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Interesting stuff from Jeff Blair in the Globe and Mail, as he wonders if Jake Peavy is a pitcher the Jays may again show interest in, once he’s healthy– which should be after the All-Star break. They came close to landing him in the winter– going as far as having Rogers sign off on the money needed to do it, before the White Sox decided to re-up with him. They certainly could use some more reliable rotation pieces, though… I’m not sure if that’s the word I’d use on the expensive and often-hurt Peavy. Great arm, though.

You only have to scroll down the page for this one, as I included all of yesterday’s scuttlebutt– including the stuff from AA via the beat grunts on Twitter– in a late update to last night’s Game Threat. Worth a read if you missed it.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman does what I did over here this afternoon and looks at some of the potential rotation candidates for the Sunday start that would have gone to Chien-Ming Wang had he not been… y’know… terrible.

A nifty full-on scouting report on A.J. Jimenez today in the Eyewitness Accounts post at Baseball Prospectus (paywall’d).  Mark Anderson, who wrote the report, has some good things to say, but like many, just isn’t sold that he’s going to hit. “Very impressed with defensive profile; has all the tools to be a top-flight defender that is considered one of the best in the game. … Can make contact; has offensive weaknesses including big velo; still potential to hit .260-.265 at peak; won’t pad OBP outside of batting average. … Will be an MLB player but likely stretched as a regular.”

Speaking of prospects, Blue Jays Plus had an excellent podcast with BP’s Zach Mortimer, though… I warn you, you’ll probably find it slightly less than “excellent” if you don’t like hearing great things about Noah Syndergaard. Ugh.

MLBTR passes along a Bob Elliott tweet that confirms Alex Anthopoulos was in Tijuana late last week, having a look at Cuban free agent pitcher Miguel Gonzalez.

In his column at Sportsnet, Mike Wilner reflects on the legacy of the late Tom Cheek, who was honoured before last night’s game against the Tigers, ahead of his upcoming enshrinement in Cooperstown as the winner of this year’s Ford C. Frick award.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks to Jerry Howarth about his recognition from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as Cheek’s moment in Cooperstown.

Interesting stuff from Mop Up Duty, who look at the arsenal of pitches Esmil Rogers has used– to great effect, I probably don’t need to add– since joining the Jays’ starting rotation.

Swing and a miss from Nick Ashbourne at Bluebird Banter, who declares that, thanks to some batted ball luck and an ERA that doesn’t match his fielding independent numbers, Jays fans are about to fall in love with Josh Johnson. Yeah, I’m not so sure about that…

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Blake Murphy looks at Brett Lawrie, how injuries have impacted his performance, and the club’s insistence that he’s going to stay in the minors until his bat is ready, regardless of how soon his ankle injury is healed. We’ll see, I guess, but I don’t think they’ll hold him down too long– like, I’d be pretty surprised if he was optioned following the maxing out of his rehab assignment or something like that.

Gregg Zaun is now a permanent resident of Canada, according to a piece from Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun.

Obligatory thing on Bautista wearing Dickey’s pants, via the Toronto Star.

Mike Wilner tweets, however, that Jose’s high pants era may now be over.

I don’t bother linking to game stories around here much, but I kinda can’t not when Shi Davidi’s one last night ends up being titled “Wang rocked early, often in Jays loss to Tigers.” Turn six already, Sportsnet.

Pirates Prospects takes a look at the Bucs’ secret weapon this season, which is helping propel them to one of the best records in the Majors: a defensive shift scheme that looks an awful lot like the one the Jays pretty much abandoned when Brian Butterfield followed John Farrell to Boston. Um… can we please fucking do this again already?

The Blue Jay Hunter has a nifty look at Miguel Cabrera’s post-strikeout ackowledgement of R.A. Dickey’s awesomeness.

More reason to believe the Jays fucked up when they let Casper Wells slip away in order to keep seventeen pitchers on the roster, or some such ridiculous number. At FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan looks at how Wells has pitched in on the mound for the White Sox, and how he might be the next Micah Owings, which… no, it doesn’t sound particularly glamourous, but given the Jays’ love of rostering pitchers, could have been something if they were damn keen enough to exploit it. Alas, they were not.

Lastly, sad news from over the weekend, as former Jays pitcher Justin Miller was found dead in Florida at the age of 35. The Toronto Sun has the details. RIP.

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  1. I read the Buffery piece and the most striking piece of information was that Zaun had a fiance.

  2. Apparently Morosi said on The Fan that the team AA is waiting on (from that “7 to 10 days” quote) is the Royals, and Ervin Santana.

  3. If you type “having a look at Cuban free agent pitcher Miguel Gonzalez” into Urban Dictionary, the first hit is that its street slang for “taking in a donkey show with the boys”

  4. so, doom and gloom aside, its right around the all star break and the jays are right around .500 with their starting lineup about to take the field for the first time as a whole this season….if I knew that a month ago i’d be elated

  5. The Encarnacion injury doesn’t seem too much to be concerned about, does it?

  6. Thanks for the podcast plug! We are going to have Zach back as a regular. He’s a great guy and is very knowledgeable about prospects.

  7. “Zaun, a former Jays catcher, has been a critic of Arencibia’s play, but also believes that if the Jays want their young catcher to improve, they have to take certain steps to help him — like hiring a catching coach.

    “How do you expect a guy to get any better if he doesn’t have anyone to work with?” asked Zaun. “They should add someone to the staff. John Gibbons was a catcher, but he’s the manager and he can’t be coaching the kid too. What they should do is promote Sal Fasano (the organization’s roving catching instructor). He’s a tremendous teacher of that position.

    “Arencibia swings and misses too much, but he could be a great hitter, and he could be a really good catcher, but they don’t have anyone to teach him.” ”


    Ever since the coaching got overhauled this off-season, I’ve been asking whi’s the catching coach (was Don Wakamatsu last season). And seems like the answer is nobody really. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is dumb. Never ceases to amaze me how sports teams sink so much money in player salaries, then go for the minimum when it comes to the personnel that support these investments.

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