Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Encarnacion? Hurt.

Lind? Hurt.

Arencibia? Hurt.

Kawasaki? The goddamn DH.

What a clusterfuck of a lineup for the Jays tonight, but… at least it exists! Their bench? Not so much, though their injured sluggers and/or Arencibias are, to varying degrees, available to pinch hit tonight in a… uh… pinch. But for all intents and purposes, the Jays are playing without a bench this evening.

Just the kind of game they’ll totally surprisingly win, right? Baseball has a way of keeping you on your toes– provided you’re not, y’know, one of the dullards who just can’t comprehend that.

Uh… go Jays?


Mike Cormack tweets that Adam Lind is hopeful he’ll return to the lineup tomorrow, and adds that the resurgent slugger hit ten balls of a tee today and felt fine.

According to a tweet from John Lott, it “looks like” both Lind and Encarnacion will be back tomorrow.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that Alex Anthopoulos says Brett Lawrie will play 6-7 innings tonight for Dunedin (or he was going to before it turned out that there was no game, and that the GCL Jays’ game was called off due to rain– as Shi Davidi notes). It was thought Lawrie would be headed to New Hampshire to continue his rehab assignment soon after, but with rain in Florida, it turns out he’ll head to Lansing, Kennedy tweets.

Sergio Santos was also scheduled to pitch in Florida tonight, Kennedy notes. He’ll have three outings there, then move up to Buffalo where he’ll go back-to-back before rejoining the Jays.

Kennedy adds that, as we’ve been hearing, the club doesn’t want to rush Lawrie, and that they’ll likely use all 20 days of his rehab assignment, which began last Wednesday.

Elsewhere on the injury front, Kennedy tweets that Kyle Drabek is nearly done his rehab assignment, after which he’ll likely be optioned to class-A Dunedin– where, according to a Scott MacArthur tweet, he’ll be capped at two innings per appearance to start. Drew Hutchison, Kennedy adds, will begin rehabbing soon.

John Lott notes that Brandon Morrow is now throwing pain free, but still won’t likely be back until August. It’s an August timeline for J.A. Happ, he adds, most likely, as he still has some knee soreness (though his head is, thankfully, fine).

Kennedy tells us that Ramon Ortiz chose to not have surgery, but he’s not close to starting a rehab assignment. Luis Perez, on the other hand, is farther along, and– according to a tweet from Scott MacArthur– feeling better following a setback a couple weeks ago. He’s “still pretty far away,” though, apparently.

What of Ricky Romero? Alex Anthopoulos says, according to a John Lott tweet, that the club wants to see consistent results from him– at which point, if the need arises, he could be recalled any time.

Alex Anthopoulos says he’s ready to make some deals, according to a tweet from Mike Cormack, but that other teams need a week to ten days to resolve fanbase and ownership considerations (i.e. whether to raise the white flag on 2013 or not).

That said, Brendan Kennedy tweets that AA says he’s not “engaged” in anything right now, but it just gathering information, like most clubs at this point.

Prospect stuff: according to the GM, via a Kennedy tweet, negotiations with top draft pick Phil Bickford are expected to take a step forward this week, whatever that means. He remains one of, I think, six first rounders as yet unsigned.

Second rounder Clinton Hollon, AA says, is “getting close” to signing, according to a tweet from Lott, who notes that the deadline to sign guys is July 12th.

On the international front, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi, the Jays signed international products Yeltsin Gudino and Freddy Rodriguez, both of Venezuela. Ben Badler of Baseball America has them as the eighth and 18th best prospects in this year’s international free agent class.

AA name checked several impressive prospects, according to a Kennedy tweet, including Pillar, Stilson, Jimenez, Stroman and Sanchez.

Regarding Pillar, John Lott tweets that the GM says he may be the biggest surprise. “Reports are that he’s ready to come up if we have a need,” AA says.

Kennedy tweets that the GM says Aaron Sanchez is back and healthy. “‘He’s back on track, good to go, no restrictions.’ Hoping he can advance to NH by end of year.”

On A.J. Jimenez, according to a tweet from Mike Cormack, AA says, “I think with everyone that’s defence-first, you get the Molina comparisons, but it’s that type of glove.”

Let it be known to the world, Craig Robinson is a dick.

@james_in_to noticed some words exchanged, not caught on the broadcast, between the Tigers and Jays yesterday after Jose Bautista had some words for Brayan Pena.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
1B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
DH Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
LF Andy Dirks (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
C Alex Avila (L)

RHP Doug Fister

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  1. Who needs a bench.

    Let’s win this fucker.

  2. Good luck blue Jays!

  3. Real…..Durable……..Oil

  4. As bad as it would, would be amazing to have a pitcher (Obviously oliver or Perez) fill in for a position player. Way cooler than V-Dub playing 2nd and 3rd.

    Love y’all

  5. To put a positive spin on tonight’s lineup…

    I will be super stoked to watch if Reyes and Davis get on base with no out. When was the last time we had 2 guys with speed like that hitting back to back?

    Aside from that…..ahhhh…I got some wine, rum, rye, and beer on standby. Go Jays.

  6. Cibia hurt with shoulder shittiness. Can’t say it bothers me to see him out of the lineup.

  7. FUCK THESE FUCKING MOSQUITOS. Jesus christ, fuck this fucking province, went outside for TWO seconds and got 3 bites on my right hand. FUCK

    • Where art thou?

      • Good ol Winnipeg. They havent started fogging yet, and I live on the edge of the city, so its fucking brutal to go outside when the sun starts going down.

        I think The Simpsons said it best “Winnipeg: We were born here, what’s your excuse?”

    • Algonquin Lark was really bad this weekend. It was the worst I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine what it’s like in MB right now.

      • Used to do some prospecting in the bush of Northern MB (Thompson, Flin Flon, The Pas area)……I can still remember the buzzing & humming.drone.

        • My uncle rode his bike from Edmonton to Toronto one summer and had to pull over at a Motel one day because the mosquitoes were so bad.

  8. The only reason that Kawasaki is DHing instead of playing 2B or SS is so JPA/EE can PH for him against a LHP, right?

  9. I have a glove. I’m not too far from the Dome.

  10. If this was 2009 Wang and Jihnson back to back would be killer.

  11. Inning 1.

  12. Could tonight be the night we see Dickey pinch-hit?

  13. Wang has gotta get these pitches down.

  14. Nice start u sluts.

  15. Fister’s hat is almost as disgusting as Stoeten’s hat


    Thank you baseball gods!

  17. There you go. Both on.

  18. BAN THIS MAN lol

  19. Well agony buffalo, here’s your chance to find out.

  20. Let’s try and capitalize on Tiger weakness.

  21. Well well. All roses so far!

  22. Good start.

    Now I wanna see Rajai break out the oven mitt.

  23. I <3 Joses + Rajai

  24. That ball was hit hard, Reyes be fast.

  25. Reyes seemed to nurse his ankle there.

  26. Another gift….cmon Cletus, don’t kill this with a K

  27. 3 Tiger mistakes- Jays need a big inning

  28. You know your lineup is a shitshow when Colby is hitting 4th. At least the top 3 are working out.

  29. I swear I just hard the crowd chanting “Let’s go, Cletus.”

  30. Heyoooo!

  31. Nice. Cock is hardening.

  32. Half a ‘Bama Blast.

  33. Awww yiss.

    Pile up the runs Wang and ruin their bullpen for this series.

  34. That’s more like it. Make the other team pay!

  35. Colby!

  36. Cletus you beautiful bastard!!!!!!!!!!!11

  37. opposite field for Cleatus hahaha it’s gonna be a weird night at the dome

  38. Getting Fisted.


  40. THole gonna get a hit here

  41. This is already more runs that I thought they’d score tonight given the lineup and the opposing pitcher.

  42. Come on Josh

  43. Need to run pitch count high early to get to that pen.

  44. Fister already at 25. That’s some nice arm tiring.

  45. Cibia would have struck out on two pitches. He’s that efficient.

  46. Yeah!

  47. Thank yo babip gods.

    I promise to be good.

  48. Beauty. Best part about this is that it’s get back to the top of the lineup for us….Muni, Reyes, Rajai get the bases juiced next inning for Jose? (alread yassuming Boney is an out here)

  49. Thole-shit !

    Atta kid

  50. Boni will not get a hit here.

  51. If Boni gets on, Kawasaki can push the pitch count to 50!

  52. Well I’ll be dipped…

  53. The little line up that could.

    I babip I can, I babip I can.

  54. well, shit my bricks

  55. What is happening? can the Jays not play AL East teams foever?

  56. Kawasaki, time for 11 pitch at bat.

  57. Good inning.

  58. Muni should just wait until there are 2 strikes before he swings. He’s a really good hitter until he actually makes contact.

  59. Wangs playing “just the tip”

  60. BABIP strikes back

  61. I can live with these hits so long as they’re grounders.

  62. Is it gonna be one of ‘those’ games???

  63. Gotta get the ball down.

  64. 4 runs is not near enough with this piece of shit on the mound. Gibbons needs to have a quick hook today.

  65. Red Bull catches that.

  66. not another 2nd inninggg meltdown

  67. wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

  68. Fuck Wang..


  70. fucking wang, mang

  71. So… how much more Wang we got left?

  72. league has caught up? whose up next, Drabek?

  73. ♫ ♪ You better stop, look around

    Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes

    Here comes your second inning nervous breakdown♫ ♪

    • Now there’s some sad things known to man
      But ain’t too much sadder than the tears of a clown
      When there’s no one around

  74. Jesus…what does this guy do between the first and second inning? Because it’s Jekyll and Wang out there lately.
    Please, for the love of god – get Happ or Morrow or even fucking Rickey back – and send this guy back to whatever baseball oblivion he’s from.

  75. If Wang can limit the damage to this inning, I’d be okay with him getting another game.

    But no more runs.

  76. Who’s next on the depth chart to start?

  77. I swear Tabby just says things for the sake of saying them.

    First he praises Avila and his .172 BA for his value to the team, mainly behind the plate, as evidenced by his 3.50 catchers ERA. Y’know, cause that was all Avila. Being a catcher for the team with arguably the best rotation in baseball isnt responsible.

    Then after the hit, he says Avila has “great opposite field power”. I havent looked up his nu bers, but I am quite certain that Avila does not have what any sane person would call “great opposite field power”

  78. I think I’d yank him here.

  79. Wang makes Ortiz look good

  80. I can tolerate Buck n Tabby sucking Miggy’s cock because he doesnt play for Boston

  81. Fuck me…this must be absolutely deflating for the bench….jesus. You go out and score four against one of the best teams in the league….and this tall piece of foreskin blows it.
    Not to mention this is going to be a 4 hour game, looks like.

  82. Maybe McGowan gets a start?

  83. Whoda thunkit.

  84. wowooww

  85. Well, Wang is really beating the crap out of my postulation that penis monikered pitchers are the new marker inefficiency.

  86. Jesus fuck

  87. Womp Womp Wooommmp….

  88. u gottta fucking 4 run lead.

  89. and there she goes!

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