It’s here! It’s here!

The first Matt Garza rumour sighting of the season! And another one on top of that to boot!

It’s finally here!!!

The non-waiver trade deadline is only about a month away, and with the draft over– and most teams *COUGH* having come to terms with their first round picks– rumour season is apparently already upon us!

Take it away, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports!

Cubs right-hander Matt Garza, who might be the best active pitcher currently available in a trade, is drawing considerable interest from teams in both leagues and on both coasts.

The Orioles, Rangers, Giants, Padres and Dodgers are all said by sources to have varying degrees of interest in acquiring Garza, with the Blue Jays, Red Sox (though they seem more focused on bullpen help at the moment) and several other teams seen as possible destinations for the 29-year-old.

With the Jays’ rotation currently full, and Brandon Morrow and J.A. Happ on the mend, it might sound a little bit rich to think that the club might give up the kind of package it would take to land a guy like Garza, but let’s not forget that the rotation currently features Chien-Ming Wang, Esmil Rogers, and… y’know… Josh Johnson, R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle.

This week Jonah Keri previewed the trade deadline from an AL East perspective at Grantland, and suggested that the Jays, indeed, might still be looking for another reliable starter, noting the woeful performance of the rotation so far.

“If Rogers Communications is willing to open its fat corporate wallet one more time for the deadline,” he writes, “pencil in the Jays as one of the most likely candidates to pursue a starting pitcher — a difference-maker of a starting pitcher.”

I’m not so sure about that– especially after all the slobbering over Noah Syndergaard this week, who Danny Knobler tweets impressed the hell of a scout who saw him in Double-A this week (“I can’t believe Toronto gave him up”), and about whom a scout told David Laurila of FanGraphs this week, “it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s pitching in New York next season. He‘s a horse.” But… maybe?’s Cubs reporter Carrie Muskat tweeted yesterday that the Jays were one of five teams with a scout at Garza’s most recent start. Due diligence and all, I know, but… who am I to stop the flood of trade rumours about to inundate us?

And then there’s this one, too– again from Knobler over at CBS Sports. He writes:

Scouts are due in Tijuana, Mexico, on Friday to watch Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, a 26-year-old [Cuban] right-hander who is expected to sign soon. The word in the scouting community is that he could command as much as $60 million over five years.

. . .

Gonzalez threw his fastball mostly at 94-95 mph, but he touched 96. He also throws a cutter, the many curves and a changeup.

Gonzalez is especially attractive because he’s old enough that money spent to sign him won’t count against a team’s limited pool for international signings.

His report says that about 60 scouts went to watch Gonzalez at a showcase last week, including Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. So, it’s not unprecedented to think that a GM might head down Tijuana way to check him out, which leads us to this…

Well, well, well. Due diligence and all, again, yes. But still… interesting. (The Padres are in Miami this weekend, it should be noted.) Scott Ferguson has an interesting piece up at, outlining some other possibilities as well.


FYI, we talked trade– including Garza– on today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast. Have a listen.

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  1. We think we saw Hugo at the airport!! he was boarding a plane to Switzerland and………oh.

  2. One needs to go into the set of integers to measure the degree of credence to give to any trade rumours involving AA and the Blue Jays.

  3. This Garza image is Photoshop Friday worthy…beauty Stoets!

  4. I have nothing but my gut to back this up, but Garza is a piece of shit pitcher.

  5. Cuban would be nice, make up for missing on Darvish or Chapman.

  6. My thought is that we can’t really do much with the bullpen (already full) or with the lineup. What would you upgrade? A new catcher in the middle of the season would be a bit bold. Second base has been weak but who would you get and do you really think this is the best we can get out of Boni or Izturis?

    So might as well make the rotation even crazier. Happ was a fifth man to begin with (great as he was pitching) and it will be hard to bank on more great performance from him. Romero is next year’s project at this point. Wang is already turning human again. Morrow and Johnson and Dickey have all not had perfect health.

    Garza is a free agent right? So we get him and win the World Series. Then he walks and we get a draft pick out of it.

    • Under the new rules, the Jays wouldn’t get a draft pick if Garza walked. The Jays wouldn’t be able to make him a ‘qualifying offer’ since he wouldn’t have been on their roster for a full season.

      • Correct.

        Or… maybe they can make him a qualifying offer, but they don’t get the pick, which is obviously the important part.

  7. Ah, trade season. It’s exciting to think about but so much of this is just going to get people’s hopes up for something that probably won’t happen.

    Hopefully, an upgrade at second base might be in the cards, but I’m not sure about the market right now at that position.

  8. I wouldnt give up anything of value to get garza and his often injured ass for half a year.

    and guarantee you at least one GM will give them more than what the jays will be comfortable giving up

  9. I’ve always liked syndergaard………We gave up too much to get this dickey

  10. Where are the rumors about us going after Brian McCann? The Braves already have a replacement catcher in Evan Gattis who is a better hitter than McCann and they are going lose McCann in free agency anyway. How much could it cost to get Brian McCann for 3 months?

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