Game Threat: Jays Vs. Orioles

This will be your game threat. Go Jays.

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  1. The fans were great today. It would be awesome if the Skydo……er uh, Rogers Centre became a hostile environment for the visiting clubs.

  2. Massholes lose. Jays 5 back of first.

  3. When I played we played 11 games in a row quite often.

  4. Thanks for that Jack but that’s Buck Showalter down there managing them now.

    • Fantastic. Hopefully one can be created for each team we beat in a series from here on!

  5. Ha ha Buck. We both know you’re up here with me.

  6. Blue Jays almost take the daily attendance crown today: I think Stankees in the lead with 46K, Jays 2nd with 45.2K unless I am missing something.

    Stand Up Blue Jays Fans, great showing at RC this weekend.

    I was at Saturday’s game and the chant of “We Want 10″ from the right field 100 level behind Jose in the 9th inning was amazing.

  7. FWIW, the blowout today also finally the Jays into a positive run differential.

  8. Was at the game. Hot and humid as fuck but crowd was amazing. I knew they would beat the shit out of garcia. Really pumped about the winning streak!! A bit bummed about reyes not being ready for tomorrow though. Was really looking forward to it.

  9. I don’t know if everyone knows this already, but Dunedin clinched a playoff berth already for finishing first in their division for the first half of the season; I think this will be 3 years in a row of playoff baseball for Dunedin (they of the 64-bit commercial last year).

  10. What a fun weekend at the ballpark.

  11. American League East:

    Watch the fuck out, cause there’s a new Sherriff in town, and his name T. Ron Towe.


    • KGBS: where the fuk u been ,man?
      I’ve benn out here in the fields lookin for ye and drankin my merlot, celebrating a great winning streak-I’m hoping for 15
      It’s not smoke and mirrors abymore but maybe smoke on the water..dun dun, dun dun dun de dun, somke on the water, fire in the sky!!!
      Forward Soviet, DA!!!

    • Isn’t your bro in Alberta? How is he?

      • Hey Karen and The FUKSTIKKKKKKKKKKK!.!

        Just chilling and riding out this season. Been busy trying to find a cure for Bostonian Bullshitttttt, it’s a bad disease you know? It consists of thinking you’re number one when you’re probably not with a douche nozzle running the club. Feel bad for them, cause the got good Chowdahhhh.

        Anyway, I love in Cowtown and am fortunate, no evac or house flooding. But many others are compromised. Heart goes out to Albertans right now.

        The Blue Jays have gave body, shine, elasticity, and glimer back into my Mullett.

        Fukstik, see you soon in a 400 level bear you……….. Where Merlot is banned!

  12. How fucking sweet does this look?

    I can’t help but smile every time I see it.

  13. Been a while since I checked in on Fuckface. He seems to have made a couple of bad decisions recently with his bullpen. Quelle surprise!

  14. Um…so please dont pinch me…
    I think I am dreaming.

    4 games back of the playoffs???
    A month ago I was praying to be .500 by the All-Star break. That was my dream scenario…
    This is fucking awesome…

  15. “Really…Canadians are fine unless they’re at a sporting event. As soon as they enter one of those, they become classless idiots. See: Vancouver riots.”

    These guys are worse than TSN! More tears, please.

    • Best is that they think we were chanting “O’Day O’Day.” They don’t know how to rhyme words in Baltimore.

    • Two for sure things in life. Taxes and Americans are stupid. You can’t fix stupid.I can’t believe they are still on that Cito Gaston thing. Wow…maybe we should discuss how many years of consecutive SUCKING in Baltimore franchise history. Hmmmmm…….14 maybe? Geez, one half decent season and their fans turn into Yankees fans, but with less class.

  16. By the way, Adam Lind has finally qualified and is currently 2nd in the AL batting race (4th in OBP, 5th in SLG).

  17. If this series was the start of some kind of Jays-Orioles rivalry that would be awesome. Especially if it makes those Baltimore fuckers miserable.


    Fucking love this guy!

    I think it’s gonna have to boil down between sending down Perez or McGowan, risk them out on waivers. Highly doubt any team takes a chance on McGowan with the 1.5 mil price tag and he’s probably better off back in Buffalo getting consistent pitching opp’s while the Jays starting pitching is doing so well. This will give the Jays a chance to use Perez more and see if he can sustain his low ERA and WHIP longterm.

    Love Dusty but his value to the team is limited at the moment.

    • That was awesome! Kawasaki rocks.

    • I agree, but realistically I think it’s more likely they DFA Juan Perez first. Would they keep 4 lefties and 3 righties on a 7 man pen? Once the starters come back and Esmil goes back to the bullpen then McGowan gets crunched out numbers-wise. At least that’s the way I see it happening.

      • Wonder if AA would be shopping him around for prospects. Probably wouldn’t garner much given the situation, but whatever it was would give AA some time.

    • Great to see them on their way to Tampa feeling so loose.

      I agree with Sharkey. Juan Perez I think is the likeliest to be DFA’d, maybe traded for cash or something. The pitchers are doing well enough that they can drop an arm in the pen, and if the starters shit the bed again, there’s arms in AAA.

      • Well, perez has options, doesnt he? No need for dfa but I think he is the most likeliest to be sent down when reyes is activated. Maybe wagner but it seems like gibby has already fallen in love with him.

        • At 34, I’d be surprised if he did. If he does, yeah, just send him down.

        • Perez has no options. I just can’t see them holding onto him in a 7-man pen because you don’t need 4 lefties out there, that leaves you with only Delabar and Wagner as righties, plus Casey. Juan has been alright, but if you can’t sneak him through and can turn him into cash or a non-40 man guy that you can give the Bisons you might as well do that.

    • That is quite amazing.

  19. Looking at the AL east standings, from first to worst is only a 5 game spread.
    To quote Elvis Costello, it’s getting mighty crowded.

  20. If im AA id be calling NL teams to see who wants bonicrapio. His style just isnt suited for AL baseball. His srengths are speed and positional versatility which is very important in the NL. In the AL, he is basically an automatic out. Id be fine with a kawasaki/izturis platoon at 2nd.

    • good point. Wonder if Atlanta is still interested?
      Remember before the season, their blogs were full of rumours about extricating him from the Jays but , at the time, rumour was J’s said no way.
      Wonder if they would trade Walden, he of the 100mph fastball?

      • They’d do that deal if Bonerface was hitting .300 and had 30+ SB. But he is hitting .200 and can’t play defence. Oh, and he’s also out of options, and stands to make 2 mil in arbitration next year.

        AA might be a ninja, but he’s no magician.

  21. Stro Show pitching well since his return, but for one bad game: remember he is a possible bullpen candidate (and if pressed, a possible starter) in a month or two:

    • He’s getting knocked around by righties. I’d like to see if his righties splits can turn around first.

    • Take away that one brutal inning and his ERA is 1.80. Not too shabby.

    • If we’re looking September or even next April, the guys making this club are: Cecil, Delabar, Loup, Janssen.

      Black Magic will be gone.

      That leaves Wagner, Dusty, Perez x 2, Carreno, and Stroman most notably, plus spot starter types in Rogers, Jenkins, and Lincoln.

      Plenty of options and a lot of talent there

  22. No David price!

  23. I wonder if there is going to be a trade before Jose Reyes is back on Thursday even if it is a minor one. I could see Bonefacio, Kawasaki or a reliever or two traded. I have no idea what AA would trade for but I think it’s possible since it’s a bit of a roster crunch soon.

    • Farrell’s bullpen is imploding. Maybe we could get Middlebrooks for a bullpen arm.

      • @GSMC:

        It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think Cherington would be too keen to give up Middlebrooks within the division unless the return was ridiculously one sided. As Blue Jay fans, you and I both want to avoid that scenario at all costs.

        It’s not like we’re dealing with the Seattle Mariners, although…they do have this third baseman named Kyle Seager…Hmm…Nah they probably want to keep him as a piece to build around, given that they still suck ass.

        • Ewww not sure id want middlebrooks and his obp with jpa already on board.

          • I know Cheringon wouldn’t trade within the ALE, but it would be nice to buy low on Middlebrooks. He’s better than his numbers indicate. Farrell has a knack for fucking with young player’s minds.

            • Sox fans are just now beginning to realize the prize they won. The boards are full of restive Massholes trying to work out why Farrell went to Bailey in a high-leverage situation. No doubt coughing up a run or two didn’t help Bailey’s confidence either.

              • @Isabella:

                It’ll be fun to watch Fuckface create a calamafuck elsewhere. Even more fun that it’ll affect a hated divisional opponent. Remember how much bliss there was in Boston when he was hired? Let’s just wait and see shall we?

                • @Tom Jackson

                  He hasn’t managed badly in general. He learned not to send the runners into outs. But by all accounts the Sox bullpen is a nervous mess and I wonder if that’s him micro-managing and possibly second-guessing the coaches. Using Bailey in that situation today made no sense at all to me.

                  If he fucks up it’s all good. But the fans on the boards there are all WTF??? And I don’t blame them.

                  • @Isabella: Hmm…Not sending runners into outs eh? This shows he’s capable of learning behaviour, which may spread to the bullpen management, which wouldn’t be good. That’s one thing I love about Gibby: the man’s a maestro with bullpen management and he doesn’t go all smallball crazy except when he has the horses to pull it off.

                  • That was one of the complaints about him last year; micro managing.

              • Farrett was on that poll Radar posted the other day. He ranked very high on best manager as voted by players. The guy has everyone fooled

            • Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea. I just think it can only happen if Middlebrooks is in one of the other five divisions. Then there’s fukstik’s suggestion of Gordon Beckham, who could use a change of scenery, but is a bit further removed from his shiny prospect days.

              We’ll see what happens. It’s fun having AA as a GM, despite the fact he traded off all the young SP who could’ve helped early on this season. You can’t accuse him of not having big brass cahones. Playing it safe doesn’t get you over the top and I much prefer this to JPR’s cautious approach (at least until he was given cash – then he went apegoof). AA’s moves seem to come out of nowhere, and yet he goes after players that he’s previously admitted to liking like Rasmus, Escobar etc. Fun to be a fan.

              • Above comment was for GSMC.

              • Personally, I see no reason to make any moves until the offseason unless something golden comes our way. I like the way AA built the team and expect Boni and Izturis to both play the way they were expected to. This may not be our year, but with the players we have waiting in the wings, I expect 2 to 3 years of playoffs wi minor tinkering here and there.

                • @GSMC: At least we can be sure he’ll be burning up those phones looking for something golden, but will have the patience to wait if need be.

                  • I still think AA will make a trade before the deadline for sure.. maybe soon with the roster crunch coming up. I just dunno if it’s a couple little trades or a big one or what but he won’t do nothing.

              • Even if Beckham hit .200 for the Jays, he’s a better defender at 2nd than Emilio made-another-Boner-face

        • Would you buy low on Ackley?

          • Depends on the price, which depends on who the M’s think the real Dustin Ackley is: the shiny, can’t miss prospect or the guy whose stock has dropped off the table so dramatically over the last three seasons.

  24. So Lind qualifies for the batting title now.

  25. Random oddity when looking at the standings: 27 teams are either 4-6, 5-5 or 6-4 in their last ten. 1 at 7-3, 1 at 3-7, Jays at 10-0. Seems like there should be more of a spread.

    • It’s like the league agreed to go into a hiding pattern while the Jays caught up.

    • Not really, 4-6 & 6-4 across a season represent totals of 65 and 97 wins respectively. most teams fall into that range

      • Over a season, yes, but in a given ten game span, there’s more variance. Based on many years of wasted time looking at standings, it’s unusual for so many teams to be in such a narrow band.

        • I would bet that having every team in the range is the most likely of all outcomes, even if it raely happens. I’ll see how much time i have at work this week to test that prediction

          • I look forward to your analysis with extreme nerdiness.

            • Boy, was I way off.
              here’s one simulated season distribution which shows the expectancy for total number of teams between 4 and 6 wins in their last 10. Data is from 2012 season, but i took enough liberties trying to normalize the season’s winning percentage so that i didn’t have to include schedules. The trend is plain to see, there is very little chance of having 26, 28, or 30 teams between 4 and 6 wins all at the same time.


              • Rather than a simulated season, i solved the percentages numerically and arrived at this distribution:

                Again using 2012 final standings, but I also ran it with everyteam at .500 winning percentage and it didn’t vary much

                • My initial misguided thought was thinking that because the chance of each team being between 4&6 wins in their last 10 was so great (see graph below) that it would happen more often.


                  • Just because i had done this last month I may as well include it, through 40 games here here is the running total of the Bluejays Last10….fuck they were doing terrible.
                    They were only in that range for 17/30 possible times, leaves them with less than a .350 wining percentage


          • Back when I played the most likely outcome rarely happened as well.

  26. Greatest thing i have read in a while. This is the last few sentences from the actual recap article over at Orioles hangout.
    Again, not some dumbass post, the actual article writer.

    If you want my opinion, by far the best thing the Orioles ever got out of this game was … getting out of this game. No more red-hot Jays. No more obnoxious bandwagon fans chanting for a player they will have forgotten in two weeks’ time, or starting up with the derisive “O’Day, O’Day, O’Day” chant whenever Bautista makes his way aboard. Back on to Baltimore, hon’.

    So dumb I actually feel bad.

    • I can’t believe these fans actually think that Darren O’Day is so important, that they would be chanting his name derisively. So out of it.

  27. So here’s the thing. I’m staying at the Vinoy Renaissance in St Pete. And the Jays just arrived and are staying here. JPA looks a lot less hot in person and these guys are not very tall…

    • When I played everyone was tall. Except the short guys.

      • Actually I saw you, Jack. And you are cute…

        It’s just that I thought ball players were tall in general and these guys aren’t short but they aren’t giants either. They were all wearing (very expensive-looking) suits, shirts and ties. I guess that’s how they travel but it doesn’t look very comfortable.

    • karen is going to be devastated.

      • SP please. When did I EVER say I was cheering for JP because of his looks? I have children older than him, I’m well beyond liking players because they’re attractive.
        I saw him at spring training, he’s nice enough looking but I’m not 16.

        (And anyway, Dustin is the hot one)

        • Thats pretty cool.

          You should go up to JP and suggest he adopt a goddamn two strike approach ..

        • I’m sure Parkes will be flattered by your comment.

          • It could have been worse, I guess.
            It could have been ‘Ankle-biter,’ the attack dog Drew Fairweather.
            Woof woof.

        • I think Bautista is the hot one. But I’m certainly older than Karen and probably just about everyone on the board.

          In any case, I’m headed home today, and I’m kicking myself I didn’t check to see if the Jays were coming in because I would have stayed the extra day to catch the game. I am gonna send John Gibbons a thank-you note though via the hotel desk. Because the way he manages all aspects of his team has been a big breath of fresh air to the club and a huge shot in the arm for the bullpen. The streak and they way the guys are playing now, they owe a lot to Gibby I think.

  28. Kawasaki dancing on the plane to Tampa Bay

  29. Cant wait for Reyes to get back. Sorry to say I have zero interest in seeing Lawrie again, but that’s just me.

    • Ya many peoples expectations for Lawrie have gone from superstar to just hoping he doesn’t suck too much.

      We’re waiting on..

      That’s a decent list of players to join the team hopefully at some point this year.

      • Lawries defense is good and I am sure his hitting is going to pick up too. But his overall douchiness is why people fell of the bandwagon with him.

      • Reyes is really the only one I’m looking forward to. He’s the only really consistent/proven player on that list.

  30. Man the orioles hangout people are whiners

    • I feel like someone needs to go tell them that no one in Toronto cares about Darren O’Day. I don’t want them to think we’re leading them on or something…

      • You’re a decent guy for a nut, Philbert.

      • I don’t think that any of the DJF’ers who registered to comment were authorized by the moderators.
        Maybe just as well,I don’t think they would be able to handle it.Just too over matched.
        Also gotta wonder about the mentality of people who can’t determine the difference between “Jose” and “O’day”.
        Jay’s fans and especially those at DJF, fucking rule.
        It’s not just bravado. It was either Law or Rosenthal who said he gets the most intelligent questions from Jays fans.

        • A few hours after the game ended Orioles Hangout let me know they’d be pleased to let me take part. (about a 36 hour wait.)

          I’ll save the honour for when next we meet, although I may log on to razz O’Day and his fanboys with a cheer or two.

          O’Day, O’Day O’Day O’Day,
          O’Day, O’Day.

          You couldn’t make this shit up.

          • Those fucks turned me down lol Maybe it was because I made my password “OriolesSuck”….

            • But Spuds, you gotta make a thread over there telling them they’re morons and the chant was “Jose, Jose”. It’s eaten me up inside that they think we give two fucks about their POS reliever.

              • Au contraire, mon ami.
                Spuds will do no such thing!
                Philbert and yourself have to stand back and bask in the glory of this brand new shiny thing that our inbred brethren from Baltimore created all by themselves.
                I plan to sustain it, and warm myself whilst observing it gain momentum.
                You should too.

            • Maybe????????

      • I kinda wanted to infiltrate Orioles Hangout to make it even more stupid, but then I realized that was impossible.

    • Whiners or weiners? (or both?)

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