This slice of gold (that you’ve probably already seen) from R.A. Dickey’s Twitter feed has spared me from actually using my brain for at least another hour or so, which… fucking eh!!!!

No, you’re mailing in a post!

Just pretend this is a Photoshop Friday post or something, if the pointlessness of it really bothers you.

I happen to agree.


Crotch grab in the direction of @OhHeyJere for the heads up.

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  1. I’m gonna go eat a Whopper, then free the resulting filthy deuce in King Dickey’s honour.

    BK makes me shit.

  2. Does Dickey have a huge Whopper? That’s what she said?

  3. The Bautista impersonator and Burger King should hang out.

  4. ugh…. this blog literally gets shittier by the day

  5. I love this. Shit and all.

  6. Reminds me of the strange season a few years back where they had a BK section and gave out King masks.

  7. Plus one!

    Realize its a Friday before a long weekend, but come on man. This blog is becoming the Huffington Post of Blue Jays blogs (i.e. no original content).

    • Wow, the blog just got way better, if you ask me.

      • Just having you in the comment section seems to brighten everybody’s day.
        You’re a ray of fucking sunshine.
        Adored by women.
        Envied by men.

    • Stoeten does the podcast thing,then seems to direct his attention to twitter.
      It’s the way of the world,i guess.
      So start up a conversation until he posts again.
      Should Lawrie stay in rehab games until he gets his batting straightened out?
      Can Cabrerra’s legs trully recover in 15 days?
      Drabek has pitched two rehab games,both with 2 runs in 2 innings,Can he help the rotation this year?
      Should Bautista hit second?or third?
      What’s with Gose being benched for discipline reasons?
      Should AA buyout Rasmus’s last arb year?Considering his defense,is hitting 260 with 25 dingers with 500 strikeouts, okay?
      Everybody said “free Thole” based on his offensive skills in AAA. What happened?
      Would you still be disappointed if the Jays were only 500 at the break?
      Which any Jays make the AS team?
      Should EE skip the HR hitting derby, avoiding the derby jinx?

      • Can you maybe go back to not talking out your fucking ass about what you dumbly think I do? Thanks.

        • I sense you’re angry again.
          I can tell.
          I’ll send you twenty dollars so you can buy a sense of humour.
          It’ll be a plastic one, I keep the old paper types.
          Don’t be spending it on frappaccinos.

          • A sense of humour? You weren’t being funny, you were posturing like an authority, again, on something you know absolutely fuck all about. I understand that you want to try to laugh off your having been called out about it yet again, but seriously, fucking stop. You don’t know anything about me, about this blog, or about what goes on behind the scenes. Each successive time you do gets you closer to getting banned. Maybe you want that? Maybe you need a little push to go and fucking get on with your life elsewhere? I don’t know. If so, please then, by all means, tell people all about whatever shit you dreamed up in your head that I do. I’ll be happy to help.

            • Wow what a train wreck. Please don’t stop mailing shit in on account of comments going screwy like this.

              I’m stuck behind a computer all day. It’s this or work; I prefer this.

            • Okay okay.Jeez.Here’s a disclaimer.
              I’m not an authority on what Stoeten does all day,nor do I want to be.I have no idea whether Stoeten has a sense of humour or not.
              Any implication as to such, is a falsehood.
              I do not want to be banned from a blog for my outrageous comments because, as we all know, every comment here is nothing but serious, deep, baseball talk.
              Please refer any inquires to my solicitors,Dickey,Johnson and Wang.They know how to fuck things up.

      • home run derby ok for someone who is able to not take it too seriously, EE should be ok … but NEVER let JB near there again … last year PF is laughing and playing with his kid, not giving a sweet f**k while JB is in the tunnel practicing in between rounds … we know what happened both years … Ya gotta love his intensity for the game, but it does have downsides when he tightens up and tries too hard … aRod was another one who should stay away from HR derby, even Cano had trouble last year … these guys have already proven it on the field, if they want a fun derby, don’t keep score or give the prize for fewest swings instead of dingers …

        • The jinx is one of the most ridiculous myths ever actually believed by anyone.

          Ever heard of guys hitting third deck bombs for shits and giggles in BP? It’s no big deal.

          • I agree there is no jinx, but that doesn’t mean there are no players who have screwed themselves up by being in it … different orders of reality here.

            • I think those are two sides of the same coin, and that no, they haven’t.

              • a jinx would imply that there is some connection with HR and what happens afterwards either psychic or other which could be tested statistically … my point is that when a player like Arod refused to go in it, it obviously made a difference to him whether anyone else believes that or not. That kind of difference makes a difference and there is no statistical way of testing it because SS = 1 and always does in a case like this.

                • try this one … I agree that team chemistry cannot be measured or tested in any valid way, but will state and get huge agreement from others in here that Muni made a difference beyond his on field contribution. Just because something is not quantifiable or testable, does not mean it does not exist … “you” , for instance.

                  • Muni did not. Sorry.

                    • I don’t get it. You repeatedly post, “Gibby the best” and I agree wholeheartedly, but just now it seems as if I made a case for Gibby making a difference, you would have to disagree to be consistent.

                    • What does Gibbons have to do with any of this?

                • People are stupid. When a player or team is at their best, people expect that trend to continue indefinitely. And vice versa.

                  Meanwhile the HR derby obviously includes the hottest HR hitters. That their production drops off after is plain old regression to the mean, assisted by attention and specialized approaches from opposing teams.

                  The only jinx might be that some guys get nervous at the derby itself and fail at that.

                  • Regression is not an explanation of cause, it is a description of effect. That’s what stats do, they describe what not identify why. Stupid.

  8. Lol.. flamers gonna flame. This meme is still funny.

  9. Hey, everyone! I think this is hilarious! I would prefer more of this and less baseball content please, My bathroom breaks aren’t long enough for big reads or 30 minute podcasts.

  10. Gary Busey is Iron Maiden Eddie:

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