Buck and Jerry (or BuckJerry as I and fans of the shittiest bands ever like to call them) encounter an alien.

OK, once more with feeling. The Jays laid a serious turd in their first attempt to deal with the Red Sox in this four-game set at Fenway, but that hardly means that anything is fucked (#logoffdrewgrof), especially with Allen Webster (11.25 ERA) on the hill for Boston, and Josh Johnson (uh… 4.60 ERA) set to twirl one for the Jays.

Plus, Muni’s back! So that means team chemistry derp herpy derp derpy herp hurp harp hwierp hep darp drap derp darp blargh!!!

Seriously, though. Win this fucking game, Jays.

I mean… uh… let the good times roll and all that!


Um… have you heard? Munenori Kawasaki is back!

Shi Davidi tweets that the expectations is that Melky Cabrera will only need 15 days of rest. He adds that Rajai Davis will see the bulk of work in left field in the Melk Man’s absence.

He later adds that Cabrera can come off the DL two games prior to the All-Star break, meaning that the club may let him rest all the way until July 19th.

Mike Wilner confirms what Davidi told us last night, which is that Melky twisted his knee in Tampa, and that it got worse yesterday. He was having an MRI as of around 5 o’clock this afternoon. Bonifacio will play in left a little, he adds, and Kawasaki will see some time at second base.

You didn’t hear that from him though, as Kawasaki responded to a question– according to another Wilner tweet– about his comfort on the right side of the infield by saying, “I can’t speak English.”

Davidi notes that Chad Jenkins felt “tightness” in his right shoulder last night, and left his start for the Bisons after a couple of innings. He has since gone for tests on it. Get him on the weighted ball program!

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that his former MLBTR colleague Tim Dierkes has confirmed that the Jays are among the teams on Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo’s no-trade last. So… there’s that.

Um… good god, Colby.

Lastly, @mattomic is on a tour of the Rogers Centre and tweets us a picture of the fucking disgrace that is the thin layer of garland on top of concrete that they try to pass off as turf down there. Embarrassing.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (S)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
3B Jose Iglesias (R)

RHP Allen Webster


Top image via @ArashMadani. Have a good long weekend, everybody!
Next game: Saturday, 4:05 PM ET – Jays (Rogers) @ Red Sox (Doubront).

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  1. Wrong link on the last thing.

  2. JJ has to come up big tonight. We’ve got to start handling these AL East teams more significantly that we have been. It would also be nice if JB started hitting like a slugger who only has 1 HR in a month geez..just like kawasaki.
    I look for Reys to get hot tonite, say 3for 4. Go Jays!

    • Nobody has to do anything. They’re .500 and it’s June 28th.

      • When I played say that is a great picture of me up there. That’s me trying to test someone via the interwebnet. Anyway when I played all the players could speak English but that didn’t stop Sparky from saying stuff that we didn’t understand. Stuff like “I’ve got my faults, but living in the past isn’t one of them. There’s no future in it.”

  3. I’m kinda excited and frightened for everydayish Rajai.

  4. Would love to see Muni at 2b and Boni on the bench.

    Much more valuable pinch runner especially with Davis already in the game. Can’t imagine Boni is a huge upgrade over Muni right now.

    • am I the only one that likes Boni? He made 3 real solid plays last night that I don’t think Mune would have made. He’s hitting like crap, but his D is better than I think people are giving him credit for. Aside from one uber piece of shit game he’s got 4 errors, Mune has 5, Boni has way more range

      • Dude, boni sucks. The guy makes nice plays every now and then but struggles with the routine stuff. As for his hitting, look at his career stats. Just awful. Kawa should be playing and boni’s ass should be stapled to the bench unless its for pinch running.

      • No his mom likes him too.

      • His D seems decent, and he’s a good baserunner, but his hitting is just awful.

      • I think he’s started to relax a little more an it looks like Robbies help with turning the DP went a long way. He’s got some natural ability. Now if Mottola would just get him fixed with the bat: specifically, his bunting.

      • I don’t think he’s a fucking star or anything, but I think he’s a lot better than Mune in the field, and better at the plate than he’s showing so far

  5. Mucho speed in the Jays line up tonight.

    Saltalamacchia could have a long night.

  6. Being on his no trade list just means he can block a trade, doesn’t mean he will right? He made that list when the Jays were shit, maybe he’d have more interest now? Perhaps?

    • He’s got Red Sox, Angels, Yankees Phillies on there so I imagine he has those teams so he can barter something with them and then the Jays are with the also rans like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, aka places he probably doesn’t want to play.

      • yeah well nobody wanted to play for the Jays a few years ago, maybe the current roster has changed some minds?

      • List changed this year for Gallardo. Last year was a full no trade.

        You can put likely contenders on the list. Limits your chances of getting moved. That’s why so many people put the Yankees and Sox on their lists.

        If you don’t want to get traded to the fucking Marlins or Astros you likely don’t need to put them on your list. They’re probably not looking to upgrade at the deadline.

  7. That whole Colby swing piece is gold…but this, this is fucking hilarious – “In the background, we see Yunel Escobar not giving a crap, because he’s a god-awful teammate and he can’t help being that way literally all of the time.”

  8. Saltyballs is going to throw his arm off trying to contain the speed in tonight’s lineup.

    Kawa’s back! Chemistry is a very importaderp herpy derp derpy herp hurp harp hwierp hep darp drap derp darp blargh!!!


  9. Anybody else getting a little worried about no big draft pick signings? I’m used to Anthopolous doing something sneaky by now.

    • He’s fooling around in Tijuana right now, give him some time.

    • Good fucking lord no.

      When there’s a report that suggests there’s reason to worry, maybe start thinking about worrying. Teams announce this shit at different times and for different reasons. They know the parameters going in, and if they don’t sign a guy, they get a compensation pick next year. Especially since, with Bickford, we’re talking about a HS arm, it’s not like there’s a huge difference in years between now and him reaching the bigs compared to whoever they might take next year.

      • When I played the only time anyone worried was when Dave Bergman hit the taco buffet line too hard the night before a day game. As Willie Hernandez used to say: olía como el culo de un oso

    • Don’t worry be happy… that we’re not the ‘Stros nor owned by Jeffrey Loria

    • Nope.

      2 picks next year is OK with me.

      Bickford wasn’t even a top 100 prospect half a year ago. No need to pay him a massive overslot deal if the reports of his asking price are right.

  10. Derp derp

  11. Still hoping for at least a split for the 6-4 East trip so this would be a good game to take. Anything less would be disappointing given the huge hole the Jays already dug themselves into.

  12. we’ll give him a pass on the plate discipline for a bit.

  13. Strike two was bullshit. Ump might as wll have a fucking Sox hat on

  14. The Jays are due to get no hit by a rookie with a 12ERA

  15. Yup jays facing rookie pitcher with a bloated era…he will look like cy young against us

  16. Johnson looking alright, pounding low in the zone. He’s gotta mix it up now though.

  17. 9 runs in the last 4 games.

    Bats haven’t looked good for a little while now.
    Seems like they’re swinging at a lot of bad pitches…. Especially against Moore in Tampa and Lester at the start of last night. Also seems like they’re swinging more early in the count.

    Of course I’m too lazy to crunch numbers and see if they actually are.

    Here’s hoping they get it turned around today.

    • Agreed although they have been underwelming offensively all year. If it wasn’t for our bullpen we would have lost at least 5 of the 11 game streak.

  18. I couldn’t help but laugh at how FanGraphs dissected Colby’s swing. If it weren’t for him, we’d have to find another lovable idiot on the team. I don’t think I could ever find another.

  19. Calling the no-no.

  20. Red Sox hitters off-balance- that’s sexy!

  21. Lindy

  22. I’m calling at least one ugly swing for Colby.

  23. is dustin pedroia a “little person’?

  24. what the fuck kinda mouth guard is that on JP

  25. This kid Webster is hitting 96 mph

  26. On a side note……

    7 of the Cleveland’s 9 hitters have 2 or more hits tonight…… IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 5th INNING!!!

    Maybe the Jays can channel their inner Cleveland next inning.

  27. Oh my, Cletus.

  28. I fucking despise everything about Boston.

  29. 2 of 3 pitches the Sox hitters backed out before pitch. So annoying.

  30. womp womp wimp

  31. So its scored a triple because it was hit far? Colby just fucking dropped a can of corn.

    • I don’t know what the Jays OFs need to do to get an error scored on them in this series.

      • I don’t think it is possible to get an error on a fly ball catch. At least I have never seen the Jays get one

        • Remember the time in Fenway when Doc was pitching and someone hit a fly ball to the RF corner. Rios gets back there in plenty of time, ball hits him in the glove….bounces over the midget fence..they call it homer and doc gets saddled with a bunch of bull shit earned runs.

    • No need to make it worse than it was.

  32. Lets work some counts eh

  33. “How are those earned runs?!?!?” Says me because I have him on my fantasy team…

  34. Foot in bucket much Jose?

    He’s freaking guessing pretty much the last month and a half.

  35. 3 outfield “errors” in less than 2 games in Boston, I dont think we have had that many all season

  36. The red sox make you earn every fucking out. They make the jays hitters look like a AA team, seriously. The jays hitters just hack and get themsleves out by swinging at crap.

  37. WHAT THE FUCK ..the ump is giving the rookie two inches off the plate while lefties are up yet johnson isnt getting the same exact fucking pitch vs lefties.

  38. I’m late to the party, how has JJ been pitching?

  39. jose looking like shit lately,must be getting batting tips from jpa.

  40. For crying out loud, Jose……you can’t hit, and you can’t catch lately either.

  41. Cmon Jays….really dont wanna lose to these cocksuckers tonight.

  42. Johnson looks good tonight. Too bad Colby missed the fly ball. That was 2 runs.

    Reyes got a hit.

    Did anyone catch Wilner’s Josh Johnson needs 7 years /150 million as an offer he can’t refuse last week on Jays Talk.

    I doubt he gets that in the offseason.

    • What wilner says is technically true. its an offer johnson cannot refuse.

      however half of that is also an offer johnson cant refuse.

      • @voice of treason.

        If Josh finishes the season strong, would anyone offer 7/150?

        I think AA would probably offer 2 years + option year if he was OK.

        Most likely would be AA makes a qualifying offer and takes the draft pick as compensation.

  43. Always seems that we get a guy on with two out – and Maicer or Boni at bat.

  44. Fucking Aaron Cibia…..jesus.

  45. This is starting out to be a shitshow.

  46. It’s not THAT JP allows past balls, it that he allows them but he’s a cocky asshole that tries to catch pitches backhand with his legs wide open rather than dropping and just keeping the ball in front of him.

  47. sox will get a two out hit and score .

  48. So what happened to the pitch tracker?

  49. After tonight, Toronto will be back below .500.

    After the sweep this weekend, they’ll be out 10.5 games again, back where they were a while ago, but with fewer games left.

    Stick a fork in the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays.

  50. How many runs has Arencibia cost us because of stupid defensive plays like that? I’ll take good defence over a bunch of solo homers any day.

  51. So has Johnson actually been okay? Like, as good as the powerhouse that Boston has trotted out there tonight?

  52. I love Rajai!

  53. Question the second … just saw replay of Rasmus’ drop. Why is that not an error?

  54. Davis just broke his shoulder.

  55. IBB in the 3rd inning. I so hate that.

  56. Is JPA calling these pitches?? FUCK!

  57. lucky melky wasn’t in left field or that rat bastard might have got an inside the park home run!

  58. Still chance to get a split. Yes, i know this game is not over. But i bet you we don’t win this one.

    • They better get a split at least. When you dig as big of a hole as the Jays did, a huge winning streak alone isn’t enough, unfortunately. Losing 3 or 4 here would kill it all.

  59. Johnson’s gotta be at 80 pitches already

  60. oops 73…close.

  61. That’s your 1-2 pitch on Napoli with a runner on 2nd?

  62. How many times did you think you could call that pitch and get away with it, Arenshitia you moron? So sick of this shit.

  63. Yeah he had ya Papi.
    At least he’s half ok at that.

  64. I’d like a Rajai Davis grand slam, please.

  65. Well that was dumb. Thanks for the out.

  66. Joey Batts arm seem a wee bit less deadly this year. That throw was off the mark.

  67. Out at the plate. So Arenshitia figured out he should stand in front of the plate for once? Big deal. Johnson looks crap and as usual we are making some crap rook with an ERA over TEN look like Cy. Fuck this shit.

  68. OK. Big inning. I call 5 runs. We are due.

  69. I do like the duelling chants. Lets go red sox/ lets go blue jays… Jays fans are everywhere.

    I hate the red sox…

  70. I have no idea what this umpire is going to call on the 1 side of the plate (inside to righties).

  71. It’s official for me. I hate the Red Sox more than the Yankees.

  72. The good thing about reality setting back in this series, will be that Toronto will know they have to blow it up. Everything on their major league roster should be on the trade market, to aquire prospects for the future. Not just junk like Dickey, Arencibia, Johnson and Buerle, but also Reyes, Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind.

    This team isn’t going to be competitive for a long, long time. It’s a last place team with a bloated payroll and if they don’ blow it up each year will only get worse.

  73. A good team makes them pay for that error.

  74. Nice slide Cletus!

  75. Why is it always Arenshitia with 2 outs?

  76. I can’t take this anymore :(:(:(:(

    Somebody put a bullet in Arecnbia’s leg, or arm, please!

  77. Stick a fork in me Jerry I’m done!

  78. Yeah that’s enough for me tonight. My anger for all things Boston-related can’t take this shit.

    Hopefully when I get home and check later the Jays have won and Dustin Pedroia has torn his ACL.

  79. #freethole

  80. JPA is just plain terrible.

  81. Tabby – the guy could be soaked in gas and lit on fire…and he’d be saying it’s a nice night for roasting marshmallows. “The great thing about Fenway is that you’re one hit from being back in the game”.
    Well, not when you have a lineup that couldn’t put bat to ball – even if you set the ball on the ground, let them stand over it and beat on it.

  82. I’m going to put my Blackhawks jersey on and watch this game.

  83. Do you have to be a Red Sox to hit the Green Monster?
    I mean, is it a rule or something? Because the Jays haven’t hit that sucker this season. The most bored people there today are Sox outfielders.

  84. Bucholtz, Lester, now Drew…….. it’s all going according to plan.

  85. When the top part of our lineup isn’t hitting the team gets shut down.

  86. I would have checked in earlier but mostly I’m just blind with rage @ fucking Boston + some other non-baseball related stuff. I hate fucking losing to these guys. The very definition of The Worst.

    I wish I still got my drink on.

  87. Butterfeild is learning.

  88. Does napoli think he is cool when he unbuttons his shirt? Someone should smack him upside the head. He is trying to pull a Fernado Rodney.

  89. I would have kept Cabrera even for 1 pinch at bat per game rather than call up Kawasaki. He’s fun but we need to win a couple of ball games.

  90. Being two-hit by the rookie who, prior to getting the luxury of facing the Blue Jays, could not get anyone out.
    WTF is it with this goddamned team?!?!?!?

  91. Why does JP make that throw with a runner on 3rd. He wasn’t close

  92. Does anyone have a recent pop time for JP?

  93. Down With Webster outpitching JJ is making me frown.

  94. Jays hitters should be fucking embarassed. Red sox hitters are putting on a clinic. Allan webster? Are you fucking kidding me??

  95. That’s it. Fuck this. They sucked me back in with the streak but I’m not hanging around to get fucked over again by these assholes.


  96. Webster season era 8.44? and we’re down 5-0…… fuck this

  97. Peter Gammons tweet:
    94.9, 94.7, 94.7, 92.8, 92.9
    Josh Johnson’s 2009-2013 velo. Huge guts, never would have passed Boston medical

  98. well, this team went right back to boring shitbags pretty dern quick. we’ll always have those (almost) two weeks!!! back to following the minors exclusively . . .

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