Buck and Jerry (or BuckJerry as I and fans of the shittiest bands ever like to call them) encounter an alien.

OK, once more with feeling. The Jays laid a serious turd in their first attempt to deal with the Red Sox in this four-game set at Fenway, but that hardly means that anything is fucked (#logoffdrewgrof), especially with Allen Webster (11.25 ERA) on the hill for Boston, and Josh Johnson (uh… 4.60 ERA) set to twirl one for the Jays.

Plus, Muni’s back! So that means team chemistry derp herpy derp derpy herp hurp harp hwierp hep darp drap derp darp blargh!!!

Seriously, though. Win this fucking game, Jays.

I mean… uh… let the good times roll and all that!


Um… have you heard? Munenori Kawasaki is back!

Shi Davidi tweets that the expectations is that Melky Cabrera will only need 15 days of rest. He adds that Rajai Davis will see the bulk of work in left field in the Melk Man’s absence.

He later adds that Cabrera can come off the DL two games prior to the All-Star break, meaning that the club may let him rest all the way until July 19th.

Mike Wilner confirms what Davidi told us last night, which is that Melky twisted his knee in Tampa, and that it got worse yesterday. He was having an MRI as of around 5 o’clock this afternoon. Bonifacio will play in left a little, he adds, and Kawasaki will see some time at second base.

You didn’t hear that from him though, as Kawasaki responded to a question– according to another Wilner tweet– about his comfort on the right side of the infield by saying, “I can’t speak English.”

Davidi notes that Chad Jenkins felt “tightness” in his right shoulder last night, and left his start for the Bisons after a couple of innings. He has since gone for tests on it. Get him on the weighted ball program!

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that his former MLBTR colleague Tim Dierkes has confirmed that the Jays are among the teams on Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo’s no-trade last. So… there’s that.

Um… good god, Colby.

Lastly, @mattomic is on a tour of the Rogers Centre and tweets us a picture of the fucking disgrace that is the thin layer of garland on top of concrete that they try to pass off as turf down there. Embarrassing.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (S)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
3B Jose Iglesias (R)

RHP Allen Webster


Top image via @ArashMadani. Have a good long weekend, everybody!
Next game: Saturday, 4:05 PM ET – Jays (Rogers) @ Red Sox (Doubront).

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  1. This inning is gayer than Salty’s jerry curl.

  2. Hi Damn

    How are you?

    Feeling good about how this is going?

  3. Only 2 with that awful pitching! yay

  4. It’s not over yet

  5. Cletus! Rally king, lead us to the promised land!

  6. If loser had started the inning with Cecil to face Victorino, Pedroia and Ortiz, chances are that shitshow would never have happened. That’s the difference between a manager who wins and a bush league guy masquerading as a major league manager.

  7. I wonder if Farrell will use three pitchers this inning.

    • it’s the bottom of our line up due. I’m sure Big Pappy could pitch to them

    • Are you Brick Top tonight Jesuscristo?
      Cause you sure are trolling this board pretty hard tonight. Your stupid comments and negativity are not necessary. For further discussions regarding Gibby, please see tsn.ca.
      That is all.

  8. Schmuck and Babbler are insufferable tonight. Cradling the Sox’ balls like a newborn. Fucking brutal to listen to.

  9. Are the Red Sox growing their beards together as some sort of primitive male bonding exercise? HOW CUTE.

    Just kidding. Get fucked, Boston.

  10. Why can’t Davis and Izturis hit when every one else is hitting. This team is frustrating like that. Two guys get hot and 3 more cool right off.

  11. Is this going to be a double play on the 3rd 4th or 5th pitch?

  12. Over/under on Arencibia striking out or hitting into double play?

  13. Bautista, J.P, Colby, Bonerface slumping at the same time. No surprise we get only 1 of 4

  14. 2 strikes – here it comes

  15. sure would have been nice to be able to go to a right hander when they brought in gomes.

  16. JPA….Strike3bia Beckons

  17. STRIKE3BIA would have been mo’ better.

    • Go to him now, he calls you, you can’t refuse.
      When you ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose
      You’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal

      • Now you don’t talk so loud
        Now you don’t seem so proud
        About having to be scrounging for your next meal.

  18. Fuck.

  19. Thanks JP – why don’t we just go ahead and start the 9th with our #8 and #9 hitters.

  20. Man,

    a lot of you are reeeeallly fucking shitty

  21. Proof again, JP needs to be buried at the bottom of the lineup. One of the slowest runners and either HRs, k’s or hits on the ground out.

  22. Janssen coming in to face the top of the lineup and there best hitters…Gibby the Best!!!

  23. Get a fuckin hair cut Cletus.

  24. Cletus is discombobulated big time.

    Not good.

  25. What the fuck is going on tonight with Rasmus

  26. I am watching gameday, was that a real triple or an error that = a hit for boston?

  27. Seriously, why don’t we see a bit more of Thole?
    I swear, JPA must have some really incriminating pictures of AA and a Tijuana hooker or something – because he’s not contributing a whole lot other than automatic outs these days.

    • Pictures of AA, a Tijauna hooker AND a donkey. No less.

      • The Donkey’s the clincher.

        (so to speak)

        • Knowing AA, he probably started out asking for something simple like a happy ending…and before the deal was consumated (so to speak), the deal expanded to include the aforementioned Tijuana hooker and the donkey.
          I bet before the end of the evening, he had parlayed those two into a pair of blonde Russian twins.

  28. Coitus

  29. Does Boston ever play a game in under 4 hours?

  30. I think it could safely be said that we might have won this game if it weren’t for Cletus and JPA being in the lineup.

  31. Kawasaki to lead off? Tell him to foul off 30 or 40 pitches.

  32. Just need one of these two at the bottom of the order to get on base and let the top of the lineup come up to bat with less than one out.

  33. Should pinch hit with Kawasaki.

  34. This would have been the lead-off batter if JP could have avoided the double play, We would have seen Joey Batts for sure with Edwin coming up if anyone got on. The DP makes a big difference.

  35. Not a bad at-bat for Bonifacio thus far.

    • Bonifacio can’t possibly start another game, can he?

      Even against a lefty there’s the odd chance that Kawasaki might at least walk instead of hitting his usual dribbler on the infield.

      Maybe the Jays are trying to see if a sub .200 OBP is possible. Just for shits and giggles.

  36. We can blame the hitter or relievers all we want – JJ lost this game

    • Nope, he wasnt the main reason. He didnt help, but the culprit was too many poor, unproductive ABs. Replace boni and jpa with two league avg players capable of say a .700-750 ops and this lineup is way better.

    • I’m still shocked that Bonifacio is playing every day.

      The guy should never be allowed to stand in the batter’s box.

      And yes, Arencibia is fucking awful. I’ll say again and again until he’s gone.

      • The thing I can’t stand is, JPA HAS the ability. If he’d think about what he’s doing, whether at the plate or behind it, he’d be better. Why wont he block pitches properly for example? Why does he insist that his strikeouts dont matter? If he’d thought differently with runners on tonight, they would’ve scored runs.

    • Can’t just blame JJ on this. Arencibia kept on asking for pitches away that were balls and the boston hitters kept ignoring. They didn’t challenge the boston hitters enough, or pitch enough inside after the ball away. It just piled on the pitches per inning by JJ.

      • this is true. he kept calling for away away away. and they all just kept hitting it into the exact same fucking gap between 2nd base and the 2nd base player. it was ridiculous.

        and then JPA had 3 absolutely shitty at-bats. that fucking guy can go fuck himself.

        he lost this game for us all on his own.

  37. Welp. That was exciting….

  38. Dang our 11 game win streak swiftly turned into an ugly stretch reminiscent of pre-win streak jays

    • The Jays were checked out the first half of the game, and played scared. Yes, the offense finally woke up in the later innings, but they let a rookie pitcher do whatever he wanted as so many hitters weren’t taking pitches. They let Boston control the first half of the game.

      JJ could of done better, but Arencibia was horrible at game calling and made too many mistakes by letting runners advance.

  39. I would say the collective shittiness of pretty much everyone lost this game. Meh, there’s always tomorrow.

  40. Well fuck. What a shame. Doing every little thing they can to lose. Tell you one thing though: This team is going NOWHERE with Arenshitia on it. Guy is unbelievably bad. Incompetent-bad.

  41. rasmus starting his second half swoon a bit earlier this year.

  42. Shitty pitcher, shitty catcher, shitty second baseman, shitty third baseman, not much in left.

    Does anyone really still expect this shit team to win? Seriously. Let’s see an interesting July where this team is blown up and we get some prospects in return. Sure it’s hard to go back to rebuilding, especially when you’re behind where you would have been without the Miami and Mets trades, but it’s time to face facts. This shit group is going nowhere.

    • Eviscerate yourself.

    • In fact they’ve got 1 more win than they had last year at this time

      • One more win! Really, Karl! Wow!!!

        They won 73 fucking games last year. So they traded away their entire minor league system, jacked their payroll up by a ton, and they have one more win than their shitty 73 win season!! What a fucking miracle! Praise the Lord!!

        • The 1 more win notwithstanding, (yes Really!) there are 83 more games left in the season. Given last year’s lineup and given this year’s, I’m more optimistic this year’s will do better. I’m less optimistic about a playoff berth. But I think unless a team wins the division, the one game playoff is a waste of time anyway.

  43. Forget about catching boston even if they salvage a split. They are a stronger team with smarter hitters and deeper lineup that make you earn every fucking out. Whereas the jays have fucking retards like jpa and boni who might as well be swinging blindfolded. Only way they catch them is if injuries hit that team hard. I would aim for the wild card and I still believe that is a realistic goal.

  44. Trade bait.

    Dickey, Johnson, Buerhle, Rogers, Janssen, Oliver, Loup, Perez, Delabar, Lind, Encarnacion, Bautista, Reyes, Lawrie, Thole, Arencibia, Cabrera, Rasmus.

    We should be able to get some good prospects.

  45. Alright I’m drunk, gonna have 1 in honor of spud for bein old. 2 for radar in honor of being twice as old as spud, and 1/2 a drink for beanie weanie for being a recovering alcoholic and 5 drinks for the game cuz it hurt my butt

  46. Winnable game tonight. And we win 4-0 last night if it wasn’t for having to start a shitballer like Wang aka Ramon Ortiz 2.0.

    • I’d say Wang is a bit better than Ortiz, but yeah I agree with you completely.

      Wang and JJ were flat out intimidated out there.

      • Johnson and Dickey belong in the National League.

        And who are you going to get that is better than Wang? People fucking assume that Morrow and Happ are going to come back and it’s going to be all better.

        I hate to say it, but I really worry about Happ after an injury like that. I think there is definitely a level of intimidation after taking a ball to the head, and not every MLB player is going to be able to rise above it.

  47. Well this result is a shitty thing to come home to. Not unexpected though.

    I at least hope that they had to wheelbarrow Drew’s corpse off the field.

  48. this boston lineup is playing over its fucking head.

    daniel nava is a piece of shit having another hot start.

    iglesias cant hit for shit..half his hits are lucky infield choppers that go for bs singles..that will not last.

    victorino is well past his prime

    the only two guys i fear are ortiz and pedroia.

    this team is going to fall flat on its face in the second half


    • I hope youre right. The red sox have always been a disciplined team no matter what shitbags they have in the lineup. They preach working the count and that kind of shit. I wish the jays used their approach much more but its hard to do when you have clueless fucks like boni and jpa swingning away in the lineup.

      • Totally agree with you here… maybe it is just some form of illusory correlation… but it always seems like once any idiot dons the fucking uniform of the Red Sox or the Yankees, they are way more patient hitters. Just like the Rays always seem to have the Midas touch with guys like Kelly Johnson and Fernando Rodney.

        At some point, some of this shit has to be institutional. Some organizations just seem to be “better” when it comes to coaching and developing their talent.

        I’m not saying that the Jays haven’t been able to work wonders with players like Bautista and Encarnacion, but I guarantee few people here would have thought this team would be playing sub 500 ball and in last place halfway through this fucking season. You can’t just chock this up to the Red Sox being lucky and the Blue Jays being unlucky. Not over the course of 80 fucking games.

      • +1.

        Kawasaki is one of the few jays that knows how to work the count. Lind is getting better

    • I would kill for an overall decrease in power numbers, with an increase in plate discipline + working the count well

  49. Man, tough loss. Did anyone catch Wilner and Morris railing about umpire’s squeezing jays. Listened on radio, so don’t know what to think.

    • @bonifacio.

      I didn’t see the pitch tracker on the broadcast so I can’t tell if they were getting squeezed

    • I didn’t listen to the radio, but I wish I did. At least Jack tells it like it is and roots for the Jays. Buck and Tabby would never accuse the umps of any wrong doing, while praising the opposing team.

  50. Why does Jack Morris always look and dress like a homeless person?

  51. Work replaced the phone I threw into the ocean. As such, I found myself listening to Gameday audio. I guess I forgot to cancel my subscription.

    Needless to say, I was not surprised at what I heard. Well, no more!

    I’ll be contacting MLB in the morning to cancel my subscription on a permanent basis and I will not be involved with baseball again. Not only will I stay away from the Jays, I will refuse to watch any minor league or unaffiliated games in the future!

    I’m out!

  52. When is Happ back?

  53. hit tool + plate discipline
    Add a little pop and some athleticism and pray for health.

  54. Seriously, what should AA do?
    Chances are, while they might not be catagorically “out of it” – let’s say they’re roughly in the same place – 4 or 5 games back at the deadline.
    Do you look ahead to next season and say “JJ is going to cost an arm and leg, and he’s getting his ass kicked in the AL” – and try to move him? If so, what is the return on a guy like him?
    Is the return of Happ, Morrow and any one of Hutch, Drabek or any more of the walking wounded going to make a difference?
    Decisions, decisions….

    • Unless it’s some sort of crazy three way bundle of assets now and for the future swap AA is in a peculiar spot with JJ.

      If he’s pitching poorly, he’s not going to command much by trade, and the team can only hope that he can contribute in the last few months to at least remain competitive.

      If he stays the year, a qualifying offer could with look insane or brilliant, it just depends on his performance and health.

      If he is pitching well come deadline the Jays need to hold on to him because of the commitment to winning with this years team.

      I’s not black and white, let’s just hope that he’s either awesome for the Jays moving forward, or that AA can pull off a gig 3 to 4 team trade that gets ride of some middling performing talent, and can bring in a big piece or two.

      We’ve gone this far with AA, might as well stick with him.

      • @ Guy
        This far? AA brought in all the pieces but their colossal, collective underperformance has to be some kind of record. Whether it’s by injury or otherwise, Dickey, Johnson, Buehrle, Izturis, Bonifacio, and even Melky have not performed or produced to their career averages, period. And you can’t pin that on AA.
        Besides, if you’re not on the boat, who is?

        • I’s all about assets management. How good for how long at what cost is a player.

          I cheer for laundry. If they’re wearing blue they got my support.

          That said, AA decides who wears blue, and he’s a “value whore”, just trying to think along his lines.

  55. JJ, Morrow, Happ all pitchers who have the ability to dominate hitters

    If and ONLY if they throw strikes or at the very least make the kinds of adjustments Jansen talks about to match with the ump …

    I get totally confused and do not understand why when ahead, they become afraid to blow the hitter away. The percentages are in their favour. What would Roy do?

    JPA could tell the batter, “I’m calling for high heat” … batter thinks 3 extra thoughts and strikes out.

    The next pitch a foot outside in the dirt makes no sense to me in any way.

    • that probably fooled them in AAA when I was the MVP (JPA)

      • JJ began “dealing” … but wasn’t getting the borderline low call he wanted

        If he can throw it “there”, he must be able to throw it an inch higher and get the call.

        Instead, he begins to fuss and paw around like a high-strung horse, taking a lot of time … batters stepping out, which apparently, according to Boston colour guy, they know about in Boston …

        I tend to put this one at JPA’s feet as the only explanation that makes sense and which is probably the hardest coaching item to modify … I say, Fassano him once a week.


    • And play who exactly?

      • Kinda looks like a bunch of DNA sequences. Dudes got too much time on his hands.

      • I did not intend to start a hate on JPA campaign …. I do think there are some adjustments needed … he’s coming to the mound too often, which can upset a pitcher’s concentration … I’m afraid his sense of self-importance is an issue if not a problem. Now that the framing and being just a wee bit, but some more patient at the plate have been addressed, there are a whole bunch of finer points to work on …

        • the “hangover” from being an MVP is probably the worst problem with him … he and BL are probably the hardest people to coach on the team even a former hard-ass manager like Jim Leyland says, “you can’t coach today like you once did” which probably implies the drill-sergeant, break-em down method is no longer workable. I’ d bat him 9th until his walk rate became acceptable and he followed the agreed upon plan at the plate. I’d let the pitchers decide who they want to catch them without making that known to either catcher. It’s not a simple, easy, or straight-forward situation and DFA is not an option.

    • Dont forget about boni. If those two fucktards arent the 2 worst position players on any mlb roster, I dont know who is.

  57. Convince me we aren’t destined for eternal mediocrity.

    • “Because every member of this team/organization with be dead within 80 years or less and eternity is a wee bit longer”

      -Tom W
      June 29, 2013

  58. Some teams are asking insane amounts for starting pitching so just have to cross your fingers our SP’s get their acts together.

    Cubs were asking the Dbacks for top prospects for Jeff Smazhjuhzjhzjhzjz, who IMO would be something along the lines of a Morrow.

    The price of SP in terms of prospects is stupidly high right now.

    • Speaking of Morrow, perhaps seattle was onto something when they made him a closer. durability issues and what not.

      • Nah, Seattle is just stupid. That Morrow deal is still a steal for the Jays. Durability could be an issue, the guy is a diabetic so I can’t imagine what havoc that wreaks on a pro athlete, but when Morrow is “on,” he is elite. Just means you need a very deep roster of starters if you’re gonna count on Morrow to be one due to potential for injury.

    • I’m sure it’s the same for catchers as well.

      Unless Utley can somehow happen, I don’t see much happening unless AA can pull off a quantity for “quality” type 3 way (ex. Cletus deal).

      That said, are there any good old fashion salary dump players who may be worth it out there? They Jays do have money.

      • Utley won’t be cheap at all, esp if Philly decides to blow it up and rebuild.

        I honestly can handle some sorta trio of DeRosa, Izturis and Kawa at 2b. Izzy finally hitting like he should and Kawa continues to impress with a very good OBP. Add in DeRosa’s ressurrected power stroke and I can handle that.

        But the team definitely needs some sort of really solid bench bat – a guy who can just get on and smack a quick hit or take a walk. Rajai kinda is that guy but with the ailing Melk, he’s more of a full-timer now. Bonifacio is an utter waste of roster space. Only salary dump I can think of is Soriano, but I do not want him at all

  59. Jays could try and trade for Michael Young. Would cost less than Utley in terms of prospects. Has a decent avg and excellent OBP. He’s kind of useless to the Phillies if they are not in playoff contention and unlike Utley is not a long-term fixture.

    Don’t know how solid he is at 2b compared to 3b though.

    • Michael Young is not a terrible idea if it’s just for a portion of salary and a C prospect.

      Can he still play a decent 2B and 3B?

      The extra bonus of him is that he and Jays do well Stoeten’s and Drew’s heads would explode with all the “he knows how to win” chatter. Actually, it would be so worth it just for that.

      We want Michael Young!
      We want Michael Young!
      We want Michael Young!

      • The Phillies could actually have a little interest in Izturis and Bonifacio as well.

        Izturis does have value in the the double switch universe which is the NL.

        The Phils actually saw Bonifacio when he was played well, maybe they think he would play better in the NL?

        It wouldn’t be crazy demand, but along with the Jays taking on salary of Michael Young and a C prospect.

        • I think Izturis is a better defender at this stage in their respective careers but Young hasn’t played 2b much since he was . . . . young, haha, so I dont know. He can also spell some 1b too.

          I personally would want to keep Izturis because of the contract length and multi-positional ability.

          Jays should do everything in their power to make it more about salary dump, if they are indeed going for it. If Phillies can be convinced to take Boni, and some prospect(s) and Jays eat the salary difference, not a bad move.

          • You’ve created a monster.

            I love this idea.

            He’s rocking a wOBA of .331, not bad and a wRC+ of 110 this year, that exceeds by plenty that of the career averages of both Bonifacio and Izturis, would would be at most a realistic rebound on the year for them.

            Aaaaaaaand “he knows how to win”!

            We want Michael Young!
            We want Michael Young!
            We want Michael Young!

            • only 2 negatives

              1. Historically shitty in the playoffs

              2. Sox, Yanks also have serious interest, among other teams I imagine, due to the dearth of quality 3b’s out there

  60. Happy long weekend to all you crazy fucks that are Canucks!


  61. New piece of foolscap?
    Or we could hang out at yesterdays daily deuce?

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