Toronto Blue Jays v Atlanta Braves

The Blue Jays can reach the coveted .500 mark with a win in Boston this afternoon… no, wait, yes it was last week when that was a thing. The local nine find themselves back in the familiar position of last place in the American League East, complete with a sub-.500 record. This season, man.

Negativity aside, today presents an excellent opportunity to get off to a nice little run of victories again. It’s just that, y’know, we’re gonna need some starting pitching to do so.

It’s Esmil Rogers day in Boston, while the Massholes counter with Felix Doubront.


John Lott on Gibbons keeping Bautista locked in to the two-hole, despite his recent slump.

Nothing to worry about with Brett Lawrie missing from the lineup at A-Dunedin, as Griff informs us that he’s attending his sister’s wedding. Double fisting Red Bull and vodka FTW.

An MRI revealed tendinitis in Melky Cabrera’s left knee, nothing more as Shi Davidi notes.

Some terrible to pass along here news as former Blue Jay Justin Miller was found dead at the age of 35.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (S)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
SS Jose Iglesias (R)
3B Jonathan Diaz (R)

LHP Felix Doubront

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  1. Lind :)

  2. Full crowd here today.

  3. Sorry about the lateness here, but today’s threat appears to have missed it’s scheduled posting time. Go Jays.

  4. Nice to see JPA back in the lineup – FML

    (also, well done Lindy)

  5. You do a fine job, Scott. No apology necessary.

  6. Piss off brick top

  7. Fuck the Red Sox. Hope we brawl with these fuckers today.

  8. Knock em in Cletus.

  9. Roster crunch in a month

  10. It’s really great to see the support the Jays are getting from fans when they’re on the road this season (and last too). There are a lot of Jays jerseys in that crowd today.

  11. Davis is en fuego right now.

  12. JP…

    • …Is so bad. All he needs to do is cut down the swing and put it in play and we are up 2.
      I don’t get this meathead.

      • I just can’t fathom how he swings through 92 mph fastballs in the zone. Colby got fooled on a changeup from a lefty, fine.

  13. Fuck off,fuck off fuck off
    Back to back SO’s?

  14. The strikeout brothers

  15. JP fucking joke

  16. Back to back k’s with runner on third. Solid fundamentals

  17. btw its a terrible idea to put those two back to back just like buck was saying

  18. Psh.

    Fucking suicide squeeze. That was gross.

    • I didn’t even hate the Rasmus K. But JPA comes up, takes a strike, then two wild swing-and-a-misses?

      • Runner on 3rd and 0 outs, I think it was the right move to work the count. Too bad he had JP behind him.

  19. Fuck, JP.

  20. Jesus….another run left to wither on base, as Cletus glues his bat to his shoulder…..and AaronCibia, unfortunately, does not.

  21. Can’t wait until JP gets non tendered

  22. Not a big surprise those two K in that situation (or any situation).

    I’m staying at a company owned condo for work today and turned on the tv, only to find the Jays game was on. Naturally I couldn’t resist watching a bit.

    However, that disgusting display has turned me off the game for good. I can’t undderstand why i keep finding ways to watch or listen to the games – I just get disappointed over and over. Going forward, I refuse to be exposed to this nonsense any further. I’ve re-examined my life and the main thing I’ve come up with is that I must stay away from jays baseball at all costs.

    Even Stoeten is reducing his posts and content – I imagine he’s come to the same conclusion I have.

    I am abolsutely, 100%, for sure…out of here. I simply will not be back – won’t watch another game, won’t be involved in any way. This is permanent – for keeps!


  23. +infinity

    why would you put the 2 whiff bro’s together in the lineup after the hottest hitter Rajai? beyond dumb

    big waste of an opportunity right there

    like I said all too often, JP and Boni should be buried at the bottom of the lineup – can’t bunt, can’t hit and run, both are one trick ponies (HR’s/Speed)

    • A .247 OBP doesn’t belong anywhere. If you really don’t think Thole can do any better, he should be locked in the 9 hole. But he still kills you batting there.

  24. Did we ever figure out what is going on with Reyes’ hair? Is that a bet loss?

  25. Mike is wrong he’s. not good
    @Wilnerness590: I thought Brett Lawrie was this year’s Lind/Encarnacion/Overbay/Wells target of #Bluejays fans’ irrational hate. Seems it’s Arencibia. #Jays

    • Wilner is so incredibly fucking stupid.

      • Wilner is a carnivore troll

        • Its not JP’s fault that he sucks incredibly bad yet plays more than any other catcher in the bigs. What is he supposed to do? Tell Gibby and AA he doesnt want to play?

          As far as him not striking out and taking walks and being a more situational hitter…gues what..he doesn’t have the skill set to do that. He will never have the skill set to do that. Stop acting like if he just tries harder he can.

          You want to hate someone? Hate jays management for having him be the everyday starting catcher.

  26. JP’s approach (to swing as hard as he can at everything) is fine if you want employ a guy who will put up some homers and create some fireworks.
    Problem is he never changes his approach, or is even willing to tweak it situationaly.
    He could have been unselfish, shortened up and hit a grounder somewhere.
    It hurts your average but helps the team.
    He refuses to do it.

    It’s hard to win with guys like that.

    • I’m not sure he’s even aware of all that. I think he’s just a natural-born idiot. Hit a bunch of homers in Vegas and now thinks he’s Barry Bonds. As you say, can’t win with players like that.

  27. Start us up Bats

  28. Wilner is oblivous or something because he won’t reply as to why he considers JPA to not be abysmal

    • He values his job. He knows he can’t step out of line anymore. Gotta be the good corporate soldier.

      • The cito criticism did that to him right?

        • I assume. I can’t blame him for that.

          But I can blame him being a condescending dick who used to (long since blocked him) cherry pick the most pointless stats to show the positive side to something.

          “But he has a 1.50 ERA since 3pm May 28!”

          • Cherry pick stats is the perfect description – been finding a way to describe the idiocy of Wilner to some of my non-hardcore Jays friends and this works well, thanks

  29. that rib stain camo guy puts Bau’s wing ears to shame, holy shit

  30. Davidi and wilner vs dirk
    @Wilnerness590: @TheGarfoose @ShiDavidi Dangerous ground, Dirk. You don’t have to have played to be able to have an informed opinion. Shi’s among the best.

    • Did Dirk delete a tweet? If not, I don’t know what Wilner is taking about. Dirk disagreed with Davidi, that was it. He never played the “never played the game” card.

      • I love that line of thinking that you since you never played the game, you arent capable of having a legit opinion.

        How far do you take that line of thinking? Do you then claim that a hall of famer’s opinion is more valid than an all stars?

        an all stars more valid than an average player?

        an average player’s more than a scrub?

        because most of the great coach’s and managers in sport were more like scrubs than hall of famers.

        it was laughable earlier this year when eckersley was claiming that Jack Morris opinion regarding “doctoring the ball” was not valid because he wasnt even in the hall of fame!

        • Are you a troll? Or just illiterate? I asked where Dirk had said that. As far as I can see, he did not.

          I also think it’s a stupid position, and there’s no way anyone could construe what I wrote to mean otherwise. Get your head out of your ass.

        • And 30 seconds later I realize you weren’t saying I did… I’ll find a hole to die in now.

  31. Haha thanks for the insight, Buck, about how only 2 teams in the AL East are above .500 when playing AL East opponents. It’s almost as though there is a mathematical or logical reason why not many teams would have such a record.

  32. Wow–Lindy beats it out.

  33. Fucking Derosa

  34. Well that was the slowest dp ever

  35. Damn. Derosa was doing well there for a bit weeks ago. Unfortunately now he’s playing like he’s Mark Derosa again.

  36. C’Mon Cheese-man. CAREER Rasmus vs. Doubront: 5-for-13 (.385)

  37. Wow, 3-0 and a check swing. No way that should happen. Suck it big papi

  38. nice work Ishmael

  39. Rogers continuing to be kinda awesome (for a fill-in guy). Even last game with the 3 HRs where I’m sure a lot of us though was the game he turned into a pumpkin, wasn’t as awful as it could have been.

    I definitely trust his stuff more than Wang’s to stay in the rotation when Morrow is back.

  40. Should have been a 4 pitch walk…but never underestimate the power of strike3bia

  41. Oooooh, I missed the JP bash fest yesterday. Can we start another?!?!

  42. How atrocious is JP?

  43. This team is like Groundhog Day lately….taken to the lofty levels of watching paint dry.

  44. So Buck just asked why Salty didn’t bunt, and after a single says you’d hate to give away outs..

  45. Jesus fuck. Free Thole.

  46. Arencibia is flat out embarassing.

  47. You know that you’re in real trouble when Buck and Tabby start piling on.

    • yea they’ve had a few subtle licks today, eh . . . probably having a hard time getting drunk on cheap, US beer

  48. How long do we have to watch JPA start for this team?

  49. Heyyyy Colby.

  50. This is why I can’t trash Rasmus – for every run he coughs up, he saves one right back with stellar D. JPA is a whole other level of incompetency.

    • He’s 3rd in WAR on the entire team. The only similarity with JP is the strikeouts — that’s it.

  51. I feel like if i keep watching a Japanese stream I’ll eventually llearn the language…and go Jose!

  52. Jose. Jose in Fenway. Fuck yeah.

  53. Jose, Jose Jose Jose

  54. The Baumeister playing some Pong with the pedo-wagons!

  55. Gonna need more than solo shots to beat these massholes today though, I love our pitching, but I am very nervous with only a 2 run lead.

    • It’s Fenway — I’d be nervous with a 6-run lead. Just enjoy the ride.

      • I can’t. Cause sadly I am at work and all I got to do is worry about the score, cant even watch the fucking game. Tomorrow though.

  56. They’re winning right? I say let’s stay positive.

  57. Yes!

  58. JP finally doesn’t fuck it up!! Great throw by Bautista. Wow.

  59. I hope they have someone warming up

  60. Rogers definitely dealing today.

    thanks Farrell (fuck face) for bringing him to Toronto :-)

  61. ‘Call Me Ishmael’ finds a way.

    (With a little help from his friends.)

  62. Nice atbat Rajai

  63. Esmil Rogers, Bautista, Encarnacion, Wang. It seems that when the Raptors try to get stars we mess up but when we give a chance to underachievers with talent we strike gold. I did not see this coming from Esmil. wow

  64. Funny that they show a guy sitting behind the batting circle with 4 beers just as JP comes up. Must be a prepared Jays fan!

  65. sign Colby long term please AA. with the way he’s hitting the contract should be reasonable but his defense alone makes him worthwhile in CF. I have faith his bat will improve as he gets older.

  66. What a strange bullpen choice. FARRELBALL!

  67. Dear JPA,

    Do not swing at balls that are 2 inches above the ground.

  68. That’s three swings at pitches that have bounced this game by our fearless leader.

  69. Called strike – swinging strike – (strike)out

  70. macier looks like he tries to aim the ball

  71. I dont know about this Oliver.

  72. Holy fuck.

  73. defense!

  74. This wont take very long

  75. ahhahahahahhahahah yessssssssssssssssssssssss

  76. Oh fuck yes what a play.

  77. Farrelball!

  78. classic farrell and butterball…getting dudes thrown out on the bases left and right

  79. Down by two. No out, man on third.

    Safety squeeze.

    Man, I’m glad Farrell is making these decisions for someone else’s team. Boston fans must be pulling their hair out.

    • Pulling their hair out due to the stress of being in first place?
      I actually have a Red Sox fan in the family + I assure you he has a full head o’ hair.

      • Lol yeah winning is a cure for all ailments. I certainly don’t pity Sox fans right now. But, I’m sure there are still fans that lose it a bit when they see a manager trying to throw the game.

  80. Hopefully Delabar save his one walk that he always has to give up for next inning.

  81. why pull oliver for delabar with a lefty coming up? Ok. hit me with the oliver is not a loogy and delabar has reverse splits. i can see that. in that case, why not just start the inning with delabar?

  82. Farrell is a moron

  83. Oliver hasn’t looked especially good the past couple outings. Gibbons probably thinking toss a flamethrower up and hope to pound it in, get a K or groundball chopper?

  84. Fuuuuuck tie game.

    Have to give JP credit for that block.

  85. Fuck you Boston. Fuck. You.

  86. Ah ok, here comes the collapse and heartbreak.

    The season ends (again) if they sweep tomorrow.

  87. Ramsus has no fucking idea where the ball is going when he throws it.

  88. cant score 2 runs and expect to win at bos. The bottom of the lineup fucked them baaaadd today.

  89. regression to the mean

  90. Remember when the Jays were favs to win the East and the Sox were favs to finish last?

    Makes you wonder what exactly qualifies someone as a baseball expert.

  91. The game’s still tied.

    Unsweepable, or something.

  92. why no Cecil? Seems txtbook chance to bring in a lefty killer

  93. time for the bats to come alive!

  94. Jose!

  95. Joses!

  96. My hero!


  97. Joey Bats is back big time.

  98. Felt that one coming.

    All right Senor high socks!



  100. FUCK YEA

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