome compaired to the others sept for lind and reyes

    • I have no idea how much the hammy’s are impacting the power numbers. I would guess a least somewhat, but what the hell do I know.

      I DO know, however, that his hammy’s are clearly causing him to be sub-average in fielding and baserunning and those are 2 areas in which he’s historically above-average. If he had normal numbers for those aspects of his game, he would still be reasonably valuable, even with the empty average.

      • Without reading the piece, it’s an established fact that a baseball swing (like a golf swing) depends on a healthy lower body. It cant help but be a factor in Melky’s swing. It’s a credit to him that he has been able to hit .275 with those hammies. Hopefully Gibby will give him enough rest between now and the ASB so that he can heal up as much as possible on the break.

      • Oh for sure it’s had an impact. It’s just unknown how much of an impact. keep in mind that – tinfoil hat on – he was found taking a banned substance. How much that helped the power numbers is an unknown too, but it’s logical to assume it did have an impact, at least to an extent.

        It’s crazy to think that he has a -0.1 fWAR and .092 ISO. He’s been downright turribell for the Jays, outside of hitting for a respectable, albeit not great average.

  5. Here’s a thought. Maybe when Reyes comes back we put off sending down a hitter, send down Wagner (or whichever one has options) for the 10 day minimum and give Melky some rest already. Now that we’re finally getting healthy, lets give Melky a chance to show us what he can really do.

    As you said in the previous post, Bonifacio could fill in at LF… more or less.

    • I’ve been thinking that they could clear Reyes’ spot by giving Melky a quick 15-day stint. Couldn’t hurt to give those hammies a bit of a breather, and if they’re not healthy in two weeks it’s just an extra ten days till the end of the AS break. We can live with three weeks of Rajai.

  6. Power is generated wihn legs and swing with gimpy legs not hard to figure out lost power

  7. Yeah to think that all these players, with probably getting near half a billion dollars worth of contracts owed to them, could go down because one guy stiffed another guy for 4 grand. Amazing!

  8. To be fair to Jays fans, this team did deserve to have some folks jumping off the bandwagon. They were fucking terrible.

    To be unfair to Jays fans, there were some truly fucking retarded idiots hanging around here and calling Wilner. I would love if they would fuck off.

    • There is a world of difference between stating that they “are PLAYING terrible and shitty” vs that they “ARE terrible and shitty”.

      2 months of play does not determine any individual’s value and it does not determine AA’s value or Gibbons value. It just was 2 months of shitty play. And as has been covered numerous times, many very good teams have 2 shitty months throughout the season. You just don’t necessarily notice it as clearly.

      I liked the team going into the season therefore remained on the bandwagon. To do otherwise is to admit you have no conviction or real opinion and that you simply restate the obvious (“They suck because they lost today”).

      • I admit to jumping off the bandwagon. Mainly because they were playing so painfully bad I refused to spend any more of my time watching them. Even now I`m hesitant to get back on the bandwagon. They are not as bad as they played before, but neither they as good as they are playing now. Lind hitting like a stud? Not going to happen over the long haul. Let them do this over a longer haul and then maybe I`ll take a look at getting on the bandwagon.

  9. That’s great insight on Colby and Lind in their respective articles. I love how they highlight the mental struggles that some guys can have.

    I’m bullish on Rasmus going forward. If he can continue to improve his mental game, he might have some more growth yet in his game and have some really good years in the not too distant future.

  10. Klaw answered my question on Stroman in today’s chat. Says there’s an 80% chance he ends up in bullpen due to flat fastball plane.

    For anyone out there interested.

  11. Great stuff (as always)! Now for a confession- I’m one of those idiots who thought bringing back Shaun Marcum was a good idea. With last nights loss, Shaun is now 0-9 with 5.76 ERA. Yeah, we all love to give our opinions and toot our own horn when we’re right, but turnabout is fair play and my assertion (along with a few others) that Marcum was a good idea was just plain dumb. I mean that’s “Wilner – thinks – signing – Chone – Figgins – to – a – long – term – deal” kind of stupid. I repent. It’ll never happen again. While we’re on the subject, how about a few of you who thought bringing back Vernon Wells was a good idea come forward and raise your hand . Going back to May 22, Vernon is 10 for his last 86 (.116) with 0 home runs and 3 rbi’s, throw in just one base on balls and 17 srikeouts and you have to hope the Yanks keep playing him. So come on, don’t be shy. admit your folly. Heck, we’ll even start a support group if you need it. You’ll feel better. Trust me. From my own experience, my confession was liberating.

    • this is hilarious, so you want praise for admitting you were wrong?

    • I too thought Marcum would be better. Though I was more interested in signing Happ.

      The thing people don’t accept, is that statistically it is very rare for a guy to last more than a few years as a solid, dependable and regularly used starting pitcher. We rag on the Jays like they somehow mismanage their pitchers. But really the majority of guys just won’t make it as starters for any long career.

      • Marcum had a good year in Milwaukee 2 years ago ( he tailed off at the end, I think he was hurt) and helped them reach the playoffs. He lost the final game of the NLCS to the Cardinals and really has not been the same pitcher. I feel bad for him though as I always liked him. If he doesn’t turn things around soon, he’ll either be the long man or released. As for Vernon, the Angels wanted rid of him so bad, they paid the Yankees to take him off their hands to make room for Josh Hamilton. How’s that workin’ out? Vernon = 10 HR. 24 RBI, .224 AVG Hamilton= 10 HR, 24 RBI, .210 AVG. Yikes! They’re the same guy, and the Angels have $38 million invested in this mess this year alone. Glad I’m not the host of “Angels Talk”, or whatever they call it.

    • How about some of you assholes who were trying to run Lind out of town for nothing come on out? :)

      I have to admit being down on Rasmus (and to a lesser extent JPA) at times. I still don’t think Rasmus has proven shit though. His stats with TO are still bad. I’ve also been ragging Boni and Izi but that has been very much deserved.

      • “How about some of you assholes who were trying to run Lind out of town for nothing come on out?”

        Wait ! You mean over the last 3 years which culminated in his clearing waivers (wherein no MLB team picked him up) to be demoted to AAA?

        Show of hands: Who DIDNT want that?

      • I gave up on Lind. Years ago. Now he’s a rockstar. What a crazy game!

        I like seeing Davis get into games, he makes shit happen on those base paths. Watching Melky limp out there is painful, maybe 15 days would help? What am I a doctor??

        Wagner is pitching great, keep him up as long as possible. See ya Mune! Fuck imagine this team with a healthy and productive Reyes and Lawrie!

        • Your Vernon Wells update: Last night Vernon went 0 for 3, which means he’s now 10 for his last 89. In the ninth inning they pinch hit for him. The pinch hitter, the immortal Zoilo Almonte actually got a single.

          • Now the real question is how is the pilyang time going to be spread out when Wil Myers is banging on the door in June? He has to play everyday and should be up by the middle of next season.

  12. For those of us who believe the Jays can win the division…..

    Rickey’s progress is a very big deal.

  13. Yikes….looks like Gose got a new one ripped for him. Someone sounds like he had a real bad game.
    But good for Rickey…I’m cheering for him to have a good, solid season, and compete for a job next spring.

  14. Rasmus played with a barely-noticeable (from the fan’s perspective) injured groin for the last two months of the 2012 season and was hitting like absolute shit.

    Compared to that performance, Melky and his visibly-painful hamstrings are doing just fine.

  15. Wow, Matt Harvey has some balls. He’s also a fucking ridiculous pitcher.

    That said, Rauch would have destroyed him. I think most of us remember when he went full-on Hulk a couple of years ago in a Jays uniform.

    • I have to say, it does seem kind of dopey tome when I see links to blogs(MetsBlog In this case) for a post which is just a summary of somebody else’s article. Why not just link to Passan’s actual article?

  16. Nice to see Cletus getting some recognition. His solid work has been somewhat overshadowed by Lind and some of the other bright lights on the team.

    Here’s hoping he can keep it up for the year.

  17. I hope the fans give Melk a pass, it’s incredible that he’s been able to hit with the wonky strings. I tore my left one 2 years ago and though the leg still works after a few weeks you absolutely can’t get quick/powerful movements on it. You can kind of see it in his swings, he’s been all arms waving at the ball. It’s a testament to how great his eye/hand skills are.

    If/when he gets close to 100 percent he should be a doubles machine.
    I love that he’s playing through it.

    • ^ This

      I suffered a hamstring injury last year and it took months until I was running normally again.

    • i’m wondering when Gibbons will start giving more at bats to Davis against left handers and try to save Melky’s hamstrings for later in the season. Rajai is better than Melky from the right side (.770 for RD vs. .572 for MC in OPS) and we are going to need him later in the season. I’d hate to see a trip to the DL in August or September.

      Any chance they are riding Melky hard now, with the thought that he may be suspended later in the season due to Biogenesis?

      • Fuck I hope not.

        As for the platooning with Rajai to save Melky for later, I think it sounds like a fair idea. Not sure how Melky would feel about it though.
        If it’s me I’d be afraid to tinker with the lineup, in fact I wouldn’t even make eye contact with it.

  18. i just got in to St Petersburgh Florida for a weekend conference, Unfortunately I leave Monday so I’ll miss the Jays. Anyway, the guy who drove me to the hotel is a Rays fan–one of the few. He was all ‘Yunel Escobar what a great player’. I said he’d left TO in something of a disgrace and he said ‘that wasn’t Yunel’s fault. He’s Cuban and the other Latinos look down on Cubans and try to get them into trouble. Someone egged him on to do that stuff on his eye-black’. So I’m guessing that’s Yunel’s version…

    • Yeaaaaaah! That’s the ticket!
      Someone TOLD me to do it!!
      It was a large hispanice gentleman! Yeah that’s it!!

      And tomorrow , Im having lunch with,…with,

      Morgan Fairchild !

  19. I’m pretty sure Nick said Melky’s legs have been affecting his slugging% in his article Stoets.

  20. I’m not feeling good about the winning streak. This is when I least enjoy the game. Why? Because I know a loss is coming up. I know it’s too good to be true. I know it’s too late.

    Rather than wait around for that to happen, I’m simply going to leave now and avoid watching the games in the first place. In the past, I would have become excited and maybe thought there was a chance for something good to happen.

    Not this time!

    I will not watch a game until the Jays lose! Furthermore, I will not even listen while at work. In addition, I will not read any posts on this siste until the next loss.

    I’m Out!

  21. Somewhat OT…bluefield seems to have a pretty prospecty pornish team. Won 5-0 over the stros affiliate.

  22. Well if Lind keeps hitting like he has this lineup is going to make teams feel very uncomfortable for the rest of the season.

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