Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays

Things only get tougher for tonight as they begin the back half of a four game set against the Tigers, who will send Max Scherzer to the hill, followed by Justin Verlander tomorrow. The streak is already a faded memory, with the Jays now 3-6 since their improbable run back to .500, and the risk of dropping deeper below water is strong with those two starters on the hill, and with Edwin Encarnacion (who sits tonight, but could pinch hit if needed) and Adam Lind (who returns to the lineup as the DH) banged up. Josh Johnson and Esmil Rogers get the call in a couple of games the Jays would– if you’ll permit me to put on my Pat Tabler hat– really like to win.

We’ll see! Just know that there’s no shame in losing to either of these two Tigers starters.

Yes, that’s all I’ve got.


Shi Davidi tweets that Gibbers says having Rajai Davis hit fifth tonight is just for Scherzer, but also that he plans to keep hitting Jose Bautista second so that he gets as many at-bats as possible. So… what happens tomorrow, then? Does he just mean he wants to maximize ABs tonight? Davidi does note that Jose is 6-for-11 in his career off the Tigers starter, so… maybe? Meh, whatever.

As noted in today’s Daily Duce, there’s an interesting piece on Josh Johnson, regression, nice fielding independent peripherals, and getting BABIP’d to death over at Bluebird Banter. Read it if you’re one of those hopes-getting-up types.

Not a whole lot of other scuttlebutt to report here. The Rangers signed Manny Ramirez to a minor league deal, which would totally be a thing if this was 2004, I guess.

Yeah… that’s about it that’s remotely compelling. Encarnacion was riding a stationary bike and is close and could pinch hit but “don’t count on it,” if you must know. But… yeah… that’s about it.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
1B Mark DeRosa (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
LF Andy Dirks (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
C Alex Avila (L)

RHP Max Scherzer

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  1. It only Rogers could pitch every night.
    Just wanted to be the first person in the history of the world to say that.

  2. Hammys can really hurt… I hope EE is feeling better soon. And everyone should be very happy with the effort that Melky put in so far this season, walking on sore legs is bad enough but trying to play baseball is murder.

  3. Still dont get playing bonerfellatio over kawa at 2b when the lineup needs obp and hitting davis 5th vs a righty never makes sense. 5-9 the lineup still is pathetic. Get back EE!!

  4. Glad Arencibia is playing through injury. We really need his bat and glove in the lineup.

    • Don’t forget about his leadership! And handsomeness!

    • Yah, more Arencibia please!

      On second thought, I think I’ll just leave now. Gibbers will continue to play him and AA will do nothing to get rid of him. I’m pissed and I know things will never change. I refuse to support this regime so I’m OUT!

  5. Guess who turns 25 today. That’s right, Blue Jays, don’t fuck this up.

  6. I thought that was gone off the bat.

  7. Let’s pound this creep. And break his streak.

  8. Love the old guy in the red suspenders.
    I wanna rock a pair of those.

  9. thats Fielders … 5th infield hit against us this year?

  10. Bonerfellatio is awful.

  11. Oh look, Bonifacio is still awful. Shocking.

  12. how many errors is that now? feels like 20

  13. Don’t let the guy who cant spell his first name hurt us!

  14. Still chasing jpa likely.

  15. Man jj throwing everything outside…dude has a 94 mph fastball..stop being a pussy throw it up and in

  16. Can Pillar play 2B?

  17. Well, guys.




    • Who said we can’t boo our own team. As far as I’m concerned Bonifacio is dead to me and does nothing but tear this team down.

      His shitty fielding gives the other team runs.
      His shitty hitting take away this team’s runs.

      He can run fast? Big deal. If that’s your criteria then sign Ussain Bolt for chrissakes. I bet he can even bunt.

      • Yes, my owner (whose body I’m attached to) made an error, but you know what? Johnson is still a fucking shit-baller.

        Emelio fucked up a DP, but the runner shouldn’t have been on base if Johnson mad made a decent fucking play. He deflected 3 fucking balls tonight! 3

        Plus all the walks, all the fucking 3 2 counts. The fucking HRs.

        I know we won’t release Johnson, but fuck, he is terrible.

        • No excuses for Johnson, how bout all of Boni’s other games.

          Are he and Izturis all we’re looking at for the rest of the season at 2B?

  19. Seriously, this fucking sucks

  20. Josh Johnson, killing his trade value with every start.

    What a piece of shit he’s been. Seriously, it’s hard to see what the Jays could get for him at the deadline if he doesn’t go on a crazy run.

    • why would you trade him? for what? he’s not bringing you anything more than a c level prospect in return. id rather just keep him and hope he is better in the second half rather than trade him for some shitty prospect that will likely never ever even reach the bigs.

      • If he pitched well then you’d hope a contending team would give something of value up for him. But he hasn’t. That’s the problem.

        • So they’re fucked. Might as well hope he does better in the second half and either qualify tender (he may get a better offer, stranger things have happened) him and hope for the best. Or just non tender the guy and hope one of Hutch Drabek RR or Jenkins will be there next year.

    • wilner,johnson still worth $30mil a year?

  21. fucking boni is a useless piece of shit

  22. Glad the Jays are paying 17 mill for this shit head.

  23. Fuck off Boni Boi. I hate your face.

    • When you think of it, Escobar had way more talent and was half asshole. Boni’s just a stupid dork with no talent and a goofy smile.

  24. Happy Fucking Birthday KyleZ.

  25. Again pitch outside…sooner or later the batter will adjust…im wondering what the stats are for aaroncibia calling pitches outside bottom half

  26. I’m gonna watch this half inning. If we don’t score any runs.. imma take a break

    • It’s like they don’t even know it’s your special day! Sometimes I’m happy that baseball is usually over by the time it’s my birthday. No one needs this type of birthday angst.

  27. Scherzer is going to strike out 27 tonight

  28. Max Scherzer on pace for 27 strikeouts

  29. Because I am proudly ignorant of the National League [which is, of course, the Devil's work] – can anyone tell me if Boni is supposed to be good? Or even competent? Because damn. He sucks.

    • He had one decent year fuelled by a .372 BABIP.

      His defense has always sucked.

    • Not getting a legit second baseman in the offseason was a mistake.

    • @ bean w
      Boni, according to some, was the “hidden gem” in the Marlins trade . He’s mostly played OF positions and only played 14 games at second,in the last 2 years. He was supposed to blossom if given a chance to play everyday. His best assett is speed and the stolen base.He is currently playing under his carreer averages.Nobody can figure out what his fucking problem is.You can get his stats from fangraphs and compare all years.

  30. I get the feeling this might be an annoying game to watch.

  31. Veteran Presents for KyleZ!!

  32. Mark Derosa reminds of ur cool uncle who buys you an xbox

  33. Tonight’s veteran present: triple.

  34. Bonifacio, Johnson, Arencibia…3 fucking pieces of shit right there who don’t deserve to be making a quarter of the money they have in their bank accounts…pisses me off.

  35. Presents!

  36. good thing derosa’s third is followed up by the strikeout machine

  37. I was had a coach in little league who would regularly told some of the players to “close your eyes and swing hard”

    I think he also coached JP

  38. Is that what defence looks like?

  39. This game is *this* close to being 3-0 Jays.

  40. are you fucking kidding me

  41. Wow this game is just depressing.

  42. i dont give a fuck if its from england tabby…

  43. Johnson must be pissed he was traded to AL and got exposed. One more year of facing pitchers would help mask the velocity drop and make him a much richer man.

  44. Fuck, JP can’t even block a throw from centre field.

  45. I officially fucking hate Josh Johnson.

  46. Ugh, why do I even watch this shit?

  47. Alright, thanks for all the nice words everyone. I’m headin out to do fun things. Probably will check in later because I’m addicted to this torture.

  48. 3 fucking errors for johnson

  49. C’MON

  50. Fuck off Johnson.

  51. JJ pls

  52. JJ is making a strong bid for a Tin Glove award.

  53. WOW

  54. “The Trade” has set the Blue Jays back at least 3 years.

    • Get bent dude! How good would this team be without the trades. Pretty fucking awful. If everyone is healthy next year, and with a tinker here and there, this team could be the best in the game. At least follow a sport for more than 10 years before you think you know what it takes to build a contender.

      • OK. Whatever you say. Best team on paper? Best rotation ever assembled? World Series favourites? Ring any bells? This team is not better than the 2012 Jays. Only the 2012 Jays had a top 3 farm system and half the payroll.

        • I for one didn’t think they had “the best team on paper”. But they drastically improved there chances for the next 3 years. And in the long run, every player traded other then Escobar, are marginal major leaguers, at best. Maybe one of the prospects could turn to gold, but it will take a few years to find out, well after this 3 year window of OPPURTUNITY. The fans wanted to see an increased payroll, and that’s what they did. But to say that the trade put the jays 3 years behind is beyond ridiculous.

          • Want to bet when the Jays will make the playoffs next?

            AA gambled and lost. He was fleeced. Do not be surprised when the Mets or the Marlins make the playoffs before the Jays do.

        • You do know that even if one of those prospects who we sent to Miami turns out to be an alright everyday player, they’ll have done OK, yes? Most prospects turn out to be major disappointments. Remember Steve Karsay, our can’t miss pitcher of the future who Gillick sent to Oakland for a few weeks of Rickey Henderson? Didn’t think so!

          • Again I say… look up opportunity cost.

            I am not saying AA shouldn’t have made trades… I am saying he made the wrong trades.

            • Alright … What would have been the right trades? Seriously, I want to hear what you think AA should have done because I fucking love what you armchair GMs have to say just so I can laugh at dumb shit.

        • @jesuscristo.

          Yes the farm system was highly rated but do you rally trust the Jays to develop those prospects?

          The Jays success is based on taking Edwin & Jose Bautista from the scrap heap & turning them into All Stars.

          Our home grown all star Ricky Romero is in AAA.

          Our converted reliever Morrow is on the DL.

          Hutch & Drabek are recovering from Tommy John.

          The successful home grown Jays like Hill,Rios & had to go to other teams to be successful again.

          Jays are committed to 100 million plus payroll per year for the next few years. They should get better

    • Jesus fuck! AA only gave up THREE roster players, all of whom weren’t exactly a big bag of awesomeness. Yeah, Henderson Alvarez, Escobar, and that backup catcher whose name escapes me at the moment would really have us at the top of the AL East.

  55. Watching Johnson pitch is excruciating. Buehrle throws 10 mph slower but he’s so much more fun to watch.

  56. I’m positive Cabera went around there, but of course there is no replay. Wouldn’t want to expose the umpires to just how bias they have become, because….. Well I don’t know why not, but seriously!!! It’s hard enough to watch when they aren’t at the top of their game and guys are banged up, but when the umps continuously make bad calls against our team, and then it comes back to haunt use.

    I would rather watch the Raptors play the Heat, where they refs swallow there whistles on one side of the floor then blow the whistle whenever anyone contest LeBron or Wade. And it seems as though MLB would rather protect their umpires then to encourage them to learn from their mistakes.

  57. Johnson’s got a bad case of golden-shower hands tonight

  58. His ERA actually went down 30 points. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

  59. Who should I hate more: Lawrie, JP “I’m a leader and don’t give a fuck about fans” Strike3bia, Johnson, or Buehrle?

  60. Can’t wait until JJ is gone next year

  61. According to game day there are no earned runs. Even the hr! We can pretend he is pitching a shutout

  62. Is it OK for a pitcher to catch a ball?

  63. this is the last inning for me unless the lead shrinks; this is torture

  64. Well that’s enough for tonight. There’s better things to do than watch Josh Johnson shit the bed and the Jays lose.

    Hopefully they can somehow miraculously steal tomorrow’s game.

  65. Mendoza, I’m coming for you!

    Bonifacio, arencibia, derosa, lawrie.

  66. There does seem to be a chance jj gets through 5 innings. That is something!!

  67. I hate to say it and I’m still a big fan of the Jays and all the trades but you can really see a glaring difference in line ups when playing the Tigers and Red Sox (teams we would hope to meet in the playoffs).

    It really is no contest when it comes to production and approach even if our injured guys are in there.

    • Red Sox were supposed to be in last place. Jays fans talked nonstop shit. Guess we are getting shown how a team “wins” in the AL East.

    • Yep, tigers arent that patient but they have megastars who scare the shit out if pitchers. Red sox are relentless. Regardless, both lineups are better than the jays if healthy.

    • I really believe that AA will address the holes(C,SP,2b) when the market opens up in a week or so.

      I also believe since he has the core locked up for he’ll look for similar contractual situations for those guys. He can’t turn back now, I don’t like the “all in” line but he has given up quite a few young chips so it doesn’t make sense to stop now.

      • I too think so. And fuck it, I’ll say it: We’re all in. For the next couple years anyway.

        • @Blue Jay Way


          AA would be foolish to tear don the Jays & do a fire sale 80 games int a season.

          We have seen an 11 game winning streak. The schedule for the team is easier in July.

      • I wish aa would address the holes but its not that easy. Who is available? Who can they trade?

      • What fucking assets does he have? Going to dump the rest of the farm system to try and save this season? Team is in last place and below 500.

        AA needs to be a seller at the deadline.

        • There’s lots of good prospects still in the system.
          And yes, he may not be able to save 2013 ( though I still hold out hope) which is why I said I think he’ll target guys with some control/years left on contracts.

          • There are only two with any real value. If any major trades happen, AA is including at least one, if not both.

          • Good prospects:
            Dj Davis
            Dickie Thon

            All the international guys……I could go on.

            • Only 2 top 100 prospects in that list, I believe. Alford? Come on.

              • 30 teams, each to have 2 to 3 in the top 100 is about right.
                There would be takers for all these kids, you’re an angry fool if say otherwise.

                And Alford is an extraordinary athlete, GM’s would be pissing all over themselves to get him if he were available.

                • Not committed to baseball.

                  • He’s playing two sports. Yeah, so what? Doesn’t make him any less a great athlete.
                    Christo – you claim to be a fan of the Jays but all you do is bitch and do it in an annoying fashion.

                    I’m all for a good argument either way on the state of the Jays but You seem to enjoy the negative stuff.

                    So, fuckoff.

      • He’ll get some propects in return for JJ and maybe Boni but he’s probably going to have to wait for the offseason and maybe just outbid other teams for bats.

        AA won’t be able to afford to bid on the big arms that might be available so we’ll have to hope for some of our guys in the minors and on the shelf to come through.

  68. Down 5-0 vs scherzer. Fuck this team. Fuck jj. Fuck boner. Fuck jpa even though he had nothing to do with the shitshow today, still.

  69. Remember when we had hope for this team? That 11 game win streak seems like a distant memory now. Fuck, I need to quit drinking tonight because I’m going to sound like a bandwagoner if it keeps up.

  70. Cletus is on the boat.

  71. Oh so Jesuscrisco disappeared to huff paint during the 11 game win streak and now predictably he’s back.

    Kill yourself.

    • I was posting during the streak.

      • So why are you so bitchy again? Is your period heavier than usual, giving you really bad cramps? Go have some herbal tea or cranberry juice. That’s usually what I give my broads when I don’t want to listen to them complain anymore.

  72. THUG LIFE Cletus

  73. that was kind of unnecessary….and didn’t even bother to see if he’s okay…wouldn’t be surprised if he gets one in the back next AB

  74. Detroit’s trainers look like the most unathletic/healthy shmucks they could find

  75. I hope they retaliate and take out boni. Not Reyes. Get boni out of here

  76. “Colby always goes in hard.”
    Thank you, Buck Martinez, for gems like these. Good times. And that slide was pretty sexy.

  77. I dont understand what all the fuss is about. The tigers are better than us. what do you expect to happen? they have better pitching. better hitting. good enough defense. a

    you wanna get pissed? save it for when we get swept by the fucking shitty ass yankees..

  78. i dont know. just watching johnson pitch, it looks like he considers playing for the jays punishment and he is just waiting for his sentence to finish at the end of this year. no matter how shitty this guy pitches, SOMEONE is going to give him a ton of money and a ton of years. someone always does

    • No one is paying this re-re.

    • I dont think he considers it punishment. He isnt as good as he used to be.

    • @Luis.

      Not so sure about that.

      Would anothe AL East team give him Wilner’s 7/150 million.

      I doubt it.

      2 years plus option seems the best case scenario.

      He’s been very disappointing this year.

      If AA had only got Josh Johnson in the offseason which was his target, fans would be outraged.

      At least we have Jose Reyes & Buerhle.

  79. Welp I’m about ready for the AS Break. My eyes are bleeding.

  80. See jj? Thats how you field your position.

  81. Fuck this shit. I’m out for the evening but keeping hope alive anyway.

  82. Wouldn’t a triple play have made this game go down easier?

    • It would have helped, to be sure. But I was rooting for a big old baseball fight. I called my BF into the room when I saw the bullpen clearing out…alas…

      • Has he finished the dishes?

        • Feh – I do the dishes! But I always do them the next day. And a couple of times per month I use the dishwasher. I swear though – it’s my most hated of all housework.

  83. The Joses’ are on the boat.

  84. Buck: Scherzer has improved the last 3 seasons…..
    Tabby: That’s what you want to see out of your pitchers, you want them to improve.

    • Ask the experts.

      • Well in actual fact what with the likes of Drabek, Morrow, Romero, that’s not all that weird a statement.
        On the on hand if those 2 goofballs had related that little gem it would’ve been some kind of revalation.

  85. I doubt we even have a quorum on DJF at present.

  86. Its mid 30s Here today, but all these whiffs are doing wonders to keep me cool.

  87. Atta kid Cletus

  88. Maicer is on the boat.

  89. Love me some Cletus.

  90. DeRosa HR here and it’s fucking on

  91. Cmon Rosie

  92. Off the subject but I absolutely love these guys and this song

  93. So were are really going to use this guy on sunday on short rest after he’s pretty much having everything he hurls up there get fucking crushed. dont be fooled by the results . they are crushing this guys offerrings

    • No, they said if he was used tonight then it would be someone else I believe??

      Time to get Stomantic

      • You sweet-talker you.

        • Meant Stromantic, but you got it.

          • Isnt it Stromantic….
            Music in the night, a dream that can be heard.
            Isn’t it stromantic?
            Moving shadows write the oldest magic word.
            I hear the breezes playing in the trees above
            While all the world is saying you were meant for love.

  94. These guys are fucking poison. So we spent 40 million to have a worse record than last year…..This isn’t on AA, b/c I agreed with the layout of cash, but we’re currently going in the opposite fucking direction. If Baltimore wins tonight we’re 6.5 or 7 out, when were only 3 back last week. What’s becoming clear is that AA needn’t worry about the deadline.

  95. Gotta run, good luck.

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