Leading off, as always (or usual), it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which for the duration of the season will be coming at you daily! We’re not double posting this year, but I’ll be sure to include the link in the first Daily Duce or Game Threat that follows the post going up over at Getting Blanked. Otherwise, you can find the podcast at Getting Blanked on iTunes, get it via the RSS feed we have setup, or like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed (if we bother to post it). While you’re at it, go ahead and like DJF on Facebook, too.

Via a tweet from Lookout Landing, it’s the return of Dickey Knuckleporn! Or… er… ew.

Great stuff from Eno Sarris at FanGraphs, as he talks to Casey Janssen about being a “strike thrower” and his batter-by-batter approach, and the way he prepares for games. Outstanding.

Not Jays-related, but in a similar vein and just as outstanding, over at Getting Blanked, Drew continues his “My Approach” series, speaking with Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies.

Godspeed, hipster doofus. MLBTR notes a report that informs us ex-Jays pitcher Brian Tallet has retired.

Shi Davidi doin’ the lords work with a bunch of items from Sportsnet since we last duce’d. He writes that Jose Reyes is coming up at the ideal time for the Jays, yet notes that Munenori Kawasaki’s departure is a bittersweet one, and is no ordinary move. He speaks to John Gibbons about doing what’s best for the team, and how he handles demotions. And he also looks at the returning Sergio Santos, and wonders how he’ll fit in, once he’s back to full health.

Prophetic stuff from Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, who writes that there are signs R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball velocity is returning. It sure was good Dickey who showed up today!

Sticking with the Toronto Star, we have a recap of Richard Griffin’s chat with readers yesterday.

A pair of interesting ones from Nick Ashbourne over at Bluebird Banter, who writes that it’s beginning to feel a lot like Rasmus (circa 2010), and wonders if we should be concerned about Jose Bautista.

Speaking of Jose, Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun has a nifty Q&A with the Jays slugger.

A trio of bigger pieces from MLB.com writers, as A.J. Cassavell writes about the Blue Jays and Padres showing fight with their big turnarounds, while Matty Leach-bomb writes that the Jays’ recent surge puts their potential on display. Meanwhile, Hal Bodley writes that, even though the Jays streak ended after 11 games, their ride has only just begun.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman writes about Mark Buehrle and Matt Moore, two pitchers heading in different directions– or, at least, who were heading in different directions before last night.

Michael Grange of Sportsnet made his way to Buffalo on the weekend, and wrote about Jose Reyes, who he found will not take no for an answer… or something.

Over in the National Post, John Lott looks at the Jays’ latest pitcher on the weighted ball program, Sergio Santos.

I mentioned it in today’s Game Threat, but why not repeat myself, as I’m on this week’s edition of the Prodcast over at Productive Outs!

At Baseball Prospectus (paywall’d), Jason Parks updated their Top 50 prospects list, and included both Aaron Sanchez and Roberto Osuna on there. The scouting reports aren’t very extensive here, but I’m sure you’ll find whatever Jays-related content you need from the piece lazily copy-pasted somewhere.

Lastly, since I didn’t link yesterday’s Getting Blanked Podcast anywhere, there it is, and also… it’s the return of the Prop Hate punishment, as Parkes checks in with an I Watched This On Purpose, having sat through a Twins and Marlins game that apparently happened.

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  1. No more posts today?

  2. Also: Gibby interviewed by Olney on the BBTN podcast

  3. Dickey was on espn radio yesterday I think

  4. Fantastic line from the Griff chat yesterday:

    “Besides Gibby has always been reluctant to yank Dickey or Johnson too early”

  5. @ShiDavidi: C A.J. Jimenez only #BlueJays prospect named to Futures Game at all-star festivities. 1B Jordan Lennerton of Langley in Det system only Cdn

  6. Apparently Wilner, on Tim and Sid, just said Teixeira is having surgery and done for the year.

  7. Not sure I really understand why Shi questioning how Santos will fit into the Jays bullpen. But I suppose he’s paid to churn out the words. Santos isn’t due back until mid-July at the earliest which is an eon in bullpen time. Who knows how things will shake out by then. And if the Jays have to part ways with old as shit Perez and have to make due with *just* three lights out lefties in the pen, they’ll be alright.

  8. HUGE game by Dickey. what a gem!!! CG SO!

    lucky we have an 8 man bullpen :)

  9. “Homo Erectus Was The Original Starting Pitcher”


    evolution/science/biology plus baseball equals best

  10. found the kawasaki tshirts everyone is going crazy for ….awesome jays gear to add to any collection …

  11. Anyone catch Baseball Central today? I don’t usually care who the co-host is, I just listen to hear Hayhurst. But Greg Brady may be the worst fill-in ever. The guy never stops talking, constantly interrupts and offers the standard superficial baseball arguments when trying to make a point. The talking-over when Hayhurst was talking gives me the sense that he is one of those “this is how guys talk when they talk about sports” types. He belongs on one of those sports talk shows featuring four guys all talking at the same time, trying to be the sports equivalent of The View.

    • Brady is pretty fucking awful to listen to alright. I definitely feel for Hayhurst. If you’re going to be loud, at least be intelligent, creative or thought-provoking. Unfortunately, The Fan employs several on-air “talents” that are pretty unbearable to listen to or watch.

      You’ve got Jim “Clubber” Lang, Brady’s equally loud, yet unfunny, blinky-eyed morning show co-host with a raging CFL boner.

      Tim and Sid seem to fancy themselves as streetwise comedians from the hip-hop generation, yet they act like a couple of lily-white upper middle-class schoolgirls who’ve just discovered what sex is. They absolutely revel in the overuse of unfunny, unoriginal innuendo and painfully obnoxious, too high in-the-mix sound effects.

      Then you’ve got the rambling, stuttering and demonstrably unknowledgeable high school intern that is Jeff Sammut. How the fuck The Fan allows this guy on the air is a mystery to me. In addition to his voice being annoying as fuck, when discussing baseball topics, I’ve heard this fucking moron refer to Gibbons as the “head coach” and the clubhouse as the “dressing room” on multiple occasions. He also frequently resorts to Leaf and FUCKING MARLIES! analogies when he’s conducting baseball-related interviews or discussions as if somehow there isn’t enough hockey content in the Toronto market already.

      Speaking of hockey, I think it goes without saying that the majority of the Fan’s hundreds of hockey commentators/hosts are also pretty nauseating. Gotta love how much airtime is dedicated to allowing these fucks to loudly discuss/promote their various personal business interests, ruminate about what type of sports car they should buy or reminisce about where they went for dinner when Sportsnet sent them to New York to cover the lockout etc.

      End of rant. Go Jays.

  12. I get it, it’s called the daily duce because i read it while pooping

  13. Jays now with 8th in team ERA. From 14th to 8th in a month. And no reason they can’t continue to trend upward either. Considering all the disasters and fill-ins this year, I could handle something like 7th best team ERA.

    • When I played the 8th best ERA was something like the 7th best ERA.

      • seeing jack morris comments makes me want to stop looking at comments. Like come on Jack Morris is not that bad to listen to. Personally I enjoy listening to him, than boat stroker zaun.

      • I think it’s funny for some reason

        • Me too. I like Morris more than I thought I would, but I’m enjoying the clued-out Jack comments.

          • Agreed. Jack on the radio/TV has been fantastic. He actually roots for the Jays! Unlike Buck and Tabster who will just rant on and on about the opposing players.

            As for Jack Morris on djf, I get a laugh out of the comments.

    • Jays still have the 28th xFIP in the league, ERA not a particularly good indicator of pitching success.

      Even in the month of June they’re only 16th. Long way to go with this staff. Starts like yesterday’s certainly helps though.

  14. Texeira done for the year. Yankee Kingdome is crumbling.

  15. So, what do you guys think is the absolute minimum you’d like to see from the Jays over the next 8 games (4 Boston, 4 Detroit)?

    For me, I’d like to see the Jays take 3 against the Massholes, and split with the Tigers, and go 5-3.

  16. On the one hand I’m incredibly glad that I shat on Dickey this morning and now am a complete idiot. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve played this tune before (after SF game) and got burned.

  17. Dickey’s last 10 games are a roller coaster:

    6 outings with no more than 2 ERs and 4 others with a minimum of 6 ERs


  18. Great game today. After winning 11 in a row, I’m OK with dropping 2/3 in Tampa Bay. They were due for a couple stinkers. Getting swept would have stung a bit though.

    A split in Boston and I’ll be happy. The pitching matchups don’t look too bad unless Wang and Rogers lose it suddenly.

    Wang – Lester (has been brutal in June), Johnson-Dubront, Rogers-Webster, Buerhle-Dempster.

    • Terrible june or not, lester always eats up the jays it seems. Doubront, webster, and dempster dont scare me much though. At least they dont have to face buchholz.

    • It’s the penis pitchers versus the -ster’s pitchers. And so I shall refer to this series as The Dickster Series.

  19. Is anybody getting worried of the massholes more than any other team in the division? They keep on winning. Its already june 26 and their record is pretty fucking good. It seems to me like theyre the most balanced team in terms of offense and pitching. It pisses me off because the jays should be in first based on talent on paper but baseball doesnt work that way.

    • When I played the team that won the most games ended up in first place.

    • I’m not that worried. Even before the season began I saw them as a wild card contender, meaning they could easily win 85 games. They’ve had exceptional hitting from almost all of their FA signings, all of their young guys minus the newly demoted Middlebrooks, and lights out pitching.

      But they haven’t had a ton of injuries and really only their bullpen has been inconsistent. Just by having Bucholz on the DL they went from playing .600 ball to something like .550 ball. Add in a few more injuries and watch those losses start to creep up. Most of their players are playing way above their norms or having career years. Like the Yankees, some of that will regress and that should equate into some more losses too.

      Biggest thing with Boston is a lot of their players are having big bounce back years, almost all at the same time – and some like Ellsbury are also in their contract year so I am sure that is fueling his exceptional play this year

    • Actually, the haven’t really been wininng for the last 2 months….just 27-25. They got off to a 20-8 start, and so they’re largely living off that good early start.

  20. Well no game tonight, so I guess it’s time to get around to that Munenori Kawasaki ballot box stuffing. How many email addresses can I use?

  21. Heh, looks like the Orioles blew a lead in the 9th. What a glorious day all around — sans the Red Sox winning.

  22. Dickey had the Jays first “Maddux” game of the year.

  23. Speaking of Aaron Sanchez, this is from Keith Law, in discussing the Futures Game:

    “One thing that surprised me was how weak the U.S. pitching staff is relative to previous years. Two notable omissions are Pittsburgh’s Jameson Taillon, who appeared in the game last year but doesn’t appear here because the Pirates have two position players in the game; and Toronto’s Aaron Sanchez, who just returned from the DL on June 21 but might be the best pitching prospect left in the minors.”


    Um, wait, what? “Toronto’s Aaron Sanchez, who just returned from the DL on June 21 but might be the best pitching prospect left in the minors.”

    Well that’s pretty sweet.

    • On the negative front though, he says this about AJ Jimenez:

      “The World’s catching is weak — Christian Bethancourt has shown no development as a hitter for almost two years, although he can really throw, and A.J. Jimenez is more backup material than starter.”

      • I don’t really understand that. Jimenez is universally said to be above-average defensively, has thrown out basestealers at an outstanding clip, and has consistently hit for an above .800 OPS at all levels of the minors. No, he doesn’t hit home runs, but he hits plenty of doubles. I really don’t see how that screams backup rather than regular.

  24. The Jays are 3 games back of the wild card at the moment! Positioned well for a run to the top!

  25. Sorry to see John McDonald was DFA’d by the Indians today. Johnny Mac was only 2 for 31 this year. When Reyes first went down many, including myself thought he’d be a good option. Glad they went with Kawasaki instead. Hope this wasn’t John’s last day as a major leaguer. If I had to list my 10 favorite Blue Jays, I’d have to seriously consider him for that list.

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