Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Encarnacion? Hurt.

Lind? Hurt.

Arencibia? Hurt.

Kawasaki? The goddamn DH.

What a clusterfuck of a lineup for the Jays tonight, but… at least it exists! Their bench? Not so much, though their injured sluggers and/or Arencibias are, to varying degrees, available to pinch hit tonight in a… uh… pinch. But for all intents and purposes, the Jays are playing without a bench this evening.

Just the kind of game they’ll totally surprisingly win, right? Baseball has a way of keeping you on your toes– provided you’re not, y’know, one of the dullards who just can’t comprehend that.

Uh… go Jays?


Mike Cormack tweets that Adam Lind is hopeful he’ll return to the lineup tomorrow, and adds that the resurgent slugger hit ten balls of a tee today and felt fine.

According to a tweet from John Lott, it “looks like” both Lind and Encarnacion will be back tomorrow.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that Alex Anthopoulos says Brett Lawrie will play 6-7 innings tonight for Dunedin (or he was going to before it turned out that there was no game, and that the GCL Jays’ game was called off due to rain– as Shi Davidi notes). It was thought Lawrie would be headed to New Hampshire to continue his rehab assignment soon after, but with rain in Florida, it turns out he’ll head to Lansing, Kennedy tweets.

Sergio Santos was also scheduled to pitch in Florida tonight, Kennedy notes. He’ll have three outings there, then move up to Buffalo where he’ll go back-to-back before rejoining the Jays.

Kennedy adds that, as we’ve been hearing, the club doesn’t want to rush Lawrie, and that they’ll likely use all 20 days of his rehab assignment, which began last Wednesday.

Elsewhere on the injury front, Kennedy tweets that Kyle Drabek is nearly done his rehab assignment, after which he’ll likely be optioned to class-A Dunedin– where, according to a Scott MacArthur tweet, he’ll be capped at two innings per appearance to start. Drew Hutchison, Kennedy adds, will begin rehabbing soon.

John Lott notes that Brandon Morrow is now throwing pain free, but still won’t likely be back until August. It’s an August timeline for J.A. Happ, he adds, most likely, as he still has some knee soreness (though his head is, thankfully, fine).

Kennedy tells us that Ramon Ortiz chose to not have surgery, but he’s not close to starting a rehab assignment. Luis Perez, on the other hand, is farther along, and– according to a tweet from Scott MacArthur– feeling better following a setback a couple weeks ago. He’s “still pretty far away,” though, apparently.

What of Ricky Romero? Alex Anthopoulos says, according to a John Lott tweet, that the club wants to see consistent results from him– at which point, if the need arises, he could be recalled any time.

Alex Anthopoulos says he’s ready to make some deals, according to a tweet from Mike Cormack, but that other teams need a week to ten days to resolve fanbase and ownership considerations (i.e. whether to raise the white flag on 2013 or not).

That said, Brendan Kennedy tweets that AA says he’s not “engaged” in anything right now, but it just gathering information, like most clubs at this point.

Prospect stuff: according to the GM, via a Kennedy tweet, negotiations with top draft pick Phil Bickford are expected to take a step forward this week, whatever that means. He remains one of, I think, six first rounders as yet unsigned.

Second rounder Clinton Hollon, AA says, is “getting close” to signing, according to a tweet from Lott, who notes that the deadline to sign guys is July 12th.

On the international front, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi, the Jays signed international products Yeltsin Gudino and Freddy Rodriguez, both of Venezuela. Ben Badler of Baseball America has them as the eighth and 18th best prospects in this year’s international free agent class.

AA name checked several impressive prospects, according to a Kennedy tweet, including Pillar, Stilson, Jimenez, Stroman and Sanchez.

Regarding Pillar, John Lott tweets that the GM says he may be the biggest surprise. “Reports are that he’s ready to come up if we have a need,” AA says.

Kennedy tweets that the GM says Aaron Sanchez is back and healthy. “‘He’s back on track, good to go, no restrictions.’ Hoping he can advance to NH by end of year.”

On A.J. Jimenez, according to a tweet from Mike Cormack, AA says, “I think with everyone that’s defence-first, you get the Molina comparisons, but it’s that type of glove.”

Let it be known to the world, Craig Robinson is a dick.

@james_in_to noticed some words exchanged, not caught on the broadcast, between the Tigers and Jays yesterday after Jose Bautista had some words for Brayan Pena.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
1B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
DH Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
LF Andy Dirks (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
C Alex Avila (L)

RHP Doug Fister

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  1. if somehow boni can get a leadoff single we could very easily tie it up with some small ball

  2. as someone who has such low expectations for the broadcast I’m surprised when they still dissapoint me. It’s a minor thing but hell –

    If I’m Colby Rasmus and I hit a home run in a game I would hope to get the “Drive of the Game” call by the home broadcast crew – not the visiting team.

    • It’s probably because the Blue Jays aren’t winning?
      But yeah, I agree. It’s awkward @ best. And if the situation was reversed I don’t think the Detroit broadcasters would be pumping our tires.

    • Especially when it is to tie the game up. True story.

  3. I was about to warn JPA that Thole was gunning for him now that he didn’t have a batting average that was .083 or whatever…but now he’s probably back to that. Damn.

  4. The Ancient Mariner is still on the boat.

  5. I want me some Kawasaki heroics.

  6. Jpa or boni? Seriously.

  7. I’m drinking my beer from the other side.
    Rally beers.

    What are you going to do for the 9th?

  8. Even when Bonifacio does something kinda well, he still fails. Fuck him.

  9. tie goes to the runner, asshole

  10. He was there.


  11. He was fucking SAFE dammit!

  12. I’ve done lots of umpiring in my day and that is the easiest call, you can hear the difference even more than see it

  13. Screwed.

  14. Getting hosed on these shite-calls

  15. Wow, what a shitty ump.

  16. Attaboy Boomhauer!

  17. Still a strike however.

  18. You can smell it if you inhale deeply
    The horseshit

  19. No No for Big Ho!

  20. when did Gibby switch to the moo-moo?

  21. Did Gibbons just “ice” the pitcher?

  22. C’mon sak

  23. Grind baby grind.

  24. That’s our DH!

  25. Ball fucking FOUR Muni

  26. Come on Jose

  27. Just restored equilibrium. Here we go.

  28. O’day O’Day O’day!

  29. WE WAS WOBBED!!!

  30. Thanks Wang. You fucking useless piece of shit.

  31. Garbage.

  32. well if they were going to get a split that was the one…too bad

  33. Shake it off boys.

    Let’s go get David Bowie tomorrow.

  34. 9-16 in one run games. These ones are fucking devastating.

    • Yep. Every year with this.

    • I don’t understand the obsession with this stat. So if the Jays had scored less in multi-run wins, they’d be doing better?

      What about the 6-4 comeback win at Tampa? 7-4 at San Diego? 7-5 at Chicago? Where those clutch wins not as meaningful because they scored too many runs?

      • I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. All I was saying is it’s hard to lose one-run games. There’s no such thing as clutch, so it’s mostly bad luck, it just seems a lot harder to lose like this then to lose by 10 runs.

  35. This one made me sad.
    The ragtags put up 6 but a shitty starter ruined it.
    Props to the replacements.

  36. OMFG!!!! Fucking screwed by shitty umping, yet, once a fucking again. Holy shit, you’d think this was the NBA.

  37. Fuck that.

    Whack-A-Wagner won it.

  38. I really do feel like we would have tied the ball game if the boni call wasn’t botched. He likely would have stolen second. I could then see muni bunting and getting him over to third and Jose with a sac to get the runner in.
    I know there are a lot of ifs there but we certainly had a very good chance to still be playing, had the ump made the correct call.

    Still in favour of a coaches challenge in baseball, much like football. I know most hate the idea but at least you would get calls correct.

  39. Well…blowing a 6-0 lead – that’s like a kick in the nads.
    I can’t think of a single redeeming factor that would involve keeping Wang with the team anymore. He’s self-destructed in spectacular fashion now TWICE in two consecutive starts….which is bad enough in itself….but fuck me, to do it in the second inning both times…that just messes up your pen for the next day or two.
    I’d rather have Rickey.

    • 4-0 lead. But yeah, it sucks.

    • I don’t think Ricky is ready. The Blue Jays have jerked him around enough.

      • That, my friend, is a very two-way street.

      • The Jays jerked Ricky around?
        This I gotta hear.

        • Okay it’s clear I’m getting soft in my old age. I think he wasn’t ready when they called him up earlier this season. And maybe a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember because my brain cells don’t fire so good.

          • I’m just saying that that Wang is killing the club with his meltdowns so early in the game….hence causing the pen to work overtime. Plus with that delayed, deliberate style of pitching….and then sucking at it so badly, it must be killing the players on the field.
            I wasn’t seriously advocating a return to Rickey – but with my current state of mind, I’d be just as happy with a Rickey appearance.

            • RR felt the Jays coaches were jerking him around when he went back to his old mechanics about 3 weeks to a month ago. And now he has his own hand chosen advisors. He’s had some good and some bad starts but it’s my guess that he wont be ready until he gets at least 4 good starts in a row under his belt-at the very minimum.

  40. Release Want…call up Stroman

  41. Wang DFApped yet?

  42. Wang’s ERA in his last two starts is 35.10.


  43. Todd Redmond coming up. Yep.

  44. Apparently, Wang has just been DFA’d. Who takes his spot?

  45. Todd Redmond? He hasn’t had success anywhere.

  46. From Mar. 22, 2013:
    Tom Dakers

    The Blue Jays have picked up Todd Redmond off waivers from the Baltimore Orioles and have optioned him to Buffalo.

    Redmond is a 27 year old, 6’3″ right-hander. He’s pitched in one major league game. As a minor leaguer, he’s pitched 8 seasons, 207 games, 200 starts, 1185 innings, 299 walks and 977 strikeouts. Last year he was 8-11 with a 3.63 ERA in 25 starts between the Braves and Reds Triple-A teams. 149 innings, 150 hits, 18 home runs allow, 39 walks and 136 strikeouts.

    Todd pitched in 5 spring games with the Orioles, had a 5.63 ERA in 8 innings, 8 hits, 4 walks, 8 k.

    It looks like he’ll be used as a starter in Buffalo, and give us a little more depth in case of disaster. It’s not a very exciting move, but we had our share of exciting moves earlier in the off-season.

    Redmond has amassed over 100 strikeouts in each of the last four seasons in the International League and has ranked in the Top 5 in each of the past year three years in the circuit. He struck out 142 batters in back-to-back seasons with the Gwinnett Braves, 2010-2011.

  47. they arent going to actually use this guy. they are just calling him up till sunday when a starter is needed. then they will send his ass down and bring up stroman.

  48. Time to institute video replay. They do it in every other sport, why not baseball?
    Games should not be decided by bad calls.

  49. I’m glad I didn’t watch much of this. I astutely predicted the Jays would come out on the losing end and bailed out early. The time I did spend watching it, though, was wasted and it’s time I’ll never get back. I called into Shaw to cancel the sports package but, in a bizarre twist of fate, a Telus door to door guy came by after dinner and gave me a good deal on a 1 year package. I took the sports package too.

    I really wish I hadn’t. I just don’t know why i can’t stop. Well, going forward, it’s over! I will call to cancel this before I even get the chance to see a game!

    Lind is out and will be back to his old self the rest of the year – the back won’t let him succeed. Rasmus will continue to strike out. Arencibia is pretty much done and we all know it. EE will be out forever. Morrow is gone most of the year now and is the same year after year. Joey bats can’t control his temper and has seen his best days. The only guy pulling his weight is Gibbers!

    I absolutely, 100% refuse to be exposed to this anymore. I’ve been watching the Jays since the mid 80′s but today was the final time. I will not watch another game this year. Nor will I ever again watch a jays game or even a Major League game. I won’t watch anything in the high minor leagues but may watch the Victoria Harbourcats once or twice. Otherwise, I’m done with baseball!

    • You’ve been watching since the 1980s and you’re giving up now?

      You’ve been through Joey Hamilton? Fred Lewis? Tomo Ohka? 2012? And you’re giving up now?

      Hope you’re trolling. If so, hope you enjoyed the food I just provided you!

      If you’re not trolling, for goodness sake get some help!

    • Goodbye.

  50. @james_in_to: Past two nights the AL East has outscored their opponents 55-18.

  51. Carlos v come back

  52. Noone will probably read this at this point, but just want to make a point for the record books.

    Wang’s starts resulted in a 3 and 2 record. For a stop-gap measure, that’s pretty good.

    Better than Ortiz starts (2 and 2), La(ugh)ffey, (0 and 1), Romero (0 and 2) – and yes I’m SAD to put Romero in such company -, and, Nolin (0 and 1) and even Jenkins (2 and 1), albeit Jenkins only pitched three games and was thoroughly decent.

    Bullpen was tits.

    AND YES, Jays only got 1 H after 2nd. But you know what, 6 runs off a decent starter while missing Lind and EE (oh and JPA too, although he doesn’t really count), I’ll take it.



  53. Know what’s crazy?

    Our current rotation does not feature a single pitcher who was on the club last year!

    I just hop Esmil Rogers can keep it up. Not expecting him to be a full-time starter forever. But if we can get 5 to 8 more decent starts out of him, that might be the best move by AA ever!

  54. Was at the game. So-so crowd. Lineup was a joke. Lind and EE cant get back soon enough. They have to be in the lineup against scherzer and verlander for this team to have a chance. Bullpen was great other than wagner and his straight fastball. I think he should be the reliever that gets sent down (not because he blew the game today, just not a fan of his).Also, I think its time for the stro show. Redmond is not an upgrade on wang. Will be happy to see morrow by sept at the rate he is going.

    • I was there too, Wagner gave up a hard single up the middle and the run scored on an infield hit…you can’t blame the pen for conceding a run in more than seven innings of work. I thought the crowd was decent for a hungover long weekend Tuesday.

      Anyway can anyone explain to me this team’s obsession with Todd fucking Redmond? Thad Weber is a much better SP option and Lincoln is a better long man, and need I remind you that Munenori was the DH last night?

  55. You know what? Fuck Andy Murray.

  56. ppl only recognize shit fuked games when it is stark-ly obvious – like this one. jays, again, get hosed more than any team in the majors (i suspect(. certainly more hosed vs. their opponents – in key situations. check out pitch fx in early innings. check out balls and strikes on first pitches; check out the calls when the jays are trailing by 1 in the second inning and there is one one and one on; check out seemingly low impact decisions in middle innings….

    fuk the world! fuk umpires! oh, and fuk ppl who disagree! we get screwed more than others (pounding fists and feet on ground like a baby)!

  57. Oh, I should’ve just gone to bed
    I should’ve never called you
    I should’ve listened to my head
    When it said leave it alone
    No, a few drinks in
    Here I go missing you again
    God only knows what I said
    I should’ve just gone to bed

  58. I’m just glad that the team has a 9 man bullpen and no bench for today’s game.


    the Jays season in a nutshell there

    such a shitty way to lose a game

    • Yeah, saw that on Deadspin. That’s just not knowing the rules of baseball.

      • It’s not at all. It’s forgetting them while caught up in the excitement of a walk-off.

        He’ll be fine. It’s single-A.

        And the Jays season in a nutshell? Huh?

  60. I know it’s water under the bridge, but can anyone say whether Bonifacio was actually safe in the ninth? Haven’t found a replay.

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