Those of you who were sad to see Munenori Kawasaki go when the Jays dropped him to make for Jose Reyes to rejoin the club for Wednesday’s finale in Tampa have got your wish– albeit at the expense of Melky Cabrera’s bat and creaky legs.

The plucky Japaneeeeeeeeeeese crowd-pleaser has been recalled by the Jays, while the ailing left fielder has (presumably) been given the order to rest for at least a couple of weeks, so that we all can get a break from the searing hamstring pain we feel when watching him attempt to run the bases or play the outfield.

Don’t believe me? BOOM:

OK, so maybe it’s knee tendinitis, not the hamstring issues we’ve heard about. In fact, in the lead photo in John Lott’s game story at the National Post, you can see Melky resting his knee in the middle of the Red Sox’ big second inning (presumably during the pitching change).

And still! It’s been painful to watch Cabrera drag his body around the field of late, and with Jose Reyes back and the club currently keeping its head above water in the standings (barely), as crucial as this next stretch will be, it seems like a wise decision to (finally) let Melky’s body heal. Of course, the fact that Cabrera somehow looked worse than usual tonight may have forced the club’s hand. (Shi Davidi tweets that Melky, in fact, tweaked the knee during the Tampa series, for whatever that’s worth.)

The empty .274 average in June probably isn’t helping either– Melky has just a .311 on-base this month, and a .286 wOBA. Nor is the fact that, somewhat unbelievably, MacArthur tweets that Melky had played in every single game for the Jays thus far.

Could we see Kawasaki playing second base against right-handed pitching, with Emilio Bonifacio moving to left-field to supplant Rajai Davis? Yeah… probably, right? So… that ain’t so bad.

Melky, though, as you can see in this GIF from Dan Toman of Gamereax, was so bad.

So strap on your GIF-bags, Kawasaki is back for another round– and probably doing one of these on a flight to Boston at the moment:

Played well tonight for Buffalo, too:

Hooray for fun!


“Bow” image via that t-shirt that Scott Johnson wrote about earlier this week.

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  1. No Gose?

  2. Here’s footage of Melky telling training staff about his injury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLcrgkmdHLo

    • Cut it out man, I’m at work and the 3 other morons that didn’t take an extra long weekend are staring…

  3. I may get ridiculed for this but I was hoping they would recall Sierra or an outfielder. Kawasaki doesn’t have much value as a bench player. They called him up to cheerlead

    • And what value does Sierra have?

      Kawasaki can play 2B against RHP.

      • Sierra or gose can take playing time away from Davis.

        Kawasaki has played very limited 2b, and gibbons hasn’t put him there at all so far and has some opportunities to do.

        I guess we’ll see wait and see how much playing time he gets

        • Both Sierra and Davis are RHB, so that doesn’t really make sense. Gose does, but with his performance lately I don’t see it being worth it.

        • Davis is doing just fine in LF and has a .295 against righties (in 66 PA).

          • i get what people are saying about sierra. but a slugging hitter is not what this team needs. and one that sometimes makes mental errors on the basepaths and fielding on account of inexperience. i think it might be a smart move the club is making bring up the guy who can grind out at bats and who has a strategy and who is fairly confident and smart in the field.

  4. Why so many infielders on the 25 man (7)!!!!!!

  5. Why not bring up Gose? Rajai can’t play every day.

    • While he won’t be great I think Rajai can handle being the starting LF as well or better than those two for 15 days. If he can’t then it’s only 15 days, it’s not like they lose a lot taking Melky’s bat out of the lineup with the way he’s been playing, he’s looked kinda injured most of the season now.

    • Because they don’t want to completely destroy Gose’s trade value by putting his bat on display

  6. If they were going to do this, why not do it immediately when Reyes got back? Seems strange.

  7. Good. Kawasaki never should have been demoted (and should still be starting every game against RHP at 2B). And maybe a bit of rest will stop Melky from being as useless as he has been so far. He’s not anywhere close to the player he was in 2011 or 2012 and the Jays need that Melky going forward.

    Looking like a Bonifacio/Davis platoon in LF for now, then?

    • Yep, but I got to say I despise giving boni any playing time. He is a total liability with the bat and glove anywhere you put him.

      • He’s actually not bad in the outfield, it seems his natural position

      • Boni made 3 great plays last night and 3 of his 7 errors were in 1 real bad game. He’s actually playing very well at 2B if you ask me. his bat I can’t argue with you about, except to say I think he’s a much better hitter than this

  8. Boni/Rajai in left and Muni/Derosa at 2nd is all I can guess.

  9. Somebody get Melky some PEDs, stat!

  10. Actually, Rajai has a better career OPS against RHP (.660) than Bonifacio does (.651)…which tells me a lot about how bad Bonifacio is.

    Such a platoon therefore wouldn’t be very optimal at all and we’d probably be better off starting Davis full-time in Melky’s absence. Don’t expect that will happen, though.

    • Why carry 7 If’s?

    • To be honest, I think Id rather put maicier in LF, derosa at 3rd (against righties!!!) and kawa at 2nd just to avoid keeping that piece of shit off the field.

    • wOBA is the same. Since 2011 Bonifacio (808 PA) has a .306 wOBA to Davis’s (683 PA) .266.

      • Is that their wOBA against all pitchers since 2011 or just righties?

        Because Bonifacio has a .292 wOBA vs. RHP career (76 wRC+), while Davis has a .291 wOBA vs. RHP (78 wRC+). Based on their careers in total, they’re pretty much the same quality hitter against righties and neither good.

        Seeing those numbers, it might be time to start wishing that Gose is the one called up next.

  11. Is a trade brewing now?

  12. Let’s get one thing straight, Kawasaki has no experience as a utility infielder. Kawasaki has played in 950 professional baseball games in Japan, the Major Leagues and AAA. Tonight’s start in Buffalo was his 5th career start at 2B. The man has played 48 innings over 10 games in his life at 2B. He’s been a SS, plain and simple, throughout his career. At his age, his defense at SS is palatable but unspectacular. Who knows what it’ll be at an unfamiliar position.

    • Let’s get another thing straight, who cares?

      • Rickey is so happy that Willie Canatesaki is back.

      • Because your post and several comments above are already slotting him into a regular 2B role vs RHP?

        • He’ll be fine if asked to play there. He played there tonight for Buffalo and the world didn’t end. Save the running around like a chicken with its head cut off for something that matters.

          • What the fuck? I’m not saying he’s going to inevitably going to be a complete disaster at 2B, just pointing out that he’s basically never played the position.

            At any rate, a lot of his value at the plate vs. RHP seems to be derived off a walk rate that’s more than double his career rates in Japan and NA prior to this season. Based on the eye test, he sure looks like somebody that could sustain a higher walk rate, but he has 4000 PA in Japan (as far as BBRef has) with a walk rate around 6%.

            • jeez, man, it’s the middle fucking infield. the differences are slight, and someone with his experience at SS shouldn’t have any issues adjusting. yes, turning DPs is different, as is getting to the right spot for cut-offs, etc., but let’s not make this out to be some big fucking issue…it’s still field the ball, throw the ball. if people are generally ok with boneface playing there (not that they should be, but whatever), then kawi will be fine.

              if anything, his noodle arm will be less a liability. and if he decides to take his customary 12-step crow-hop before throwing, he can just run the ball to first.

              /cue multiple error game

    • 2B is way easier the SS, so might look better.

      His range isn’t great, but his weakest D-fect (get it?) is throwing. Less distance to cover!

      • Playing second base is a lot like karate. Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later

        [makes squish gesture]

        get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do “yes” or karate do “no.” You karate do “guess so,”

    • Don’t see much reason to think an average defensive SS in the majors couldn’t handle the 2B position for a few weeks.

  13. Got another decent kawasaki shirt


  14. Don’t worry everyone, Kawasaki will get sent down next weekend when Lawrie is back.

    • Indeed. Though they’ve been saying two weeks for Lawrie.

      • Two weeks is 3-4 games before the All Star break and I’d have to imagine that if Lawrie’s timing or health or whatever isn’t good enough to play in the Indians series they wouldn’t want to bring him up in order to play 3 games then sit for 4 or 5 days. I think at that point its worth it just to have Lawrie play through the break in AAA.

  15. Stoeten where the hell is parkes on this blog?

  16. Melky’s been a fucking trooper for this team.

  17. So…like…what should have been done in the first place?

  18. Not the worst thing in the world for AA to see how his team looks without Melky before the deadline.

    Not trying to be negative here, but the one of the spins from the A-Rod Cashman soap opera this week was that the MLB Bio-whatever investigation may be coming to an end soon.

  19. Finally!!! I was beginning to think he was never going to be recalled.

  20. Not only has Melky appeared in all 78 games thus far, he’s started in 76 of them. I had no idea it was like that. That’s crazy.

  21. Fuck, Drew is not gonna unfuck the Jays.




  23. Nice, now Melky can get better for the second half. Also, having Kawasaki-San at second should be interesting. He has a knack for playing to the situation with the bat. I can’t honestly see Gibbons playing Bonifacio over Kawasaki… that would be just ridiculous.

  24. More importantly, we once again get to hear Buck try to pronounce his name correctly.

    • Thanks for that Johnny. The key to pronouncing his name is to really hit the “HAH” part of it: Kawa suh HAH kee.

  25. Good morning starshine! The earth says hello
    You twinkle above us, we twinkle below

    • When I played a guy I played with named Rusty Kuntz bought a Kawasaki. That didn’t sit well with our manager Kirk Gibson who thought we should all buy American vehicles. One day after a game Rusty went out and found out his Kawasaki was gone. Our manager Kirk GIbson pulled up in his Z28 with Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA blasting and gave him a ride home. We never heard about that Kawasaki again. Rusty was a great guy but he got upset when Sparky used to giggle every time he said his name. I don’t know why he did that and I never asked.

      • Thanks Jack!

      • Can someone explain this bs Jack Morris shtick. the first season for Kirk as a manager was 2010….

        to quote Danny Glover, I’m to old for this shit.

        • oh, come on, the dude’s hilarious … LOL hilarious, for real … and 1/2 of it is the time-line discombobulation … which is at least 1/2 of Muni K’s value … loosey, goosey trumps tighty wighty and we’ve all seen what bats has been like the last couple of games …


  26. Can’t see him playing second and his bat isn’t good enough to pinch hit. Weird move.

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