June 26th vs Rays

Batter pLI WPA
Cabrera – DH 0.98 -0.073
Bautista – RF 0.81 0.027
Encarnacion – 3B 0.98 0.012
Lind – 1B 1.19 -0.120 Pitcher pLI WPA
DeRosa – 2B 1.04 0.089 Buehrle – SP 1.21 -0.284
Davis – LF 1.50 -0.151 Wagner – SP 0.18 0.012
Rasmus – CF 1.37 -0.071 Cecil – RP 0.25 -0.024
Arencibia – C 0.90 -0.044 Delabar – RP 0.15 0.004
Iztruis- SS 0.88 0.122 McGowan – RP 0.03 0.002
Total 1.06 -0.210 Total 0.83 -0.290

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Maicer Izturis, 12.2%
Griffin: Mark Buehrle, -28.4%
Impact At-Bat: Izturis RBI Single, Top 2, 12.7%
Impact Pitch: Desmond Jennings RBI Single, Bot 2, -12.7%
Highest Leverage AB: Colby Rasmus Bases Loaded Strikeout, Top 3, 3.49
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Sean Rodriguez Sac Fly, Bot 4, 2.55
Lineup Contribution: -21.0%
Pitching Contribution: -29.0%
Average Leverage Index: 0.94
Chart explanation

- Mark Buehrle’s line: 5.0ip, 8h, 4er, 2k, 4bb, 99 pitches, 7 swinging strikes, 33 game score, 5.25FIP.

- Matt Moore’s line: 6.0ip, 4h, 1er, 11k, 6bb, 120 pitches, 22 swinging strikes, 65 game score, 2.38FIP.

- Buehrle was far from dominant in this outing, giving up a number of fly balls and some line drives, allowing at least one base runner in each of his 5 innings of work. Desmond Jennings hit a 2-on, 2-out single in the 2nd to put the Rays on the board, and back-to-back sac flies followed by another 2-on, 2-out single by Wil Myers in the 4th allowed Tampa to pull out to a 4-1 lead.

- Neil Wagner worked a hitless 6th, Brett Cecil gave up 2-hits and a run for the first time in forever in the 7th, and Delabar and McGowan combined to finish off the final 4 outs.

- The Jays got off to another rolling start, opening the scoring in the top of the 2nd on a Maicer Izturis single that cashed in Rajai Davis. Unfortunately this would be the only scoring play for the Jays all game long.

- They threatened Matt Moore again in the 3rd, loading the bases with on the strength of two walks and an Encarnacion single. Davis and Colby Rasmus both struck out swinging to end the inning without the Jays putting a ball in play

- The missed opportunity in the 3rd took a bit of wind out of the sails, as the Jays failed to really threaten again until the 6th when the Jays managed a pair of baserunners. Another pair of k’s (Davis, Arencibia) and a groundout ended the threat.

- The Jays put runners on base in the 7th, 8th, and 9th as well, but nothing came of it.

- Moore was what is affectionately known as “effectively wild” throughout the course of the night. He walked 6 and struck out 11, seemingly leaving the Jays lineup completely confused about where the ball was headed. Lind in particular struggled, striking out three times. Davis, Rasmus, and Arencibia also struck out twice. Moore threw 120 pitches and coaxed 22 swinging strikes.

- In the 4th, Jose Bautista threw a rocket trying to gun down Jose Molina tagging from 3rd. As you can see in the gif, the throw was more than on time but a crafty slide evaded Arencibia’s tag to score a run. Molina is one of those guys that when taken in numerically you’re like “This guy is no good” but then you watch him frame some pitches and slide around a tag to score and it kind of makes sense that he still gets to play. They Rays managed to slip around a couple of tags tonight, and those plays combined with Evan Longoria possibly fielding a foul ball led to Gibby coming out to have three separate conversations with the umpiring crew.

- Former Blue Jay game of the night: Yunel Escobar – 3-for-5, 1 r, 1 sb.

- This was unquestionably the most annoying game of the last 2 weeks. (duh) The Jays generally played sloppy on both sides of the ball and failed to string together many good at bats. They managed just 1 run on 6 hits and 7 walks.

- After the game it was announced that Munenori Kawasaki was optioned to AAA Buffalo to make room for the returning Jose Reyes, who will be in the lineup for this afternoon’s series conclusion.

- The (38-38) Blue Jays lose their 2nd straight, and hope to avoid a sweep by the Rays this afternoon at 12:10pm EST.

- The projected match-up for the series closer is R.A. Dickey (5.14FIP, 0.3fWAR) v Roberto Hernandez (4.41FIP, 0.5fWAR). Dickey threw a 1-hitter in Tampa Bay last year so hey that’s something.

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. JOSE fucking REYES!

  2. I hate watching games on TV when they’re at Tropicana. I don’t what it is about that place but the games are just dull to watch. Plus, the Blue Jays usually lose.

    • 2 things, the first you said, the jays normally lose, and there are normally only about 6k people there, less then a high school football game would draw in Tampa

    • Yes. Honestly I don’t even watch on tv when they’re playing there. Dark stadium, ugly, no atmosphere, and Jays lose approximately 97 out of every 100 games there. Pass.

    • It’s pretty remarkable how quiet it is there. You’d think that, even though there are max 10k people there, the dome would keep the sound up.

      But no. The whole game all you hear is the PA guy and that one vendor yelling: “Beer beer beeeeerrr, heeeeeeeeeerrree!” over and over.

  3. When I was watching that slide and Aaron Cibia missed tag last night, my first thought was of David Cooper – Why didnt you just tag him?

    I didnt see the game threat from last night, I just trust the DJF’rs were all over that one.

    • to be fair, it was a nice slide

    • JPA is afraid to block the plate. and it cost us big time.

      • To be fair, Molina is a thickly built dude. He could have blown J.P. up if he blocked the plate. And the throw was also up the 1st base line a bit. Some terrible Jays at bats to watch last night – it happens. Also, fuck that shitty park. It’s tough to watch games played in Tampa.

        • no, the throw was perfect. JPA has done this before. He stands in front of the plate because he is afraid to block it.

          • Jose’s throw would have went right over top of home plate if JPA wouldn’t have moved. that is a really painful .gif to watch.

          • Come on that’s bullshit. I have no extra love for him, but even Zaun (who hates him) said what happened:

            The throw was slightly ahead of the plate. It would have been a very hard throw to catch on the short hop so he reached forward to catch it on the fly. Then he lunged back at the plate but made a mistake and tried to tag Molina rather than just lay himself out all over the plate. He didn’t pussy out.

            • the throw was perfectly on line. you can’t throw any better than that. seems like he was kneeling in front of the plate already before the ball go tthere.

              • The throw might have been online (I still think it was to the 1st base side) but JPA caught it at the front of the batters box just before it hit the ground. To ask him to block the plate in front of Molina and risk injury while taking the throw on a short hop is an incredibly difficult play to make. I think JPA is a back up catcher, but if you want to throw stones why not question some of the undisciplined at bats the Jays had last night (against a wild pitcher with great stuff).

  4. Baseball is hard. Jose’s throw to even be there to make it close was an excellent play and shows how much of a cannon he has. One of those “tip your hat” things – both to Jose for the throw and Molina for the slide.

    BTW, managers and GM’s who listen to suggestions from the fans tend to join them…

  5. Happy Reyesmas Everybody. We were all really good this year so I expect everybody will be please with what Josanta brings tonight.

  6. Ok Dickey, you’re in my “upside” category for the second half. So are you, Reyes.

    Get’r done.

  7. I’m not sure I understand the team’s obsession with having an 8 man bullpen right now.

    • next 9 games……TB, Sox x4, Tigers x4

      you have 3 of the best teams at seeing a lot of pitches……so chances are, your going to need those arms in the BP

    • The starters haven’t been able to go deep into games.
      It’d be different if it was 1 or 2 of them.

  8. Why didn’t he just tag him?

  9. Reading that last line is depressing. Roberto “don’t call me Fausto anymore” Hernandez is universally talked about as a potental DFA candidate for the Rays….and Dickey is our ace…I’m just sayin….

    Fucking Dickey – they need a big game from him today. Looking at his home vs away splits I feel good about getting back over .500

  10. Lost in the Griffins and WPA #s is the fact that Lind has cooled off and hopefully provided whatever proof anyone out tjere au have needed that hr should be platooned.

    Rasmus is outed for k’ing in the game’s highest leverage at bat, but Lind k’ed with 2 on and none out earlier that same inning. We don’t really expect Rasmus to do much against lefties, and it is foolish to expect any more out of Lind against them.

    • holy fuck, he’s been among hte best hitters in the majors for almost two months but yea fuck him, his 2 k’s, he got exposed

      • You’re wrong. 3 k’s, 1st, 3rd, and 5th innings.

        I’ll look up the logs for his performance against other lefties this month.

        • please look up the numbers of the man who’s surged to the top of the league in hitting and show me more evidence of how he needs to be platooned.

          • For June: 12 for 32 (.375)
            Since June 8: 7 for 25 (.280)
            Since June 17: 1 single in 14 ABs (.071) with 8 GO
            0 for last 11 ABs with 4 K and 5 GO

            I’m not disputing his numbers for the month are great, but he’s cold right now and, depending on your POV, he’s either reverted to form against lefties or is just ice cold against them at the moment.

            I don’t know how to do leverage index, but, looking through the game logs, he has failed in some pretty key spots and has been losing to lefties brought in to get him out. I also found it interesting Rasmus also hit well against the lefties Lind hit, like Zito and Quintana. I don’t know if this is coincidence or if these pitchers aren’t as tough on lefty hitters.

            June 25 vs Moore – 3 AB, 3 K
            June 25 vs McGee – 1 AB, FC GO
            June 23 vs McFarland – 2 AB, GO, K
            June 23 vs Patton – 1 AB, GO
            June 21 vs Matusz – 1 AB, LO
            June 19 vs Outman – 1 AB, LO
            June 18 vs Francis – 3 AB, single, 2 GO
            June 17 vs De La Rosa – 3 AB, 3 GO
            June 16 vs Holland – 3 AB, 2 singles, GO
            June 11 vs Quintana – 3 AB, double, single, LO
            June 11 vs Thornton – 1 AB, single
            June 10 vs Thornton – 1 AB, K
            June 8 vs Cotts – 1 AB, single
            June 8 vs Ross – 1 AB, K
            June 5 vs Zito – 3 AB, 3 singles
            June 5 vs Mijares – 1 AB, FO
            June 1 vs Erlin – 3 AB, double, HR, LO

            • he’s hitting 375 for the month, good power, good at bats, but needs to come out because of an 0/10? toronto sports fan logic in a nutshell

              • David, I guess we’ll see where things wind up. His last few at bats against lefties have not been good. I don’t have time to look further back in the game logs, but my guess is that he had a month where he was hitting everything, and then the first two weeks of playing everyday he continued hitting everything, and now he’s got almost two weeks of not hitting lefties very well.

                For sure he made some adjustments against lefties and they’ve paid off. To my eyes, he’s come out of that lately. So maybe the question is whether the adjustments will lead to sustainable production against LHP and/or whether his approach has recently reverted but he can reintroduce the better approach and carry on being acceptable/good against LHP.

                To your point about my overreacting to 10 ABs, there are hundreds of more ABs of data suggesting he should be platooned. If the argument is that he’s a different hitter now than the last couple of years, then we will only have a small sample to work with. 10 ABs would be 25% of all his ABs vs. LHP this year.

              • Oh, and I’m not sure where you’re getting the “good power” idea from? He had a homer and double against Erlin and a double against Quintana. Those were the only hard hit balls against LHP.

                The average distance of the other 9 hits, all singles, was like 100 ft.

                This wasn’t an angle I was complaining about – if one is to accept he will hit against LHP, one should be happy with however he gets on base – but it’s just not accurate to say he’s hitting LHP with good power.

  11. JPA lacks the catcher instincts. People are saying he was afraid to block the plate but it looks like he just didn’t know how much time he had to get closer to the plate. He dove when he didn’t have too and gave up after the great slide. I give credit to Molina for a terrific slide but JPA has to GET OVER THERE.

  12. I missed the game – did Bautista actually show or attempt a bunt or is that just a hilarious joke?

  13. even yunel can steal a base off arencibia

    • While JPA is below average defensively and at the dish, by gosh he handles his twitter account with aplomb and the ladies JPA jerseys seem to fly off the rack. What more do you want?

  14. Remember when Buster Posey broke a couple years ago blocking the plate and everybody was saying he shouldn’t do that, one run, even if it means a loss, is less important than risking injury.

    Yeah yeah, JPA is not buster posey, but he’s been pretty damn great last 2 weeks, top 30 wOBA in baseball over the last 14 days.

    • JPA is the king of the red hot streak. I can remember a few times last year people were talking about having him platoon first base with Lind when D’Arnaud came up and Stoeten had to remind everyone that he’s usually fucking terrible.

  15. I’m so torn between my love and admiration of 2012 Dickey and my frustration at how much 2013 Dickey FUCKING SUCKS. Luckily the season goes 162 because Dickey is the most disappointing Jays acquisition of the past 10 years (ever?) at this point. Fuck, even Frank Thomas gave us one good season despite being a douche. If he bitches about being hurt tonight and we don’t DL him I’ll be pissed.

    Watching a hanging knuckleball is one of the saddest experiences because you know what the result will be before contact is even made.

    Top 3 Jays faits accomplis (negative) post 2007:

    1) Hanging Knuckleball
    2) High fastball to Vernon (post 2007)
    3) Coco after the first hit

    • yes – Dickey has been a major disappointment…but so has pretty much everyone on that starting staff.

  16. Was Jose actually asked to bunt?

    • He was just showing a bunt cuz Longoria was playing deep at third. No way in hell hes bunting though.

      Longo didnt buy it either, after Jose showed that bunt, Longo actually took a couple steps back, not in.

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