June 26th v Rays

Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 0.95 -0.098
Bautista – RF 0.69 0.042
Encarnacion – 3B 0.72 -0.043
Lind – 1B 0.76 0.077
Cabrera – DH 0.68 0.149
Rasmus – CF 0.65 -0.085
Davis – LF 0.74 0.004
Thole – C 0.81 -0.035 Pitcher pLI WPA
Bonifacio – 2B 0.76 0.017 Dickey – SP 1.04 0.505
Total 0.75 -0.005 Total 0.83 0.505

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: R.A. Dickey, 50.5%
Griffin: Jose Reyes, -9.8%
Impact At-Bat: Adam Lind Solo Home Run, Top 6, 13.8%
Impact Pitch: Matt Joyce GIDP, Bot 6, 7.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Melky Cabrera RBI Single, Top 4, 1.77
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Ben Zobrist Flyout, Bot 7, 2.69
Lineup Contribution: 0.5%
Pitching Contribution: 50.5%
Average Leverage Index: 0.89
Chart explanation

- R.A. Dickey’s line: 9.0ip, 2h, 6k, 1bb, 93 pitches, 16 swinging strikes, 88 game score, 2.05FIP.

- Roberto Hernandez’s line: 8.0ip, 6h, 2hr, 3er, 5k, 1bb, 118 pitches, 11 swinging strikes, 62 game score, 5.43FIP.

- R.A. Dickey!!! Needless to say, this was the start we’ve all been waiting for. A 2-hit gem in just 93 pitches for Dickey’s first career Maddux. Rays hitters were swinging and missing and looking foolish, and R.A. was hitting season highs in knuckler velocity. He was dominant and the knuckler was knuckling better than we’ve ever seen. The bullpen got the day off, as Dickey never looked close to coming out of the game.

- Even Evan Longoria was impressed.

- As you may have heard, Jose Reyes made his return to the Jays lineup. He went 0-for-4 at the plate but did make a few impressive defensive plays, showcasing his superb arm and a fully healthy ankle.

- The Jays opened the scoring in the 4th, after a Jose Bautista double. Melky Cabrera (DHing and batting 5th) cashed him in with a 2-out single.

- Adam Lind (11) hit a solo shot in the 6th and Edwin Encarnacion (22) made everyone’s favourite bird joke in the 9th to send Roberto Hernandez to the showers.

- 6 hits and a walk for the Jays, and they spread them around with only Reyes, Rasmus and Thole failing to reach base.

- 2 hours 10 minutes for an afternoon game featuring a great R.A. Dickey performance. A sportswriter’s dream. Quality time with the family and fancy words in the post game quotes for all!

- The (39-38) Jays avoid a sweep at the hands of the Rays, and now set off to Boston for a 4-game set against the division leading (47-33) Red Sox. The series begins tonight at 7:10pm EST

- The projected series opening matchup is Chien-Ming Wang (4.07FIP, 0.2fWAR) vs Jon Lester (4.31FIP, 1.2fWAR)

Comments (74)

  1. I find myself being extremely confident about the chance for a WC spot, when you consider what other teams are doing lately. BAL has lost 5 of 6. BOS is just 27-25 the last 2 months !! The Yankees are gonna implode. And the Rays are having a terrible time the last several weeks.

    • Yup. Just gotta stay above water for now. Really tough schedule.

    • “And the Rays are having a terrible time the last several weeks.”

      Except for when they play us. But in general I agree and am optimistic.

  2. #DickeyFace

  3. A split in Boston and this 10 games in the AL East is a huge success.

    • Since when is playing .500 ball a success? Maybe back when this team had no expectations.

      This team is built to win. In the 10-game stretch between the Orioles and Boston, I’m still hopeful the Jays go 7-3, but anything under 6-4 I’d consider a failure. The Jays HAVE to beat these teams.

      • A split in Boston is 6-4…

      • When the Jays were 9 games under .500, 6-4 against the AL East would not be enough.

        But really, now as long as they at least tread water against those teams it’s no disaster.

      • if they went six and four all year they’d finish with over 100 wins,
        why don’t you reign those expectations in a bit

      • You’re an idiot.

        A team that can consistently go 7-3 against over-.500 clubs is the best team in ML history, and likely ends up winning 120-130 games. The top teams in the league typically have between a .500 and a .600 winning percentage overall, so the expectation of a 10-game series against other good teams is 5-5, 6-4, or 4-6, with all other outcomes as outliers.

      • That’s idiotic. Going 6-4 against three teams above us in the standings, with 7 of those games on the road is fantastic. If we do that while beating up on lesser teams we’ll be in great shape

      • Except a split would make us 6-4 in these 10 games

  4. 0-4?? That Reyes guy is garbage, we don’t need him – #FreeKawasaki

    (Please note…this is SARCASM!!!!)

    • Sadly if he goes 0-4 again today people will start saying this seriously.

      • Then again, Reyes got to a ball and made an out on a play that Kawasaki doesn’t have a prayer of making.

        Still would like to see Kawasaki serve as a mascot on the bench!

  5. If we can come out a game or two above 500 after the detroit series it gets a bit easier with twins and clevelands. We could (considering all continues on this well) easily be 6 or 7 games above 500 by the all star break.yowzaz

    • if they consider themselves a contender, they should expect to take 3 of 4 from Boston.

      Most Jays teams from 1985-1993 would have done just that.

      • Just because I was curious:

        Jays record against Red Sox

        1985 4-9
        1986 6-7
        1987 7-6
        1988 11-2
        1989 8-5
        1990 3-10
        1991 4-9
        1992 6-7
        1993 10-3

        TOTAL 59-58

    • It looks like the Jays will avoid Buchholz, so I would hope for 3 games vs. Boston. It’s very well within the realm of possibility. These Jays also seem to hit well in Fenway, so it could be a fun series!

  6. Jesus. Some days I wish we just played in the joke that is the AL Central and didn’t have to play all the teams with good players everyday.

  7. 1-0 in the post Kawasaki ERA. I didn’t think we would ever win again after replacing a fan favorite, replacement level mascot with an all-star shortstop.

    • Wait just a doggone second here … are you telling me that the team can win .. without Kawasaki …???

      But .. But the guys were supposed to be down and bored and lazy without the energy he brought to the clubhouse. They are supposed to hate each other because there is no funny little Japanese guy there to bridge the cultural and language gaps on the team …

      I dont even know whats right anymore …

    • i know you’re just trolling, but the real discussion was between Kawasaki and the 8 man bullpen.

      If you compare the WAR from keeping Kawasaki as a platoon 2B vs keeping Wagner as the 8th man in the pen I’m betting you get a difference pretty fucking close to zero genius.

      And if it doesn’t affect the team’s performance, then why can’t it be fun? Why the fuck can no team ever do anything in baseball anymore just because it’s fucking fun? Why does gaining the smallest of small smidgeons of competitive advantage through the asset management of the 25th man on the roster have to be more important than something enjoyable to watch? I just want people to back out of the wOBA, WAR, ML Options world and accept that, when the statistical advantage is negligible, sometimes fun should matter.

      • I think you ‘re right. But with Lawrie back it’s moot anyways.

        Bonifacio is going to get a lot more time to prove he sucks.

  8. Minor league news: Lawrie play 1/2 a rehab game, has a hit and an RBI; Aaron Sanchez not dead! Makes second start since shoulder(?) injury, 3 scoreless, they’re obviously going to take it slow with him the rest of the year.

    Need the split for sure, Lester seems like he’s always tough on the Jays, although I haven’t looked at the numbers.

    • Lester is 13-7 with a 3.61 ERA, 1.07 WHIP and .609 OPS against vs Jays in his career.

      Excellent numbers all around, especially if you take out the one major blip from last year where the Jays kicked him around for 11 ER in 4 IP. Lester was also the dude that served up the meatball that JoeyBats crushed a HR which hit a car in the parking lot in an earlier game.

      • Career stats are nice and all, but he was facing a different jays lineup for the majority of those games.
        Maybe his last three games, where he’s given up 5, 5, 7 ER , gives more of an indication of what to expect

        • True but the question posed was that it seems that he’s always been tough against the Jays. He has. And in regards to a different Jays lineup… he’s had two shutouts (7IP and 9IP) sandwiched around a 5ER game against the Jays this season. 2 wins, 2.05 ERA, 0.63 WHIP this season.

          One could argue that the Jays is the perfect tonic for what has been ailing Lester of late. Let’s just hope he gets shitcanned tonight a la last year in that 11ER game.

    • why did they pull lawrie after just 2 AB?

  9. Any other division jays are in or 1 out of playoffs

  10. So was Lawries half game in A+ a planned half game or did he have a set back?

  11. so the jays are 4-2 in their current 10 game division swing.
    Even if they just split thats 6-4 in a trip through the division… not bad

  12. To date, if twitter is to be trusted, the Jays have played only three teams all season who are currently under .500 (KC, Chi, Seattle). From this point on they play 30 games against teams who are currently under .500.

    • Actually just fact-checking on that, it was true going into yesterday, but both Colorado and San Diego lost, putting them one win under .500 each.

  13. John McDonald was DFA’d!!!!! Trade Reyes (0 for 4?), Release Lawrie and bring up Kawaski.


    Have Johnny Mac and Muni play 3B, SS and 2B, (you know J-Mac can cover that kind of ground) and begin to plan the World Series parade.

    You’re welcome.

  14. Too bad Dickey couldn’t pitch back to back days. or every 3rd Day.

    • Too bad the timing was off with the schedule and Dickey couldn’t have pitched his dandy tonight instead of yesterday – nothing like a knuckleballing 2-hit shutout to set the tone in the Red Fux series and to mess up the hitters’ timing for the next game or two.

      • When I played Kirk Gibson used to have a saying: “Too bad stupidity isn’t painful”. I never understood what it meant and I never asked.

        • Did you know that when you played, Complete Games were more of a common occurance? I believe you once had 20 in one season!

      • disagree. getting swept by the rays would have been a minor disaster. id rather sacrifice wang to lose to lester than have dickey wasted in boston. boston’s offense is churning right now.

  15. (The domination proclamation)

  16. Any other current Jays pitchers that have thrown a Maddux?

    Wang strikes me as a possibility, and, it’s just a gut feeling, but I feel like Buehrle may have a couple

    • When I played the real standard was the “Morris”. 10 innings of shutout ball in game seven of the world series. Top that.

  17. just checked back in….is it still the morning lol

  18. Jays about to open series w/ Bawston. NYY and Oriloles, TB and Detroit….could turn into a turbulent weekebd for the AL E. Fingers crossed Jays can take advantage of it!!

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