Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

The last time Mark Buehrle set foot on the mound at Tropicana Field in Tampa, on May 6th, he lasted six innings… uh… giving up nine hits, seven runs and seven earned, as his ERA ballooned to 7.02. That start was the third straight in which he’d given up five or more earned runs, and the fifth of seven starts on the season at the time.


Since then, though– since then!– he’s had a terrific eight start stretch, giving up just 15 earned runs in 51 innings, for a 2.65 ERA, and the Jays have won six of eight times he stepped on the hill. It’s time for the Jays to get a new winning streak starter, and the way Buehrle’s been going of late, why the hell shouldn’t it start tonight?

Let’s let the good time start a-rollin’, eh?


Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons figures it will be about two weeks before Brett Lawrie is back.

Shi Davidi tells us that Sergio Santos threw a side session and could get into a rehab assignment in early July. He later clarifies, having been informed that the plan for Santos, specifically, is to pitch July 1st, 4th, and 7th at Dunedin, and then head to Buffalo after that for a couple of games, with a return to the Majors slated for either just before or just after the All-Star break.

Gregor Chisholm tweets that Santos is the latest Blue Jay to have begun work on Jamie Evans’ weighted ball program.

He’s not looking for velocity, Davidi notes, but says that he saw progress from Dustin McGowan on it and wants to use it to help strengthen his shoulder.

Speaking of McGowan, he’s one of a number of candidates to be sent packing before tomorrow, and Ben Nicholson-Smith clarifies some confusion this afternoon by confirming that, indeed, McGowan could refuse an assignment and sign elsewhere (presumably for the league minimum), with the Jays being required to pick up the rest of his salary. But with the way the club has stood by McGowan, though, and the possibility that the pitcher would consent to a demotion in order to get some much-needed work in, he wonders if maybe that’s what ultimately happens here. I’d buy it, if McGowan would.

On that topic, Gregor tweets that John Gibbons says Neil Wagner has “got nothing to worry about” as far as tomorrow’s roster move goes.

“Take this for what it’s worth,” Kennedy writes, “but to question from Japanese reporter re Kawasaki playing 2B, Gibby said ‘I think he’d be v good over there’.”

John Lott gets into the game, noting that Gibbons says he likes having four lefties in the bullpen (i.e. keeping Luis Perez around)– though he wasn’t tipping his hand in any direction, no matter how much reporters were prodding.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
3B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Sean Rodriguez (R)
DH Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
RF Wil Myers (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
1B James Loney (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
2B Kelly Johnson (L)

LHP Matt Moore

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  1. I am starting to like Buerle quite a bit…just nibbling all fucking day…

  2. That’s a sad HPB.

  3. Ruh roh

  4. Lucky Molina is a catcher…

  5. Molina is one fat catcher.

  6. They couldn’t throw out Molina – missed the tag?? Man that’s unlucky!

  7. fuck off JP, can’t even make a tag

  8. Nice tag JP.

  9. This is where you pay for letting opportunities slip away.
    This is where you pay for letting a big slug like Molina walk leadoff.
    And this is where you pay for letting Aaron Cibia be a catcher.

  10. JP sucks

  11. Team leader Arencibia fails to touch any part of a player roughly the size of a manatee.

  12. JP gonna get sodomized on twitter tonight. Can’t even tag out fatfuck Molina properly

  13. Arenshitia strikes again. Block the plate you useless sack of shit

  14. Wow aaron cibia. How did u not tag molina out…

  15. Terrible D and lack of timely hitting killing this team again. These guys have gotta wake up already.

  16. On the edge of my seat…

  17. The Trop. Where dreams go to die

  18. oh look, smart hitters driving in RBI’s instead of trying to hit home runs every swing

  19. The mediocre Mark Buerle has shown up tonight.

  20. Reyes coming back tomorrow is fucking huge

  21. He should have just tagged him.

  22. The 3 runs are on you J.P. you piece of meat

  23. What’s the cons of jpa actually being sent down this year?

  24. Get a missed call at third and a missed plate block and this is what happens. Hopefully Buerle is out of his doldrums and goes 6 without any more damage.

  25. 12 baserunners in 4 innings. Jesus fuck…

  26. Error Cibia makes that gimme of a fucking tag and we are out of the inning already at 2-1 at worst.
    I hate this player more than the Toronto parking worms
    (= very, very much).

    • Buerle magically starts throwing 101 with movement nobody would even be on. Also unlikely.

    • This one will appeal to you Barky:

      If the dog hadn’t stopped to take a pee, he would have caught the rabbit.

  27. Being down by 3 runs sucks but this team can overcome that. Moore has not been pitching all that great today.

  28. Trolls untie
    @Wilnerness590: Wow. There was an 11gm win streak 13 INNINGS AGO. @JaydenMoore9: @Wilnerness590 Can’t hit, can’t play d, can’t pitch. What month is it?

  29. Sorry…I’m out. I’m getting horrible flashbacks from April and May.
    I’m gonna fire up the guitar and amp – and work on some 12-bar blues.
    Might check back in an hour and see how bad it is.

    Seriously, does ANYONE give a fuck about how much fun the guys are having on the bench with Reyes? You’re losing for fuck’s sake….and they’re sitting there, giggling like school girls.
    Win the goddamned game – and THEN play at silly buggers.

    • Because being more serious would somehow make JP block the plate? Because that’s pretty much the difference in the game right now.

    • Should they go happy-sad-happy-sad-happy-sad-happy-sad-happy-sad-happy-sad-happy
      between all the lead changes all season?

    • You my friend are moron. Who fucking cares? 162 games. If you want them to maintain that much intensity throughout the year expect more injuries due to heart attacks and aneurisms.

      • No, I am NOT moron. You moron.
        I’m just saying that every second shot is of the guys laughing and clowning on the bench.
        Paying attention to the game is a far cry from falling over from an infarction.

        • Would that help the guy who is up to bat? If his teammates are paying attention to him? He would hit better if they were watching?

    • Response to first half: Enjoy. I did the same thing in April.

      Still have some faith right now.

    • If being down 1-4 in a tough ballpark, in the 5th inning, makes you this depressed, why bother watching at all?

  30. Well at least games like this will remind Gibbons to not start Lind vs lefties once everyone is healthy. He’s having a great year but let’s not great crazy thinking he’s discovered some magical solution against lefties.

  31. Lind looks depressed

  32. Pointing out that theyre playing like wet sacks of shit tonight does not make one a troll.

  33. I am glad that the Jays had the winning streak but I am already sick of the fucking yahoos who are bashing the team after coming down off that high. It is a long fucking season. Good teams will still lose 70 games. Jesus fuck.

  34. Man – I thought Molina had hit that out. That would have SUCKED!

  35. All things considered, giving up 4 runs on 7 hits and 4 walks ain’t too bad. Now the offense needs to get some big hits.

    • A voice of reason. The Rays (despite what Stoeten says on the podcast) are a descent team with some good hitters. Even if Beurle had only given up 1 running they would still be tied. The offense needs to get going.

      • Scoring 1 run for Buerle is not going to work most nights, even when he is sharp. Although he has a perfecto, he’s not normally a shutout guy. Durable, gets his innings in, tends to get out of jams.

        • 4 runs is a tad high but I expect him to give up 3 while going 6. I don’t ask for more than that. The team still needs to hit.

  36. Really would like to see Buerle get Jennings out once tonight.

    • Yay. Buerle’s tightrope act goes another inning with no more damage. Time to score some runs.

  37. Isn’t the Rays bullpen shit? This should still be winnable unless Buerhle gives up more here.

    • We need another crooked hatted reliever to take yard. Rodney is one of those, is he not?

    • That one guy is pretty lights out but he pitched last night (name escapes me). The Jays have gotten to Rodney before. I am not worried. Moore is a good pitcher and the Jays have missed out on some opportunities.

  38. Good inning. Now let’s get on the sticks boyz!

  39. Can’t wait for Reyes, this team needs spark again. team looks flat = not hitting

    • Forget the spark. They need Reyes, who helps them on both sides of the ball. I remember him scoring running through a stop sign earlier in the season.

  40. I cant believe Moore is still out there at 100. No confidence in the bullpen?

  41. Woo hoo! Lucky ball drops in for Cletus! ;)

  42. Cloobz

  43. Wow, I can’t believe they’re letting him go on at 110+ pitches.

  44. Still in at 110? I have the Rays feed. Is McGee still up?

  45. Cletus has been playing well. Nobody fucking talking about that? Who were the idiots demanding he be traded? Name yourselves and face the ridicule you rightfully deserve!

    • 2.2 WAR through 71 games. Some people only see the strikeouts.

      • He’s been elite defensively. He’s a fracking gazelle out there and gets really good reads on the ball.

        • I see the fans of cletus where are the nay sayers? I know there are a lot of you on here.

          • He’s streaky. When he’s not “on” he can be a guy who looks clueless up there. Also, he’s so effortless in the outfield and so low key, he always looks like he’s lollygagging.

  46. Strike3bia strikes again. That’s why he bats 8th or 9th in your best lineup.

  47. Thole needs more games to keep JPA honest.

  48. Game to be called on account of tornado?

  49. I use Arencibia bats to go the bathroom. In the time it takes for him to strike out i can usually go, get a beer and come back.

  50. Let’s go Melk Man

  51. Izturis is also playing better. I know the score does not reflect it but the team has not looked bad against a really good pitcher. Not to invoke the name of Stoeten too much but he called it in Moore being one of the more difficult pitchers the Jays would have to face while in Tampa.

  52. Melky’s hamstrings – meet DL once Reyes comes back? Discuss…

    • Why wait? He hasn’t been doing much with the bat and they don’t play the same position. If they were going to do it they would have done it already.

      • I think it would have put them down one of their better bats. Melky to DL allows them to keep Kawasaki as a backup. Puts Bonifacio/Davis as a platoon in LF. Its doable if you have another IF on the roster.

        • The other infielder being Reyes I assume you mean? Its possible but that it also seems risky. If he were injured to the point of needing to go on the DL then would it be worht the risk of making the injury worse? Only to get a few better at bats then over Davis? I doubt it.

          • Risk management is part of baseball. If Romero was effective, Happ and Morrow healthy I doubt you would be watching Dickey get lit up every other start. ;)

            • I agree with you on that but a pitcher has more influence on the game than any batter/fielder will have even if they only play every 5th day. My point is that they could more easily get away with DLing Melky than Dickey.

  53. Wow Maddon has enormous balls, can’t believe that worked. 120-pitch outing for Moore.

  54. Let’s go Jays bats- 2 runs in 15 innings.

  55. I can’t believe wagner was a waiver pick up. Guy throws 95 all the time. Oakland must have a lot of good relievers if they could let him walk.

  56. Lock it down, Honus.

  57. Oh hey, freedom from Buck and Tabs…thanks God!

  58. It truly is the end times @ the Trop tonight. Buck + Tabby were almost whisked away.

  59. Great. Tampa commentators yay

  60. Man I’m nervous about the absolutely horrible fucking at bats I’ve seen tonight. I’m not panicking, because that would be ridiculous after an 11 game winning streak, but this looks vaguely familiar in a scary way…

    On another note, I can’t think of one logical reason why this team plays so poorly at the Trop.
    It’s not like it’s the same team from year to year, so what the fuck?

    • Kinda glad they’re rolling into funhouse Fenway after this series.

    • I think nervous is natural but gotta keep in mind that its a game of hot and cold. If they go cold they can always heat back up.

    • Heard Blair on the Fan today discussing the same thing with Buck. Conclusion: Zero atmosphere, shit crowds, the place is a depressing mausoleum. No excuses, but the players fucking HATE the place

  61. …did Bonifacio get into it with a Kraken during the break?

  62. Are they that bad? I can never hear them b/c any vipbox always has the American broadcasters. Unless it is Scully calling a game I really don’t see the point of listening to any of the commentators.

  63. I have to admit – I hold my breath just a little bit every time Edwin throws the ball from third.

  64. Heart of the order coming up. Come on jays!!!

  65. Gotta keep your eye on the play at a game. Joey’s bats coming to a skull near you…

  66. The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
    But the queerest they ever did see
    Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge
    we cremated Jake McGee.

  67. Here is a wild idea. Can the jays just ask JPA to go full Roger Dorn and just get beaned?

  68. Joey Bats works the 11-pitch walk. Time for some runs.

  69. Let’s get at this bullpen!

  70. Come on Lindy!!!

  71. Gotta little ahead of myself

  72. Goggles is up. Time for some K’s.

  73. Thank you KJ.

  74. Lucky Lind gets the FC.

  75. Time for a 2-run present

  76. Fuck! Gotta tip your cap. Man he snatched that smash.

  77. Well Shit.

  78. Rays doing Rays things

  79. This Longoria guy is kinda good at baseball. He doesn’t even have to be looking:

  80. Back to .500 I’m guessing.

  81. what is going on??? cecil 0 for 40 now the rays hit him 2 for 2? wtf

  82. Damn. Stupid LH hitters going the other way. Stupid fundamental baseball. Damned Rays.

  83. Only the Loney knows how I feel (the prick.)

  84. Damn! Double Steal.

  85. Yunel’s first for the season. I bet that prick is loving beating up on the Jays tonight.

  86. The fuck JP?

  87. I hate Tropicana field….Im boycotting their oj for life

  88. We need to K Johnson.

  89. Stupid Johnson didn’t K.

  90. Good golly Goggles.

  91. Man. Haven’t seen Cecil get pulled much lately (except for a matchup).

  92. needs to get more than 3 commercials. Bo Jackson can stick that 5-hour energy up his a$$.

  93. Strike3bia got his bell rung.

  94. Delabar has to walk at least one guy, almost every time he comes out. His stuff his awesome, and he’s pitched well, but he likes to give one guy a shot to touch the bases.

  95. McGowan’s up. Game’s over. ;)

  96. Lol Davis, Rasmus and Shitfaceassholencibia coming up: fast forward please.

  97. 6 outs is enough to still win. Gotta stay positive.

  98. Here comes some strikeouts.

  99. Cletus smacks a double. Let’s go Jays!

  100. Cletus!

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