Game Threat: Jays Vs. Orioles

This will be your game threat. Go Jays.

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  1. Guys, we gotta make sure we’re voting for Joey Bats to the allstar game. The Orioles broadcast is advocating Nick Markakis so you know their fans are aware. It’s pretty tight and their seasons have both been pretty average. We can’t let these orange fuckers have too many starting players.

  2. Walk That Parrot!

  3. I hope we get that 9-0 slump busting shit kicking we were hoping for.

  4. More despair:

    “I am going out to work in the yard try to do something productive. I am going to have to back away from the daily watching for a while, it has gotten a bit too frustrating lately. “

  5. Got a clip of AA talking to Beeston about the Orioles series:

  6. Looks like another packed house on TV by the way.

  7. “Machado hits it hard, right at Izturis. Markakis hits it hard right at Bautista. I hate the Jays so much.”

    He hates the Jays because the Orioles batters are hitting it hard lol. I know every fanbase has their circle of retards, but at least we keep ours in one place: TSN.

    • Jesus fuck! Were Izturis and Bautista supposed to be out of position or something? You have to wonder what the rate of fetal alcohol syndrome is in Baltimore because a lot of those comments are insane.

  8. Break time! 4 – 0….fuck yeah!!!!
    Hows JJ looking today?

  9. “Thanks for nothing, Orioles. **** the god damn mother ****ing Blue Jays. Seriously. **** them. This has been a lovely vacation. I need a vacation from this message board, now, because all I can see is doom and gloom right now, and that’s not constructive. No need to suspend me (although you can if you want!); I’ll be back in a month or so regardless. I’m feeling utterly un-constructive; I’m aware of that; and I won’t be back until I feel like I can contribute something positive again. Of course it would help if the Orioles could be bothered to do something constructive as well, but so far it seems like a (very) long shot to expect something like that to happen until well after I’m back in the U.S.

    Later guys. I have nothing against you lot; you guys are the most devoted O’s fans I know, and great people to boot. I just can’t take this. I guess I’m just a bad fan. TTYL”

    Oh, look! orioleshangout has their own “It’s All Over!” poster.

    • Hahahahaha that guy is SO off their boat. Pleased to see that the Jays have completely ruined this poor Eeyore’s weekend

    • Best part is that guy has 3,118 posts but a sweep by the Jays is enough to cause him to hit rock bottom and take a break from the team for a month. For a team that is still several games behind the O’s in the standings we’ve really gotten into their heads. Love it!!

  10. I like how everyones like “theyre beating up on bad teams” when Texas was 8 of 9 coming into the RC that first series, we took 6 of 7, and have no won like 4straight since playing us.

  11. Orioles Hangout Madness

    Originally Posted by Uli2001
    Blame the body armor that hitters are allowed to wear now. Remember Bonds? I say take away the armor and give pitchers a chance. You would see starters go deep in games again, for one thing.
    This is very true. There was a time when a starter would go 8 innings and then a single reliever would come in to close.

  12. Updated list of why the Jays are the luckiest team to ever play anything in the history of the planet:

    - ground rule double to prevented a run
    - Encarnacion broken bat single
    - Lind hit where Garcia dropped his glove
    - Freddy Garcia throwing 31 first inning pitches
    - Flaherty fly ball caught on the warning track
    - Soft liner to Bautista and groundball to Izturis didn’t result in hits

    It’s the third inning now, so… this may be a long list.

  13. Mighty Maice!


  15. Maicer!

  16. So much wasted outrage about how the Jays are disrespected by other teams’ fans.

    Confidence means not caring what other people think. We are going to be just fine. Let everyone continue to underestimate us.

  17. 5 – 0 lolololol

  18. Okay, the Jays are lucky. Anybody else would’ve got JPA out at home.

  19. #MaicerTheBest

    That gets less sarcastic every time.

  20. Everytime the Jays get a hit, I load up Camden Chat or Orioles Hang-out and do this:

    • hahaha…The game few weeks ago when the Jays came back against Orioles has 15 minutes of straight posts of their fanbase imploding.

    • At least you’re using your powers for good for a change.

  21. LOL

  22. Izturis practically walked to home plate.

  23. Well this is fun.


  25. Bonafacio!

  26. Lo Viste! Way to not suck Emilo!!

  27. Garcia is channeling his inner Garcia, a bucket of shit without the bucket.

  28. I think we might have just ended Garcia’s career.

  29. Hahaha Freddie Garcia is so unlucky, he got taken out of the game by Bonafacio.

  30. Holy SHIT Camden chat is way more entertaining

    • I’m late to the party dudes, Did anyone see this at Camden chat?

      “I would also like to state for the record that Joey Bats is a big prima donna, and probably a cheater, and I would not be upset in the slightest to see him get plunked in the thigh or between the numbers due to his antics yesterday. I just don’t think it would happen.”

  31. And the Leafs just made another bad trade. Thank god Toronto has one well run sports team.

    • I hate the Leafs but how is that a bad trade? They didn’t give much up and now have 2 good goalies with the potential of Bernier being better than good.

      • Reimer put up fantastic numbers. Bernier needs to be resigned, and is very athletic but small for a goalie. The Leafs are emptying out their bottom 6 scoring depth this offseason (Mac, Frattin) and giving up a second rounder in the deepest draft in a decade.

        Not the worst leaf trade ever, but a bad trade all the same.

        • If you don’t think we can replace Matt frattin in free agency, you need to watch more hockey. Pretty sure frattin was a healthy scratch for a number of games this year. Love the trade. Ride the hot hand in net!

  32. Getting pretty close to that 9 – 0 shitkicking already

  33. Farewell dinger for Kawasaki

  34. 66 vs 66

    Showalter is a tactical genius playing the match ups.

  35. Oriole blog post,

    Yeah this is the only time in the past 2 seasons
    that I have not really cared to watch this O’s team. That statement is much more of a compliment then anything about how much fun the past year and a half has been. Having said that, I am going to gut it out and hope they do something awesome, or if nothing else let Strop throw at Bautista…though he’ll probably miss by 2 feet and hit the inside corner for a perfect strike.

    by dannyboy12 on Jun 23, 2013 | 1:58 PM reply

    • Geez thay sure dont like Joey. I kinda understand, I mean he loves to throw tantrums and talks back to the umps, but I bet they’d give anything to have him on their team.

  36. S now its a blow out and Bautista will most likely get plunked. I really won’t care unless he catches it on the hand and ends up injured.

  37. fuck my life
    by WestcoastO’sFan on Jun 23, 2013 | 12:54 PM ↩reply 
    game over

    by SteveBork on Jun 23, 2013 | 12:54 PM ↩reply 
    fuck this

    goddamnit. this is a fucking shitshow.
    by DCO’sfan on Jun 23, 2013 | 12:54 PM ↩reply 

    If you’re gonna walk him anyway, make it a HBP.
    by howski on Jun 23, 2013 | 12:54 PM ↩reply

    And stay classy, O’s fans.

  38. Jays have had some lucky bounces but lets be real…..JJ vs. Garcia with our lineup should be a blowout 9 times out of 10.

    There was just no reason for this to not happen. When the pitcher is throwing meatballs and youre making solid contact youre going to get a lot of “lucky bounces”

  39. This game is so much fun.

  40. Wow, looks like dinner may be at 9 tonight. This is going to be a long beat down.

  41. Melkmania!

  42. ohh…. the ORRRioles

  43. JJ must be taking a nap.

  44. TJ McFarland looks and pitches like Seth MacFarlane.

  45. Lol. More from Orioles fans:

    “Now they are chanting Oday wow stay classy Toronto.”

    • It’s not entirely on them that they are dumb. American education system is lacking.

    • I hope one of these O’s fans is watching one of our home games in the Tigers series so they can post: “Guys, they’re STILL taunting O’Day every time Jose Bautista gets up to bat!”

  46. EDDIE

  47. Wow

  48. OrioLOLes. I hope we win 40-0, obliterate their bullpen, and leave them out to dry for the Indians.

  49. Remember the Orioles?

  50. Theres the 9 – 0!…..oh boy and its still early

  51. This is the best game I’ve seen in years.

    The fucking negativity on the Orioles board is fueling me… I fucking love it.

  52. Keep piling it on!!! Nothing like crushing the spirits of an entire fanbase.

  53. Fucking right! Is asking for 15-0 too greedy?

  54. I hope Baltimore goes on an 11 game losing streak after this one. Do not let up, Jays, destroy them.

    Crush their mind, bodies, spirits, and soul.

  55. Haha, I leave to make a sandwich and it’s 9 – 0.

    These Oriole-fan tears are giving me power.

  56. “Now they are chanting Oday wow stay classy Toronto. ”

    They keep confusing “Jose” with “O’day”. It’s charming.

  57. “The good news is that now they should be able to hit Bautista and it will have no effect on the game”

    -Baltimore Fan

    Pure class in Maryland.

  58. “Is Encarnacion retarded? Why does he throw his hands up every single time?”

  59. 1) Let’s not get cocky boys. This was us a month ago. It is entirely possible that this could be us a month later.
    2) The Orioles are are a good team, and will stay a good team. I don’t understand the outrage on their part. It’s not like this series will put them permanently off track.
    3) I really like the Orioles, so their fanbase freakout is really disappointing.

  60. “I hope we plunk every one of them. They’re a bunch of cocky, arrogant, smug, D-bags. I can’t wait until this lucky streak ends for them, and then they go back to the dysfunctional last place team full of mental midgets that they are.

    The sad thing is we aren’t even putting up a fight against these D-bags. We are letting them walk all over us.”

    You couldn’t script this hilarity. More tears, please.

  61. Good at bat vs a lefty for Lind

  62. I wish they played the Sox before the Rays. If any team can kill this momentum it’s fucking tampa.

  63. Buck is right on top of his game today….the last two 11 game winning streaks for the Jays happened in 1988 and 1997…

  64. “You know that homer that Lind hit the other night just made me think he knew that pitch was coming somehow. ”

    They should be used to it by now. #maninwhite

  65. from Orioles Hangout “What is that stupid eye/hand thing the Jays do? anyone know the story behind that? ”

    Lo Viste Bitch

  66. <3 <3 <3 Carlos <3 <3 <3

  67. Enjoy the ride while we’re on a streak. I see it as luck reversal from earlier in the season. Now we’re back in this thing! Go Jays!

    However, we have to win another 5 straight (including today) to be tied with Baltimore. That’s how much we sucked.

  68. Where’s the orioles board that everyone is following? I want a taste of oriole tears myself

  69. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were 44-36 by next Sunday?

  70. “Welp it was a fun first few months. Bummer.”

    They can see the end is coming.

  71. Just turned on the game, as I was previously indisposed.

    I absolutely, 100% will watch the rest of this one. Not only will I enjoy it, I may even entertain a bit of optimism for the future. I suspect it’s just a passing feeling.
    Furthermore, I may even listen to some future games on the radio! In addition, I will continue to post on the site!

    I’m in for today!

  72. “Just imagine if we switched divisions with Detroit, we would be the favorites to win the AL Central.”

    LOL everybody wants to be in the AL Central.

  73. What a congregation of whiny shitheads at orioles hangout… I love it

    Even when we bitch we’re not this bad, jesus

  74. “I hope we plunk every one of them. They’re a bunch of cocky, arrogant, smug, D-bags. I can’t wait until this lucky streak ends for them, and then they go back to the dysfunctional last place team full of mental midgets that they are.

    The sad thing is we aren’t even putting up a fight against these D-bags. We are letting them walk all over us. ”


  75. “After giving them the first two games of the series. Charity began in Toronto.” That’s a comment I waited for. The only reason Toronto won was because Baltimore let them win.

  76. Bending over the Oriels and man handling them.. wow. The Jays are on fire!!

    Go Jays!

  77. In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs: “I predict a riot”.

    Buck is going to have some plug pitcher bean Joey Bats. We all know it. It’s just a question of how he’s going to respond.

    • Think about it. If Baltimore did that ( and we play them 7more times), they risk somebody like JJ or Mcgowan nailing Jones or Davis, wither now or later. Won’t happen.

  78. The Orioles fans tears give me sustainance

  79. “You can’t say we Hangouters aren’t die hard fans. 424 viewing the game thread in a blowout.”

    Little does he know.

  80. They just made the pitcher throw 18 pitches in the last two at-bats. Awesome.

  81. “Winning be damned.. we are lucky we have guys that are really easy to root for.. wouldn’t want to trade places with Jays fans for a second. ”

    Me neither, me neither.

  82. Wtf? No runs scored this inning. Fire Gibbons!

  83. “How many people thought we were really going to win this game? Even if it was close, you just knew this umpiring crew would screw us. It has happened the entire series. We were never going to win this game. I was hoping for a miracle. ”


  84. I’m in the next room, stripping wallpaper (and boy, when she wakes up she’s gonna be surprised)…..and I’m running out to see the TV whenever I hear Buck’s voice get all high and squeaky.
    Needless to say, I’m getting fuck-all done.

  85. “How many people thought we were really going to win this game? Even if it was close, you just knew this umpiring crew would screw us. It has happened the entire series. We were never going to win this game. I was hoping for a miracle.”

  86. Pitch to the score young man.

  87. I hope they let Johnson pitch for awhile.

  88. I haven’t had a chance to watch much or read the comments but i certainly hope Johnson has been trying to pitch to the score!

    • a winning streak brings out the best in everyone … all over now is the best tongue in cheek artist in the game, +1

  89. Hey kids, our run differential for the season is now +7, a couple weeks back it was -59. WooHoo!

  90. I see what Gibbys doing….he told them to onky score in fibonacci numbers.

    If my theory holds up, they should score either 2,8, or 13 runs this inning.

    Personally, I say 13

  91. Pitching and hitting like this is pretty fucking awesome to watch. Go Jays!

  92. Hmm… Reyes not coming back tomorrow?

  93. They’re saying no Reyes until Boston??? Hmmm we’ll see I guess. I wonder if it would be an attempt to delay a DL stint (Dickey starts on Wednesday…. could DL him after that and bring up Reyes)

    • Why would they DL Dickey?
      (Please don’t say: to keep kawasaki with the big club)

      • Well he claims some sort of back/neck injury that may or may not be the cause of some of his shittiness. His knuckleball velocity is down with some belief that throwing his harder version is too painful with the injury.

        • I wonder if they’d try to place it more around the all star break to get him extra rest. Or if 15 days now and 6 around the break would be the best. Too bad their so much heat on that biogenesis stuff, Dickey could really use a tune up.

          As much as you hate to see him give up 5-6 runs a game, you can’t strike gold with all of your fill-in starters.

      • Because Dickey is playing like dog shit and maybe a nagging injury is the source of the problem.

  94. Home Hardware Cleanup Crew coming in to cleanup the steaming turd called the Baltimore Orioles.

  95. Dont think I like this. Not worried about the next few games at all, and if hes feeling great, Im comoletely ok with keeping him off the turf and delaying the decision of who to send down.

    But I do t think theyd keep him down unless he was experiencing discomfort, and thats never a good thing.

  96. Schadenfreude is apparently a thing.

    Wish jays fans wouldn’t default to cocky. The baseball gods notice these things.

    • Win 10 straight and you should feel pretty confident about your team. I always think confidence is often confused as cockiness, but in general it’s better to have confidence than be a bunch of debbie downers.

    • I have to agree with you on this one/. It’s been a nice run, but there are plenty more losses in the cards for the Jays. Assuming we win this one, we still need to win 52 more to hit 90 wins, which doesn’t even guarantee a wild card.

      That said, I’m enjoying the ride after the shit we suffered through in April. It’s good to have perspective though.

    • I’m a little queasy too.

      Probably just the rocking of the boat.
      And it is rocking.

  97. A run against!? It’s all over!!

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