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Great news! Y’know, unless you’re Chien-Ming Wang, because via MLB.com, Anthony Casavell notes that J.A. Happ told ESPN Radio today that he’s aiming to return to the Jays rotation by the All-Star break. “I was in a brace for several weeks and am now moving, jogging and regaining athleticism. I began running again three or four days ago, and I’m not quite there yet as far as cutting or turning,” he said.

Speaking of recoveries from injury, Shi Davidi tweets that John Gibbons says the plan is for Jose Reyes to play nine innings at short in all three of this weekend’s games in Buffalo. The club will evaluate after that, he adds, but… uh… what the hell do you think they’re gonna do? Send him back down a level?

I hung out briefly with Trevor Cole– as noted in the description of my one half-decent picture from Spring Training– when he was down in Dunedin working on this, and I’m pretty sure it was totally worth the wait: a huge and fantastic profile of Jose Bautista, which you can read over at Toronto Life.

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith talks to John Gibbons, who says that Ricky Romero “could still play a vital part in this thing before it’s all said and done,” and also notes the recent woes of Anthony Gose in Buffalo, where his “questionable effort” earned him “a day to think,” according to Bisons manager Marty Brown. “We have to get his head removed from a place it shouldn’t be,” Brown awesomely said.

Another gem from Benny Fresh looks at the Jays roster options for when Jose Reyes comes back– presumably Monday– and includes a poll in which a slim majority (at the time of writing) says they’d prefer Munenori Kawasaki sent down, rather than a reliever, Bonifacio, or a different position player. Progress!

At BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm has a nifty profile of Jamie Evans, the weighted-ball guru the Jays hired this week, following his off-season success working with Brett Cecil, and– prior to that– Steve Delabar.

John Lott of the National Post profiles Neil Wagner, who the headline says is passionate about poetry and pitching. Yeah, but can he build his own robot?

In the Toronto Star, Brendan Kennedy writes about the tough test the Jays are in for, as they get set tonight to begin ten straight games against AL East rivals. Hey! And so does Ken Fidlin, over in the Toronto Sun.

Elsewhere in the Star, Richard Griffin notes how the Jays’ 2013 hype was built on newcomers, though it has been holdover Adam Lind who has really been the key to their resurgence. He also has a new mail bag up, which I’ll be sure to hijack… eventually.

The always-excellent Jonathan Bernhardt takes a look at the new Jays rotation at Sports On Earth.

Over at the Tao Of Stieb, it’s something about roster crowding.

At Jays Journal, we’re shown the difference in usage of one excellent and one supremely moronic Twitter hash tag: #GibbyTheBest and #FireGibby.

Jays Journal also looks at A.J. Jimenez, as we did here today, in their most recent Prospect Report. Another bit of Jimenez business comes our way via Bluebird Banter. But who’s counting?

Another post from Bluebird Banter looks at how it’s been J.P. Ricciardi’s guys who are driving the bus for the 2013 Jays. Crazy, huh? [Note: No. No, it's actually not.]

At CBS Sports, Jon Heyman wonders about a fire sale on the south side of Chicago. Gordon Beckham anyone? … No? OK, I’ll show myself out.

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, it’s the always-awesome MLB GIFs of the Week!

Comments (15)

  1. I’m 12 years old and I’m calling this weekend’s starters the PEN 15 club

  2. Would anyone take Izturis’s contract if he was sent down?

    • I’m not ready to close the book on Izturis yet. He hasn’t been great, but I don’t see him being this shitty for the rest of the season.

      I could live with waiting till the offseason to see what AA can get.

  3. I’d bite on Beckham for a reliever like Wagner.

  4. Re: John Gibbons, who says that Ricky Romero “could still play a vital part in this thing before it’s all said and done,”

    Sombody tell Gibby not to put the cart in front of the horse.

    • He’s from Texas, home of both carts and horses.

      You think he doesn’t know about carts and horses?!

    • was looking at contracts earlier today, and couldn’t help but notice that not many players make big money guaranteed like Romero is making for the next 2 years —> GUARANTEED 7.5 mil per season.

      That being said, he’s got to be on the depth chart, we can’t give up on him yet, and the most comparable player to me is ADAM LIND. maybe Ricky can piece some pieces back together and give it another run by 2015, it’s not impossible, and why give up? he’s making a lot of money until 2015

  5. From the Toronto Life article, re: Bautista: “Doubt is his personal performance-enhancing drug.”

    Aw, damn, 50-game suspension coming up.

  6. Sending Kawasaki down to Buffalo to get some regular reps at second base seems like the best course of action for me. I don’t see any point to having someone that’s exclusively a backup SS at the major league level. Might as see if Muni can handle 2B in AAA so that he can come back up if Izturis or Bonifacio were to go down with an injury or something.

  7. The Jays don’t need an 8 man bullpen anymore.

    Between Davis & Bonifacio, there are enough options to spell Lind against lefties if needed down the road.

    Go back to a 7 man bullpen, use Kawaski as the 2B against RHP and once Lawrie comes back DFA Derosa.

    Not only is Kawasaki a more useful player than Derosa, he seems to have him beat in the intangibles department as well…

  8. Yeah, I think Kawasaki deserves to stay. This has little to do with his seemingly fun personality (did you guys know he’s Japanese?), and more to do with his OBP, which is 4th on the team. I think he brings more to the team, even in a backup role, than somebody like McGowan or Perez.

    • He’s 5th (!!) among position players in WAR (1.3), trailing only baut, ed, colby, and lind.
      this isn’t even about him deserving to stay anymore. i honestly think sending him down at this point would be borderline indefensible

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