Boston Red Sox Photo Day
Here we go! The newly not-terrible Blue Jays head into Boston looking to do better than they did in Tampa, or at least as good as they did in the finale of this week’s three game set, with Chien-Ming Wang on the hill, and right-handers galore in the lineup to face Jon Lester.

The Sox lefty is coming off three straight starts in which he’s given up five or more earned runs while not making it to the sixth inning, and a seven start stretch over which he’s posted an ERA of 7.30. So… why the hell shouldn’t this keep working? Let’s chip away at that ridiculous record the shitbag Sox and their fuckface manager have built up so far, AM I FUCKING RIGHT, OR WHAT?

Do this!

And, shit, if they lose… it’s foggy at Fenway– and apparently good things happen after the Jays lose in the fog. Foggetabout!


Mike Wilner tweets that John Gibbons says the club rushed Brett Lawrie back, “out of necessity,” earlier this year, but they won’t make the same mistake twice. He’ll stay in the minors until he’s healthy and his bat is ready, Gibbers says.

He’s started off well, as he’s got a single in tonight’s game in Dunedin. Also getting into the game for the D-Jays? According to a tweet from the club, Kyle Drabek.

Ian Harrison tweets out a reminder that tonight’s Jays game can be found broadcast on OMNI Television. You can thank Chien-Ming Wang for that.

Speaking of tonight’s starter, Shi Davidi tweets a link to his piece on the key to Wang’s career evolution.

Davidi reminds us that Adam Lind is 3-for-29 with 12 strikeouts in his career against Jon Lester, while Chris Toman notes that Colby Rasmus hasn’t been much better, which explains their absences from tonight’s linup.

TV: Sportsnet, OMNI

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (S)
1B Mike Carp (L)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
2B Stephen Drew (L)
SS Jose Iglesias (R)

LHP Jon Lester

Comments (268)

  1. President Farrell’s bullpen management

  2. Every time I see tht picture of fuckface, I want to punch my laptop.

  3. I still feel it’s wierd to hate the Red Sox more than the Yankees. That’s life, I guess.

  4. When we get Lawrie back at third, together with Reyes and EE at first, we could have some pretty good infield defense. A ground ball pitcher like Wang could thrive with with this team

  5. Lester looks like shit early.

  6. Mandarin Buck Martinez is WAAAAY better

    • Bullshit!! OMNI Calgary doesn’t have the game. I really wanted to hear Buck speaking Cantonese.

    • Am I the only one that switched to the OMNI broadcast, as soon as Buck mentioned that it was on that channel, under the premise that baseball broadcast in ANY language is better than having to listen to Buck and Tabby.

  7. I also feel it’s weird to hate the Sox more than the Yankees. I have therefore decided to hate them equally

  8. Like that, Tabby?

  9. since when is a runner on first considered “on the ropes”?

  10. Wasted opportunity

  11. Typical. Lester can’t throw a strike and the Jays are hacking.

  12. Buncha pig fuckers

  13. Jose Bautista is starting to look a lot like V Wells circa 2010. A lot of pop ups in the last month.

    There, I said it.

  14. That was a pretty tidy inning by Wang. Fuck Lester!

  15. NUUUUUU JPA, Don’t strike out!!!!! You never do that!

  16. No matter how shitty lester is, he will always have the ability to strike out jpa.

  17. Can’t complain about them swinging that inning.. except DeRosa continuing to be the meathead he is.

  18. Well Buck, missing down is starting to piss me off.


  20. This is what i was worried about. Jays having a poor approach vs lester as always. And wang just sucking.

  21. would like to point out carp did not walk there one of those strikes was called for a ball.

  22. fucking joke ballpark. that’s a lazy flyball just about anywhere else

  23. Wang…………………

  24. fuck you boston.

  25. Could Melky have faked out Ortiz to staying at third by making it look like he was camping under a flyball, and turning to field the ball at the last second?

  26. Fuck I hate them so much

  27. 8 man bullpen may be needed tonight.

  28. Good lord. Jays are a clusterfuck of retardism tonight.

    • Jesus fuck. This game is done. No way jays can rally with the 4-9 hitters they have tonite. Especially with their hacking, impatient approach.

  29. fuck farrel

  30. That was not good.
    why is that not an error?

  31. that was an error not a double. fuck you scorekeepers.

    • and again I would like to point out carp was not walked a strike was called a ball. close call, but if that was not a walk might not be 4-0 sox….

  32. Gibby, time to pull Wang.

  33. What’s “fuck” in Mandarin?

  34. well this game was fast tonight. We’ll get em tomorrow.
    Im going to go eat some strawberry pie.

  35. Un-fucking-believable.Perhaps this is what Dirk meant by being BABIPed to death….

  36. The BABIP Gods have decided that they are going to ruin Wang tonight.

  37. i hate being a jays fan sometimes

  38. Tell Fats and Washboard Sam, that everybody gonna to jam
    Tell Shaky and Boxcar Joe, we got sawdust on the floor
    Tell Peg and Caroline Dye, we gonna have a time.
    When the fish scent fill the air, there’ll be snuff juice everywhere
    We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long
    All night long
    All night long
    All night long

    or not

  39. I take full responsibility for this game….

    After losing three pitchers to injury, I picked up Wang for my fantasy team on Monday

  40. Chink Ming Wang is a joke

  41. The other Wang has dropped. So…

    Does Wang get another start?

  42. Nice DP. Let’s do this.

  43. The bats better wake the fuck up.

  44. Shit.

  45. And I’ll see you tomorrow everyone. That was fun.

  46. Nice debut on OMNI Wang. fuckhead.

  47. Fuck. I waited all afternoon for this?

  48. A chance?

    WTF Buck.

  49. Any other park…fly out..fenway 2 run hr

  50. Heyoo tabby needs to stfu about how amazing the Red sox are. Yea they are better than us, but a non-error by bautista we are only down 3-4 and if 1 of the 3 ground balls was turned we would be down 0.

    • Yeah Tabby is really running his mouth off tonight. Not looking for homerism, but he’s gobbling red sox balls between every pitch.

  51. It’s only 7 runs… remember Tampa?

  52. I had been fantasizing about waltzing in here roflstomping Farrell and Co. for weeks.

    I hate the Red Sox so much, and their stupid rivalry with New York.

  53. When’s Morrow back?

  54. Wang’s booking his ticket for Buffalo.
    For fuck’s sake.

  55. I’m OUT!

    I won’t be subjected to this nonsense anymore! It’s obvious the season is over and the Jays can’t play with the big boys when the chips are down.

    I will not watch another Jays game – ever!! This will be my last visit to the site!


  56. That felt like watching Romero

  57. are you fucking kidding me Buck? Don’t let 7 runs in an inning rattle you?
    Tabby: ya 7 runs is nothing.

  58. Serious question about errors, can errors only be made on balls hit in the infield or on a throw? I dont think I have ever seen a fly ball error even when it was as blatant as bautistas.

  59. Hopping for the rain before 5 haha

  60. Fun, possibly irrelevant fact: today’s start by Wang marks the first time he’s faced a team that did not face Dickey the previous day.

  61. Wang pitched like a fucking pussy and got himself into trouble. He was scared of the bos hitters and got what he deserved. You have to throw strikes against them. Their hitters are smarter than the jays, unfortunately.

  62. Time to get shitfaced early tonight. Laters guys.

  63. Will no one rid me of this turbulent team?

    • I was a fan of the Vancouver Grizzlies – be careful what you say. Hat tip for the Beckett reference.

      • I feel your pain, DCM.

        I’m out on the left coast too, and well remember that which you reference.
        However, the “turbulent team” I want to be rid of is Boston.

  64. I didn’t subject myself to the punishment of watching, but I see the score don’t look so good.

    Not time to give up though, that’s exactly what those fucking massholes would want. In this stupid shitty old park we’ve still got lots of time to pop some runs.

  65. 7 innings to get 7 back.

  66. Well that was ugly.

    I hope they can at least knock lester out and use up the Boston bullpen a bit.

  67. Drew reverse-jinxed them

  68. If any game is gunna bust Lester out of a slump this is it. EE is the only solid bat in the lineup right now.

  69. Wang finally started pitching like the piece of shit that he is. Oh well. It just makes the decisions easier when injured people start coming back.

    This was one of those “it’s a miracle if the Jays win” games. You’d prefer to not have to burn your bullpen much but at least McGowan can eat up some of these useless innings now.

    • “Wang finally started pitching like the piece of shit that he is.”

      Is that really necessary? He pitched quite admirably during the 11-game win streak. I’ve seen much better pitchers get shelled at Fenway.

  70. The hell is wrong with the outfield?

  71. This defense is….questionable? today

  72. This is sort of what I was worried about. Wang was probably going to turn back into a pumpkin (no way was he going to keep this up), and Ishmail will eventually be hit as the league figures him out more. In any case he also has an innings limit/wall to hit.

    So we really need Morrow and Happ back, or make a move for a starter.

  73. All we need is 10 straight walks.

  74. Out for another 6 weeks…..

    Or not.

  75. Not even a hit against Lester yet.

  76. I don’t get why people say lots of game left, 7 runs at Fenway is nothing etc etc when fangraphs show a 3.6% chance of the Jays coming back. Its not impossible but its very doubtful.

  77. Fuck this fucking team. I’d take finishing 2nd last every year just so long as the funken Boston Douchebags finish last.

    I mean – good grief.

  78. I’m just hoping for a “Mench-Halladay” liner right at Lester’s leg right now.

  79. 2dps eddie..comon take the pitch

  80. I gave up an evening of porn surfing and self-abuse for this.

  81. One fucking game calm the fuck down wang is a punpkin

  82. rename Boni “Strange Attractor”

  83. I know it’s just one really bad game for Wang so far this season, but it’s nights like this that make me wish Brandon Morrow wasn’t such a fucking fragile pussy

  84. Hey is Lester throwing a no hitter??!! I said NO HITTER!!!!! I guess the Jays aren’t going to get a single hit against him tonight!?

  85. I can’t believe Lester has a no hitter going.

  86. Wang gets a mulligan. Any pitcher can come into Fenway and get smacked around.

  87. When I played and I had a game like Wang did tonight who am I kidding I was never this bad.

  88. Green light JPA.

  89. Maice!

  90. Well that’s a start. Thanks Maicer

  91. I was just in the middle of typing my “shutout” jinx….

  92. Pat Tabler is insightful, edgy, and intelligent.

  93. How about those Chicago Blackhawks?

  94. Lester and his 444 mph fastball.

  95. Unecessary bashing of Wang here (insert masturbation joke).
    He got lit up tonight. It happens. I wouldn’t throw him out yet. Three other solid starts by him. He got hurt by an error and a Fenway fly ball HR. Let’s see how he is next time

  96. It’s not like Wang had any defense behind him.

  97. I don’t even want to know what happened.
    Just joining in now, but metaphorically on the boat all night.

    • 1 really bad inning weasel.

      • I’ll watch Jays in 30 as penance later tonight.
        I had semi-forgot that the Blue Jays were headed into Boston. Which is really the best way for me to deal with Boston – just to have it thrust upon me without warning. Less time to angry up the blood.

  98. I feel like Perez was trying to communicate that he’s angry with his god right now. Curious.

  99. Wow – radar gun had Lester’s fastball at 440 mph.

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