Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

This won’t be much of a game threat, because holiday and stuff. Happy Canada Day to all. Flags on hats.

Anyway, Mark DeRosa will occupy the cleanup spot today, and R.A. Dickey is making his first start since tuning the Rays last week. Adam Lind is out of the lineup due to back pain, which he hopes to avoid hitting the DL with.

Today is a landmark day in Blue Jays television history as the game will be shown on theScore Television Network Sportsnet 360. It’s Rogers’ new channel, which used to be theScore, but will just look like the rest of the Sportsnet channels, but promises to be cooler.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Mark DeRosa (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
2B Omar Infante (R)
LF Andy Dirks (L)
C Brayan Pena (S)

LHP Jose Alvarez

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  1. Jays need to stop playing with their Dickey and start beating these teams that people can easily just whine “but they were a good team!” Good teams beat good teams.. not roll over into fetal position like the starting pitching did against Boston.

    Happy Canada Day drunken monkey army!

  2. Happy Canada Day to all.

    • Interesting tagline that Sportsnet 360 has been using since the rebranding.
      “bringing you much more than the score”.
      Rogers will be putting the pressure on the Jays and other sports properties,in the long term, to bring quality and relevant content to the table.
      Money, baby, money.

  3. Prince is putting on a show in BP. 500 level shots. Sea of red here today. I’ve never seen long lineups even before the gates open. Happy Dominion Day.

  4. Do blackout restrictions affect the free MLBtv game of the day? It’s the Jays game today and I was thinking of checking it out, since Cogeco’s being a real dick about getting Sportsnet.

  5. Happy Canada day to all, but it w/b a whole lot happier if Jays prevail.
    That being said, our starting lineup-especially against lefties, is not very good.
    Any half decent lefty, never mond sabathia et al, must drool at the prospect of facing the likes of ‘Ol goat Derosa batting cleanup, and BOni and his pathethic output, and Izzy , who while better doesn’t strike fear in ya, plus the SO King and SO king 2 who doesn’t do extremely well against quality( Rasmus).
    That leaves the top 3 to basically do e’thing. If I’m the pitcher, pretty much in any inning except the first, he’ll be able to work around them and we will have to grovel for runs again.
    In the last few games, we are back to getting guys on base, but then it’s generally those bottom pricks that have to deliver for a big inning but a SO is more likely, as have seen, unfortumately.
    I said last week I might have to eat crow and the Jays w/b buyers at the deadline-might still happen, BUT, as Edwin said above, another shit week at this stage, will I think swithch them back to likely sellers. I have had a hard time taking a team seriously that keeps running Boni put there as a regular, injuries or no.
    Once the Tigers leave town, depending on the results, you may here more of the Janssen to Detroit mumblings

  6. 941 is a good time to crack my first oh Canada brew. Happy Canada d’eh folks.

  7. I firmly expect Lind to be out for 6 weeks.

    Happy Canada Day all.

  8. They’ve hired even more on air people and have a new show”Jays Express” on SN360?
    Wow.Love more content.

  9. No Edwing, No Lind….this is gonna be rough

  10. Happy Canada Day!.

    Who are the three hosts of Blue Jays Express? I don’t recognize them.

    Do they know anything about baseball?

    Why isn’t Stoeten & Drew doing a postgame show?

    To much profanity?

  11. Any ladies here want to talk to a manly man? Come on, baby, let’s chat on Canada Day.

  12. I’m not into dudes. Looking for a woman to mix it up with.

  13. Happy Canada Day to all (even the trolls). As has been mentioned, the Jays have a rare national tv appearence down here today via MLB network.. Don’t know if we’ll get the Detroit or Toronto feed.

    Oh by the way, happy 86th birthday Pamela Anderson!

  14. Just about threw up watching that video! Disgusting!

    I’m OUT! and the game hasn’t even started…I refuse to be exposed to rubbish of that type.

  15. That pregame montage got me HYPED!!

  16. Happy Canada day! C’mon boys it’s gonna take a full team effort. With this lineup do I dare say play some small ball (not likely)

  17. I can’t summon even 1/10th the hate for the Tigers as the Fuck Sox, but let’s beat these assholes anyway!

    • Remember that time Madlock broke TFernandez’ elbow with a dirty slide thereby knocking the Jays out of contention?
      Got your hate on now?
      Good. Fuck Tigers.

  18. Couldn’t they have found the large flag to unfurl in the outfield?

  19. Look, I like Anthopolous, I really do. But this bench-bullpen thing is getting out of control. The only healthy bat today is Emilio Bonifacio.

    Does Anthopolous want to build a 25 man bullpen? I know the pen has been fantastic, but it’s now put the Jays in a situation where a player could go down today and a starting pitcher might have to play the field. Unless it’s the 23rd inning that should not happen, and now the Jays are in a spot where their hand could get forced. The bullpen has been great, but it’s gone on far enough, especially with the injuries to Melky and now bumps and bruises to Lind and Eddie. Get another bat on the roster.

    • Find starters who can consistantly make it into the seventh.
      Until then the Jays need the bodies in the bullpen.

    • +1.

      While an 8 man bullpen is great for the pitchers, there is virtually no one on the bench who can help.

  20. My beers won’t be Canadian today, but at least the weed is! Happy Canada day and let’s get a fucking win!

  21. What are the dots on Muni’s forearms? Nicotine patches?

    • According to Wilner
      Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590 now They’re energy patches, he says. @4CaptainObvious: @Wilnerness590 Kawasaki been wearing circle bandage on his arms for weeks?

      • Aah. Energy patches. Don’t sound like a waste of money at all…..

        • If they’re the ones I’m thinking about, they’re magnetic and work with acupucture points.

          No different than players wearing Phiton necklaces.
          Or high socks for luck.

      • He’s been wearing those for ages. I’ve seen some other players wearing them as well. As the game goes on some of the players end up covered in them. Hope no one ODs.

  22. R.A coming out to Game of Thrones theme.

    I hope he pitches like an ace again cuz i fucking love dis dude

  23. Great crowd out there.

    Just imagine if we had a real ballpark.

    • I’m shocked they don’t have the Dome closed today. Rain in the forecast + Dickey on the mound? That’s close it up talk!

  24. We’re attempting to accentuate the positive today Commander.

    • I’m down with that. I just wish we had a real ballpark.

      Or at least a dirt infield.

  25. We might all hate how Arencibia is playing right now, but since we all know he’s not getting replaced any time soon, now might be a perfect time for him to go on one of his patented two week long hot streaks where he hits everything out of the park.

    Someone want to tweet something about donuts at him?

  26. JPA is DH-ing. Oh god. I mean – I don’t want to be negative on Canada Day…because Canada – fuck yeah…but wee-ow.

    • If I’m not mistaken, the only other players available to DH is Bonifacio, given the injuries to Lind and Encarnacion.

      Hate to say it, but JPA > Bonifacio.

  27. Rumor has it that PM Harper will pitch a few innings of middle relief today as a Canada day surprise.

  28. Happy Canuckle Ball day folks! Sure is a fine line between the Jays being able to put out a solid lineup and a shitty one. Oh Canada!

  29. Dickey needs CG SHO with this lineup.

    Thole and Kawasaki vs a lefty. JP vs anyone. Derosa and Izturis. Goddamn…


  31. #Tholetobuffalo

  32. Thole makes amends for yesterdays fuckup by fucking up again.

  33. Thole is doing a good job trying to emulate JPA in terms of bonehead plays

  34. Well, at least it’s a run.

    May this be the beginning of Bonifacio never starting again.

  35. Is one of those Blue Jays express guys Paul Spoljaric?

  36. Can’t fully blame Thole, Rivera changed the signs kinda late.

  37. Looks like the Blue Jays express guy are more into fashion than they are baseball…holy fuck.

  38. Huh. I guess I’ve never seen a real infielder play at first before. Nice play by De Rosa.

  39. Ironic Muni gets a big base hit with risp against a southpaw.

  40. Very nice.

  41. Kawasaki comes through with another clutch hit!

    Did anyone see the Japanese fans with japanese posters?

    I wonder what they meant?

    Dickey looks good so far.

  42. “Edwing”

  43. Reyes the best.

  44. ReyesGod

  45. I like Jose Reyes

  46. Hahahaha… Jose Reyes is a Toronto Blue Jay.

  47. O’Day O’Day O’Day O’Day

    O’Day O’Day

  48. Jose Reyes plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. He really does.

  49. Free tshirts for the those standing in the former windows section, vote for “edwing” & Jose

  50. What pop by Reyes!!

  51. This is such a good top of the order when everyone is healthy now that Reyes is back.

  52. Yeah Rajai!

  53. Cheeky!

  54. Also, Reyes has some serious big boy power.

  55. #Rajaithefastest

  56. I’d be sending JB.
    Let Davis take home if they throw.

  57. Here we go again with JP coming up with the bases loaded.

  58. #Leadership!

  59. Two handsome RBIs.

  60. That’s what I call a head’s up play.

    I’ll show myself out.

  61. Yay JP!

  62. JPA. Never in doubt.

  63. Fuck yeah!

  64. JPA led that ball right into Bautista’s helmet.

  65. Dear Leader comes through!

  66. #Produksion

  67. Did Dickey just throw two straight 84mph fastballs to baseball’s best hitter?

  68. No more meatballs.

  69. Dickey needs to go at least 7. Save the bullpen for tomorrow when Wang pitches.

  70. Good to be burning Detroit’s bullpen this early in the series. Just make them throw lots of pitches.

  71. Anyone notice the ump’s zone being a bit shaky today?

  72. Surfer De Rosa

  73. Veteran Presents!

  74. Boom-chock!
    Adios, Senor Pelota!
    Tack on those runs…because Detroit can scare the bejeebus outta you.

  75. more RBI than hits, thats a skill

  76. Was there some tension in the dugout with DeRosa there? He looked pissed after that HR and I’m not too sure why. I could be interpreting it wrong too.

    • I thought so, too. Very animated in an aggressive way. It’s why I find Lawrie so uncomfortable + unpleasant as well.

  77. Seems to me like Davis in the lineup full time might not be that crazy an idea. There is something to be said about having Reyes and Davis in the top of the order with their speed plus I love Bautista back in the 3 hole.

    • ONLY if Davis can get on base a lot.
      IF that happens then yes.

      • Just speculating, but i think he’s one of those guys who gets better the more he plays. He’s had a few seasons where he’s hit higher than .280

  78. Derosa HR #5 !. I thought he had not hit a HR in a couple of years before joining the Jays.

    8-2 Jays

  79. A few of these runs would’ve been nice against Boston yesterday…oh well

  80. I’ve come to find I have a serious drinking problem…………………… that I have run out of liquor!

  81. The delayed steal is so boss.

  82. Jays need to never leave the comfy confines of Rogers Centre again

  83. A lot speculated DeRosa might rebound as his wrist had finally fully healed. Who the hell knows with these things.

  84. DeRosa was an excellent signing.

  85. Hey, I like this Reyes guy. We should keep him.

  86. That’s a bonus with Davis…the DP is always in doubt

  87. Great to see Dickey have back to back solid starts

    • Looks like we got Dickey, Reyes and JB back today but lost Lind and EE.

      • Yeah. a bit of a downer for sure. Not surprised at all about Lind though. That guy goes down at least once every season with some kind of back injury. Hopefully they’re not out for too long

  88. Nice to see the top of the lineup taking care of business despite being light today.

  89. I wanted a ‘Bama Blast, but got The Sombrero.

  90. Quite the Sombrero for JPA. All three had him with the bat on the shoulder.

  91. Always a good sign when the first game back after a road trip is taken care of.


  92. Steve is slinging strikes at the Dela Bar.

  93. Delabar is merciless.

  94. I’m really digging the textures in this live Jann Arden set I picked up this weekend


  95. As fanatastic as the Tigers are supposed to be, they are now only 2 1/2 games ahead of us in the overall standings. If Scherzer wasn’t having such a great year, they’d be seriously fucked.

  96. I’m thinking Infante isnt having a problem re-adapting to normal pitching after the knuckleball

  97. Why couldnt they Jays pull a rabbit out of their hat uyesterday, like theyre doing today? I am bad luck for the Jays, I swear, every time I’m stuck at work like an asshole, they win.

  98. I love the Loup chants, as well as the Loup there it isss. Wish we had more chants for each player!

  99. GG

  100. How did The Dick look today?

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