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God is dead. No, wait, it’s just the wave!

OK, maybe not now, their eleven game win streak having been snapped tonight in Tampa by their inability to let Jeremy Hellickson walk them and Esmil Rogers being unable to get his fastball down for three straight batters, but in better, brighter days– y’know, like yesterday– we were a thing.

Case in point, above we have Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie, in a still image taken from a clip she posted on Vine (though not always credited as such *COUGH*), which is unembedable, but viewable in the Vine app. Evidently she’s in town (Variety confirms it, as does she in a tweet), and took in Sunday’s finale between the Jays and the Orioles.

So… that’s something, right???

And after the jump, we’ve got some visual evidence of a sign at St. George station that also is getting behind the team, which… by my count… that’s pretty much, like, everybody… right?

Oh, I don’t know.

Anyway, here, via the Fan 590′s Facebook page


Huh? Huh? Huh?

No, you’re mailing in a post.

Comments (29)

  1. Melky to the dl soon?

  2. Man, the years have not been kind to Ms. Brie

    St George Station is awesome though.

  3. As if I didn’t love Alison enough already…

  4. So reyes is coming back wed. Could have used him today. Team had no energy, bats were dead, other than our alabama stud. Man, games at the trop always have that feel to them though.

  5. She was sad because the wave stopped Stoeten. You must have mixed feelings.

  6. Who is that sexy piece of ass?

    The fuck you Toronto folk smokin (cause it aint weed)….cause Im only a can of wine in (heyo winnipeg) and that pic has me more thoroughly aroused than Id care to admit

  7. Okay, I’m hoping you’re all just trolling cause the Jays just lost, because Allison Brie is gorgeous. Period.

    I do think we should give Melky a few days off, though I think the DL is too much. We should be able to go with 24 for a few days at least. Worst case, we can backdate Melky’s DL stay.

  8. One day there will be a celebrity sighting in the 5th deck. When that day comes, the lucky celebrity will have a fan for life in me.

  9. Yes, Vine is stupid cloistered and (almost) un-share-able.

  10. mmmm…. brie…..

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