Game Threat: Jays Vs. Orioles

This will be your game threat. Go Jays.

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  1. That deafening silence you hear on Camden Chat and the others boards are the Aureola’s fans bailing on their team…like rats on a sinking ship

  2. Showalter must have broken out the malt liquor because he’s fairly calm today.

  3. Oh Boni, such a horrendous fielder. At least it doesn’t hurt much today.

    Jones looked safe too so it’s even more funny that he was called out. Fuck Baltimore.

  4. Just keep picking up outs.

  5. I’d say 6 is enough for JJ. The bullpen is fairly rested, may as well give Macgowan and Perez a chance to get some game work in.

  6. Assuming a win today we would need be the cardinals the rest of the way to have a good shot at playoffs

    • Well… the Jays haven’t been allowed to beat up on the Twins/Angels/Astros yet this year.

      6 games against the Twins, 7 against the Astros, 7 on the Angels…

      Can probably look forward to that 3 game set against the Dodgers as well.

    • Since May 10 (13-24), Jays have gone 25-12 (0.675)

      Assuming a win today:

      To reach 88 wins, need to go 50-38 (.568) (93 win season pace
      To reach 89 wins, need to go 51-37 (.580) (95 win season pace)
      To reach 90 wins, need to go 52-36 (.590) (97 win season pace)
      To reach 91 wins, need to go 53-35 (.602) (99 win season pace)
      To reach 92 wins, need to go 54-34 (.614) (101 win season pace)

  7. This just in from Greg Zaun. A round bat has two sides!

    • Obviously, he means those natural lines on the bat. Bat companies intend bats to be used with the company stamp face up where the bat will be hardest to hit the ball and not explode. I have read stories where they were trying to convince players to do this to help not crack their bats.

  8. I’m sick of Buck Martinez’s love affair with Bonifacio. He can’t reliably field grounders for fucks sake.

  9. Wouldn’t this be a good day to get Bautista some rest?

    • I’d say Cabrera. If anyone needs to get off his feet, it’s him. Also I doubled down on my BTS with Bautista today, so he needs to stay in and get a hit!

      • Yeah but Cabrera comes out in the 7th every day. Point being with a big lead you might mix it up (or take both out).

  10. Okay Johnson, time to stop dicking around.

  11. Fuck off Johnson.

  12. Get him out of there.

  13. Bah maybe get JJ out of the game now??? It seemed like a perfect opportunity to get some low leverage relief work in, but I guess not. No point having an 8 man bullpen if you’re not going to use one of the guys ever.

  14. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. That makes things slightly nervewracking. Time to go to the bullpen and close this thing out.

  16. Should we check the hospitals for Smasher?

  17. lol I love the crowds enthusiasm, but thats got to be the least deserved standing O in the majors this season.

  18. cant be giving up hr to a scrub like that again

  19. 6ip
    hat tip

  20. Johnson looks pissed off leaving the game like that. I can’t really blame him, nobody wants to give up a 2 run homer to a shitty utility infielder like Flaherty. That might feel almost as bad as giving up a tater to Kawasaki.

  21. Time to get some runs back.

  22. Dustin Mcgowan is still with the team right? Hasn’t pitched in over a week. That’s a serious waste of a roster spot if they won’t even use him in a situation like this. It’s also been a week for Juan Perez too. Fuck get those scrubs in there!

  23. Loup is awesome- ice in his veins out there.

  24. Cletus!

  25. Cletus joins in the fun.

  26. Get a few more runs here so it’s safe to give McGowan and Perez some work.

  27. Bannermans tomorrow!!!!

  28. easy power easy power easy power

  29. Cletus!

  30. hahaha machado

    • The defensive version of Mighty Casey at the Bat.

      It was too easy. He just wanted to keep it interesting.

  31. LMAO What the fuck was that!?

  32. Maice!

  33. The guy who puts the fake Honda logos on the field is gonna be getting in shit for coming in late on that throw to third.

  34. Shite strop is in to whack Jays.

  35. Strop sucks, that was clearly just a wild pitch. Unless he hits another guy jays shouldn’t retaliate.

  36. Beauty

  37. JOEY!


  39. Sit the fuck down

  40. Put that hat on straight, son.

  41. Thank you O’Day

  42. More fun. Gonna F5 that orioles hangout forum for a little while longer. :)

  43. I fell asleep

    what happened

  44. Jose!!! There’s my streak extended too! Happy days!

  45. Someone at the Lol’s blog was speculating that Strop would be sent in to plunk JB. And then he said with their luck he’d throw at JB’s head and fire a perfect strike.

  46. We got those runs back in a hurry.

  47. After that bases clearing double, I put the odds of Bautista getting hit in his next at-bat at about 50/50.

  48. A gem from the Orioles forums:

    I sincerely hate Canadians more each day.

  49. Wooooow

  50. I love how indignant everyone on the Orioles forum is that Jays fans are chanting “O’Day” every time Bautista comes up. Really? There’s not a single person there who can figure it out?

    • lmao! I know, I don’t understand that at all. Considering how many “Jose” chants there have been the last two games, it’s amazing no one has realized what the crowd is saying.

      • From orioles hangout,
        Originally Posted by Rex Thunder
        Wow. Stadium chanting “O’Day” Heckling him because Bautista is at the plate. I can’t wait to give this team some payback.

        I sincerely hate Canadians more each day.

      • I’m kinda embarrassed for them. The fan base of Baltimore seems to have the average IQ of a gnat .

  51. Izturis should be making Lawrie nervous

  52. Beautiful double play. Maicer’s redemption continues

  53. Izturis playing like a man possessed

  54. What a play

  55. I dont think Perez is a good pitcher. I think his performance is gonnna go down sooner then later.

    • If they do end up axing a BP arm to keep Saki, it’s probably going to be him.

    • Seems like a deception guy who once you’ve seen once you can probably handle him. But he can at least go multiple innings or on back to back days, something our other scrub at the back of the bullpen can’t do.

    • Agreed, I think he’s got a “lively arm” as they say but nothing about him seems refined enough that he could stick around long term. Good chance he doesn’t even make it out of spring training with all the other arms coming back over the next 4 months

      At some point Jays gotta get Carreno back up in the bigs, I thought he had longterm relief potential

  56. Great play by Izturis. I think he’s proving that he should be the full-time 2B once Reyes and Lawrie are back.

  57. Wow! Izturis is playing like a new player. Hardly recognize him

    • New haircut

    • He was never bad defensively. Not sure where people got that idea. Even offensively, you could see he was having good at-bats but just hitting it right at ppl.

      • Really unkucky.

        He almost never k’s

      • Not bad defensively but he did make 7 errors already, most of those in the first 2 months. Hitting-wise he is significantly better hitter than Bonifacio, better than Kawa and I’d say even better than Rajai, but he has been cursed by some BABIP-gypsy this year with tons of unlucky breaks.

        Didn’t Izzy also have like 17 SB’s last yr or yr before? Hobbit has some speed.

  58. That is one FUNKY delivery from Perez.

  59. “Wow. Stadium chanting “O’Day” Heckling him because Bautista is at the plate. I can’t wait to give this team some payback.”


  60. Is it just me or does “Lo Viste” seem like the most joyless “fun” ritual ever.

  61. Probably just a coincidence that the Jays started their win streak right around the same time Sportsnet stopped promoting the fuck out of that horribly shitty “Sweet Mountain River” song during the broadcasts. Hopefully no one will be subjected to a song by “Monster Truck?” ever again.

  62. Lo Viste is excellent for Spring Training and exhibition games.

  63. Welp, I’m off to Minneapolis. Cya

    Good weekend folks

  64. That O’s board seems to love Ryan Flaherty… he of the .549 OPS. That’s…. odd

  65. I think we just crashed orioles hangout

  66. dafuq

  67. Flaherty is in beastmode

  68. 11!

  69. Strike at the knees at 94. That’s what I like.

  70. That fog horn sucks

  71. That little girl in the Bautista jersey waving the broom was awesome.

  72. 15-4 in june, can we play like it is june for the rest of the season.

  73. 11

  74. Let’s hope the Trop and the Rays don’t fuck up the Jays mojo.

  75. we broke the Orioles, and there hangout all in 3 days….well done boys!

  76. The hell is with Zaun and his hobbit fetish?

  77. 11 in a row. Wow, wow, wow. Regression to the mean on crack.

  78. Boston up 4-3 on the Tigers in the 7th. Tigers up. Let’s go Detroit!

  79. This is an amazing run. So the franchise record for consequitive wins is tied?
    Lets hear some predictions…how many games in a row?
    I’m going with 13.

  80. The Blue Jays Continue Their Assault on Magic Number

  81. I guess these broadcasters on YES didn’t bother to look at the number the Jays did on Baltimore this weekend as they were heaping praise on them.

  82. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time guys. But as of now I believe we are 2 games over .500 and that is very nice!

  83. Wilner is just insufferable sometimes.

    JJ would need to stay healthy and pitch multiple perfect games this year to get 7 years / 150 million.

    • Yeah I don’t think an injury prone and not quite up to par JJ can get 7 years / $150m. That would be his agent’s wet dream.

      • He’ll be lucky to get 5 with extra options.

        • I’m guessing that Johnson right now is worth around 3 years, $30M with a club option for $15M. He’d be smart to take a one year deal to try and stay healthy.

          • Yeah, I actually thought that stuttering caller pitched him a reasonable contract and Wilner (after putting the guy on the spot, no less) just completely dismissed it out of hand.

  84. We you gotta figure this streak will end in Tampa. Then again I thought it would end against Baltimore. But keep winning series…..

  85. Go Tigers!

  86. If Twinkies hold on, Jays will now be tied with Cleveland @ 38-36 and 2.5 GB of the WC!

  87. Farrell LOL

    • That trade didn’t seem like much when it happened, but I think it has become AA’s most lopsided trade.

      He’s made some other good trades for sure, but that trade was literally a warm body for a very good reliever. We gave up absolutely NOTHING for Delabar. It was probably even better than if we’d just got him for cash.

    • I was hoping to see him tomorrow, but I can wait until thursday. Although, it feels kind of like christmas being moved to the 29th

  88. I know there are still 88 games to be played, but a run like this can do wonders going forward, in particular if it last another week, consider the 1991 Twins. In 1991 the Twins stood 23-25 on June 1st. That day they started a 15 game winning streak, they then lost to Baltimore and then won 6 more in a row for 21 of 22. The won the AL West with a 95 – 67 record. They then upset the Jays in the ALCS and defeated Atlanta in the World Series. My point is, if you take away the 21-1 run they were actually rather marginal the rest of the time going 74-66, but one good run was all it took…….and hey, Jack Morris was on that team.

  89. Woot Jays win! They need to keep it coming. It would be awesome if they went to Tampa and destroyed them.

  90. Wtf Napoli is playing with the top 3 or 4 buttons of his jersey undone.

  91. Them there Oriole fans really seem to hate Joey Bats. Maybe we should start chanting O’Day

  92. 5 games back now!

  93. Sox lose!! Don’t look now but the Jays are only 5 games out of the division lead!

  94. Hahaha…FarrellBall

  95. Re: Delabar/Thames lopsided deal.

    The Farrell for (indirectly) Rogers might very well be in lopsided territory as well pretty soon.

    • Ever notice that bandwagoners and other assorted assholes never cite these trades as evidence that AA actually knows what he’s doing?

      • No shit.

        They think because these guys are only “role” players it doesnt amount to anything.

        That’s why all you ever hear from those dinks is the Napoli for Francisco trade, or how none of the prospects from the Doc trade have panned out, or how we let AS’s like Rios and Hill go for next to nothing.

        For every one of those trades, AA has made 2-3 smaller scale trades that have paid off dividends

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