Jose Reyes

Yeah, yeah, we could get all doom-y and gloomy over here about yesterday’s abundant frustrations and the perhaps-unnecessary demotion of Munenori Kawasaki, but… holy shit, Jose Reyes is back!



Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons moved Melky Cabrera down in today’s order, keeping Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion in the two- and three-spots, because he likes getting Edwin up in the first inning. GibbyTheBest.

Kennedy also is the first to tweet Gibbers’ comments about taking the unusual step of informing the clubhouse as a group about last night’s demotion of Munenori Kawasaki, as the manager explained, “There was something different about this one.” In a later tweet, Gibby says, “Thank God the guy who’s replacing him is a superstar.”

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
3B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Tampa Bay Rays

LF Matt Joyce (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
DH Luke Scott (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

RHP Roberto “Fausto Carmona” Hernandez

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  1. Fuck Yunel Escobar

    • Remember last year when he was batting 4th and 5th in different games for the Jays?

      He bats ninth for the Rays … What a team that 2012 Jays were .. lol

    • Fuck Tropicana field. I don’t even hate the Rays players. Just fuck the stadium and our inability to win there!

  2. Jays going on an 11-game losing streak?

    Just kidding. Let’s get one in the win column!

  3. Gibby really is the fucking best. Not to place too much emphasis on one game in June, but if 2012 Cy Young Dickey loses to shitbag Fausto Carmona, I will be very sad. Watching the Jays play in early May type sad.

  4. I need a win here.

  5. I said at the start of this stretch that they needed to go 7-3, so today is in the ‘much needed win’ category as I don’t see the Jays sweeping four from Boston.

  6. Reyes back. Orioles fans will be really pissed now. We have double the Jose’s. They are really going to think we are harping O’Day.
    Love the lineup, back to back Jose’s

  7. The lineup looks good. The only thing i would do is flip over melky and rasmus. Jays need more power hitting 5th(not jpa). Melky has none to speak of.

  8. MLBTR says Tigers are willing to move top prospects for a closer.

    Would you move Janssen and a lesser prospect for a hitter in BAs top 25 prospects?

    With the recent strength and incredible variability of the bullpen you have to think about selling high. Don’t you?

    • Oh.

      And yaaaayy Jose Reyes.

    • Depends where we are at the trade deadline…

      I love Janssen, but Santos will be back in a month, which could mean one of them will be trade bait.

    • What is the obsession with selling high every single time a player exceeds his expected level of performance. You know you probably need guys like that to…. ya know… win a world series.

    • I don’t mind moving Jannsen at the right price if we’re out of the race – as long as Brett Cecil doesn’t go anywhere.

      • Fuck it. Even if we’re in the race I would look at it.

        I’m talking Nick Castelanno from the Tigers.

        Delabar can handle the closers role. Or Cecil. Or Wagner even. Maybe Santos. Perhaps Stroman down the line.

        Deal from strength baby. Especially when that strength will pitch about 3% of your teams innings for the next year and a half. And gets you a guy that could play 85% of them for the next 6 years.

  9. You guys, Jose Reyes plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

  10. I’m too hungover to tell who the shortstop is.


    Luis Encarnacion Rank: 12 Bani, Dominican Republic Height: 6’2″, Weight: 185 Position: 3B DOB: 8/9/1997 Bats: R, Throws: R Scouting Grades* (present/future): Hit: 4/5 | Power: 4/6 | Run: 3/4 | Arm: 5/6 | Field: 4/5

    Arguably the best right-handed hitter on the market, Encarnacion has tons of raw power, a short stroke and good balance at the plate.

    He’s known for spraying line drives all over the field, but he also has home run power, especially to his pull side. Encarnacion has impressed scouts with his ability to square the ball up and make hard contact every time he gets into the batter’s box. However, some wonder if the teen has a true position on defense. For now, Encarnacion is at third base, but that could change in the future.

    A regular in the International Prospect League, Encarnacion was a standout at the MLB International Showcase in January, notching four hits in seven at-bats. One of the youngest players on the market, Encarnacion won’t be able to sign until he turns 16 on Aug. 9. Scouts like his makeup, aggressive nature and approach to the game.

  12. nice, that reyes kid at shortstop can move

  13. With Reyes back and Lind hitting so well, that batting order is looking good, though I might have had Rasmus batting above Cabrera

  14. All i ask for is 2 runs! Dickey pitching well so far though

  15. Dickey

  16. Can anyone confirm that is working? I can’t tell if I’m getting fucked by the firewall or not…

  17. My hope for these divisional games was 6-4 at least. 3-2 so far but they could really use this game. The Jays need to be winning a lot of these divisional series the rest of the way.

  18. Bring back Henry Blanco!

  19. Bonifacio politely telling all the haters to shut the fuck up.

  20. Wtf?! The game is already on?! Who knew 1 pm start times could suddenly look good?

  21. Reyes sucks. Bring back Kawasaki!


  22. Looks like we rushed Reyes up too soon!

  23. Late to the party. Putting Reyes into the top of that lineup makes it look so much more dangerous.

    • Dickey seems on his game early, and I just checked out the replay on Reyes defensive play. Man, I’ve missed the strong arms on the left side of the infield.

    • If Lawrie’s bat can round into form when he comes back, it could start to resemble the kind of batting ordered we dreamed about before the season started and donkey punched us

  24. ERA down to an even 5. Staff ace!

  25. this lineup looks a lot more impressive!!

  26. is Kelly Johnson not a full-time player?

  27. yeah!

  28. Almost forgot this game was on. Nice, Melky with the RBI

  29. it is good Caberra hit before the strikeout king in the lineup. we probably wouldn’t have scored this inning otherwise.

  30. Thankfully the Blue Jays score before I have to take a pause to watch my soap. TTFN.

  31. Jesus Dickey is dealing today..Loving it

  32. the knuckler is back

  33. The Dick is sharp today

  34. i’ll get excited when I see reyes doing something good and when I see the team continue the win streak.

    last look at reyes his bat was about the only thing doing anything good, but his defense was objectively lack luster and wanting for effort. so far this game his at bats are pretty shit, but of course it will take time.

    the jays improvement came almost exactly to the day when kawasaki joined the team. of course its ridiculous to think any super correlation there, but the effort by the team sure increased at that time and kawa perhaps came into a real soured team and injected some life and optimism. he also showed by example how to take at-bats and make effort. he was out-hustling most of the team and grinding bats like no one else did.

    so i worry that the removal of him from the team could end up enabling morons to sink back to their stupid ways – swinging freely, not taking walks, etc. and lacking in hustle. if they go back there then they’ll be sunk again.

    • “the jays improvement came almost exactly to the day when kawasaki joined the team”
      Kawasaki joined the team April 13. They were decidedly bad bad bad for the next month at least. There is no correlation at all.

      • you mistake the word ‘improvement’ for meaning ‘results’.

        if you don’t know/didn’t watch how kawasaki came in and showed up everyone on the team during their ‘poor me’ and ‘i know what i’m doing’ phase…(JPA, Lawrie, etc)…then you obviously haven’t been watching.

        believe me, I love reyes…and after yesterday I’m much happier with his defence then the first go around. the first go around he was looking actually quite bad defensively…he trotted out to field balls that were certainly his and his range looked about 3/4 of escobar/kawasaki.

        but yesterday was a different story. good to see.

        the bat on the other hand..well, that will take time. but all 4 AB were a disgrace. At least on the last one he was thinking a bit and tried to do something. the first AB were god fucking awful. the last thing you should be doing as a recent call up from the DL is swing at first pitches.

    • You, sir, are an impeccable maroon.

    • Jesus CHRIST put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

  35. Alright perfect game!

  36. Who is this guy?

  37. Is it wrong to say I like Rajai Davis? Love seein this guy get on base

  38. #FreeBlanca#Streetfighter

  39. the bottom of our order has been totally killing us this year.

  40. Boni should be riding the pine and Kawasaki should be playing vs RHP

  41. Jesus we need more than 1 run so badly…

  42. Kawasaki would have just bunted it over the second baseman and got a inside the ball park homerun

  43. Dickey leaving a lot of pitches up in the zone. hopefully he starts to get them down a bit……….

  44. Reyes is really lacking on range

    • it seemed like it at the start of the year too. weird for a guy that is so fast. must not read the ball off the bat very well and/or doesn’t feel like he should put a lot of effort into D….

  45. Bah, F u Loney!

  46. Dammit! I wanna see Reyes leading off! Damn you for getting a hit last inning Rajai.

  47. ok, middle of the order coming up

  48. The Ol’ Lindy Hop

  49. Meowwwww!!! :3

  50. Hooray for doubling our runs!

  51. Meow! Meow!

  52. The Man from Muncie says Fuck You, Trop.

  53. BOOO-YAH

  54. Lind!!

  55. afraid of coming inside to the Melk man!

  56. Anyone else thinking: “We should close the Dome every time R.A Dickey pitches, no matter the weather.” Seriously, if it’s this much of a competitive advantage, why not?

    • I would support this. Sitting in the Dome when it’s a million degrees out fucking sucks anyway.

      • Sitting in the dome when it’s a million degrees with the sun beating down on you is THE BEST thing about Blue Jays baseball.

        • Agree that it’s great (sitting outside), but do that the other four starts of the week. I’d rather sit indoors in beautiful weather and see R.A pitch like a fucking dynamo than to sit outside and watch the Jays get destroyed.

  57. With JPA out of the lineup is Melky the most handsome man in the lineup today? Who else would it be? Cletus?

  58. Dickey owning the Rays.

    Are we keeping the roof closed for Dickey in TO? If not….. Why?

    • You know he has pitched the majority of his games without a roof right?

    • I’m a traditional baseball man. I just believe the game was meant be played in a hermetically-sealed, climate controlled dome just like our forefathers who loved the game before us.

      Seriously, Metrodome = Best-tro-Dome in my books.

  59. Love seeing Molina leading off

  60. 67 pitches – 50 strikes

  61. Derp

  62. We don’t have any complete games this year do we?

  63. it would be nice it thole can get on so we can have the top of the order next inning

  64. Tabby: “Hernandez – big leeegggs. Big shoulders. Strooong.”

  65. I didnt think it would be possible for Thole to hit worse than Blanco. wow.

  66. bad time to give up your first walk….

  67. huge K!

    • The knuckleball looked gorgeous in the super-slow-mo. Reminds me of the gif of his pitch from last year, also at the Trop.

  68. Trying to follow the box score while at work.
    I see Spud’s son is up to his old tricks.
    Dickey dealing?

  69. I love Dickey again.

  70. Nice! I hate the term quality start – but this has been a quality start!

  71. Leadoff walk? No problem, foul out, strikeout, foul out. Peace out.

  72. I wanna see Boneface and Reyes both on base so bad

  73. There he goes again. Maddon Ballz!

    Sending a guy out on 109 pitches to start the 8th. Hoping he pays for that this time.

  74. Wow, this Dickey kid they called up is quite good.


  76. Anyone listening to the radio? Anyone heard that Cletus commercial? The car dealership one? It’s hiiiiiiiilaaaaaaarious.

  77. Can Dickey pitch tomorrow?


  79. Fuck it’s the ninth inning and I still haven’t woken up yet.

  80. Bust out your walking shoes Polly!

  81. Hey Maddon – FUCK YOU

    Edwin’s Parrott

  82. squawk!!

  83. Yes Edwin.

  84. I think I like that Edwin guy.

  85. Wow great game. The last 2 sure were uninspiring. But I stayed calm. And here we are looking like a team again. Fells good man.

  86. Cmonnnnnnnnn DIIIIIICK

  87. The Rays use John Cena’s theme song as their “we’re behind in the ninth, let’s get pumped up!” music. That’s terrible.

  88. Dickey better be getting that same pitched called a strike for him this inning…

  89. Haha did anyone see Wang pack a huge wad of dip there?

  90. Whaaaa, strike 3 to Rasmus!!!

  91. Reyes 0 for 4…what a bum. Send him back, I want MUNI!!!

  92. Wa-fucking-hoo!

  93. CGDickey1

  94. What a performance by the Dick today. Fuckin beauty.

  95. is that our first shutout?

  96. Very nice indeed.

    Much needed.

  97. Finally an excellent outing from R.A

    • he almost had a CG in sanfran a couple weeks ago…..the ker now will be can he do it two, three games in a row

  98. Dusting off the ol’ hashtag:


  99. And the streak is over.

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