Buck and Jerry (or BuckJerry as I and fans of the shittiest bands ever like to call them) encounter an alien.

OK, once more with feeling. The Jays laid a serious turd in their first attempt to deal with the Red Sox in this four-game set at Fenway, but that hardly means that anything is fucked (#logoffdrewgrof), especially with Allen Webster (11.25 ERA) on the hill for Boston, and Josh Johnson (uh… 4.60 ERA) set to twirl one for the Jays.

Plus, Muni’s back! So that means team chemistry derp herpy derp derpy herp hurp harp hwierp hep darp drap derp darp blargh!!!

Seriously, though. Win this fucking game, Jays.

I mean… uh… let the good times roll and all that!


Um… have you heard? Munenori Kawasaki is back!

Shi Davidi tweets that the expectations is that Melky Cabrera will only need 15 days of rest. He adds that Rajai Davis will see the bulk of work in left field in the Melk Man’s absence.

He later adds that Cabrera can come off the DL two games prior to the All-Star break, meaning that the club may let him rest all the way until July 19th.

Mike Wilner confirms what Davidi told us last night, which is that Melky twisted his knee in Tampa, and that it got worse yesterday. He was having an MRI as of around 5 o’clock this afternoon. Bonifacio will play in left a little, he adds, and Kawasaki will see some time at second base.

You didn’t hear that from him though, as Kawasaki responded to a question– according to another Wilner tweet– about his comfort on the right side of the infield by saying, “I can’t speak English.”

Davidi notes that Chad Jenkins felt “tightness” in his right shoulder last night, and left his start for the Bisons after a couple of innings. He has since gone for tests on it. Get him on the weighted ball program!

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that his former MLBTR colleague Tim Dierkes has confirmed that the Jays are among the teams on Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo’s no-trade last. So… there’s that.

Um… good god, Colby.

Lastly, @mattomic is on a tour of the Rogers Centre and tweets us a picture of the fucking disgrace that is the thin layer of garland on top of concrete that they try to pass off as turf down there. Embarrassing.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (S)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
3B Jose Iglesias (R)

RHP Allen Webster


Top image via @ArashMadani. Have a good long weekend, everybody!
Next game: Saturday, 4:05 PM ET – Jays (Rogers) @ Red Sox (Doubront).

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  1. Never get out of the boat..

  2. Just turned on the game. Fucking disgusting.

  3. This be frustrating

  4. I must say though it’s nice to come here + see that people hate Boston more than the Yankees. Warms my cold, black heart it does. Because I never ask that people like or even tolerate the Yankees – just LESS hate [not no hate - that would be silly].

    • Papelbon dancing in tights vs. Derek Jeter’s memorabilia and muffin baskets to departing one-night stands. I think there’s enough to hate in both of them

  5. What a ball club!

  6. Lucky call. Fuckface just threw that away with another retarded from knees throw.

  7. Take it easy, people. The Jays are at .500 and we are in fucking JUNE. Step the fuck back from the ledge. In case you haven’t realized, Boston has the best record in the AL — they’re kinda good.

    I thought an 11-game win streak would soften the knee-jerk reactions when the Jays don’t actually win every fucking game, but I guess not.

    • Well, one game under .500 when this one is in the books

      • And that’s fine. They’ve got a bunch of series against the Twins and Astros coming up. And let’s not forget they swept the Orioles — even if they sneak only a win out of Fenway, that 5-5 ain’t too bad.

    • See, the problem is us fans think the jays SHOULD be better. The reality is, the jays have a bunch of idiots(jpa, boni) in the
      lineup who are easy outs and slumping hitters. Meanwhile, the red sux hitters are so fucking disciplined and make jj earn every out.

  8. Arencibia got lucky there, was one of his fucking horrible pick off move decisions and he would have thrown it away without the interference. HATE.

  9. Kyle – did you try for the Mauer contact? The thought is gift enough, really. I’ll be seeing him in Seattle @ the end of July.

  10. I havent watched this whole game but it seems like the jays have been snakebitten tonight. I didnt think jj pitched all that badly and many of Boston’s hard hit balls found holes and all ours were at people.
    Like I said, I have missed a bunch of the game. Am I wrong?

  11. okay, this has to be the inning, jump on it!

  12. This lineup is totally different when bautista is not hitting. if he is even hitting decently, suddenly it goes from meh..to OK GOOOD

  13. I’d take a loss tonight in a New York minute if those insufferable nay-sayers who claim to be gone would only stay good and gone.

  14. My word. WTF is that on Salty’s head? Surely he cannot deem this to be an acceptable look. Is he in some competition with Pedroia for ugliest player or something?

  15. Give up Jays fans….it is so pathetic to see you all getting your panties in a bunch over ‘who you hate’ more….maybe if you could field a team halfway worth watching you wouldn’t have to be drunk to tolerate it!!

    Have fun with that pre-season world series!!

  16. Reyes clearly chased ball 4 there. Fuuuccckk. I’ll give him a break though.

  17. Tabby “I would do it”

    Made my night

  18. JBats, now Encarnacion and Lind, we could get back in this one!

  19. I bet Butterfield’s porn collection is meticulously organized. He probably uses a customized indexing system comparable to many university libraries. It’s less like a porn collection and more like a porn museum that Butterfield takes great pleasure in curating. On the other hand, Tabby’s porn collection is haphazard and sloppily maintained.

  20. Oof. That was a terrible two strike pitch.

  21. Here we go! Maybe baseballs games don’t end in the 4th inning after all.

  22. Former Jay Justin Miller found dead at 35 if no one posted yet.

  23. ain’t over, till it’s over

  24. You’re right bean.

    Let’s just win this fucker and be done with it.

  25. Holy fuck Ellsbury. What a throw.

  26. So when Lawrie and Santos and other guys start to come back one of our bullpen guys is going to have to go down, and assuming it is not Wagner who has options I believe and assuming (naturally) that they all continue to maintain their current level of super-awesomeness, do you try and trade one of them for something, anything because you are just going to lose them anyways via waivers?

    • I suggested trading Perez a couple of days ago and Stoeten didnt think any team would go for it (34 years old). But I still think he could be a throw in.

  27. 19-10 lol

  28. Buckcherry ain’t the greatest band in the world by any means, but they’re a lot better than goddamn “Monster Truck” and their “Sweet Mountain River” of aural dog shit.

    • I saw them when they came to Winnipeg, they were headlining a show some of my buddies were opening for. I had no idea that they were ‘big’….because the venue was a shitty old biker bar where a few weeks prior someone got hammered to death with…. a hammer.

      • Was it Buckcherry or “Monster Truck” that your buddy opened for? If it was “Monster Truck”, send him my deepest condolences.

  29. I’m thinking this was a bad night to start all my fantasy White Sox pitchers.

  30. Yo beaner! I couldn’t get you a hug or a kiss from mauer unfortunately.

    My next work trip is to miami though. So maybe Giancarlo will be there?

  31. Jays pen > Red sox pen

  32. Bailey is warming up…… that is a good thing.

  33. Davis’ play seems to improve if he makes a good play early in a game.

  34. Don’t call it a comeback

  35. Loving Izturis lately

  36. Oh look at that, 5-4. Fuck I hate the Jays whiners.

  37. I have a feeling that we are gonna take this game

  38. 999 mph pitch!

  39. Bonifacio is to baseball playing like Gibbons is to baseball managing.

    What the fuck is that guy doing in the lineup???

  40. Boni is so fucking useless

  41. Jays pen > Red sox pen.

  42. Tabby says “Bonifacio followed by Reyes in the lineup is going to be exciting”.
    Seriously, will Boni ever get on base enough to “make it exciting”? I mean, when he gets on base, it’s an OCCASION….like Christmas. I doubt if they’ll ever be on base at the same time more than a handful of times.

    • Exactly. Thats why kawa should be hitting 9th because he can actually get on base before the good hitters come up!!

  43. If they can tie this game up and the rest of it becomes a battle of bullpens, I think we have the advantage (see orally since Farrell is managing the sox pen).

  44. I love watching our bullpen.

    20+ years of watching baseball and i’ve never been so happy to see our starter come out of the game.

  45. How much more rope are they going to give Bonifacio now that they have someone else who can play second. I’m honestly not sure how he looked in Miami but he’s been unplayable here and just looking at the stats aside from one good (and BABIP lucky) season he’s been horrible, he’s topped out at 79 WRC+ aside from that season with negative fielding metrics in every season but 1. While it isn’t impossible for a turn around he has over 2000 at bats, he’s 28 and his career WRC+ is fucking 78. I think he’s made it kinda clear what he is at this point.

    • Like to see some one argue with this /\

    • Against righties I totally agree Muni should be at second. Boni is more useful on the bench than Muni because of his speed.

      Against lefties Derosa can play 2b.

  46. 97, 97, 96. Wow. Wagner throws smoke.

    Fuck come on Reyes.

  47. Iglesias, what a flukey lucky piece of shit

  48. Neil “Wagoner” Wagner has scchtroooong legs.
    Good to know.

  49. oooo doggie! He hit 97 mph on last pitch

  50. Here we go.

  51. Jose Squared

  52. This is the inning….four runs

  53. Cardona threw 99 mph – prospect boners up!

  54. Christ, Joses.

  55. “Jose can you see….”

  56. Jays pen > Red sox pen…

  57. So nice!


  59. EDDIE

  60. Squak!

  61. I’ll take one……………….EDWIN

  62. Hard fucking core EE

  63. Thank you jesus

  64. Fuck Yeah! Edwin showin Jose how it’s done

  65. Andrew Bailey in a high leverage situation? Thanks Farrell!

  66. Totally not trolling, I swear but does anyone remember Jose looking this bad at the dish?


    Edwin is single handedly carrying this fucking offense at the moment.

  68. Wow, Edwin really knows how to hit baseballs!

  69. Deep center too.

  70. Good old Farrell.

    Glad he decided to pull Bailey from the closer role and use him in “lower leverage” situations.

    Like facing the heart of the Jays lineup with a 1 run lead in the 7th.


    Somethibg is wrong with a world where Farrell’s team has a better record than Gibbys.

  71. I would feltch Edwin in a second.

  72. Fuck being at work. Goddamn, would be excited to see the end of this game play out. Break time over, aaaasssss

  73. Pollyanna is gonna wear out her walking shoes!

  74. Someone get a GIF of Farrell realizing Edwin has fucked him.

  75. “Boston is a venereal disease filled, maggot infested cesspool”

    -Tom W June 28, 2013

  76. The God Goggles assumes the mound.

  77. If you think watching the Massholes is bad enough, try listening to their homer feed. Jerry Remy is insufferable.

  78. Can Cecil be Terminator II? The sequel to Henke?

  79. Fuck, Ortiz is coming up

  80. is there a law that states every groundball the sox hit must get through

  81. Nice job Cecil.

  82. Hope Napoli’s hip explodes on this next pitch

  83. Maybe I’m crazy here…. But Ortiz and Napoli both actually look a little scared faxing Cecil.

    That’s not a determined look. That’s genuine concern.

  84. Fuck, another well timed PB by the leader

  85. Fucking Cibia. Block the fucking ball as if that’s what you’re paid to do.

  86. Holy fucking Jehosefat is Cecil good!

  87. I hate so much J.P

  88. on gameday 2.5 of those 3 balls were strikes

  89. Hurry back hard, Maple Boner.
    Sincerely yours, Spud.

  90. Lawrie makes that play for sure

  91. The John Gibbons bush league bullpen show.

  92. Well, things are heading south fast here.

    Jonny Gomes is a fucking freak with his routine in the batters box.

  93. Oliver what the fuck are you doing???

  94. Bleh Magic showing up tonight

    • I’ve read/heard a few interviews with Oliver this year and I get the impression he’s already mentally retired. He talked a lot about golfing, eating at nice restaurants, whined about how tough all the travel is on his body (for fucks sakes, it’s not like he’s an everyday position player), spending time with his family, blah blah blah. Also he appears to have put on a bit of weight compared to last year. Overall, I just get the vibe that he’s not super invested in the concept of actually competing and winning baseball games, especially as it relates to conditioning, preparation and mental focus. His stats are not bad this season, but at the same time, he hasn’t had a huge workload. I just don’t have the same confidence in him that I did last season.

      • +1. Before I lost another reliever on waivers or anything dumb like that, I would move Oliver as he is retiring at eoy anyway. He’s been Ok, not great, and i wouldn’t risk losing anyone over this old goat. Take back a case of pork n beans if you have to, but he does come across as sort of “playing under spite” as it were.

  95. It’s Saltalmachia for fuck sakes!!! Throw it underhand if you have to. It’s like a bunt – just take the fucking out.

  96. Bring in some more relievers Gibby. Three in an inning is never enough.

  97. I don’t hate Boston teams enough that I want them to lose. I hate them enough that I want them to die.

    Is that wrong?

    • I feel the same way. I hate the Boston teams across the board more than any other team in any league. That includes the Patriots, the Celtics, the Bruins, and of course the fucking Red Sox.

      Pure. Fucking. Hatred.

      • I was worried it was just me – that’s why I come here – group therapy. Shrinks are expensive.

        • I’m hoping the death you speak of isnt quick and painless, but spirit killing excrutiatingly agonizing. In that case I’m in.

    • I am 100% with you.

      I despise the Red Sox and their fans more than anything else in sports on Earth. The Celtics are right up there too. I’m a 49ers fan so there’s really no rivalry with the Pats but knowing that a large portion of their fan base are Red Sox fans is enough for me. I don’t like/follow hockey so I can’t share the hatred of the Bruins.

      Sometimes I wonder if all this hate is unhealthy but then I remember how great it feels when they fail.

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