The Blue Jays look to split a four game set in Boston this afternoon as Mark Buehrle is set to face Ryan DeMOPster and his superflous glove waggle. We head into this afternoon’s contest with some optimism thanks to Jose Bautista knocking the shit out of the ball all afternoon on Saturday.

No scuttlebutt today as I have a meeting with my friends 27 degrees, patio, and beer. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and go Jays.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
DH Mike Napoli (R)
1B Daniel Nava (S)
C Ryan Lavarnway (R)
SS Jose Iglesias (R)
3B Brandon Snyder (R)

RHP Ryan Dempster

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  1. I’m missing The Man from Muncie.

  2. Jose vs Jose. Competing for out hearts.

  3. Fuck these assholes. Two more hits, boys.

  4. That Joey Bats, he is GOD! Now this game is in the hands of the bullpen. Ours is way better than theirs.

  5. Great. Edwin’s injured too.

  6. Oh God Jose how I love you. But looks like we’re losing EE for a few days–or two weeks–or two months/

  7. Thole kinda sucks.

  8. jose reyes did i see some fucked up hair on the back of your head

  9. I kinda want to see Uehara back out just for the hilarity of seeing JP face him. Assuming the Jays don’t fucking blow it here, of course.

  10. High socks for everyone!
    And for those that display extreme suckitude – they must employ high socks on their legs + arms.

  11. What happened to Edwin?

  12. Gibbons kinda playing with fire using McGowan and Perez in such a close game.

  13. Was not excited to see Perez coming in

  14. I don’t like the looks of this. I hate to be a seer.

  15. Where in the sweet fuck did that miss?

  16. Anybody mind recapping (for those of us who missed it) what happened to Lind and Encarnacion?

  17. Well, fuck me.

  18. well shit lol

  19. Son of a bitch!

  20. PaaaaAAAAAAaaathetic show right there

  21. Shoulda brought in Janssen from the start.

  22. Thole, YOU DA MAN.


  23. Fuck this bullshit.

  24. Okay karen, you can let fly now.

    Thole kinda DOES suck. (at first anyway.)

  25. #freethole

  26. That was brutal

  27. Fawk

  28. Perfect ending to this disaster of a game and series.

    Another failure against a divisional opponent.

  29. Thole Ahole

    • Error or not, it’s not entirely Thole’s fault. Blame our hitters for not doing anything when the bases were loaded.

  30. Fuck me.
    Yeah, Massholes, go ahead and mob the guy for the hit…it was a fucking error, and should have been a double play end-of-inning play.

  31. Damn, that was an exceptionally infuriating game. Very happy it is over. Glass half full right?

  32. Man does this one hurt.

  33. Why no Janssen? He didn’t go yesterday, did he?

    I hate closer bullshit.

    • Idiotic bullpen management by Gibbons there. McGowan and Perez should be the last two guys that you go to. The Jays were lucky to even get to that point.

  34. Un-f—-ing believable

  35. I initially shrugged it off as insanity but did any of you guys read Hayhurst’s crazy trade proposition.
    I like it now that after watching this frustrating end.

    Said Toronto could get Utley, M.Young and Ruiz.
    Fill three holes.

    Crazy, would cost a ton, but sweet jesus we’d be so strong at every position.

    • I’d take Utley and Ruiz, but not Young… we’d have to give up a hell of a lot, though.

      • I don’t want any of them.

        A broken player with a degenerative hip condition who’s always injured, an old catcher and a guy who has nothing left.


    • It depends on how the Jays are doing at the deadline. If they keep only treading water vs the East, don’t bother with any 1-year rental players like Utley. Look towards next year.

    • If it was 2009, thats gold, Jerry…..GOLD!

      I cant believe Im saying this but…..come back, Brett! We need you!!

  36. That was just plain shitty!

  37. In retrospect, I would be feeling a whole lot better right now if Jose hadn’t tied it in the 9th.

    • Nah, moments like that are why I watch baseball. The game didn’t turn out well, but that was beautiful. If it helps Jose’s confidence, all the better.

  38. Can we please get an analysis of Gibson’s performance as a manager? He has made one questionable decision after another.

  39. some bad decisions by Gibby at the end but this game could have been won much earlier in the game if not for the triple down effect of shitty players on this team – you have someone with a modicum of talent hitting in Boni’s place and another run or 2 is scored and we’re looking at a Jays win

  40. Whats the word on the Parrot wrangler? I missed the play.

  41. These birds aren’t quite ready for prime time folks and that’s become pretty clear. i just wish it wasn’t the Bawston fucks accentuating that point all the time.

  42. Gibbons overmanaged us to a loss. Bonicrapio has to go, my god. Still like the short bench AA? Why didn’t u put De Rosa at first Gibbons you fucking chucklehead?

    • That’s what I would have done as well. Two lefties in the BP, good chance of seeing them so why not get someone in there who has more infield experience than Thole?

      • Yep. And it cost us the ballgame. Thole must feel awful. Poor kid.
        I tell u way too fucking much is made of the lefty-righty thing. Game’s changed. Lots of guys have reverse splits now and this is a big part of the reason.

    • Saw on Twitter DeRosa wasn’t available, tweaked something during BP. So that leaves a short bench even shorter.

      • Jays got to make a bunch of moves… EE/Lind/DeRosa all hobbling and we had to put an out-of-practice Thole at 1B, cost us the game. Can’t count on those three to be healthy tomorrow, so a move needs to be made to bring in an extra player at the expense of the bullpen. Perez, perhaps?

    • Apparently DeRosa hurt his neck during batting practice.

    • Yeah, brilliant….and what happens if someone tweaks something or the game goes 15+, or the most likely scenario: Colby comes up with 2 on against a lefty and 2 outs?

  43. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    This is what I’ve heard this week. “We need that 8 man bullpen for this tough stretch against the East”
    Today – “STupid AA/Gibby” – we need another batter on the bench”.

    Man….tough crowd here. Must be nice, having those perfect vision, 20/20 hindsight glasses.

    • I don’t remember seeing anyone behind the 8-man bullpen idea for these East game or any stretch of the season. So what are you talking about?

      • Hayhurst was talking about what a great idea it was among others.

        • Fuck him. I meant the fans who are the “tough crowd”. Most people on here have been against the 8-man bullpen since the beginning of time.

      • “We have 4 in Boston, we have the heavy hitting Tigers coming for 4 games with no off days.
        In My opinion, its an 8 man BP threw to the All Star break. Sucks, but makes the most sense for the team to have the pitchers to fall back on with 10 games vs good line ups with no off days.”

        - “Do we really trust our current SP staff to go 6IP-7IP strong for the next two weeks?”

        These comments were posted when Reyes was announced as returning – and the rumour mill started. There were as many comments decrying the 8-man pen, in all fairness.
        I could go back and look for more examples….but I don’t feel like beating you to death with facts, or justifying myself to you.

  44. Tuesdays’ pitching matchup is Wang Fister


  45. Id rather have Eckhar than Jos Thole at first

  46. Its been half the fucking season now and bonafacio is a fucking sink hole. go out and get someone that can get on base fucking 30 percent of the time and stick his ass out there .

    if kawasaki doesnt get the lions share at 2b over that piece of shit im gonna take a shit at homeplate in the rogers center on national tv

  47. Just another fucking devastating loss. I really question whether this team has what it takes to be a playoff team. I guess wild card is still in play theoretically. Did AA realize when he was assembling this team how the bottom of our lineup is a fucking sinkhole? Like, completely incompetent ballplayers. Yet, they continue to trot out the same garbage day after day. Boni and JPA have played their way way off this team. Yet, they are still in the lineup every fucking day. Thats on gibbons and AA. In pro sports, if you dont get the job done, they find someone else. Why are these two fucktards continuously given playing time? Its beyond comprehension and I don’t want to say its completely their fault for the jays record but their inability to play fundamental baseball has cost this team a large amount of games.

    • Cant rly blame Gibby for pencilling in JPA, when his only other option this seadon has been Thole and Henry fucking Blanco.

      AA on the other hand…

      • Thole has been up for 3 or 4 weeks. Why hasnt he been playing more? Not saying he is great but JPA sets the bar sooo fucking low.

    • There’s a reason why John F jumped ship.

    • Shut. Up. Shut the fuck up. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I honestly can’t handle the fucking unending stream of negativity that comes from the fucking retarded fucking fringe of our fanbase.

      Ya, it fucking sucks to lose a walkoff on an error. But shit happens fucknuts. Ya, let’s play fucking Thole! Lets play him all the fucking time cause he’s not GODDAMNED TERRIBLE! How dare AA and Gibby not play a team composed entirely of allstars? It’s completely their fault that Bonifacio and Izturis both have played so far below their career averages. Good teams realize that John Lackey is guaranteed to come back with a career year!

      Honestly, go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself with both hands so you can’t comment anymore. Because this is a team that just won 11 straight games. By doing that they made it so that you’re not allowed to type sentences like “I really question whether this team has what it takes to be a playoff team.” Winning 11 straight games means you can’t be a fucking dumbass anymore. We probably won’t make the playoffs. But it’s not because we “don’t have what it takes.”

      • Well then ..

      • Since your a fucking retarded cunt who cant read apparently let me break it down for you. When the fuck did I ever say the team should be comprised of all stars?? All I said was boni and jpa have been terrible for long enough that they should not be given playing time anymore. AND, my shit stain friend, their CAREER STATS show they are terrible so I dont know what the fuck they are waiting for. As for the winning steak, 11 in a row is a great streak, no doubt. However, that does not mean I should be ok with them playing .475 ball for the rest of the season JUST BECAUSE they had an 11 game win streak. The team record currently is BELOW .500 and they have been fucking abysmal vs. teams in their own division. Its not about being negative. If this team was in the red sox place this and I was negative than yeah, Im a twat. However, im fed up with mediocrity over the last 2 decades and want this team to FUCKING WIN GAMES for a change. Is that too much to ask? So why dont you SHUT THE FUCK UP and let me express my (valid) opinion as I choose on this forum and you can ignore if you wish. Your probably too busy listening to wilner and fapping to your poster of jpa by now.

  48. Wilner was cherry picking stats to defend Bonifacio on the post-game. Also said something like “he’s a good very tool-set”

    Um . . . what?

    -can’t bunt
    -can’t hit for power
    -can’t situational hit
    -doesn’t get on base
    -plays sub-par defense
    -has 0 leadership skills other than smiling like a fucking imp on every play

    -is really, really fast

    yes Wilner, multiple tools . . . if by multiple tools you mean, you, yourself and Irene for believing that bevy of horseshit

  49. Wilner haters need to realize he has a job to do, and it doesn’t involve throwing a hissy fit every time the Jays lose or a player has a bad game.
    Stop treating him like he’s the general manager and you have a direct line to decision- making.

  50. Good riddance Bargnani.

  51. Well, this game fucked my visit. Frustrating as fuck to listen to the Massholes after they won this game.

  52. That was a game for the taking today. Bosox offense wasn’t doing much. Three of their runs directly atributable to a “hand of god” bloop ground rule double the likes of which I might never see (unless Im on acid which is most of the time).

    Buehrle didnt have much but he battled and gave them a shot. Dempster wasn’t much better and should have had some more crooked numbers hung against him.

    Ill tell you that the bottom of the order is just that fucking bad. Nice rest stop for a pitcher. Once you get past Colby its like a series of guys with sub 250 on base percentages, unless the Asian persuasion is in.

    Christ a fucking double play in that 6th inning gets us a run.

  53. The boys are stiffer then Kate Middletons tits.
    We need a gem from Dickey tomorrow.
    Anything out of the 6-9 hitters would be nice too.

  54. Feast on the shitballers the next few games. Every win streak starts after a loss. Don’t get off the boat. Fuck Farrell and his gypsy magic

  55. Lets face it, when the Jays couldn’t cash in any runs when they had the bases loaded with no outs, they deserved to lose this one.

    This is what separates the Jays from the rest in the AL East. They just can’t get do the little things to win the game.

    • what separates us is that when other teams get injuries, they have players that they can send out there that , while not actually good, do not amount to sub replacement crap like bonafacio and izturis. not to mention they have backup catchers who have better wrC+ than our starting guy

  56. Holy shit bonafacio is slugging 304. that must be historically bad for a non pitching regular that is not a catcher.

  57. remember when wilner seaid boni is hitting .300 over his last 10 games?
    except when he slumps which is 90% of the time, he hits .00000050

    and rbi’s don’t mean a thing. yup bases loaded no out, no rbi’s yup got it

  58. I saw on MLB network the other day Bonifacio had a 20-something game hitting streak a couple years back. Hard to fucking believe. That’s the National eague for ya.

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