Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

So last night… that was something. The Blue Jays overcoming another stinker from R.A. Dickey, and the knuckleballer’s pouty Droopy Dog routine as John Gibbons rightfully gave him the hook in the sixth, knocking off the mighty Orioles behind a home run from Munenori Kawasaki and Rajai Davis walkoff single. The kind of win that makes you say ‘fuck yeah’, amirite?

Ten wins in a row. This is a reality facing the Blue Jays today. Let’s not kid ourselves here, though. Looking to climb a game over .500 isn’t exactly where any self-respecting Blue Jays fan envisioned this team heading into the last week of June. Still, the Jays are playing like the club we expected them to be and not like the goddamn train wreck that showed up in April.

Chien-Ming Wang takes his near 62% ground ball rate to the mound today, while the Orioles counter with Miguel Gonzalez. The unassuming right-hander held the Jays to four hits over 5.2 innings when he last faced them on May 26.


Via John Lott, his teammates are eager for Jose Reyes to return, but the impending demotion of Munenori Kawasaki has the clubhouse dealing with a case of the sads.

Hold the phone, though…

Speaking of Reyes, he went 1-for-4 with a double in the Bison’s win last night.

Not Blue Jays related, but hilarious: Mitch Williams would prefer chemistry over talent. Ok.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
DH Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
1B Travis Ishikawa (L)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
C Taylor Teagarden (R)

RHP Miguel Gonzalez

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  1. Anybody post a link to the Orioles fan forum? Or as it’s referred to ….The Whiney Suckhole Board?

  2. Oh God I am so proud of them. I’ve been surreptitiously checking the score all afternoon. These guys are the real deal. For the first time in years and years we’ve got a team going on NAND how great to give Gibby a 10-game win streak. No one deserves it better than he does.

  3. T-Bay loses. I think we are tied for fourth.

  4. o’s fans talking about luck is the funniest thing. The same team last year that barely finished with a positive run differential, won countless amount of 1 run games and had a lengthy extra inning win streak(which the jays snapped).

  5. Just listened to Gibby’s post-game. He was hilarious with the Taiwanese reporters. #gibbythebest

  6. Hooooo BOY those are some butthurt orioles fans on that board. Theybgot some anger issues down in ol Maryland

  7. My liver hurts and I still have a long night ahead.

  8. Wang’s a keeper.

  9. I don’t really hold any antipathy toward the Orioles or their fans, but sheesh, they seem to loathe the Jays. What I see on twitter and OH:

    -Cito still sucks because he didn’t use Mussina in the All Star Game 20 years ago
    -they call the Jays ‘lucky’, even though the Jays are constantly under their pythag, and the 2012 Orioles were one of the luckiest teams ever
    -they think the Jays cheat because of Canadian-only designer steroids and the magical Man in White
    -Hate Bautista, Lawrie, Encarnacion’s parrot, and god knows what else
    -dump on the stadium
    -call the Jays fans bandwagoners despite they had no crowds until their lucky team last year went on a run, then everyone showed up.

    • It’s like looking in the mirror lol

      • Sounds like they discovered our maple flavoured peds. Have to go back to
        the back bacon again.

    • They were embarrassed 2 straight games. If Davis chirped at Dickey after the HR last night and won, we’d all be chirping like them.

      Let’s just enjoy the ride.

    • AND even after winning last year and this year, they still haven’t had that many people show up to games. They WISH they had a bandwagon.

    • Remember when we owned the Orioles for like a decade straight?

      That’s probably where it comes from.

      • Remember the last Orioles world series win? (neither do I but I think Brooks Robinson had something to do with it)

        • I’ll give you a hint:

          1. I was in grade 9.
          2. Every Breathe You Take was number 1
          3. Trudeau was Prime Minister

  10. Fucking Vernon Wells – who’s been absolute dog-shit for the past month – hits a game winning double. Shit la merde. (I am, if nothing else, very multicultural in my cursing)

  11. Anyone notice that Pillar got the call to AAA? this guy is going to be here this year if any outfielder gets injured. not bad for a late round draft pick who has done nothing but hit at every single level.

    • Yea was hoping Stoets would have some minor league post up sometime, lots of interesting kernels a poppin while the Jays are on this magical run

      Langerhans Solo was released so Pillar could join AAA, which I’m pumped about.

      • Yeah wouldn’t mind seeing Pillar. Probably be up in Sep anyway.
        Btw it was Ryan David Langerhans who was released

  12. Not sure why everyone is so excited about Tampa Bay losing so we can get past them in 4th place. I’d rather gain a game on the Yankees who are way further ahead. That’s where we gotta be aiming to have a prayer for the post-season.

    • ^ this

      • You are thinking about this all wrong. The yankees are not a threat. their record is a facade. They are not a good team and will not be a factor come september. tis better to gain on the rays ..a team that actually is a threat.

        and i say this full knowing that the yankees have handed it to our asses all year. just think how shitty they would be if not for playing us when we sukkkkkked balls.

    • That’s my thinking as well.

    • Yeah but people always reply with the standard “There’re too many teams ahead of them for the Jays to make a come back.” Today the Rays: Next week the Yankees.

  13. Pillar, Stroman, Jiminez and a few others could make a good run to make camp out of spring training next year, Jays going to have tons of options for the team going forward. Really makes AA look like a genius for moving guys like Snider, Thames, D’Arnaud, Alvarez when he had the chance

  14. some more oriLOLes gems I’ve read:

    “why would O’Day let him (Bau) have the satisfaction of hitting that off him?”


  15. This what good pitching will do for a ball club.

    In the last 7 games, some shitty hitters:

    Colby Rasmus – 4 hits (granted 3 were homers), 10K
    JP Arenshitia – 5 hits (2 homers), 10K
    Melky – 0 homers, 2 doubles. Werez da powa?
    Jose Bautista – 4 hits, 7K, 1BB, 1 homer

    Basically half the lineup as fallen asleep, but the Jays are still winning games. Hopefully when or if the pitching shits the bed again, half the batting order will come back to life.

    • But then the other half may fall asleep. You’re probably never going to have everyone firing, it’s just at some point different people need to step up. Which currently is EE, Lind, Izturis, and Kawasaki. And that’s totally okay!

      • You are correct. My point is more toward the fact the Jays’ offense wasn’t really clicking on all cylinders for this win streak. The pitching is what’s made it happen, except for Dickey’s last start.

        • Definitely, starting pitching has put it together finally, that’s been the major difference.

          • Though I agree with starting pitching being a huge difference, the bullpen (while good all year) has been ridiculous lately. Last I saw they had pitched 25+ innings without allowing a single earned run (maybe only one run in many games now, after that solo shot today??)…and that isn’t including the 8 or 9 innings they spun in that 18inning game a few before the streak started.

            great stuff

  16. When I played the Orioles called Baltimore home.


    I’m rooting for this guy. Always seemed like a good dude and looked like he could be a beast in the bullpen (kinda like what Cecil is doing right now).

  18. man missed the game to day but… fuk ya! I would love to see a sweep of the horiels tomorrow!!

  19. These O’s fans are too much. The most delusional bunch ive ever seen. From refs getting payed to completely ignoring what O’Day did yesterday and trying to make excuses for him. Cant wait to see more crying when they get swept.

  20. Detroit is currently kicking the Masshole assholes: 7 to 2.

  21. wait a tick.. if boston looses today, does that mean the Jays will be 6 games back?… are they still out of the pennant race at that point?

    • The Jays need to play .600 baseball from herein to have a legitimate shot at winning the division.

  22. I wonder what AA has up his sleeve for the trade deadline?

    The obvious upgrades at second and catcher are tough spots to find any offense. how about an outfielder with pop and you shuffle Melky, EE, Bautista through 3rd and DH?

    If you could get Melky out of the field, and Lawrie some time in Buffalo to work on his hitting, I really like our chances.

    • Lawrie needs to anchor the hot corner ASAP.

      Work on his hitting with your best.

    • Well he has options that’s for sure. Who is out there at second base that could help this team more than what we have and is on a team willing to be a dance partner? Plus lets be honest, I could put Kawasaki at second, Bonifacio on the bench, and put someone with options in the bullpen to Buffalo for the time being, or hell even trade Bonifacio for a better bench option. And this team would still be pretty bad ass.

      The other option is to troll the Yankees with an offer for Cano. Say Wang/Bonifacio/Morrow… lol or maybe Happ.. This team would fucking go ape shit crazy if AA pulled that off.

    • This is the stupidest suggestion I have read.

      • true but every other suggestion you can think of for an upgrade at 2nd is going to be just as laughable.

  23. My prediction: Juan Perez is brought in to drill to Chris Davis late in tomorrow’s game as retaliation for Garcia beaning Joey Bats earlier in the game and is DFA’d after the game to make room for Reyes.

  24. thames was designated for assignment….

    • AA did well with that trade. I’d also rather have Lincoln over Snider and Hechevarria is as bad as we suspected too.

      • please. writing off hech after half of a rookie season? laughable. and im sure you havent watched any of their games to see what kind of defense he has played.

        • Hech was a classic case of an over-hyped prospect. Great defence, but couldn’t hit, even in AA. At best he’s going to be the next Cesar Izturis. The Jays should be glad they sent him and a bunch of other useless parts to Miami for a king’s ransom of talent.

      • I’m admittedly a Snider fan boy, but how has Lincoln been even remotely satisfactory in any capacity to warrant believing it was worth moving Snider for him? 13 walks in 21 IP, 1.47 WHIP and generally shittiness to boot. Blech.


  25. Was at the game today. Got a sore throat from cheering in the 9th. I’m telling you, I haven’t heard that old piece of shit building get that loud for baseball in a long, long time. Outside of a brief wave the fans were into it, even standing up for most of the 9th without prompting. And this is a game in June!

    Ten is great but eleven is heaven. Let’s get it tomorrow boys.

  26. 10 in a row and this friend of mine on Facebook is STILL banging the “Fire Gibbons” drum on a nearly month-old thread, today going after him for using Darren Oliver instead of one of the three other lefties (apparently he didn’t notice Loup had already pitched). Why is this still happening?

    • to many go leafs go, jays fans. Or people who believe what they read in Damien Cox, Steve Simmons or listen on Bob-O. same kind of fan who still would say resign halladay.

      • Let’s not get too rigid here, too narrowband, too niche. The Jays aren’t a boutique business.

        We, and Rogers, should be after a big tent team, a populist, broadband team that diversities can and will embrace.

        It’ll get messy; life is messy. It’ll be fun.
        There’s room on the boat for everyone.
        Don’t give them the finger, give them a hand.

        • Have to agree with this. There are plenty of fans out there who say really dumb shit in the heat of the moment, or have some sort of agenda against certain players or staff, but at the end of the day I think most of them truly enjoy watching the Jays and are as delighted about this streak as we all are. The more people we have supporting this ballclub, the more successful it will become.

          There’s no need for elitism in sports, especially among people supporting the same team. People enjoy the game in different ways. Was the Dome filled today with the so-called “mouthbreathers” who firmly believe Arencibia is an all-star catcher because he smacks a boatload of home runs? Probably. But we all cheer just as loudly when he does hit one out, or when Davis steals a base, or when Janssen strikes out the side in a close game. That’s the important thing.

          • I think it’s likely that a lot of us on here have been fans through and through, But if it’s choosing 13,000 people a night and a shit payroll or a ‘bandwagon’ with a full house, excitement in the city and a healthy payroll, I’ll take the latter.

            Although, that being said, wish they’d leave the frigging paper airplanes at home.

            • @Alomar.

              I have been attending games since June 2008 on a regular basis & have noticed that this year has atttracted more of the “beautiful people” that don’t seem to know anything about he sport.

              I don’t mind, but the ineups for food & drinks are much longer in the 100′s.

          • @Spoony: Couldn’t agree more. It’s just that the reasoning behind some of the Fire Gibby stuff is ridiculous. If he’s doing a terrible job and needs to be fired everybody will be able to see it, and even the people who like him will understand. I’ve gone through this with the Raptors and Colangelo myself as a Colangelo defender for the longest time up to this season.

          • @Spooney


            The fans really seem to be getting into the game now with the Kawasaki chants.

            I hope they stop doing the wave at inappropriate times.

  27. too*

  28. When I played Detroit was in the American League.

  29. Her derp

  30. When I played it was three strikes and the batter was out.

  31. Davis will probably be on the move on this 3-2 pitch to avoid the double play. There are two outs so Davis will be on the move.

  32. Stoeten – has anyone on here suggested to keep Reyes in AAA so not to break up “team chemistry”? Or said something like “The Jays didn’t need Reyes to win 10 in a row”?

    If not, how come?
    Doesn’t it seem like the kind of thing you’d expect from a DJF commenter?

  33. Look at the pen over the past 14 days (did a quick search on ESPN fantasy pages and 15 days is easiest…so consider that that excludes the 9innins of shutout abll in the 18 inning game and includes a stinker from Janssen.

    (small sample, sure, but):
    Cecil 0.00 era 0.12whip 8k in 8 IP
    Lincolon 0.00era and 0.50 WHIP
    Loup 0.00era and 0.60 WHIP
    Delabar 0.00era and a 1.33WHIP BUT 14K in 6IP-yikes! 14 of 18 have Kd unreal
    Perez 0.00 era +5IP
    Weber 0.00
    Oliver 0.00 (until today)

  34. Does Wang pronounce his name ‘Wong’ just to avoid the jokes?

  35. “Baltimore, Philadelphia and Toronto apparently have interest in Padres starting pitcher Edinson Volquez”

    Uhm, okay?

  36. With Johnson on the mound I really like our odds of a sweep today and with Verlander in Detroit there’s a good chance the Sox lose today too. That would leave us 3 back of the wildcard and 5 back of Boston. I’m happy for the Rays and Yankees to alternate losing to each other as I don’t know which one will be the better on the year. Just happy we won’t face Price when we’re in Tampa.
    But really all of this speculation is pointless ahead of the Boston series. That will determine a hell of a lot about this season.
    That said, I’ll keep speculating as I don’t know what else to do!

  37. Say what you want about jpa, and I have been his harshest critic but I really loved his reaction to the big third out in the top of the seventh. Huge fist pump and hollar. I can at least appreciate his passion.

  38. Interesting chart that shows how the Jays have caught up to the AL East:

  39. Someone mentioned a possible deal for a 2B.
    In the past , AA has mentioned he always “liked” Gord Beckham of Chicago. That is code, of course, for “I’d like to acquire that guy”
    Now he plays, 2B, is above avg defensively, so so offensively( Ignore his high BA this year as he has missed a good chunk of the year) and he has never lived up to expectations in Chicago-just the kind of guy he likes.
    The Q becomes the cost at this time of year-??
    I got to eat a little crow here at the moment as I figured they w/b sellers, and now hopefully, they won’t .
    So, if they do move on someone like Beckham, I’m thinking it may cost a relief pitcher and some prospect. Does anyone think the Sox would take Lincoln and a prospect?
    Chicago rumours indicate they may dump Rios, Dunn(to who??), and perhaps Peavy.
    Rumours will heat up over the next month

    • I was about to counter with:
      “why do anything, Izturis is heating up and they should be able to work a platoon with bonifacio?”
      but then i looked at Bonifacio’s stats…what a black hole

      But serious question, is there a pressing need to tweak 2nd base?

      • Izturis is doing a capable job, particularly as he moves closer to performing at his career numbers. With an infield of Reyes, Lawrie, EE and Izturis, I could live with that.

      • Personally, I think there is. Izturis is doing better , Boni still stinks and overall 2B has “leaked” a lot of balls this year. B but…Beckham is top notch defensively so I can see it. I mention it, because b4 the season even started, AA on Mccown’s show said he was still looking for a 2B. So…putting this together leads me to Beckham.
        Will he do it? depends onprice. Don’t think they’ll go crazy for him

        • Izturis has been playing quality baseball lately. Bonifacio should not be starting regularly, if ever.

          Unless it’s for a significant upgrade (Utley, *drools*), I don’t think AA will be too hasty to make a move. But who knows?

      • Honestly, I don’t see a giant need to go out and acquire a guy to play 2nd. What we need is to get Reyes back and playing to form – along with a healthy Lawrie, who will (hopefully) continue to progress as a ballplayer. I can live with Itzuris at second base in that scenario – he’s not totally embarrassed himself lately….we’re getting adequate defense, and the bonus of the occasional big-fly and base hits.
        The Jays can then use Bonifacio for what his intended purpose was – as a pinch-runner and the occasional relief at second.

    • Beckham can’t hit. At all. Neither can Izturis or Bonifacio, but why trade for something the Jays already have in quantity?

    • Lol. Time to poke the bear in that thread. :)

    • Fuck! I registered and can’t post yet. Seriously dumb shit is being said. I get supporting your team, but what the blue shit is up with Oriole fans?

    • I’ll check out the other teams threads to see what their spin on games is (ie Bautista chirping that relief pitcher) but I wouldn’t post and troll them, that’s kinda lame. I’ve seen a few postings from this series where they’re now calling for Kawasaki to get plunked…they must see him differently then the jay’s fanbase.

      • It’s the like the Prime Directive you can observe their dumbass-ness and only engage once they achieve enlightenment.

  40. I spent a bit of time trying to figure out what exactly is going so well for the team in June. A couple interesting things came up… The offense has bounced around, 26th in WAR in April, 6th in May, 17th in June so far. Pitching has gone from completely in the tank to middle of the road – 22nd in April, 26th in May, 17th in June by FWAR. By ERA, they are #1 or #2 in June, bolstered by a likely unsustainable BABIP of .245, lowest in MLB by .010. BABIP for the staff was .294 and .292 in April and May, basically middle of the road. The big changes that may indicate an improvement sustainable over the long term are in BB/9 and GB%. BB/9 has gone from 3.66(25th) to 3.39(24th) to 2.58(12th), GB% has had a huge swing, from 38.9(worst) to 42.6(24th) to 51.8(2nd in MLB).

    The GB% numbers are mirrored in individual stats for Johnson and Buerhle, Rogers’s new sinker has his GB% at 54 in June vs 33 in April and May. So, yeah… maybe that’ll work out pretty well going forward, and the offense has plenty of room to grow towards it’s potential. It was actually much better in May.

    Month WAR rank BABIP(Rank) GB%(rank) K/9(rank) BB/9(rank) FIP(rank
    april 22 .294(12) 38.9(30) 7.28(20) 3.66(25) 4.51(26)
    may 27 .292(19) 42.6(24) 6.75(27) 3.39(24) 4.91(29)
    june 14 .245(30) 51.8(2) 6.68(26) 2.58(12) 3.78(12)

  41. That Orioles board referred to the Jays as ‘the Canadian jerks’….

    To borrow from George Takei:

    Oh myyyyy

    • Im at work on this grey Winnipeg afternoon,

      Monky Army, get on those Oriole boards and incite a fucking riot, until now, I had NO idea how shitty Oriole fans were, but they be MAAAAD.

      Fingers crossednfor the sweep, I will be watching on my breaks.

      God speed Monkey Army.
      Go Jays.

    • The orioles should be forced to wear their ‘Canadian Tuxedos’ out of town if they get swept this series.

  42. Stotes 10 game winning streak, you got to have a game threat running early buddy!

  43. From the recap off a Orioles fan page. A recap of the Bautista homer. Just copied that part. Unbelievably hilarious. A MUST read:

    We sure didn’t have much time to celebrate, though. Gonzalez grounded Bonifacio out to second to begin the bottom half of the eighth but then surrendered a single back up the middle on a two-strike delivery to Munenori Kawasaki, who will forever be a Blue Jay fan favorite until Jose Reyes gets back and Kawasaki is never heard from again. Anyhoo: One aboard, one out, enter O’Day. The side-armer gets defensive replacement Rajai Davis to roll over on a pitch, sending it to first, where Ishikawa does a nice job clearing lead man Kawasaki and getting the force at second, though R. Davis is too damn quick to double up. Shame, because here’s where O’Day delivers a first pitch to Bautista that appears to sweep back across the inner half, but which home-plate ump Paul Nauert adjudges to have curled around the dish. Which is weird, because the next pitch is basically the same thing and is called a strike. But OK, whatever, maybe the first offering just barely missed the corner. On to the next one: a fastball over the middle of the plate that never reaches so much as Bautista’s letters (meaning, of course, his belt, if he were to come out of that defecatory posture he calls a stance and stand up straight). Ball two. Um, okay …

    The pitch deemed ball three is where it really gets insane. All day long Nauert has had a conspicuously low zone; he even called a strike on Markakis, on a delivery from Wang, that must’ve crossed at about the level of Nick’s shoestrings. But now he refuses to give what’s doubtless a higher pitch than that, a perfect two-seamer above Bautista’s knees over the outside corner, to O’Day. Hey, if that last pitch was high, due to Bautista’s exagerrated coiled-spring crouch, how is that one low, with the slugger’s knees practically scraping the batter’s-box dirt?

    So Bautista’s been ushered right along into a hitter’s count at 3-1. He fouls off an O’Day offering, then a second, despite being fooled badly by the off-speed payoff pitch. Then, wouldn’t you know it, he turns on the seventh pitch of the at-bat, and by my count either the sixth or seventh strike, blasting it directly down the left-field line and out, good for a two-run homer and a 4-2 Jays lead — from which suffice it to say the Orioles didn’t do much of anything to come back, in the ninth — and has the gall to bark at O’Day (Bautista does) on his way in to touch the plate/greet his new best friend Nauert. Hey, Jose, given three extra strikes, even your suspiciously less powerful pre-2010 self probably could’ve made that hay …

    In any case, no use crying over spilt growth hormone milk. O’s lose the second of the three-game weekend set; Jays turn in their tenth straight victory; 4-2, is your (sickening) final.

  44. I’m sick of Buck Martinez’s love affair with Bonifacio. He can’t reliably field grounders for fucks sake.

  45. The Mitch Williams link: that feller sure do write purdy like. Yep.

    He’s almost satire. Wow. Priceless note in the comments: “The 93 Jays had talent. The 93 Phillies had chemistry”. Bravo if any of you folks made it.

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