Here’s something to lift your spirits after the odd, uncomfortable, unfamiliar feeling that comes from watching the Jays actually lose a game:

No reciprocal move has been announced yet– and they won’t until sometime on Wednesday– but according to the busy Twitter fingers of those who cover the team, the Blue Jays will be without Jose Reyes for just one more game– he will be activated on Wednesday! Unless for some reason they mean after Wednesday afternoon’s game, but… it would appear they don’t.

Here it is slightly more officially than taking my word for it:

NO MORE FORTHCOMING! (I wrote a bunch, but it’s best saved for the morning.)

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  2. thank you based-gibby

  3. So I guess the reason they wont have him in the lineup tomorrow is they want to give him the day off? Because they could really fuckin use him.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see who gets sent down.

    • Im hoping for a boni dfa or one of wagner or perferably perez get sent down.

      • From what I understand,only Loup and Wagner have options( in the relief core). McGowan and Perez would need to go through waivers.

        • Yeah, Wagner or Loup do down for me. Kawasaki is safe until Lawrie gets back

          • Loup has been great, is it really worth keeping around Boni, Izturis, and Kawasaki to get rid of a pitcher like Loup?

        • It might be best for everyone involved to see if McGowan can clear waivers.

          If he gets claimed, it’s better for him to be in a bullpen where he can pitch more than once a week.

          If he goes unclaimed, he can pitch more than once a week in Buffalo. The guy needs reps at this point.

          • You could speculate forever on who it will be. DM alone is worthy of a page. I’m wondering if all the possibilities are being considered. AA must know the RA Dickey and Melky need time on the DL. He could shop Perez around to see if anyone would offer a prospect for him. (on the other hand whoever does that deal inherits the same problem but maybe their need for LH pitching is greater). I personally dont see Loup going because they depend on him so much.
            And It’s not JUST Lawrie coming soon on the heels of this move, but Santos is already back with the team and throwing so they’ll have to deal with him too. Btw, dont expect much from Santos til next year. Labrum surgery recovery takes that long.

  5. It doesn’t even matter. The Jays lost today.

    I knew it!

    I absolutely knew it was too good to be true! I don’t know why I keep allowing myself to get my hopes up. I keep coming back for more and it’s just always the same…over and over.

    The jays are what we thought they were!

    I absolutely refuse to be exposed to this nonsense anymore. I steadfastly, 100% refuse to be involved in this garbage.

    I’m out!

    This is notice that I officially, for sure, will not be watching another game this season! Furthermore, if I accidentally hear that the Jays have lost another game, I won’t be back next year either.
    I’ve thrown my phone into the ocean to ensure that I will not be able to listen and also won’t be able to see Gameday while I’m out and about. In addition, I’ve cancelled my cable subscription to make sure I can’t accidentally tune in and have to see even a portion of a game!

    • Come back.
      The Jays need all the support they can get now that they’ve lost a game. You may the fan that makes the difference and pushes them over the top.
      I miss you already.

      • I have to say that your reactivation expenses warrant serious scrutiny. And I’d reccomend to your doctors they have a look at that but because they keep admitting and releasing you I’m not all that confident in them either.

    • It’s good to have you back in midseason form.

  6. Lawrie starting a rehab assignment in Dunedin on Wednesday, per Shi Davidi. Bizarre given Gibby’s statement earlier today that he was a few weeks away from starting his rehab assignment.

    • It’s like the reports that Reyes would be back Monday.
      It’s not a big deal but are two more rehab starts gonna make that much difference?
      What the fuck,I’ll go with the flow.

      • If Reyes can go Wed whats wrong with Tues? (like today?) I’d love his bat against the Rays and lets face it, Maddon definitely appreciates the importance of inter division games.

    • Lawrie isn’t lost on the fact they just won 11 in a row———without him.

      • Lawrie at 100% (physically and mentally) is a plus for the team. Hopefully the time that that dawns on him isnt far off.

    • nowhere near as bizarre as AA announcing on Olneys show that Lawrie was fine and might even play that day..only to be dl’d

      • Is that bizarre, or, y’know, exactly how things work? Teams don’t make announcements before they make announcements.

  7. Jose Reyes is a baseball player.

    • When I played all the guys on our team were baseball players. Except Sparky. I’m not sure why he was always there.

  8. He’s gone outside on every pitch so far so he has to go inside here. He has a pitch to waste. Has to be inside. If he goes outside Jones might hurt us.

    (pitch outside part of the plate for called strike 3)

    That’s exactly what he needed to do. Great job.

  9. Kawasaki to AAA, Morrow to the 60 day dl. Done and Done

  10. I’m rather entertained when hockey fans — because who else would say dumb shit like this? — suggest keeping Reyes in AAA because the entire 11 game winning streak was due to Kawasaki’s presence in the clubhouse.

  11. Pretty sure AA is going to be working on a trade the next couple days for one of the guys without options. Hard to believe there isnt a team in need of a lefty reliever who can throw up to mid 90′s with wicked movement. Perez should be able to bring back something in the a or AA ranks that we can wait to develop..rather than dfa’ing him for nothing.

    • How often do trades like that happen, you think?

      • They happen all the time if all you want is cash in return.

        • I can see it if both teams have specific needs. AA needs space on the roster and can always use a good prospect or cash and – just a guess but – there’re always teams that need LH relievers

          • You don’t get good prospects for 34-year-old relievers whose only MLB success has been in their last 12 innings. You don’t even get questionable prospects. You get nothing.

  12. Or how bout that pitcher who has thrown just 24 innings in the past 4.5 years, and is guaranteed $1.5m for each of this and next season? Surely he will pass through waivers and if not… welp

  13. I was truly amazed by how awesome Will Myers is. I couldn’t help but think; could we have had him for Morrow?

    Would you have made that deal if offered? It’s possible that we overvalue Morrow, but he’s under contract much longer than Shields, and the deal the Royals took was terrible anyway. O well, what could have been…

  14. I just guarantee that those of you who want to dfa Boni or Izturis would have done the same thing with Cecil, Bautista, Edwin, etc. And meanwhile love Snider and want him signed for 10 years because he has a funny nickname.

    Chill out and wait. Honestly you are all as qualified to scout baseball players as you are to judge how hot Alison Brie is. Hot chicks, real athletes, these are all as foreign to you as they are to me.

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