Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

So last night… that was something. The Blue Jays overcoming another stinker from R.A. Dickey, and the knuckleballer’s pouty Droopy Dog routine as John Gibbons rightfully gave him the hook in the sixth, knocking off the mighty Orioles behind a home run from Munenori Kawasaki and Rajai Davis walkoff single. The kind of win that makes you say ‘fuck yeah’, amirite?

Ten wins in a row. This is a reality facing the Blue Jays today. Let’s not kid ourselves here, though. Looking to climb a game over .500 isn’t exactly where any self-respecting Blue Jays fan envisioned this team heading into the last week of June. Still, the Jays are playing like the club we expected them to be and not like the goddamn train wreck that showed up in April.

Chien-Ming Wang takes his near 62% ground ball rate to the mound today, while the Orioles counter with Miguel Gonzalez. The unassuming right-hander held the Jays to four hits over 5.2 innings when he last faced them on May 26.


Via John Lott, his teammates are eager for Jose Reyes to return, but the impending demotion of Munenori Kawasaki has the clubhouse dealing with a case of the sads.

Hold the phone, though…

Speaking of Reyes, he went 1-for-4 with a double in the Bison’s win last night.

Not Blue Jays related, but hilarious: Mitch Williams would prefer chemistry over talent. Ok.

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Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
DH Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
1B Travis Ishikawa (L)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
C Taylor Teagarden (R)

RHP Miguel Gonzalez

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  1. Davis has gotten a few hits off Wang today. Makes sense to pull him and get Davis out especially with such a close game. Gotta be happy with how far he has made it through the game though.

  2. Good move by gibby here.

  3. And then Loup plunks Davis. Well not the worst outcome, but that’s a quick outing for Loup.

  4. As for the Mitch Williams blog, I for one can’t stand to constantly be told over and over by sports media about how important the intangibles are. However, I don’t think we can completely discredit the notion either, especially when coming from former players. Lets not forget that these guys were at one time the best at what they did (a finite proportion of baseball talent ever makes the Bigs). Perhaps there is more to this chemistry thing than we all want to believe.

    • In fact, Mitch Williams was the greatest pitcher in history at something!

      It was walking the highest amount of batters per nine innings but that’s more things than you’re better than everyone in history at..

  5. I guess with the bullpen being as solid as it has been it makes sense to go to it for the Orioles best player; but I thought Wang still had something left to give.

  6. Dont like the call at all. Your startr is dealing and only at 83 pitches and you take him out? Idiotic and is clearly bei g dicatated by the HR Dickey gave up yesterday.


    Is Loup more talented then Wang? Not the way Wang has pitched so far this year

    • Of course he is. Was Ramon Ortiz “talented” when he pulled a decent result out of his ass against Boston that one time?

      • As I said above, I do t feel Ortiz and Wang are comparable. With Ortiz it was clear he just had a few lucky starrts. I think Wang is finally healthy and his perfor.ance can be sustainable. I truly feel we could have the Wang from a few years ago.

    • 83 pitches is a lot. If the offense could have given him a little cushion then I would understand it but not in a 1 run game.

  7. ffs J.P…..there goes the double play

  8. Fucking Aaron Cibia.
    Jesus Christ….

  9. I thought the point of having an elite bullpen was to go to it late in the game? We’re in the 7th inning, our bullpen hasn’t given up a run in forever. I say use it. Wang has been giving up a lot of solid contact, he’s just had the fortune of some lucky (or well placed) balls.

  10. My stomach is starting to churn.

  11. Yes!

  12. Nice Wagner!

  13. JP’s fist pumping – leadership. It’s like the naysayers can’t see his obvious leadership skills translating to weak fly outs.

    • It’s like he willed that weak pop up from behind the plate.

    • How dare JPA steal my thunder. I was doing some nifty rhythmic clapping on my sofa + clearly it was ME who willed that last out.

  14. Alright, Cecil and Janssen have this now!! But just for fun, let’s score some runs!

  15. Time to tack on some runs. The meat of the order is coming up

  16. Come on CLETUS!!!!

  17. Im calling a discount at Bannermans tomorrow from this ab

  18. I might be tempted to leave in Wagner for the bottom of their order. If Janssen is good to go today though probably should give Delabar the 9th.

    Their really isn’t a weak link in our bullpen right now other than Mcgowan.

  19. It’s kinda awesome that the Jays still have Delabar and Oliver fully rested for today.

  20. Small sample size, but Wang’s ERA is down to 2.61, FIP down to 4.07, and xFIP also down to 3.63. I think this guy’s a keeper at the back-end of the rotation for a little while longer, never minding the necessity of SP right now.

    • This is a guy who finished second in CY voting a few years ago, and who has out up 2 really good seasons in thebAL East already who has been seriousky injured in recent years and who is not really that old.

      It wouldnt be like he came out of nowhere and if hes finally healthy, it wouldnt be crazy at all if he could put up a 3.50-4.50 era over a full season. My gut tells me his performance is sustainable, and if so we might have gotten one of those breaks the Yanks seem to get a lot (example Garcia/Colon of 2011)

    • I think he’s earned at least two bad starts before he would get yanked from the rotation, maybe even 3.

      • So Happ to the bullpen? Where does Morrow go? Esmil Rogers has really been fucking nails so I feel like he has even more leeway.

        Really too bad we have the Dickster hanging out as the immovable object. Maybe they’ll convince him to take a 15 day vacation when both Happ and Morrow return so they can keep either of Wang or Rogers if they’re still producing at current levels.

  21. Glad we took Wang out.

  22. Son of a bitch.

  23. hmmmmm

  24. Im getting really fed up with Oliver this year.

  25. black magic making balls disappear….into the seats

  26. HA!!!!
    Black Magic mojo sussed it out and BOOM.
    Buh-bye…thanks for playing.
    Now go wait in the truck.

  27. O’s just giving away outs like they’re going out of fashion. Maybe Bats can take his revenge off of the O’s elite closer today.

  28. Still calling JB for the game winner.

  29. They’re clearly setting up another walk-off rally.

  30. I would give a kingdom for a Jays batter to put us back in the lead, but I already lost it.

  31. Wonder if the plan was to use Delabar as the closer and hence why he wasnt in there in the 8th.

    Also figure that if Gibby goes to delabar after black magic struck out the lefty, then buck would counter with weiters.

    id rather have black magic face fucking teagarden than anyone face weiters. just because that fucker teagarden is that bad

  32. Patience, Grasshopper!

  33. Not the wave!!!!

  34. I wonder how Orioles fans feel about Muni.

  35. Fuckin’ Teabagger

  36. I’m sorry, but I don’t care if the ump is being consistent calling that ball a strike. If you’re consistent calling a ball that far off the plate a strike, then you’re a consistent twat.

  37. Kawasaki needs to just keep stealing until he straight steals home.

  38. This guy:

    “Dickey, Wang, and Johnson on the mound this series and yet the Jays are the ones that get Teabagged. ”

    Gotta give him his props.

  39. Also dont agree with taking out Melky to have Davis face a tough RHP.

  40. There’s no time like the present, Jose.

  41. Come on Joey Bats

  42. Bautista caught a couple breaks.

  43. BOOM

  44. JOSE!!!!





  48. This party is off the hook.

  49. Fuck you Orioles!

  50. YEAH JOSE!

    Chirp that motherfucker. He should’ve walked around the bases.

  51. Bats!!!! Wasn’t off of Baltimore’s elite closer, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

  52. JOEY BATS! is alright


  54. Ha…boom!
    Adios, senor Rawlings.

  55. Anybody notice how ODay comes set and rocks back and forth a few times?

    That looked extremely balkish to me.

    Also: Bats!!

  56. Fucking right!! Jose jose jose jose!

    Who was calling that all night?

  57. Joey Bats Lives!!!!!! FUCK YOU O’DAY!!!!

  58. Looks like Busey didn’t get Smasher home before curfew last night. Too bad, he’s missing a humdinger of a game.

  59. LMAO Orioles fans thought the “Jose, Jose” chant was an “O’day” chant. Priceless.

  60. that was about as sweet a homer as you are going to get. shut that fucker O day up.

    and lets not forget who started this rally …thats right. Kawasaki.

    fuck that shit about retaining optioins on him vs not having any on boni…

    this team is built to win now and right now they are better with kawasaki than boni and its not close.

    last time we dicked around with the option game we got jo jo reyes making 20 starts.

  61. ho hum

  62. Attaboy jbats. Guy is too good to be jpa’ing it up for a while.

  63. Hahaha everybody knew Bats would have something to say to O’Day after that home run. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few hit batters tomorrow.

  64. Lets go Jansen. Shut this team DOWN. Fuck the Orioles they are becoming as annoying as boston.

  65. Too bad Wang doesn’t get the win.

  66. Stupid personal streak – ended.

  67. orioles forum

    “The Jays get lucky once again, and get the game handed to them. Gosh, I hate them so much. Everyone on their team just seems like a POS. I hope someone throws a fastball right at Bautista’s head tomorrow.”

    Pretty classy guys it seems…

    • 10 in a row and Jays Brass is fucking loving it. You can be AA cannot stop smiling this week.

    • I had the Orioles forum up while I was watching the game. According to all the “experts” over there, bad umpiring, and apparently the Jays “getting every break”, a “different strike zone for the home team”, was to blame for the loss. They must have been watching a different game than I. And that, the Jays winning streak is “only because” they beat the Rangers, Rockies and White Sox, and not the league frontrunners. Ok, so we are not supposed to beat weaker teams? What a bunch of crying, whiny bitches over there. Now, they are talking about hitting Jose tomorrow, on his first at bat…Fuck, I hate sore losers.

    Wouldn’t shock me to see the benches clear the next time they meet

  69. 10 IN A ROW.

    • Nigel Tufnel: What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?

      Marty DiBergi: Put it up to eleven.

      Nigel Tufnel: Eleven. Exactly.

  70. The Dome is fucking loud. LOVE IT!

  71. Move over Bo Derek, 10!

  72. Casey you beaut

  73. wow does it get any better???????????
    SO GREAT!!!

  74. Orioles fans are funny. They say our current play is unsustainable and lucky.

    Um, which team had a completely ridiculous, like, .750 record in one-run games last year?

    The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

  75. Janssen is just so fucking great…for weeks now I’ve just been walking around grinning like an idiot…this is just the best…

  76. 1 game above .500! 10 straight wins! 2 straight against ALE!

    I may need to consult a doctor if this persists for more than 6 hours.

  77. I knew Bautista would hit one today!

  78. Chris Davis go sit in the truck.

  79. Bats is probably out of line yelling at the pitcher, but seriously nobody should be surprised after whatever it was that happened yesterday (O’Day yells something after k’ing Bats, and then they exchange words).

    Fuck I can’t even blame him either, if I hit a game-winning bomb I would have pulled the same shit too.

    • O’douche was out of line yesterday. Bats earned that chirp.

    • I don’t blame him at all. O’day chirps him yesterday so he chirps him today. Alls fair.

      • Oday probably wont pitch tomorrow. But I bet someone on the O’s will pick up the conversation. Have to say, if somone throws at JB and no one from the Jays retaliates, That will be a big problem.

        • That’s okay, let them hit Joey, then have someone hit Davis, then Joey will just hit a 500-foot HR like he usually does when he’s royally pissed off.

    • Will people never learn? Don’t piss off Joey Bats.

  80. Anybody else signing up for a user name so that they can troll the Orioles board tomorrow?

  81. Double digit winning streak!
    It’s happening – it’s all happening!

  82. As I said before the Colorado series, wouldn’t it be nice if we were 37-36 by the weekend?

  83. A win tomorrow puts them 3 games back of the wildcard. 3 games!!!

  84. Happy to be wrong on the approach, to Davis! Way to to, Casey!

  85. Good game

  86. When JB hit that bomb where he did, the first thing that struck me was how similar it was to Joe Carter´s HR….

  87. The best part of these last two victories is beating the Orioles at their own game.

    A one run victory tomorrow would be a perfect way to sweep the Orioles. Though a 9-0 shitkicking would be fine as well.

  88. Holy shit. Between that Orioles fan forum and the game thread in the Orioles subReddit, I can’t believe how fucking terrible Baltimore fans are. When the fuck did they get this cocky? They’ve surpassed NY and are on a Boston level of awfulness now.

  89. Some gems from the orioles fanbase:
    Throw at bautista’s head.
    Fuck Kawasaki
    Fuck Lawrie because he’s a douche
    Bautista must be using PED’s
    All from Camden chat by the way

    • Yeah, that game thread is the lowest common denominator

    • Oriole fans are some bitches. They cry and whine like they misplaced their bottle of midol.

      • You can only bitch for so long about living in a crime-ridden, deindustrialized, no hope, no future city. Cut the Baltimore fans some slack. I hear they got a nice square mile around Camden Yards where no one gets stabbed or mugged, though.

    • I can’t even begin to imagine getting this furious over your sports team losing a game, especially given the orioles success since last year where they’ve been able to enjoy a lot of fun baseball.

      I guess every fanbase is going to have people like this and Camden Chat is just the internet breeding ground for such people among the orioles fanbase. Oh well, it’s kind of comical to read if you take such fans as seriously as they should be taken.

    • Bautista AND EE. One O’s fan said they were the Canadian kind of PED’s that couldnt be detected.

  90. Janssen slicing through the heart of the order like the proverbial knife through butter. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  91. Another very impressive win by the Jays. The Jays are back in the race & the crowd is really getting into the games.

    Did anyone see AA at the end of the game. He gave high fives to the people around him. One guy looked like his brother.

    AA has put on a few pounds since I last saw him. He must be really glad that the team is performing like it is supposed to.

    Very happy to be a Jays fan this summer.

  92. These O’s fans are some of the saltiest ive ever seen. They completely ignore o’day chirping at bautista yesterday and now want to take off jose’s head. Just lol.

  93. With today’s win Gibby goes over .500 for his managerial career (345-344). I could’ve told you guys Oriole fans were a-holes. Remember how they booed Cito for no good reason?

    • For years…It was over his choices for the All Star game he managed in.

      • It was because he left Chris Hoiles off the All Star team and took Terry Steinbach instead. He did that so he could add Devon White instead of an Oakland outfielder. He also had an agreement with Johnny Oates that Mike Mussina would not be used. Mussina got up and started warming up in the 9th inning without being told to do so. Fans booed when Cito went with Duane Ward. It should be noted the next year, Cito used the Oriole closer (Lee Smith) in the ninth inning of the All Star game and he blew a 6-4 lead and the AL lost.

  94. The amazing thing about all this is, at the beginning of the season, the talk was “The Trade”.JJ, Buerhle,Boni,Reyes were going to lead us to the promised land but the contributions of Rogers,Wang,Kawasaki have been key.
    Kawasaki was a placeholder until AA traded for a SS.
    Esmil was a debateable choice for the bullpen.
    Wang was a minor leaguer in he Yanks system.
    Cecil had lost his velocity every year and was out of options.
    Romero was off the team and Happ was a servicable starter.
    Reyes and Lawrie are still rehabbing.

    Crazy game.
    And don’t forget the team will look different in Sept.,than it does now.

  95. Way to go boys! proud time to be a jays fan!

  96. #whynotus?

  97. This team has won 10 in a row with major contributions from Esmil Rogers, Chien Ming Wang, Munenori Kawasaki, Adam Lind, Brett Cecil and Macier Izturis. Meanwhile Reyes, Morrow and Lawrie are out, and Bautista, Melky and Dickey have been slumping during the stretch. How crazy would that have seemed in March? INsane.

  98. Yanks are leading TB in the 8th. We could be tied for 4th in the ALE by the end of the afternoon.

    I’m not saying we’re going to win the world series, but the front runners may be coming back a little now.

    • Jays will be percentage points ahead of Tampa with a Rays loss. .50685 to .50667

  99. Man, I used to like Hayhurst’s shtick but he really likes to pick bones.

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