June 23rd v Orioles

Batter pLI WPA
Cabrera – LF 0.58 0.015
Bautista – RF 0.22 0.000
Encarnacion – DH 0.23 0.163
Lind – 1B 0.20 0.019
Rasmus – CF 0.42 0.022 Pitcher pLI WPA
Arencibia – C 0.61 0.102 Johnson – SP 0.62 0.120
Izturis – 3B 0.57 -0.016 Loup – RP 0.35 0.018
Bonifacio – 2B 0.47 0.076 J.Perez – RP 0.03 0.001
Kawasaki – SS 0.32 -0.020 McGowan – RP 0.00 0.000
Total 0.39 0.360 Total 0.47 0.140

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Edwin Encarnacion, 16.3%
Griffin: Munenori Kawasaki, -2.0%
Impact At-Bat: Encarnacion 2-run HR, Bot 2, 13.4%
Impact Pitch: Nick Markakis Ground Rule Double, Top 1, -8.1%
Highest Leverage AB: J.P. Arencibia RBI HBP, Bot 1, 2.76
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Matt Wieters Popout, Top 1, 2.77
Lineup Contribution: 36.0%
Pitching Contribution: 14.8%
Average Leverage Index: 0.43
Chart explanation

- Josh Johnson’s line: 6.0ip, 7h, 4er, 1hr, 5k, 1bb, 89 pitches, 8 swinging strikes, 46 game score, 4.04FIP.

- Freddy Garcia’s line: 2.1ip, 7h, 7r, 1hr, 1k, 2bb, 61 pitches, 2 swinging strikes, 14 game score, 11.62FIP.

- Being spotted a 9-0 lead is pretty cool. Josh Johnson didn’t have a whole lot to worry about in this outing, working without much trouble through 5 innings only to allow back-to-back doubles in the 6th and a 2-run home run in the 7th. He threw 66% strikes and did an excellent job of Jack Morrising to the score.

- Aaron Loup and Juan Perez worked a scoreless 7th and 8th and Dustin McGowan gave up a solo shot in the 9th.

- The Jays got rolling early when J.P. Arencibia was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the 1st inning. Melky Cabrera added a sac fly in the 2nd and Edwin Encarnacion (21) took the parrot for a 2-run stroll two batters later, giving the Jays a 4-0 lead.

- Speaking of the parrot, the term has apparently made it’s way into the clubhouse as J.P. Arencibia tweeted a shoutout to our favourite bird.

- While we’re on the topic, at some point during the last few months J.P. Arencibia blocked me on twitter.

- The offense continued rolling in the 3rd, piecing together 5 hits in the inning to take a 9-0 lead.

- Colby Rasmus (14) hit a solo shot top lead off the 7th and Jose Bautista hit a 3-run double to put the Jays up 13-4.

- Bautista went 1-for-3 with 2 walks and 3RBI, and yet somehow managed a .000 WPA. Encarnacion went 3-for-5 with 4 RBI. EE is 2nd in the AL in HR and 3rd in RBI.

- The Jays tallied 14 hits and 3 walks,  with every hitter other than Kawasaki getting on base at least once.

- Adam Lind officially qualified for the MLB batting title race and is 2nd in the AL and 5th in all of baseball with a .337 average.

- The Jays finally reclaimed a positive run differential on the season and boosted it to a robust +6.

- 45,000+ took in the game and 120,000+ fans were in attendance for complete the 3-game set against Baltimore.

- The (38-36) Blue Jays win their 11th straight, sweep the Orioles and move 2 games over .500. After going 6-0 in the quick homestand the Fightin’ Jays now go on the road for 7, starting with a 4 game set that begins tonight in Tampa against the (39-37) Rays. Tampa has just come off splitting a series against the Yankees and losing 2 of 3 to the Red Sox, a lovely bit of AL East mediocrity that has helped the Jays climb back into the picture over the last week. The two teams are tied for last in the division right now, so whichever one claims the series will take sole possession of 4th place heading into the weekend.

- The projected match-up for the series opener is Esmil Rogers (3.66FIP, 0.6fWAR) v Jeremy Hellickson (4.02FIP, 1.1fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. 120,000+….that’s amazing. I know they have to take care of business in Tampa for 3 days, but i really can’t wait for the weekend series with the Red Sox

    • Yeah, can’t stop thinking about Boston. Hoping we get 2 of 3 in Tampa first of course. Looks like we’ll miss Lackey in Boston which is just fine with me. Frankly, even if we split the series in Boston we’ll have made up so much ground that the wildcard is a realistic possibility. I’m not even thinking about trying to overtake the Sox – one thing at a time, right?

      • I agree, the Jays will miss bucholz as well i believe, looks like he’s rehabbing for one more start.

        Yeah its hard to take one thing at a time when time lines are being altered so quickly:

        1 month ago: .500 by the allstar break
        2 weeks ago: .500 by Canada Day
        Now: 1st place by Canada Day

        • I feel guilty hoping for more wins and improvement in the standings – but what else are you going to do, wish for them to lose? Hardly.
          So far Boston have Dempster and Lackey for their 2 games with Colorado and then Lester first up against the Jays. I guess Doubront comes next but then who? Any ideas?

          • Webster is apparently going to get a start. He’s been beyond horrible in limited action.

          • Lester, Allan Webster, Doubront and Dempster if it’s the same as last turn.

            Webster is in for Bucholz so could be swapped with anyone. Even a healthy Bucholz.

            • Let’s hope Bucholz is still rehabbing – just as it looks like Price will still be rehabbing! We’re playing good ball, but a bit of luck in missing a couple of serious arms doesn’t do any harm either!

  2. Reyes back in Boston!’n

  3. what a ride boys, what a ride

  4. Was busy moving all weekend, so I just browsed through the game threat from yesterday which pointed me in the direction of the Orioles Hangout during the game yesterday. Wow .. there is some less than intelligent dribble coming out of those fans. All I could do is shake my head and laugh ..

    • You want to read less than intelligent dribble?

      Try this sites comments section prior to June.

      Fire AA. Fire Gibby. Bautista isn’t a leader. EE and his .200 avg should br benched. Bullpen screwed without Santos. Cut Rasmus and play Gose. Cut Maicer and call up Negrych. Trade everyone not named Sanchez. Bad fundamental baseball. AA needs to do something.

      This is just a bad team and they show no signs of getting better

      You want a sign? How about playing .800 ball for almost a month. How’s that for a sign?


      • Hahaha. +1

      • Not to excuse the insufferable trolling and whining here in April / May, but the difference is O’s fans seem to blame everyone else but their own team (umps, bad luck, astro turf) for losing.

        We in Toronto have our own, more self-defeating scapegoats – Leadership (#firegibby, #tradejose), flipping prospects, JPA (#freethole), and my personal favorite, poor club culture between the Latinos and English speakers.

        • Check Twitter for every Jays opponent after a loss to the Jays and you’ll always find fans blaming everything but their team. The most common excuse for the loss is usually something to do with “losing to Canada”.

      • good points and i will forever remember that a season is REALLY LONG, but:

        still a long way from playoffs…still want gibbons fired…would still trade rasmus for just about anything…would still sit him in favour of just about anything…gawd i hate watching rasmus play

      • Don’t forget all the useless “playoff odds” being thrown around. And at that time I kept saying that a 10 game win streak would reset all those odds.

        And by the way I love Kawasaki but people are being just as dumb about Izturis and Boni. They’re better than they’ve been playing. Just like the Jays are better than they *were* playing. Same with Dickey. With over half a season to go we still have upside to come in: Lawrie, Izturis, Boni, Dickey, Reyes and Morrow. And maybe even in Melky and Happ.

  5. Luckily Rays fan(s) will complain less because he has no one to bitch to.

  6. I found the game yesterday online and watched it through the Orioles broadcast.
    It was actually refreshing to hear someone other than Buck and Pat.
    I was surprised at the non-homerism throughout the game (although they had nothing really to cheer about)
    Lovin’ this incredible ride.

    • That’s surprising. I’m in the Capital region, so I have to watch MASN when the Jays play Baltimore. I was struck by how fucking bitchy the announcers were. They complained all the fucking time about the calls and the bounces. It was embarrassing, to be honest.

      When Adam Jones got called out at first in a 9-3 game, they complained for 3 innings about how that would have changed the game. Um, YOU WERE DOWN SIX FUCKING RUNS! Orioles fans and announcers are the biggest Eeyores in baseball. To hear them talk, nothing has ever gone right for the Orioles and nothing ever will and Orioles baseball is a Sisyphean battle against the gods of luck and fate.

      It was pathetic, and I’m actually glad to be back with Buck and the Tabster.

    • Unless they’re playing the Red Sox, White Sox or Yankees, I almost always listen to the non-Jays feed. It’s nice.

    • Non-homerism? They are very homer. My favourite was after the Bautista home run off O’Day they blamed J-Bau for yelling at O’Day the night before and wondered why he keeps picking on poor O’Day.

      As you said, though…not much for them to cheer for or bullshit about for Sunday’s game.

      Plus…and I can’t believe I’m saying this…I like Morris in the booth, despite his Jack Morrisness. He calls out the Jays often, and usually accurately. A good balance between homer and contrarian.

      • Hahaha, I am specifically refering to yesterday’s game.
        At one point they did try to blame the humidity at the dome and how the turf was harder to play on and Garcia must have been feeling the effects…until the other guy said, “You do know he is Venezuelan right?”

        They also pronounced everyone’s name right…just sayin’.

      • I like Morris as well. No bs and he is really insightful unlike some…(I’m looking at you, Tabler)

        I wouldn’t be upset if we lost one to TB. I don’t want the pressure of The Streak to get in their heads when they get to Fenway. Because beating T-Bay is nice. But beating the Sox is important. We won’t gain ground on those assholes unless we keep beating them.

        In other news, Farrell couldn’t use his best reliever yesterday in that very high-leverage situation because the kid was tired having either pitched or **warmed up** (asterisks because I can’t do italics on this board for emphasis) a lot in the past few days. That’s Farrell. I always thought you had to be careful warming up relievers. Try to make sure that they did come into the game otherwise they get fatigued and won’t be available when needed. I guess Farrell knows better. He’s killing the bullpen which right now is in shreds and the pitchers aren’t performing too well either. Some things never change.

        • “I wouldn’t be upset if we lost one to TB. I don’t want the pressure of The Streak to get in their heads when they get to Fenway.”

          You want them to lose so they don’t have pressure to win, causing them to lose.

          These narratives are getting weirder and weirder.

      • This is not my first fucking rodeo.

      • Some on the Orioles Hangout board were outraged that Jays fans were all chanting “O’DAAAAAAAAY O’DAY O’DAY O’DAY” when Bautista was up. And how that was stupid and petty because O’Day wasn’t even pitching at the time.

        • I can’t stand drunk fans yelling the pitcher’s name OVER and OVER and OVER…It’s annoying and boring. How toronto puts up with it I’ll never understand.I have the Blue Jays-A’s game on now on mute.

  7. Brainojack: Agreed. Things are different now. I said a month ago that with all the new players AND management team, it was not surprising that the team took so long, especially with the injuries, to jell and start playing well. I didn’t expect this run though like everyone else honestly, but I thought they’d start winning more series. This team has mojo and it’s building. It’s been a number of things…Lind, Melky, Kawasaki EE, the bullpen, but the key, as always, is the starters. They have really come on, going 6-7 and 8 innings each time out, which keeps the bullpen fresh and healthy. The offense is deadly and they REALLY believe in themselves now. The starters… Wang and Rogers…First Wang…he’s a veteran and knows how to pitch. He’s done well so far. But Rogers is the guy who has always had the arm, just not the control and consistency. I remember the first home game and the camera showed the team warming up etc…Rogers was the first guy on the field and the last guy coming off. He looked up at an empty Roger’s Centre in the pregame and just soaked it all in. I knew at that moment that he wanted to be a Bluejay. He wanted it. And he’s gaining more confidence everytime out. He’s got an electric arm. If he focuses under Gibbons and Walker, he’ll be a difference maker. I hope he does. It’s a big IF right now but I think he does it and solidifies the rotation.

  8. We must realize that this crazy streak has got us back in contention. Now the actual work of winning the shit begins. we will need to play around 600 ball the rest of the year.

    gentlemen, you have your assignments.

    • Now that we’re back in the race, there’s no need to think about this in the abstract. We need to make up 5 against the Sox. THAT’s our magic number.

  9. Anyone notice how much offensive production there’s been with 2 outs ? Tons. Good sign.

    • Good sign of what? You know that hits will come pretty much randomly with either no, 1 or 2 outs. No one can hit at will just because there are two outs. And a hit with two outs is no more helpful than one with less than two outs.

      • When I played we usually had to get the other team out 27 times and sometimes it was just 24. There was even the odd time it was higher than 27 or even 25 or 26. Sometimes when the weather was bad it was even less than 24. It was the weirdest thing. Sparky always promised he’d figure out why but he never did.

  10. Gain 1 game a week on the sox that’s all

  11. JPA did an interview with Intentional Talk (The show with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar) and they talked about the parrot and showed the parrot video.

  12. JPA blocked me on Twitter too

  13. before i go on to say everyone should vote for the AllStar game….oh wait…i would like to say that its a bunch of shit how its done, but that being said, we have 3 guys that i think should be there in EE Lind and Joey – not counting 3 guys from our BP that should be going – but likely wont be.

    here is why its a bunch of shit, but yet we need to show our support……

    here is the voting shit results incase you dont know yet.

    FIRST BASE – this ones not so bad…
    Chris Davis, Orioles 3,960,299
    Prince Fielder, Tigers 2,579,031
    Mike Napoli, Red Sox 902,562
    Albert Pujols, Angels 872,602
    Mitch Moreland, Rangers 750,674

    SECOND BASE- this ones ummm…..Kinsler shouldn’t be 3rd…but ok
    Robinson Cano, Yankees 3,032,183
    Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox 2,135,499
    Ian Kinsler, Rangers 1,329,136
    Omar Infante, Tigers 1,191,119
    Jose Altuve, Astros 850,577

    SHORTSTOP-Hardy, ok, Peralta yes…..wait, whats this….Jeter has 0AB yet almost a million votes…he shouldn’t even be on the list to vote – WTF
    J.J. Hardy, Orioles 2,548,682
    Jhonny Peralta, Tigers 1,838,500
    Elvis Andrus, Rangers 1,616,834
    Jed Lowrie, Athletics 1,207,486
    Derek Jeter, Yankees 819,175

    THIRD BASE – think the fans got this one right
    Miguel Cabrera, Tigers 4,337,223
    Manny Machado, Orioles 2,097,804
    Adrian Beltre, Rangers 1,334,195
    Evan Longoria, Rays 1,106,984
    Josh Donaldson, Athletics 635,581

    CATCHER – ill go with this one too
    Joe Mauer, Twins 2,788,972
    Matt Wieters, Orioles 2,068,032
    A.J. Pierzynski, Rangers 1,054,093
    Carlos Santana, Indians 1,029,674
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Red Sox 966,196

    DESIGNATED HITTER – Lance fuck me Berkman has 500k more votes the 2nd in HR 3rd in RBIS EE – WTF DJF nation!!!!
    David Ortiz, Red Sox 3,247,462
    Lance Berkman, Rangers 1,519,503
    Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays 1,091,593
    Victor Martinez, Tigers 959,646
    Mark Trumbo, Angels 919,036

    OUTFIELD – This one is a close one and Joey should be there over Markakis, period
    Adam Jones, Orioles 3,571,693
    Mike Trout, Angels 3,548,195
    Nick Markakis, Orioles 1,915,860
    Jose Bautista, Blue Jays 1,867,367
    Torii Hunter, Tigers 1,851,657
    Nate McLouth, Orioles 1,660,080
    Nelson Cruz, Rangers 1,595,371
    Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox 1,289,195- he should be higher
    Alex Gordon, Royals 1,239,771
    Yoenis Cespedes, Athletics 1,183,926
    Coco Crisp, Athletics 1,115,204
    Austin Jackson, Tigers 983,469
    Josh Hamilton, Angels 897,181-he shouldn’t even be on this list
    Shane Victorino, Red Sox 823,363
    Ichiro Suzuki, Yankees 759,154

    • Time to bust out my backup email addresses

    • meant to be pissed off about this one too, but really there are more then a few WTF moments from this list…MLB needs to change how its done.

      good for 3rd in SS Elvis Andrus, Rangers 1,616,834
      ummmm – nope
      my SS list would be
      Escobar, A – KC not TB
      MUUUUNIIII lol – that one is kinda a joke as there really isn’t 5 All Star SS imo!

      • there should be an auto program that if you vote for all 9 spots from one team a large man is sent to your house to beat your ass…..i need a smoke.

    • It sure appears that “orioles nation” is stuffing the ballot box here. 3 O’s as starters, with 2 more in 2nd as of right now. Only spot with no O is 2nd base – and after yesterday fans wil be flooding the name of Flaherty as a write in vote…

  14. Whats better than a honda? Kawaskiiiii

  15. Jays who should make all star team: Jose, Edwin, and one of Cecil/janssen

    • Dare I suggest… Lind?

      • i think so too, but there are some really really really good 1st basement this year, so, if he doesn’t its ok. But 2nd in AL in BA is pretty AllStary – just needs to get some more RBIs and Runs. But he can keep going this way without an allstar spot, ill be ok with it lol

    • Fuck it. The All-Star game is a joke. I’d rather see EE sit at home feeding his parrots for a few days than wack out his swing in a HR Derby. Who cares about fans in other cities recognizing that EE, Joey Bats, Lind and Cecil are kind of awesome this year.

  16. I’m willing to throw out every and anything I’ve known about metrics and player skills for this purpose: Keep Muni on this team. He’s bottled up pure joy. That gif is amazing, not least because there’s a moment like it virtually every day.

    As for the team, the division is theirs for the taking. It’ll be a hard slog for whoever comes out as ALE champs, there’s no reason at this point it can’t be the Jays.

    Lastly, Pete Walker is looking pretty fucking good these days.

    • The thing is, Jose Reyes is also pure joy….plus sometimes a donkey

      • +1
        People seem to forget that……Reyes Reyes Reyes

        Best pick up of the offseason.

      • We shouldn’t be comparing him to Reyes. We should be comparing him to:

        -Bonifacio (gets a pass because he plays the outfield too)

        -Izturis (kind of prefer Kawasaki to the Izturis we have seen this year, although Izturis has been better in the passed)

        -De Rosa (Kawasaki plays better defence, kind of a wash at the plate in a trade-off of OBP for power, and I think he is a superior mascot)

        • past*


        • Bonifacio is fast, fast, fast
          Izturis is hot, hot, hot
          DeRosa…i’m not sure what he’ll do if Muni leaves, he was the straight man in their Abbot and Costello act.

        • Dustin McGowan shouldn’t be with the big club in the first place. His roster spot for Kawasaki on the bench.

          • I agree that we are carrying too much bullpen. However, I could also ask what is the purpose of keeping 4 utility infielders?

      • It was Walker, right , who taught Rogers his sinker? That pitch has probabaly turned him into an above average starter with a high ceiling. Also, Walker coached Wang to go more to his breaking stuff so hitters couldnt focus on his sinker. I cant remember what Walton didlike that but my memory isnt great either. I just think Walker’s pretty good.

      • If Reyes is ready to go and the Jays keep him in Buffalo in favour of playing time for Kawasaki, Boni, Izturis and De Rosa during the streak – that’s fucked up. They need to bring up Reyes as soon as you think he’s up to game speed. And send down a reliever already. McGowan or Wagner (long term they have too many utility infielders on the bench, but see if injuries sort that out).

  17. The humour in that tweet by JP is as subtle as a fucking brick.

  18. Just popping back in time to let you guys know something…..the team is only halfway through the win streak.

  19. Dexter: Maybe because they (the Jays) did play like a bad ballclub prior to June? Maybe because they still are mediocre at C and 2b. And no dancing in the streets over their 3b and LF. Hmm, their pitching ace isn’t exactly burning up the league. Their “leader” (your words) Joey Bats has 16 hr and 41 rbi, and appears to be struggling with his own mind.

    I’m just as much a fan of the Jays as anyone and want them to win too! But they do have holes and it will still be a struggle to make the playoffs. It’s AA’s job to find the solutions and hopefully he can work something out at the trade deadline.

    • You know that you can reply to his comment and have it appear right after it right?

    • Didn’t say it was going to be easy.
      Didn’t say they were good in April/May.
      Didn’t say they don’t have holes.
      Don’t know or give a damn who the leader is.

      Just reiterating some comments I remember from earlier in the year.

      I’m wasn’t dumb enough to think the 10 – 21 Jays were the team we would see all year. Just as I’m not dumb enough to think this streak means our waltz to the championship has begun.

      Perspective is everything. The May comment board proved that a lot of commenters are sorely lacking in it.

    • Jose is on pace to hit 35 HRs. This is some kind of evidence of leadership failure?

  20. Wow, its Monday morning and I haven’t killed myself.

    Note: To those of you who aren’t in my brain, I said that if the says weren’t above 500 by end of homestand I’d kill myself.

    Same goes for not going 5 and 2 on this road trip!

    Anyhow, I’ll check in next Monday (if there isn’t a bullet in my head, that is)

    Man, suiciide is sooooFUNNNY!

    • I don’t know what’s going on with you. Whatever it is, I do know you need some help.

      • Ya, a win tonight would go a long way. Lol, don’t worry, I haven’t killed myself yet this season (even after they were swept in four by yankees, although my wife had to call in the paramedics, close call) so doubt I’ll do it now. Just want Jays fans to know the stakes are high

    • Take 3 of 4 from the Fuck Sox and I’ll really sprout wood.

  21. From a comment at Riveraveblues.com today:

    “I actually think Reyes’ return is the opposite of a spark plug. I actually think his presence in a lineup makes players around him worse. Maybe he’s a malcontent, maybe he’s a bad teammate. But he doesn’t bring up the guys around him, and he’s never played on a winner with all the talent in the world around him. he never has.”

    • Man, they really do ignore the Mets in New York

    • That guy makes some good points. I think it’s fair to say that all that laughing and joking around and generally having a really good time with his teammates only serves to bring everyone down. Everyone looks at Reyes and thinks “If I can’t be that happy, there must be something wrong with me” and it clearly affects the way they play. And, I mean… he’s a really good player who’s been in the league for ten years and hasn’t won a World Series. That’s pretty much unheard of.

      • I just can’t buy that logic when we’re talking about the New York Mets. Reyes was their best hitter in the 2006 NLCS, they didn’t lose that series because of him, and they didn’t collapse in 07 or 08 or become an utter joke with owners who lost their money to Madoff and are still paying Bobby Bonilla’s contract until the year 2020 because of Jose Reyes. He was one of their few productive stars (when not injured) as they became the non-Miami shit stain of the league, and he was productive when they were winning at the beginning of his career.

    • I picked up something like that around the time we got him. I posted as much but everyone yelled at me. And he seemed to be such a good guy that I thought what I’d previously heard was bs. But it was more than one comment along exactly those lines…

    • Probably true.

      Especially when he hits rally killing homers.

      Let’s keep paying one of the best SS in MLB $20 million to play in Buffalo….. Just in case.

  22. Time to make some hay…..

    Yanks: since may 3rd; .500
    Bosox: last 46 : 23-23
    A’s have lost 9 of last 15
    Rays: 9-15 in June
    Bal: only 11-10 in June

  23. All of a sudden the roster is getting crowded.

    With Reyes, Lawrie, Morrow and Happ coming back at some point it seems these guys may be on the bubble:

    Kawasaki (say it ain’t so)
    J Perez
    DeRosa (I wish)

    How about the noise prospects like Stroman and Pillar are making?

    And what about Drabek, Hutchison and L Perez?

    And what do you do with the likes of Negrych?

    Gose seems to be getting lost in the shuffle.

    A good problem to have no doubt. Perhaps some packages in the offing for the trade deadline?

    • A lot of these are 40-man problems, given most of these guys are coming off the 60 day (Morrow and Happ are the only ones on the 15 day, I believe). There are obvious guys to drop on the pitching side, but it’s going to be some interesting shuffles.

    • How is Loup on the bubble?

      • I think it’s because he’s one of the few relievers with remaining options. Not based on his performance.

        • Yes, certainly not performance based.

          And I forgot about Santos. Who gets pulled to slot him in?

  24. Goodbye Perez. That dude has the weirdest & most spastic delivery…..

  25. is stoets on vaca? anyone getting an out of office reply?

  26. I for one am going to whole heartedly embrace being the villians of baseball…And here are a few things to consider when looking at the team going forward:

    2. Lawrie is still a ways out but if he can play to even half of his abilities he should provide a spark in the lower half of the order.
    3. Colby and JP are on pace for 30 hr a piece and will likely hit 6, 7 or 8 when the Jays are at full strength. (Yes the OBP is horrible but homeruns are sexy.)
    4. The Jays are DEEP now…lots of plug in guys for the stretch and Happ, Morrow, Boni, Gose, Santos and possible Stroman are all waiting to improve various areas if need be.
    5. The lineup when the Jays are at full strength should look like this:


    If that leaves you flaccid see a doctor!

    • I wonder if it might make more sense to bat Lind second given how he seems to be a capable hitter thus far and have Bautista and EE at third and fourth respectively once Reyes returns.

  27. Personally speaking, there needs to be more of Morning After posts. It’s a quality part of the site and the fact that it usually isn’t posted over the weekend is a bit of a drag.

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