New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

Something rather striking was somewhat casually slipped into Richard Griffin’s Bullpen post from over at the Toronto Star today, which… uh… if you read the title of this post, you’re already aware of.

In a segment where he gave out first half letter grades to each of the Jays (I give his grading a solid B+, FWIW), Griffin laid this on us regarding the club’s oft-injured starter:

BRANDON MORROW D: The expectations were high for Morrow as he entered his prime years with stuff that could belong to a starting ace. But after a slow start and an encouraging May 4 starts vs. the M’s, he strained his back on a bullpen day — then his forearm and is in the manager’s doghouse.

That’s… interesting. Not that it means a whole hell of a lot– it’s not like Gibbons isn’t going to run Morrow, whose 2012 ERA ranked fifth in the Majors (among pitchers with a minimum of 120 innigs), out there once he’s healthy again.

Still, though. Intrigue! Amiright?

He elaborated slightly on Twitter:

Griffin elaborated even more in his chat with readers earlier today at the Star:

I had great expectations for Morrow starting last year. He has been disappointing in terms of the ability to stand up to the grind. They are paying him starter money and the bullpen is solid. He has great stuff but the manager is not a big fan of his right now because it seems from the back and forth after he was hurt that he may have kept his forearm strain to himself as he was warming up and all of a sudden the pen was in play for seven unexpected innings. Morrow still has time but the clock is ticking.

I don’t know. I guess it seems reasonable enough that they’d be upset by a thing like that, and that… sure, maybe they’re getting impatient with the whole never quite delivering on his promise or being healthy thing. But at the same time, whatever. Right?

Anywho, here are a couple other interesting tidbits from the chat:

- “I could see Buehrle being traded to an NL Central team if the Jays did not have to eat a lot of salary.”

- This answer, about the dearth of replays at Rogers Centre this year, kills it:

It’s an organizational philosophy not to embarrass umpires. They prefer to leave that to Joey Bats and Lawrie. But I agree with you. There is no way that someone sitting at home should be advantaged in knowing what’s going on over someone who actually made the effort to come to the ballgame and drink 9 dollar beer. Screw the umpires and their feelings. Show more replays.

- This too, on Kawasaki:

I don’t see why they would not keep him on the 40-man until next year. He has options left, he’s only 32, he doesn’t cost that much, take him on the winter caravan next January to Nunavut and Edmonton and St. John’s and Vancouver and Canada would fall in love.

- “If it’s a pitcher” who needs to be sent down, he says of the roster crunch upcoming when Lawrie and Melky return to health, “I don’t see them taking a chance with McGowan passing through waivers because Gord Ash and the Brewers would take a chance. Or some other team that knows his pedigree and grit.”

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  1. anyword on Lind and EE?

  2. Yeah, McGowan will not get placed on waivers, because the Jays know about his ‘grit’.


  3. So what he’s saying is, someone getting injured would solve our roster problems. Someone in the bullpen, preferably–like McGowan?

  4. Ah, McGowan’s grit. Which, I assume, is another term for the bits of bone and such still floating around in his shoulder.

  5. Actually, they are fined by MLB if they show replays on double plays or any close plays involving umpire (bad) judgement.

    • I’ve been to several other stadiums and I swear I’ve seen replays of close calls/bang-bang plays at first base, etc.

      I seem to recall seeing replays in Pittsburgh of this sort… can anyone back me up on this?

      • Yes, I was in Baltimore 2 years ago and they showed controversial plays on the big screen. So unless that has changed in the last 2 years (which it certainly could have), we can chalk it up to bullshit.

      • I was in Boston this week and there were TV’s all in the area I was sitting showing the TV broadcast, which included replays of close calls.

        • The 200′s at RC have those tv which show the broadcast and replays.
          That includes the outfield porch

  6. I’m pretty sure the replay thing is an MLB mandate not an individual stadium or organizational choice. Close calls, controversial calls and beanbags are expressly prohibited from being shown. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Umpires union bargained for that as part of their CBA or something.

  7. I guess you could say Morrow is having a ruff season.

  8. Nice to see something posted on this site, after a seemingly-unending string of Game Threats and Morning Afters… Is there a reason this site has reduced the amount of original content by such a large degree? I enjoy the analysis but it’s all but disappeared in recent weeks/months.

  9. morrow always says he’s injured after a bad start, never before.
    His fastball is straight as an arrow. You think seattle didn’t know this when they traded him?
    Time to move him to a team that’s desperate for pitching. Wang is doing much better. We don’t need morrow and his whining anymore.

  10. O’s traded for Feldman. His 6.11 career ERA against the Jays is welcome in the AL East.

    • Hes had a good start to the year but due for some regression.

      Arietta still has potential to be really good but probably not this year.

  11. L Perez?

  12. Trade away Buehrle? While Wang and Rogers continue to start?


    So many pitchers but so few that can go out every 5th day and pitch a game.

  13. yeah, i think we need more decent starters right now, not less.

  14. Morrow’s a pussy

    • Do you read?

      He is “in the doghouse” (supposedly/apparently) for not mentioning his forearm tightness. By your narrative based and completely unfounded, armchair, beer league inspired, “logic” this should make him a “tough, gritty guy”.

  15. “I could see Buehrle being traded to an NL Central team if the Jays did not have to eat a lot of salary.”

    The idea that ANY team would take him without the Jays paying a significant portion of his salary is a bit absurd to me.

  16. It’s just griffin looking for attention. Rosie Di Manno has been writing more articles than Old Richard, he is trying to improve his standings, it’s probably him in the Dog House!!!!

  17. Where the hell do I get a 9dollarbeer at the RC? And I mean a FULL $9 beer….

  18. So anyone in the world know what is happening to Lind and EE? Just day to day?

    • @LottOnBaseball: Adam Lind not playing tonight, hopes to play tomorrow. Swung off tee today, “pretty close” to full tilt. No word yet on EE.

    • Both are out of the lineup today, says Twitter, your source for Factual™ news.

  19. Tonight`s lineup is HILARIOUS

    • Reyes SS
      Davis LF
      Bautista RF
      Rasmus CF
      DeRosa 1B
      Izturis 3B
      Thole C
      Bonifacio 2B
      Kawasaki DH
      Wang P

      • Dear god, what have we as fans done to deserve this? Any reason for Thole to start over Arencebia, he may be the one player in the league that is worse than Arencebia offensively, although his Defence is a bit better.

        • This is fucking hilarious — TWO games ago everyone’s bitching ’cause JPA is starting over Thole, now today your bitching because I guy who DEFINES SSS is starting over the strikeout king?

          I swear to GOD I have to stop looking at game threats so early just ’cause I want to see what’s up before rural France shuts down for the night….

      • which is worse: Rasmus batting cleanup or Kawasaki as the DH?

      • Nice to JP and Boni getting punished

      • 3 man bench + 3 injured players = kawasaki playing DH and no backups…if we have an injury thje first move is to forfeit the DH…yay to the 8 man bullpen! (ugh…)

      • Tonight’s lineup is awful. It’s actually the bisons vs tigers plus the two beauty jose’s.

    • And I will be at this game tonight.

      Last time I was there Morrow got injured.

      • The Gibbons being pissed off due to the bullpen having to pitch seven innings thing may become relevant again tonight.

    • *Waves White Flag*

      Ugh. Let’s hope that the statement: “That’s why they play the games.” is firmly in our corner tonight because that my friends is buh-rutal.

  20. Damaso Garcia thinks Morrow should set his uniform on fire.

  21. Apparently Kyle Drabek has pitched a couple games already. What’s Lawrie’s story? What about Hutchison?

    • I wouldn’t expect much quality MLB pitching from either Drabek or Hutchison this year. The rule of thumb is 12 months to get back at it and 18 months to get your command back. Neither one of them nor Luis Perez fit into that timeline.

      • Given that Drabek has possibly the shittiest command of any Jays pitcher ever, I don’t think we can really say that we’re waiting for him to get it back. I have never seen another pitcher who so consistently misses the catcher’s target by a ridiculous margin. If I was his catcher and wanted him to hit the inside corner, I would set up on the outside, and vice versa.

        • +2. I’ve never seen a guy throw so many 52 foot curveballs as this guy. Whoeevr the catcher is needs to wear full hockey gear when he is pitching and an iron filled jock.
          Who can forget his 11o pitch 4 inning epic in Minny last year?
          I said when he got hurt ( and I wish him well) that w will never see him ina BJ uniform again-he is truly horrid. Yes he was part of the Halladay deal( the supposed plum) but alas he is the pits

    • Lawrie’s sister got married, which is why he hasn’t played the last few games.

      • With the number of red bulls he likely had, he won’t land on earth til tomorrow.
        S/b ready to sing the cocksucker blues in Florida later in the week. The way the Jays are getting injured he may be back next week FFS

  22. Buehrle to St.Louis for Joe Kelly and Kolten Wong.

    Put Kelly right in the rotation and Wong right into second.

  23. And one more thing… if Morrow is a malingerer, I think Gibbons would be justified in relegating him to the dog house. If the whole thing boils down to Morrow not disclosing the forearm strain before that game started, it’s total weak sauce. It might be worth one night of Gibbons fuming about it, but a long term relegation to the dog house? Come on. But that doesn’t really sound like the Gibby that has been presented to us.

    Also, re Kawasaki – are you saying Griffin “nailed” that comment as well? Because I thought you instantly become repulsed every time someone gives credence to the idea that a player’s personality adds to his worth as a player. (I’m sure you would make an exception for Bob Gibson, who pitched the entire 1968 season with multiple compound fractures in both legs, but due to his “character” he never said anything about it.)

    • Can say I disagree with this. We’ve had many people set straight on this site when discussing Intangibles that a player can offer to a team vs their actual baseball skills. Now we’re posting about a players 40 man roster value on the Jays winter caravan?

      The Morrow in the doghouse thing looks like a bit of a reach to sell papers.

      Love the site but I’d have just as soon waited until today’s game threat for the next post.

  24. Things I didn’t think I’d say: why the hell isn’t arencibia playing?

  25. Did Johnny Mac even DH ever in his Jays life?

  26. Tonight has me very nervous

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