Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays

When things are going as well as they have been for the Jays in the midst of this eleven-game win streak, and after a sweep of a key division rival over the weekend, who needs a bunch of wordy nonsense to encapsulate what we’ve all been feeling?

Not me, that’s for sure! At least, I don’t need too many words. So let’s watch some GIFs!

Y’know… after the jump…

Via Twitterer @es0terix, here we have a pretty good encapsulation of what took place at the Rogers Centre:


The weekend started out rather hilariously, as on Friday, O’s manager Buck Showalter got himself ejected after arguing an overturned call, then decided to toss all the umpires from the game himself, as we see in this GIF from @iamjoonlee, via Sports Reel Boston.


That game, of course, was won thanks in large part to a staggeringly improbable game-tying two-run Munenori Kawasaki home run in the bottom of the seventh, which Jose Bautista paid tribute to with a tidy bow as the day’s co-hero (Rajai Davis, who got… uh… quite the bit of shaving cream in the face, being the other) came back to the dugout– before Mark Buehrle sent him out for a curtain call. (Seen here, via Gamereax).


Bautista ended up getting to the plate that inning, with the chance to put the Jays ahead, but he ended up striking out against Darren O’Day. The O’s submariner let him know about it, too, which Bautista didn’t take so kindly too. And Jose let O’Day know it the very next time he had a chance, chirping back at him following a tie-breaking smash in the bottom of the eighth inning of Saturday’s 4-2 Jays victory– as we see here via Josh Gold-Smith (aka @GoldAndOrSmith).


Sunday’s game, of course, was a bit of a laugher, so not much great GIFfery came out of any on-field action. We did, however, get to see Jose Reyes oh-so-close to Toronto, suiting up just an hour or so down the road in Buffalo. Via Gamereax, he gives a nifty salute as continues his rehab assignment.


John Lott of the National Post was there on Saturday, as Reyes wasn’t the only big attraction on the field– Darth Vader brought out some fans as well. Of course, the Star Wars characters were only making a one-day appearance, which isn’t so for Reyes, who still isn’t quite ready yet to return to the Jays. His status is “day to day” according to Alex Anthopoulos, via Ben Nicholson-Smith at Sportsnet, but after only playing as a DH on Sunday, the Jays have kept their big off-season acquisition in Buffalo, where he’ll play tonight– and may move to New Hampshire during the week, rejoining the team in nearby Boston on Thursday. This means Kawasaki Mania is able to continue for at least a couple more days, and don’t think that ol’ Muni isn’t a little happy about it, as we see him here (as we already did in today’s Morning After) dancing in the aisles of the team plane, via our own @ScottJohnson48:


Speaking of Munenori Mania, Scott noticed some intrepid businessperson following in the footsteps of one we wrote about last week. There appear to be some nifty-looking Kawasaki-themed t-shirts on that Teespring site, via Reddit, trying to follow in the footsteps of the one of “Encarnacion’s Parrot,” which I wrote about last week. Long story short on that one: someone made a shirt of a still of the Encarnacion parrot walk GIF that Scott and Zubes collaborated to create back in early May– which, amazingly, is actually exactly what J.P. Arencibia suggested needed to be done when he chatted with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on The Best Interview In Baseball on back on Thursday.

The clip, though it precedes the weekend and is therefore not terribly relevant to this post, is still worth a watch– especially for an appearance from the GIF around the two-minute mark!

So this is what it feels like for your team to be winning, huh? Fuck, no wonder people seem to enjoy it so much.

2013, you guys!

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  1. Love how Mune is making slow love to the turf during one of his stretches.

  2. I told him that a team on a streak has to respect the streak.

    You know why? Because they don’t happen very often.

    If you believe you’re playing well because you’re getting laid, or because you’re not getting laid, or because you wear women’s underwear, or because you have a charismatic Japanese short stop then you *are*! And you should know that!

  3. first

  4. Since when is Brad Paisley a big country star?

  5. Have to agree w/JP. Butterfield is a stud.

  6. Remember university? Remember when you’d be assigned group-work? There’d always be a slacker, who’d leave everything to the last minute. Finally, they’d come through and hand something in that was completely unremarkable.

    No offense, but that post was kinda that. I’ve seen every clip/.jpg.

    I love you Soten. But seriously, I would kill for you job and really enjoy your blog. Maybe a little less phoning it in?

  7. I posted the parrot GIF at an Orioles forum and they all lost their shit, stating that the parrot was saying, “O’Day, O’Day.”

    So I did the same thing with the Zapruder film and they claimed that Jackie was screaming it as well. I don’t think they handled the sweep particularly well.

    • It’s SO nice to have swept those weiners. They completely forgot in the last year and a half where their rightful place has been for the previous 20 years.

      • …says the Blue Jays fan.

        I mean, I agree with you, but, it’s not like we’ve been perennial playoff contenders for 20 years either.

    • One big motivator RR has is he wants -badly- to prove his old approach correct and Dane Johnson’s (and Bruce Walton and John Farrell*).

      * I wonder if Pete Walker is in that group.

    • I initially read that as “Going for 3rd strong INNING in a row”. Sadly that still registered as logical.

  8. Okay, is Kawasaki doing the Akihiro Ghono dance?

  9. I don’t know what’s funnier… The gif’s or some of these posts. Pure gold on today.

  10. Where is the GIF of Edwin chanting Kawasaki in the dugout.

  11. JPA hit the nail on the head in the interview, when he said “sometimes, I don’t even know what’s going on.”
    I know he was referencing the Ichiro/Kawasaki thing – but I think juuuuuuusssst maybe, it’s a little more often than that.

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