The Blue Jays look to split a four game set in Boston this afternoon as Mark Buehrle is set to face Ryan DeMOPster and his superflous glove waggle. We head into this afternoon’s contest with some optimism thanks to Jose Bautista knocking the shit out of the ball all afternoon on Saturday.

No scuttlebutt today as I have a meeting with my friends 27 degrees, patio, and beer. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and go Jays.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
DH Mike Napoli (R)
1B Daniel Nava (S)
C Ryan Lavarnway (R)
SS Jose Iglesias (R)
3B Brandon Snyder (R)

RHP Ryan Dempster

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  1. Fuck You JP!

  2. Same thing. Unproductive out.

  3. He didn’t strike out, I guess. Or hit into a double play.

  4. God what a total waste of space he is. We need an upgrade in that position yesterday. He didn’t even choke up on the bat.

  5. Great to put a commercial of JP after he doesn’t come through.

  6. Cracked my first beer. Yeah! JP will not destroy Beer Night. I will not allow it.

  7. “Wilner’s unquenchable thirst for defending JP” would probably be a more apt name, wherever that guy went

  8. Unfuckingreal.

  9. Boni is fucking pinch hitting. SOMEBODY KILL ME PLEASE.

  10. Fuck you Gibbons. Stupid fucking move.

  11. BoniFellatio?!?!

  12. Bases juiced….no out….2 popouts thus far….

  13. what the hell Gibber?

  14. Please walk. Please walk. Please throw him four crappy balls.

  15. Grand slam please.

  16. Strike3bia is a plague that destroys energy, OBP, rallies, and common sense.

  17. Why would they not let Kawasaki hit….Ill take his patience over Boneface flailing like a fucking idiot ANY FUCKING DAY

    • @agony buffalo

      +1. It makes no sense to take Kawasaki out of the game at this point. I trust him to get a walk over Bonafacio.

      It sucks that the Jays could not get 1 run with bases loaded and no outs.

      Mr top ten catcher can’t get a productive out. Very sad

      • I seriously do not understand that PH at all. Kawasaki already has a hit today, and has the ability to take a bases loaded walk. What the FUCK was Gibbons hoping Boneface was gonna do? Grind out a high leverage AB for a walk/hit?

        Boney should ONLY be a pinch runner, as he doesnt have the ability to get on base, but the ONE THING he is good at is running, therefore, keep his ass on the bench and PR Lind/JPA/whoever in high leverage situations.

  18. Bonifantastico?

  19. What a shiteshow this half inning has been

  20. This team is incompetent.

  21. FUCK


  23. Wow PH with a guy that hits .180 vs lefties. Brilliant!

  24. For fuck sake.

  25. That.Was.Awful.

  26. Bases loaded with nobody out and nobody freaking scores?!

  27. thats it.. time for Bonifacio to be shipped out.

  28. that was really ugly

  29. Swung at a ball for the strikeout. I hate Bonifacio. He has just enough ability to fool Gibbons into using him but he never does anything.

    • This one’s on Gibby. Boni sucks but that’s not really his fault. Simply no reason at all to use him there.

  30. Fucking bonie….I swear, AA – please please please get rid of this whiff machine.
    If THIS is the guy you want up there with bases loaded – you’ve got major issues.

  31. I’m with William Hurt on this one

  32. Well that was very unexpected. That’s bullshit by Gibby tho, 2 days in a row pinch hitting bonifacio. The guy can’t hit for power, can’t hit for average, can’t bunt, can’t hit the fucking ball period. What the fuck gives?

  33. “there’s not a bad player on this team” – die in a hail of napalm Wilner and take Bonifeces with you

  34. Fuck!!! I suck so much… The best thing I’ve done in weeks was block the plate twice yesterday. The second best thing was grounding out to the right side of the infield to move the runner over the other day…. the third was not playing when RA went to the mound against Tampa…. Fuck, I suck balls….

    • Don’t worry JP. McCann can take your place, and you can return to AAA where you’ll go back to showing potential with no discipline.

  35. I plan on killing myself. Don’t try to stop me.

  36. Is DeRosa hurt? No reason for him not to be the pinch-hitter in that spot.

    • DeRosa is your third string catcher.
      With both catchers in the game,he sits in case of injury.

      • Josh Thole can move from 1B to C, you know. DeRosa can also move from 2B to C, if need be.

  37. Has ANYONE seen Bonie get a hit – let alone a hit in a “must” situation?
    Is it like urban myth?
    Bigfoot? Loch Ness? Bankers with heart? Nymphomanic housewives?

    • My wife’s cousin’s friend once met a guy that thinks he saw Boni get a big hit. Although he couldn’t be sure. It was foggy that day.

  38. If JPA and Bonifacio disappeared off the face of the Earth, I wouldn’t shed a single tear.

  39. Why not leave in the clutch Kawasaki??? Got to be better than Boni in that situation.

    • +1

      I don’t know what AA saw in Bonifacio other than his speed to make him a deal breaker with the Marlins trade.

      It’s unbelievable that he hasn’t learnt how to bunt yet.

  40. Can we agree those were the worst three ABs we’ve seen this season? Holy smoke was that bad baseball.

  41. My God Bonafiasco is so fucking brutal. And he perpetually has a fucking annoying look on his face. Fuck him and his fucking non-existent swing!

  42. Ball off the face and still smiling.
    She’s a gamer.

  43. Well if Lind needs a DL stint, keep the Michael Young trade machine going. Young can spell 3b, 2b and 1b – fills all holes defensively. Would be a moderate avg./OBP fill in for Lind.

    Jays can then dump Bonifacio.

  44. I think JP might be getting too much trim. There has to be an explanation. Dude just does not learn.

  45. Arencibia is such a hemorrhoid. I’m trying not to let him ruin my day but had to get that out.



  46. Yeah but the whole thing was started by fucking JPA and his fucking stupid approach at the plate. Dempster was throwing wild and all he had to do was take a few pitches and maybe walk in a run but no. Mr Hero has to go for a slam. If he gets on base and a run scores, then the next batter probably is more relaxed about the situation and also, maybe, Kawasaki gets to bat. It’s time we put Master Arencibia back in his kindergarten and get someone behind the plate who is actually a grown-up and plays in a grown-up kind of way.

    • @isabella


      I don’t know why AA or Gibby let’s JPA play so much. He is camera friendly but I find his at bats to be very frustrating to watch.

      Sure he may hit 20-25 HR’s a year but the last inning was a horrible at bat.

    • …or JPA just doesn’t have the talent not to guess.


  48. I’d rather Esmil Rogers hit with the bases loaded than JP or Boni.

  49. Jose Reyes HR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Coulda used that when the bases were juiced…

    Ill take it though, fuck yeah Reyes!

    • Clearly, they were lulling the Massholes into a false sense of security. Brilliant strategy from Gibby.

  51. Jose, Jose Jose Jose
    Jose Jose

  52. THat’s right bitchez

  53. I heart Reyes.

    Even though he just killed the rally.

  54. Jose Reyes 80 tongue


  56. Folks I’m just wondering who are the crazy people that are going to accept the bobbleheads of J.P. next sunday

  57. I <3 Joses

  58. All right, come on now, boys. Do this shit!!

  59. Hi everyone, I know this isn’t the best time, I’d like to see something other than pop ups and K’s too (Reyes homer as I speak), but I can really use some help.

    I’m going to my first Jays games at the Rogers Centre next month, 3 against the Astros (good choice huh?). One night game and two day games.

    I’ve been looking around to find the best places to sit and I only have 3 chances and I want to get them all right.

    So I thought I’d ask some experienced Jays fans. Any input is helpful, thanks.

    • In my humble opinion, a few rows up behind third base. See all the action, can chirp LF, probably get a ball, get to see the guys coming around 3 trying to score.
      I’ve sat there a few times, my fave.

      • When I was a kid we always sat along the baselines + I never liked it. I always felt like I was looking the wrong way. And one time when I was off my face on allergy meds I very nearly got beaned with a foul ball.

        • It’s your fault for having an allergy.
          I sat there with my brother and we toasted and chugged a beer every inning as Reed Johnson walked out to left. He loved it.
          We also relentlessly harassed Eric Chavez.

          • No doubt I am a sickly one. It was actually rather funny + I did laugh a lot [too much, actually].

    • I always sit in the 500s right behind homeplate. I never go any higher than the 5th row, if @ all possible. The seats are decent + cheap. However, I think the lower levels have better food options. And less drunken idiots.

    • Last row, 500s, behind home plate. But I’m poor.

      • Aren’t all of the 500 seats the same price? Why sit so high up?

        • I kinda like it. Also less likely to get beer poured on my head.

        • 500s are $14.

          Lot of drunken morons. I say that as a guy who likes my drinks. But you have young folks up there who just can’t handle being drunk in public.

    • If you’re going to all three games I’d splurge on at least one of them. Get as close to behind the plate as possible.
      That was my plan to make a trip to Cleveland in a couple of weeks. Then I had to spend $1,100 on my truck so I’ll be watching those games from the comfort of my own home now.

    • I have been a flex pack holder for a few years so here are some suggestions.

      We usually sit in section 118 or 119 which is between home plate and 1B. Very good view of the game.

      If you are afraid of the sun during the day, I suggest section 220-218, which is the same view as the lower levels section 118 or 119, but you have more shade.

      The lineups for concessions/bathrooms is less on the 200 level.

      However, there are less food choices on the 200 level than the 100 level.

      For a pre game meal where you can see the field, I suggest making reservations at Arriba which is in the hotel attached to the stadium. Good food, decent prices, & you can watch batting practice.

      • I always sit in section 220. My flexpack is there every year.
        The seats are roomier, the sections are much smaller, and you don’t spend all your time getting up and down for people, or missing the game because of all the people going up and down the aisle. AND the washrooms are pretty empty.
        True there are not the food options, but I bring in my own food anyway because food at RC pretty much sucks. BTW you can bring in your own meal. as long as its packaged up, and a bottle of water as well. No cans. If you like burritos you might want to check out burrito boyz, a few blocks away, and grab one for the game. Cheap and good.

        • @Karen.

          Agreed that section 220 has more plush seats with a cup holder. This is an advantage with 2 kids who have a tendency to spill drinks,

          Food selection is worse in the 200′s.

          Bathroom waits are lower in the 200′s.

          Ideally , I would get VIP season tickets & have decent meals & excellent buffet & private washrooms.

          I need to find a few other people that would be willing to share a season ticket package.

    • When I make the trek from Winnipeg, the debauchery of the 500s makes me feel right at home. Sat behind home plate vs TB last year…..and we fuckin sucked that day. 500s are fun, just get drunk enough and the other drunks arent too annoying (unless you’re an idiot that can’t handle their liquor and wants to fight when theyre drunk)

    • Thanks everyone I think I have a good idea now. Much appreciated.

      Now can we get a freaking comeback win?! Please?!

      • Oh and the ol’ vodka/gin/clear rye (white owl has its uses – you ppl get that in Ontario???) in a water bottle has never failed to get into the RC. Your wallet will thank me later.

    • Seats in the TD Comfort Clubhouse are padded and there’s in seat service – you can run a tab! And IMHO, best view in the house.

      • @numero.

        Agreed. Running a tab & having in seat service is a major plus. I was able to order a bottle of wine with no problems.

        You get to watch more of the game because you don’t waste time at the concession stands.

  60. Fuck that little gnome.

  61. When I played, relief pitchers sat in the bullpen. And just the fact that they were out there was enough to make me bear down and pitch a complete game.

  62. Rasmus Ristolainen is best name in NHL draft so far

  63. Good Ol Farrellball. Uses a guy for 2 batters, and then brings in his lefty specialist to face a guy who is just as unlikely to get a hit against a righty than a lefty (with Rajai on deck).

    I hope this game goes 15 innings

  64. Battle here Thole.

  65. How many chances do they need?


  67. Maybe it’s just me but this has to be the most difficult game to watch all year. It’s still close but fucking frustrating.

  68. A rare Dustin McGowan sighting.

  69. Wilner – “there’s not a bad player on this team”

    boxscore: 19 left on base

  70. duh – take away Bonifacio’s pinch hitting (3) and Thole coming in cuz of Lind’s injury (2) the Jays only left 4 more men on base than the Red Sox. It’s not that bad guys.

  71. Get on the sticks kids.

  72. Wilner has no intellectual honesty. He is the worst kind of sycophant, in Hawk Harrelson territory.

  73. Rasmus bunt? Wut?

  74. JP hits a see-ya-bingo right here

  75. Hey. Has anyone noticed Kevin pillar seems to be pretty good

  76. JPA will be getting the Hinske treatment soon. Except this time it will be deserved.

  77. Please get on Maice, I do not want Boni leading off the 9th.

  78. just get on base maicer so reyes can lead off

  79. JP = offensive sinkhole

  80. McGowans been good but I’d like to see one of the studs come in now.

  81. JPA would look mighty fine in a Red Sox uni….am I right?

  82. I love Boner. FUCKIN’ LOVE ‘EM!

  83. Will Venable leads the Padres with 10 HRs. There’s a lot of wrong with that.

  84. I feel a comeback.

  85. Uehara sounds like a piece of a woman.

  86. C’mon Joseeeee

  87. Yessssssssssssssss

  88. HE GONE

  89. Hollywood would not believe it.


  91. Wow Jose

  92. JOSE!!
    I want to have your babies….and I’m a guy.


  94. I fucking love that man.

  95. This is a little bit fantastic.
    Now let’s bury these bastards.

  96. I hope Uehara has to throw 30 pitches here. Shred that shoulder of his!

  97. What the fuck is up with that mitt? It looks plastic.

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