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At ESPN.com (Insider Only), Keith Law breaks down the recently-announced rosters for the Futures Game, and while he pans the selection of A.J. Jimenez (“more backup material than starter”), he at least laments the absence of Aaron Sanchez, “who just returned from the DL on June 21 but might be the best pitching prospect left in the minors.”

Marc Hulet turns a similar trick over at FanGraphs, but is higher on Jimenez, who he calls “an above-average defender (assuming his elbow rebounds) with the ability to hit for a decent average but little-to-no power.”

Sticking with Hulet, at MLBTR he breaks down the best prospects signed ahead of the 2011 deadline for international free agents– the last one before the spending caps imposed by the new CBA– and reviews a bunch of Jays signees. In particular, Roberto Osuna (ranked 4th in the class by Ben Badler at the time, but one of the better prospects to come of it– though Hulet worries that the club is just delaying the inevitable by having him take the rest/rehab route after a ligament tear was found in his throwing elbow this spring), Dawel Luggo (who “is firmly in the conversation for the Jays’ shortstop of the future”), and Wulimer Becerra, who was dealt to the Mets as part of the Dickey deal.

Heading back KLaw way, he picks some “real” All-Star teams (i.e. rosters you’d want to see if your interest was actually in, y’know, winning the game), which includes Jose Bautista in right field for the American League.

And one more on Jimenez, as Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com looks at the New Hampshire catcher who’ll be taking part in the All-Star festivities at the Futures Game.

John Lott looks at the relationship between R.A. Dickey and Pete Walker in a great read at the National Post.

Richard Griffin has a new mail bag up at the Toronto Star and… yeah, I’ll probably hijack this one.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail looks at Edwin Encarnacion’s swing and how it’s vaulted him to star status in the big leagues. Not that I care that much, but it would be a bit of a travesty if he couldn’t find his way onto the All-Star team,

Chris Toman of Gamereax looks at Steve Delabar, who is pitching like an elite reliever right now (while the man he was traded for last summer, Eric Thames, has been D’d FA by the Mariners, according to MLBTR).

Intrigue at the Blue Jay Hunter, where it seems there will be something new to be spotted in the Rogers Centre in the upcoming days– presumably Carlos Delgado’s entry into the level of excellence, kept tightly under wraps until the big day, of course.

At BlueBird Banter, Woodman663 digs into some numbers on aspiring Jays Marcus Stroman and Sean Nolin, both of whom are currently pitching for Ottawa New Hampshire.

Voice of the Bisons, Ben Wagner, tweets a picture of where Mauro Gomez launched a shot to last night. Holy!

Because I didn’t link it yesterday, here’s a slightly stale edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast for your listening pleasure.

And lastly, it’s Getting Blanked’s always-awesome MLB GIFs Of The Week.

Comments (27)

  1. Thames as minor leauge OF depth?
    Who knows if Melky survives BioGenisis? Gose part of deadline deal?

    Like I said replacement level depth.

    Do we really need Micky Storey on the 40 man?

    • Moises Sierra, Anthony Gose. I think they’re fine without him.

      • I really hate to be the purveyor of this sort of speculation, but isn’t it somewhat coincidental that as soon as the Biogenesis stuff exploded again Melky’s bat turned into a noodle? It could also just be that he can’t hit any time of the year other than May.

        • Yeah or more likely it’s his utterly shit legs? But yeah reach for the “he’s distracted by Biogenesis” angle

  2. @ShiDavidi: Gibbons says Kawasaki will be worked into second base with Bonifacio, who will on occasion spell Davis in left. Lineups based on matchups

  3. Anyone who can be a passable shortstop can definitely play second base, glad to see him back.

  4. weird that they would bring back kawasaki if they didnt plan on using boni primarily in the OF.

    • If by “primarily in the OF,” you mean “primarily on the bench in case of injury or late-game SB opportunity for an OF,” I wholeheartedly agree.

  5. I want the Jays to find a way to trade for Aoki, despite the fact we have a zillion OF’ers.

  6. If they Jays want to guarantee a playoff spot they’ll pick up Eric Hinske. Just DFA’d by the Dbacks

    • Before the DFA, the D’Backs chose to play Cliff Pennington at third (an 82 career OPS+ shortstop who hadn’t played third in five years and immediately made an error) over Hinske.

  7. Woot Fridays Duce has been taken! Time to feed the Red Sox some cheerios over the weekend.! GO JAYS!

  8. Cmon Lind

  9. stayed up till 4 am(in china) to watch this shit and i cant find a stream? anyone got anything?

  10. if they give Rogers that pitch all day he will be great

  11. I noticed you guys decided to hand out at the deuce but there is a new game threat posted.

  12. New threat is up.

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