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Hilariously awesome and deliciously unnecessary stuff went sailing out of the mouth of J.P. Arencibia this morning, and through the speakers of sports talk radio listeners throughout the GTA, as he appeared on the Fan 590 (audio here) and, as promised, fired blasts at players-turned-broadcasters Gregg Zaun and Dirk Hayhurst.

Maybe it’s all a WWF-like* put-on or something. That, frankly, would be about the only reasonable explanation for a struggling ballplayer to even fucking bother– and to drag teammate Melky Cabrera under the bus in the process– but I somehow don’t think that’s the case.

Being given the chance to deliver on his promise of shit-talk on this morning’s Brady and Lang, here’s where Arencibia somewhat stunningly went:

I think it’s very unfortunate that the fans have to hear those guys talk as much as they do, because, I know, speaking for myself and for the team, that there’s not one person in our clubhouse that respects those guys. Because they’re informing the fans the wrong way, and it’s not right. And I think, one) not a lot of us, including myself, respect a person that used performance enhancing drugs and, you know, was able to stick around as a below average player in the Major Leagues. And those who do it without that– I know I’ve worked my entire career. I’ve worked hard. I’ve never done anything, I’ve never put anything in my body, and I go out there and bust my butt every day. It’s not an easy game. And I think sometimes people forget that.

And with Dirk Hayhurst, there’s a guy who– you know, he was another guy who had below average baseball tools. And I was actually the catcher in Triple-A who was busting my butt every single day to try to get the best out of him, and he had an opportunity to go up to the Major Leagues that year, and I take a lot of pride in helping, and feeling like I’m a part of what gave the guy the opportunity. I even remember having conversations with him about how to throw the changeup inside– I thought it was better to throw the changeup in than throw him the changeup away, and he had great results with it.

And it’s tough to hear people like that criticize– I know it’s part of their job, but to sit there and inform the fans that this is wrong and this is not the way, because they quickly forget how hard this game is. Because every one of us wants to make adjustments, and no one on this earth cares more about what goes on than the players do. It’s our careers. It’s our well-being. This is what I’ve done since I was four years old. But it’s very unfortunate that those people are the ones that they have to get their information from, because they make the game sound like it’s easy, and it’s tough, because those guys are not letting the fans know what it takes and how hard it is on a day-in day-out basis, from dealing from injuries and dealing from different things to go out there and succeed in this game on a consistent level. That’s why the guys who hit .300 and the guys who pitch win 20 games are 1%, 2% of baseball. So, it’s tough, and I feel bad for fans that they have to listen to that stuff.

I think he actually makes an excellent point about it not being conveyed to fans just how hard the game is– there are far too many fans out there who are absolutely aghast when guys swing at brutally deceptive pitches or can’t make plays that are happening at a game speed that is beyond their imagination– but… this is still completely fucking insane.

Deliberately going on the radio and saying all this? Fuck, it makes my job about a billion times easier, buy why???

Especially after on Monday having been quoted in a piece from Mike Cormack at Sportsnet, responding to media criticism thusly:

There’s no hard feelings. You’re not going to call me when my career is over, because I’m not going to call you. So I just go out there and do what I’m put on this Earth to do.

. . .

I pay zero attention because I’ve learned more and more how — no offence — how much you guys don’t know.

. . .

So good or bad, (what people say) is out of my control. I can work hard, I can do all the things to prepare and that’s all you can do.

. . .

Results will come. I’m confident enough in my abilities, but again, guys need something to talk about and obviously I’m the one that they talk about. Do I care? Not really.


So, he doesn’t care what the media says, or listen to them, but would like to tell you all about how he doesn’t like what he hears them say????

Also: Dirk Hayhurst was barely a big leaguer and should shut up, but JP would like to take his fair share of credit for his career anyway, just because… y’know… GAH!!!!!

Oh, and he shit-talks the career of Gregg Zaun, whose .344 career on-base and .325 wOBA slaughter his own marks of .267 and .300. Not to mention that Zaun was, for whatever defensive stats for catchers are worth, +23 runs by DRS in his five years with the Jays, compared to JPA’s -4. (To be fair, the defensive numbers FanGraphs uses to calculate WAR [rSB and RPP] are less kind to Zaun– though still considerably better than what they say about Arencibia.)

Now, I can’t defend some of the nonsense that’s come out of Zaun’s mouth this season, and I can wholly understand why Jays players aren’t happy with him or other members of the media, but… seriously, what the hell? Those guys get paid to talk, and Arencibia gets paid to play baseball, so why he’d bother walking– very deliberately– into a shitstorm is beyond me. It must be cathartic, sure, but how does it possibly help anything? And where was anyone from the team, after last night’s tweet promoting the appearance, going, “Uh… hey JP, you’re not going to just make all this a fuck-tonne worse here, are you?”

I don’t know. Like I say, it sure is fun to have the shit talk, but if I’m the guy who doesn’t make his living running his mouth, whether I’m armed with a solid point or two or not, I probably continue my stand from three days ago and keep on pretending I couldn’t give a fuck. Was that really so hard?


* No, not wrestling. I mean those scam artists at the World Wildlife Fund!**

** It’s a joke, son.

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  1. Can someone tell me how Hayhurst responded on Baseball Central? I had to miss it.

    • He was pretty cordial.

      He basically said he realizes JP is upset and got emotional, but that with the way he and the team have played this year, that he has to expect that there will be criticism.

      • He didn’t really touch on anything specific that JP said, whether it was about Hayhurst or JP’s own abilities.

    • He basically said, “I respect the man’s right to an opinion, and I get why he’s frustrated, but guys like us are paid to criticize performance, etc.”

      I think he also said he won’t have more to say on the matter.

  2. Aaron Cebia cares not for analysis or statistics. He was put on this earth by the father above to flash his smile and hit clutch dingers.

  3. Jp may be struggling but not one thing he said is a lie.
    When I was here in Toronto, the media got my ass dragged out of here for a terrible pitcher.
    Still only 25 people forget and much more valuble than abraham lincoln over there.

    • You were out of options and going to be cut and lost for nothing this spring, so…

      • …not to mention you having a lower OPS than Munenori Kawasaki

        • Well….he has a MINOR point. T. Snider career with PIT = 0.1 WAR. Lincoln career with Jays = -0.5 WAR.

          • True, maybe Lincoln wasn’t the best return possible, but Snider was going nowhere in Toronto and he hasn’t improved in Pittsburgh. Like Stoeten said, there’s a good chance he would have been sent down or cut this spring, so at least we got something for him as Lincoln still has some upside as a BP guy in years to come.

      • Stoten hits the nail on the head. Snider is out of options. There is no way a fringe player like Snider with no options is worth more than a fringe player with options. And Lincoln as a set up pitcher with the Pirates did much more than Snider has ever done. PIttsburgh would do that deal back in a heartbeat.

        • Fringe hitter…the guy has a great arm and plays above average defence. The Pirates have used him like the Jays are using Lind now: principally against lefties. I like that but you can’t have 2 guys like that on the same team and no one wanted Lind so….

      • I feel like Travis Snider has a chance to figure it out at 29 like Bautista did, and start mashing them out of the ballpark.

        With that said, I’m positive he won’t have that chance in Pittsburgh. He’ll need to get cut and land somewhere else, maybe somewhere where fly balls fly out of the ballpark.

    • You forgot to bring me to Pittsburgh with you. *sob*

  4. I’m really glad JP got that off of his chest.

    Clearly, his beyond abysmal season has been the result of media criticism and now that it’s been dealt with, he’s obviously going to be at least passable behind the plate (like maybe playing as well defensively as a bag of flour secured in a child’s car seat) and perhaps start getting on base more often than they have democratic elections in war torn sub-Saharan African countries.

    Now that JP has solved all of his problems with this completely on-point and well thought out rant, the best is to come!

    Way to go, JP!

  5. I’d love to see JPA get busted down to the minors. If he only had the pop to hit 10 homeruns a year, he’d be riding the buses in Triple A. The guy is coasting on the bit of homerun power he does have, and it’s made him a cocky shit that thinks he doesn’t have to improve on anything else. I’d rather have Gregg Zaun on this team than JPA, any day of the week.

    • Except… he was talking about improvements he needs to make and complaining that Zaun and Hyhurst make it sound easier than it is.

      • No idea why JP chooses now to speak out, but that being said, he makes some good points. I cringe when I hear Zaun, or Buck and Pat for that matter, make the game sound so easy now that they are behind the desk. JP is still young, in only his 3rd full big league season, has OK HR pop and hopefully one day he will have the veteran presence that we seem to expect him to have now… He is hitting a HR once per every 18.87 AB, so at least he can change the score.
        Hopefully this doesn’t bring on a giant shit storm, as we have no other viable options behind the plate.

        • He’s 27 years old!

          The guy isn’t some young punkass kid anymore. This is EXACTLY what he is. There’s NO untapped ceiling for Arencibia.

  6. Stats? Shmats.
    Analysis? Pshaw
    Strike Outs? Who cares?

    I’m a “run producer”.

  7. JPA better be able to back up his comments about Zaun using PEDs because the evidence against him in the Mitchell Report is flimsy at best – Zaun could sue for dragging his name in like that.

    • If you think Zaun is going to sue Arencibia then you are rock fucking dumb.

      Number 1, the last thing Zaun wants is to reopen the drug story, because only the rock fucking dumb give any credence to his bullshit about writing a nameless cheque to pay a gambling debt.

      Number 2, Sportsnet figures are not going to sue Blue Jays players. How fucking dumb can you get! Let’s see you count to 5 on here.

      • I still can’t believe that Zaun was stupid enough to write a cheque instead of paying in cash. Wait a second… I can believe he was that stupid.

    • If one is sued for libel (or in this case slander, since the comments were spoken) then your best defense is to prove that what you said is true. That’s a can of worms that Zaun most definitely does NOT want to open.

      • Right, but how dumb can JPA be to potentially open himself to a problem like this – I agree Zaun prolly doesn’t want to open a shitcan of worms, but on the off-hand that he DOES have proof that he didn’t do anything illegal, do you really want to be the one opening that can of worms publicly when both work for the same team?

        And, BrickTop? 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5. Thank you.

        • The onus of proof would be on Arencibia not on Zaun. Arencibia would have to prove that Zaun did in fact use PED’s. Problem is that Zaun would have to prove special damages in order to have a cause of action. I.e. Would have to show that he has lost out on contracts because of Arencibia’s comments etc. If he hasn’t suffered anymore than his feeling’s getting hurt he does not have a case in slander.

          • Thank you!….So essentially Zaun (having landed a lucrative TV job in spite of the rumour) cant prove harm and so probably doesnt want to bring a lawsuit and JPA doesnt want to have to prove he took PED’s. BUT ! Wasn’t there a cancelled cheque somewhere to someone (Balco?) and isnt the standard of proof in a civil suit based on the preponderance of evidence? ( much lower than the proof beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal court)

            • Yes, the standard of proof is lower in a civil suit than a criminal matter. However, JPA would be the defendant in such a suit and he would be the one having to prove that Zaun used PED’s in order to not be liable.

              But the problem still lies with the fact that Zaun hasn’t been harmed. Zaun could bring the suit but would likely be thrown out for failure to state a cause of action.

              A cancelled check with no signature on it would only be circumstantial evidence and would not be given much weight in a court of law.

          • For ‘special damages’ you’re spot on, courts can award ‘general damages’ for things like, in this case, harm to one’s reputation or character. Zaun would theoretically have grounds to use, although I agree with you & others 100% that there’s no way its going to happen

        • How dumb can JP be?

          Are you really looking for an answer to that question?

  8. Zaun went on to be a talking head AFTER his career, why does Arencibia keep fueling the media during his?

    • He has an agreement with Sportsnet. This is essentially a promotion for Baseball Central and Blue Jays Connected. He’s doing them all a huge favour, they are all best friends.

      Good episode though, let’s see what happens on the results show tonight.

  9. Looking for insight: Does a player have to get permission from the Blue Jays to appear on a talk show or do an in-depth interview? It seems odd that the Jays would let JPA go on a radio show when he announced beforehand that he was going to dump on Zaun/Hayhurst. They have PR people to run interference when a player starts getting picked on, right? Unless it’s no big deal. I guess any publicity is good publicity, just like Hitler said.

    • I can see the owners getting anxious when their players and media personalities start pecking at each other

      • And oh look JPA then made a “surprise” appearance with Jays Care this morning to teach some Rookie Leaguers, what a coincidence that doesn’t seem like a desperate attempt at damage control at all

        • This might be the most cynical thing I have ever read. You are insane.

          • cause it’s not like this a vertically integrated monopoly run by a massive corporation for profit right? Far from being cynical, i think you are being naive.

      • I think the ownership sees dollar signs when their players and their media are pecking at each other.

    • The Jays definitely have PR policies and to not reign in JP’s dickishness means someone really fucked up, besides JP. That said, between Lawrie’s tweets, Bhuerle’s (sp?) bitching about his dogs and now this, seems a bit like a rudderless ship.

      • Or is the ship sinking Shea Hillenbrand?

      • You’re kidding, right?

      • Buerhle answering repeated questions about how he feels about leaving a beloved part of his life in another country to fulfill contractual obligations does not belong in the same example with young, arrogant players berating fans and colleagues in an unprofessional manner.

        Screw your fucking head on straight you lunatic.

    • never a bad time for a Hitler reference eh .. I mean it seems appropriate right about now

    • I’m not sure if that was a joke or what but Hitler didn’t say that publicity thing…

  10. And that just obliterated the last shred of respect I held for JPA.

    What a fucking arrogant, self-aggrandizing, delusional (yeah buddy, I’m sure your wealth of knowledge is really what pushed Hayhurst to the bigs, not the support of his coaches and the fact that, you know, he undoubtedly worked his ass off every day to maximize the physical gifts that he had, fringe major-league-ish tools notwithstanding) piece of fucking shit.

    Fuck right off JPA. I can deal with the consistent shitty play, even though it’s more frustrating to see given the considerable tools that you possess, but I’m done.

    I seriously hope you suffer a career-ending injury, tearing your rotator cuff clean off while vigorously masturbating to the sight of your awesome majestry in the mirror, and I never have to see you again. You fucking twat.

    • Agreed. I enjoyed how he torched Melky inadvertently. He seems a touch slow to not think that part through before opening both barrels. Shut up and kill some more rallys JPA.

    • You’re a dick.

    • AS much as I have been disappointed with JPA’s regression this season, I would never wish an injury on any player. That is even more classless than JPA’s remarks.

      • Honestly, objectively, its probably roughly as classless.

        That said, JP is paid not only to play baseball but to be a representative for the company that is the Blue Jays. He was classless as well as unprofessional; where wishing an injury on a player is really just classless.

  11. Haha..he had it all planned out, this must have really been in his craw for awhile

    jp arencibia ‏@jparencibia9 11h
    Look forward to fan590 at 8:40 am tomorrow… You should probably tune is as I will discuss Hayhurst and Zaun #ThisWillBefun

  12. I think we may have to now accept the fact that Mr Arencibia possesses poor judgement.

  13. Put a jersey on Zaun and let him be critical in the dugout. Zaun doesn’t say “He sucks”. He actually points out his flaws and how he needs to improve. How dare he! Maybe we need a coach like that. Not saying Zaun would be a good coach, but any catching coach would be nice.

    • We’ve got Sal Fasano for that – and when Sal was up a few weeks ago, JPA actually visibly improved that first week or so after his visit; you could see how JPA was framing better and giving better targets to his pitchers.

      We need Sal up here full time!

      • So basically we’re just going to create positions for anyone who was present on a staff when JPA did not get worse.

        Lets give his mom a full time job as concessions coordinator or something so she can do whatever he did when he was four years old, sounds like he really tore up the competition back then with his god-given abilities.

  14. I miss the quiet, steely confidence of Hallyday compared to the outspoken/god`s gift to humanity confidence of Romero/Arencibia.Arencibia`s time in Toronto should be over. Maybe we can trade Arencibia to the Marlins for their struggling young catcher. You know, as a make up for dumping the increasingly shitty Johnson on us.

    • Perchaps this is what happens when you drill it into people that the game is all about confidence and not, y’know, talent.

      • I thought the only thing that matter was grit.

      • Yes. thank you. the fucking confidence and team “gelling” cards are so overplayed in baseball that it makes me sick. how does a team gelling held an individual hit a ball by himself? the closing thing i can think of is jose using dickey’s pants

      • It’s all about team chemistry

      • Obviously talent plays a part, but honestly you people underrate the mental side of the game soo much.

        • “…compared to the outspoken/god`s gift to humanity confidence of Romero/Arencibia.”

          What am I missing here? You’re lumping Romero in with JPA? When did Romero EVER come across like ‘God’s gift to humanity’? It was always my take that he was self effacing and never ever said anything remotely close to what JPA has.

  15. I honestly feel for JPA. He isn’t that good (well for an MLB player) but what is he supposed to do about that? Zaun and Hayhurst get so condescending about everything wrong with the team, including often JPA. If they’re going to rag on someone, they should rag on AA for not getting a better catcher.

    And they ARE quite negative about it. They go beyond just analyzing the plays and get very personal about it IMO. I’d lose it eventually too.

  16. JPA always came off as fairly intelligent (for a baseball player) to me. I guess sometimes impressions are wrong.

    • what???? JPA comes off as intelligent to you? In what sort of crack smoking universe are you from? I was thinking the opposite….that JPA is kinda proving how stupid he really is with these comments.

  17. I don’t care about jpa show is that you don’t suck

  18. Remember last year, when the general attitude in the clubhouse was to let the young guys run wild and free so as to help with their development? This appalling attitude (shared by Lawrie, it seems) is going to be Farrell’s legacy for the ballclub going forward – entitled, underachieving punks who feel they’re above criticism. I don’t know if the directive came from AA or if it was Farrell’s personal management style, but these idiot kids have to realize something soon – THEY’RE NOT THAT GOOD.

    Not that the polar opposite approach preached by Tony LaRussa is necessarily better, but these are kids who have had smoke blown up their ass for so long that they really believe that they’re God’s gift to baseball (certainly in the case of annoyingly-devout J.P.). How dare anyone suggest that there might be room for improvement in their game?!?

    I hope Gibby straightens them out before this leads AA to dump Lawrie & JP at the absolute nadir of their value.

    • I think I might, y’know, blame the players themselves.

      • For sucking, absolutely. But for failing to make adjustments to stop the suckage, when there’s a clear directive to avoid criticism in hopes they figure it out on their own? No way. They’re still kids, without fully-developed brains and a major deficit in impulse control ability (fully on display in Lawrie’s case) and they need at least some kind of guidance. That’s still the manager’s job, or at least the job of the coaching staff; without some sort of direction, the inmates will be running the asylum in no time.

        • THANK YOU. It seems that everyone wants to assign 100% of blame to players or 100% of blame to coaches.

          It’s mostly on the players. But the organization still has a responsibility to foster an environment that produces the best results.

          It’s OK to think the players need to step up AND question whether there are problems in the system.

        • People have to remember though that this is a process. Yes JPA and Lawrie have an ego and an attitude, but a coach can’t just say stop, and it happens. There is a process involved in changing someones behavior. Now, obviously JPA going on radio to do this was dumb, but only dumb for his own sake. This doesn’t have any effect on the field. In the future hopefully somone sits him down to go over why this was a dumb move. Who fucking cares though, why as a fan do people hate this so much? Why is it so bad that JPA cares enough to stick up for himself?

          Also, Stoeten, I somewhat disagree that he went back on what he said earlier in the week. I think his point about the Zaun/Hayhurst rant wasn’t so much that he doesn’t want to be shit on, on Sportsnet, but moreso that they are not representing the reality that a pro ballplayer faces. I think JPA’s point wasn’t so much that he doesn’t want people talking negative about him, but more that these former players should explain to Joe Lunchbox that its harder than it looks. I actually completely agree with this. I’ve played very good baseball in my life, (nowhere near MLB!) and its way harder than it looks. There are a ton of Jays fans that have never played anything more than slo pitch, and just don’t get it.

          I think this also ties in somewhat with the reaction fans and media (not you Stoeten) on a day to day basis. 10 days ago everyone is all pumped about this team finally playing to their potential, and talking about wild cards, because they won a few games. Now they’ve been shit for 10 days and everyone is off the bandwagon. People need to realize that its a long season, and much in the same way, careers are long too. Players can’t make meaningful adjustments overnight, it takes time!

          JPA needs to work on his game, thats for sure, but he is way to young to write him off. Firing back at Zaun and Hayhurst is nothing, and doesn’t affect his game. (although he really should’ve thought about reversing the bus over his teammate)

          JPA will have a long MLB career as will Lawrie, these guys are still kids, cut them some slack.

    • Also, I’m not giving Zaun or Hayhurst a pass on this; Zaun is a pretentious douchebag who has no business acting like he was better than he was, but at least Hayhurst is honest about how badly he sucked. Still, JP is totally unjustified complaining about ANY criticism with an OBP plumetting towards the Mendoza line. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

      • Only zaun was actually a better than average major league catcher which in the pantheon of humanity makes him one of the greatest humans to catch of all time.

      • Fun Fact: If the season ended today JPA would have the eighth lowest OBP of any qualified batter in the live ball era (since 1920). His BB/K ratio would rate out as the second worst mark of all time, next to Pudge’s last season with the Tigers, wherein he struck out roughly half the time that JP did.

        Funner Fact: He’s improved .010 since 2 weeks ago, when he was on pace for the 5th worst OBP mark of all time. He was, at that time, on pace to blow away Pudge’s 2007 record for worst BB/K of all time.

        He is literally amongst the worst of all time but he thinks his problem is that people want him to hit .300, not y’know, within view of league average. Y’all should know the only two options for a hitter are the Mendoza line or a batting title. Nerds.

    • Man I really read this whole thing differently. To me I hear JPA basically admitting he sucks and that he needs to play better but that it isn’t that easy to “just do” because you want to. And then complaining that a mediocre pitcher and a PED using douchenozzle would pretend it’s all so easy and that JPA must just be a bad person for not magically being awesome.

      • If I read it the way you did, then I can somewhat forgive his comments about Zaun; I don’t personally care one iota about PEDs but Zaun’s attitude is almost as bad as JP’s. But Hayhurst practically jokes about how bad he was and has never pretended to be anything more than an accidental major leaguer (loved that article about him pretending to have a slider to get himself drafted) and J.P. taking credit for Hayhurst’s changeup is just pathetic.

        I wonder how he deals with Jack Morris’ criticism; after all, Morris is a borderline HOFer, so by J.P.’s logic, does that make the criticism warranted? Is success in the big leagues the only acceptable prerequisite for offering criticism?

        • Yes but this is the point – Hayhurst is the first to admit to being less than mediocre. He of all people should realize that you can’t just be better because you want to. As JPA said, he has been playing since 4 and is out there working on his game every day. What more can you ask?

          Now if Hayhurst tells me JPA is staying out till 3 am every night and drinking beer in the clubhouse – ok now we have a legit attack.

          • I don’t entirely disagree, but working hard isn’t the same thing as working smart. If J.P.’s training regimen consists entirely of hitting BP dingers while ignoring major flaws in his all-around game (plate discipline, blocking pitches in the dirt, etc) then it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you’re still not going to get better results. Unless, of course, one decides to swallow their pride and ask a coach for guidance on how to improve, and given his attitude, that seems to be something JP might be struggling with.

            None of us know what goes on behind closed doors, we can only judge based on what we see on the field, and what we hear through the media. Nothing that comes from JP’s words or performance suggests he’s doing what he needs to do to get better, and all the indicators suggest he’s actually getting worse.

            Whatever he’s doing, it obviously isn’t working!

            • Assuming that because he is not getting better is because he is doing something wrong is a bad assumption. If you actually believe that he is going about this all wrong, your beef should be with AA and Gibby, as that is their job to coach the players (and AA to provide the appropriate coaches)

  19. “Also: Dirk Hayhurst was barely a big leaguer and should shut up, but JP would like to take his fair share of credit for his career anyway, just because… y’know… GAH!!!!!”

    I really think JPA is just upset that here is a guy like Hayhurst who ALSO had to work hard to even be mediocre as a big leaguer and who he tried to help, and now he’s going around talking about how JPA should hit (which is funny considering Hayhurst wasn’t a hitter). Even Alex Anthopolous pretty much bottom-lined Hayhurst when he kept harping on about JPA walking. AA pretty much said “easier said than done”.

    Seriously if the Jays were so fucked that Hayhurst had to start every 5th day, how would he like to hear every time he starts how terrible he is. And how he needs to “pitch better, duh”.

  20. Both Zaun and Hayhurst are a breath of fresh air when you have to listen to the ongoing banalities of Jerry, Buck and Tabby.

    The Jays have and can be shitting the bed during the game and neither of those three say anything.

    So I applaud Zaun, Hayhurst and Jack for saying the goddamn TRUTH and calling out under-performing players like JPA.

    JPA can certainly defend himself, but that does not change the fact that what is being said about him is true.

  21. Further evidence that JP Errorcibia… is infact, a moron. I’d take Zaun over JP _ANY_FUCKING_DAY_OF_THE_WEEK_ Even if you remove 50 games worth of WAR assuming he’s getting caught for PED’s!

  22. I am still torn as to whether I am suppose to laugh or cry about this. Zaun’s reply won’t be nearly as diplomatic as Dirk’s unless Rogers puts the muzzle to him.

  23. I’d much rather hear Hayhurst and Zaun tell the truth, even when it is critical, than a useless homer like Pat Tabler trying to tell me a tool like JPA has good plate discipline.

    The catcher position has been a black fucking hole for this team this year. I didn’t think Thole could possibly be worse than JPA, but he’s managed to do it. He’s been worth than Barajas for Christ’s sake.

  24. Hey yeah, what’s Melky got to to say about this? An awesome angle that Stoets only mentioned briefly. By the way, I can’t help but picture this whenever I read Stoets.

  25. Well it was funny to say the least. Now if only JP could manage to get on base more often it would be better. The game may be hard, but if its too hard, then you shouldn’t be playing baseball.

  26. Maybe I’m just out of the loop on this one, but I don’t recall Gregg Zaun ever (getting caught) using PED’s? Did Abraham Cibia just make that up for the sake of shit talking?

    • Well, there was something about a cheque he wrote to Jason Grimsley or some other such type, which Zaun claimed was for something else (gambling?). I can’t really recall. Use one of these “internet search engines”.

    • He was named in the Mitchell Report

    • He was named in the Mitchell Report. The Mitchell Report was allegations, even if it did have blank cheques from players (including Zaun). Nobody ever got punished for being named in the report, by orders of the Commissioner.

  27. Zauns an idiot too. Its not like hes a good analyst. Seems his biggest negative comments go to thebguys he personally dislikes. Lawrie gets excoriated by him routinely.

    But then he’ll endlessly defend someone like Boni. Yestersay after the game he said that Boni has been “excellent” since April.

    • But yeah, JPA came across as whiny and childish. We k ow the games hard. Its too hard for 99.99% of people to play at the highest levels. So if your one of those people who its too hard for, then either stop playing it as a career, or expect intense criticism when your as bad at all aspects of it as you are.

  28. I don’t care about his comments. As long as professional sports exist, there will be professional athletes (and managers/coaches/executives) telling the media to fuck off in so many different ways. He’s just another on the long, long list.

    The trouble will be that he said he “speaks for the team”. Now the media swarm in pre-game is going to be trying for a reaction from every single player, every single coach, and don’t you think they won’t try and find Melky. Even if they beat Verlander tonight the post-game is going to be about Arencibia. If JP hadn’t dragged his team into it by saying he speaks for them it’s just a mouthy immature catcher who needs to stop throwing a hissy fit at the media and work on playing better, and within 24 hours it’s gone. But he dragged the other 24 guys into this, they are going to be (rightfully) pissed off that they have to deal with the reaction, and you can bet behind closed doors they will let him know how much they appreciate having to answer questions about it.

  29. fuck just play baseball and shut up.

  30. “so why he’d bother walking– very deliberately– into a shitstorm is beyond me.”

    I wasn’t aware he was even capable of taking a walk.

  31. I guess this is what happens when the team makes an under-achieving catcher the poster boy for the media. J.P. takes a lot of shit. A lot. I think fans also can never understand how hard that is. Ridiculously stupid to say this, but he takes an obscene amount of crap.

  32. Put up or shut up JP and I didn’t like him saying his teammates agree with him, that sort of stuff just creates tension between people.

  33. Fascinating fact: In 2008, Zaun had this to say about JPA at training camp:

    “It’s exciting to see a kid that’s drafted as high as him not come into camp with a big fat melon thinking he knows everything and asking a lot of intelligent questions. You can definitely tell he wants to learn.”

    • Huh! That is interesting.

    • I wish there was a way to upvote this (Reddit-Style), so more people could see it. Most interesting thing in this entire thread. Can you back it up with a source? Not that I don’t believe you, but would be interesting.

  34. I guess no one here has their job scrutinized every minute of every day, telling the world how bad you are at your job which then influences simple minded, bandwagon fans who regurgitate what the “experts” feed them

    I can see where he is coming from. I dont think he should have gone about it the way he did, especially during his worst season (which is only his 3rd season), but it’s understandable thank his frustrations are boiling over.

    Would you rather this lone outburst or have him be like Ricky and sulk after every game?

  35. Well, good thing we have D’Arnaud down in Buff…what?

  36. I’ll be perfectly honest here, I was never a big JPA criticizer, I thought to myself, sure he’s not great but he hits homeruns, and realistically, there aren’t vary many amazing catchers, its not like we have the only shitty one. I mean besides Weiters, the rest of the catchers in the division are pretty meh.

    That being said, this guys a fucking tool. I get that people say things, but he fuckin tweeted that he was going to say it, got to sleep on it and woke up with this fucking rant. Its so fake, its like hes the white knight who came to save the blue jays from the evil zaun and hayhurst.

    This notion in baseball that you need to have been a ‘good’ player to understand the game is fucking ridiculous, I’ve never understood it. Just because you have more skill or god given talent, doesn’t mean you understand the game better. Joe Maddon is one of the best baseball minds of our generation and has never played higher than A ball.

    The last thing this team needed was another distraction, especially from one of their worst players. if the team wants to say something to zaun or hayhurst, have Jose or Buerhle take the lead, atleast they would respect what they have to say.

    TLDR-summary-jpa’s an idiot

  37. JPA, Lawrie, Morrow, Romero..

    They had potential a couple years ago, but they couldnt keep thier egos in check.
    Get rid of them. Get proven MLB talent THEN let your young talent develop behind winners. Thats what they need to do IMO.

    • I’ve never observed anything that would make me put Morrow into that group.

    • Yup, cause everyone knows you cant be a good ballplayer AND have a big ego. Good balllplayers never are arrogant.

      The Lawrie stuff is as idiotic as it is unbelievable. First of all, Machado and Trout are the exceptions, not the rule. MOST players, even the really good ones, struggled their first few years offensively.

      And in the meantime, hes been defensively one of the best 3B in baseball since he came up. And you clowns want to get ridnof hi. because of what you percieve to be his personality flaws? He also beats out EVERY ground ball hes ever hit. He pretty much leads the league in HAR (hustle above replavement). All this, and you want to get rid of him because he thinks highly of himself and has had some blowups?

    • Fact: Jays cannot develop prospects.

    • Fun fact: Anthopoulous did exactly what you suggest this past offseason, trading half our farm for Dickey, Reyes, and Buehrle.

  38. I dunno. Minus the PED stuff, it seems like a fairly reasonable and measured response. I’d imagine criticism from Zaun and Hayhurst, being a former catcher and pitcher, hurts more than criticism from random goofball reporters.

  39. eik…

    much like the rest of the commenters on this post I think jp is out to lunch here. i appreciate the critical analysis these guys (zaun & dirk) bring. it wasn’t that long ago that everyone was blasting any media personality employed by rogers for homerism. imo opinion these analysts have shot us pretty straight this year.

    the “that guy used PED’s and that guy was below average” argument is completely bunk and further solidifies JP as a douche trouph. you dont need to be johnny bench or randy johnson to have a valid or worthwhile opinion.

    dirk handled it very diplomatically, that guy is an honourary canadian. for jp to insinuate that the entire team “has no respect” and therefore has disdain for these guys is absurd. jp doesnt speak for the entire team. to me that is where along with the PED stuff he went way below the belt and his words lose all merit.

    i may be wrong but im pretty sure jp is on pace to break the alltime futility mark for k/bb ratio this year at 10/1. the numbers paint a pretty bleak picture…jp has been shit. sure theres aspects of the game that cant be measured or quantified but with antics like this he only further diminishes his value.

    jp your an idiot and you’d do well to keep your mouth shut.

    • you’re *

      • If you’re going to correct the grammar of a post, correct it all, not just the last line, douche. You can tell clearly by the lack of capitalization that the poster doesn’t give a fuck.

  40. Im not sure what JP thinks the job of the media is? He basically said “its tough” to get criticized when you are trying to do something really difficult

    Fair enough. But that is a YOU problem. What on earth are the media supposed to do? Lie? Say that you are doing great? Preface every comment about your struggles with an astericked disclaimer “the surgeon general warns that baseball is tough”

  41. Zaun and Hayhurst (and many of the other Blue Jay commentators for that matter) act like THEY are the team at times. They speak as if they were all stars in their day, that they know exactly how to correct every little problem a player has, when in fact – it is much easier said than done. This is what JP was pointing out and I don’t blame him one bit for it. People can say that he’s an athlete and gets paid a shit tonne of money to be able to put up with criticism and that’s true to an extent – but he has every right to fire back at his critics too who feel that he’s not putting in the time to make his game better when in fact, he is. Its not the first time a player has fired back at a commentator (Bucholz anyone?) and it won’t be the last.

    • Of course he has the right to fire back. And thats exactly what he did.

      Doesnt mean he doesnt look like an idiot or his criticism (about their criticism) should be free from criticism.

      I have the right to wear a diaper downtown and make loud bany noises. Doesnt mean I shouldnt be called out for being an idiot if I do so.

  42. Jpa should shut the fuck up and realize they are offering constructive criticism as former ballplayers. His performance sucks and thats the nature of being a (shitty) pro athlete.

    • comments like this, illustrate exactly what leads to frustration.
      someone with nowhere near the ability or experience of the person they’re critiquing in a very matter of fact way. It would be like a 11 year old jerking off for the first time and then rolling into a porno set to tell the guys how it should be done.

      • Hey welcome to the real world: especially the real sports world where everyone has an opinion. I have been watching with particular interest the comments of Zaun and Martinez because they are ex-catchers and neither of them like the way JPA is playing.
        By the way FWIW, Zaun laid it at the foot of the Jays 2 days ago and said it wasnt JPA’s fault. The Jays got rid of Wakamatsu and havent replaced him with any catching instruction whatsoever.
        As for JPA, if he hadnt complicated matters by saying he’s a natural leader and telling all his critics they’re wrong he might have had an easier time.

  43. Leafs suck

  44. I think JP’s faith in god is what is leading to this mess. Nothing leads to arrogance and self-rightousness like believing an all-powerful being has special plans for you.

  45. Arencibia just snitchin’ cuz he finished. Snitch ass bitch

  46. someone give the Blue Jays some hookers and blow.

  47. Chase Utley for JP Arencibia/Romero/Morrow/McGowan

  48. get rid of this clown. he’s a bad influence and while i get it that only the best only make it to the MLB and that its a hard game, this guy is just not that good. his homeruns do not outweigh his shitty at bats, his poor throws on steals, his poor backstopping ability, and his poor attitude. get rid of him. jose molina STILL gives more value than this turd.

    • I think he’s got the ability. I think he needs a coach/instructor to bring it out. As for some of the dopey things he says, I hope it’s just immaturity but it’s sounding increasingly more like stupidity.

  49. Any chance these guys are just a lot smarter then us?

    I.E JP cleared this trashing with Zaun + Hayhurst and they both agree this makes great radio. It just seems almost impossible that he would do something premeditated like this.

    We go bat shit crazy and drive up page views. Listen to more radio. Everyone wins except truth, justice and Melky. No one gives a shit about those 3 anymore.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

    • Remotely possible…But think for a second All the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth.

  50. “Maybe it’s all a WWF-like* put-on or something.” the World Wildlife Fund?

  51. Just what the Jays need now. Media distractions.

  52. The Team needs to dump JPA/Lawrie/Romero.. they are the core youth from Richardi’s reign.. and now they are the core little bitch whiners, who skills have not progressed.. dump those 3 and we will have a better team

    • AA traded for Lawrie.

      Also: Lawrie has been hurt for the better part of the last calendar year (in season), and was pretty good before that.

      • my mistake yes, LAwrie is on AA.. but i feel that trifecta of players is a large part of the problem.. Looking back over last 2 years its always one of them that is at the center of some issue.. and none of them have shown progress in last 2 years… even lawrie has sucked since july of last year… Lawrie will be the new Milton Bradley in 2 years.. just get rid of em.. we are playing without them making any significant contribution to the team..

  53. JPA will somehow justify this little shitstorm in a teapot by saying that he was “deflecting criticism from the team – and taking all that cruel weight on my broad and (if I do say so myself) nicely tanned shoulders”.

    Skins get thin when things aren’t going well. At the end of the day, look at the stats – yours and the team’s.

  54. Oh Holy God AA is not going to have a sense of humour about this. I can almost hear the steam rising from the corner office. This is a dumb dumb move by a dumb dumb player. The other guys in the clubhouse aren’t gonna be thrilled either. He speaks for all of them? Really? OK.

    If he is still with the club at the beginning of next season I will be very surprised. AA does not like people who run their mouth. And if it does mean he’s gone, good. We need someone who can catch well and take a 2-strike approach at the plate. Which description does not fit Mr Useless.

    • Hmm. Interesting, maybe could be fun. I know that AA doesn’t like other teams blabbing about possible trades, etc., but has he had any issues with players running their mouths? I cannot recall.

      • I would be amazed if he was ok with this. It’s wrong on so many different levels.

        When do they announce tonight’s lineup?

    • Me too. I don’t think JPA is our starting catcher next opening day.

  55. Finally some excitement this season! Even if it is our worst player vs. the media :(

  56. if JPA can’t take it he should find another job… it comes with the territory.

    this is just further verification that JPA is an overgrown whiny child. remember calling out the new york radio guy on twitter last year with fat jokes? this is essentially the same thing. kinda sad, really.

  57. JP seems to think no members of the media in other cities look at and point out players faults.

  58. Didn’t JPA go on a tear after some U.S. radio guy called him out a year or two ago?

    Then the guy took credit for “waking him up”?

    • Yes! I believe you are correct. There were some “donut” comments made, I believe (by JPA, at the poor portly reporter).

  59. None of this happens if Rex Hudler was in Toronto.

    Everybody knows that good vibes trump bad vibes.

  60. This is kind of hilarious, because out of all of the players who I’d think has probably read, and might even have a regular name to comment on here or other blogs, it’s gotta be JP, no? Everything I hear from this guy makes him seem pretty insecure and shallow.

  61. Jesus H. Christ! This shit goes with the territory. You don’t like hearing people talk about your performance, go into a less public line of work.

  62. Dear Brett Lawrie and Brandon Morrow,

    Please come back soon and be awesome.



  63. For a guy who is so plugged in when it comes to social media – (twitter and all the other shit) I knew that it was bullshit when Arencibia said he pays no attention to the news.

    This reeks of desperation and failing confidence. I think he’s better then he’s showed lately but his head looks fucked when he’s in the box. His comments show he’s worried about the fans perception of him when all he should be worried about is how to cut down his swing and put more balls in play.

  64. I also think he disrespected Stoeten by not calling him out on air as well.
    Stoeten has been just as critical -probably more so then those two and he didn’t send any poison towards him or this blog. Probably couldn’t dig up any dirt.

    Where did you hide the bodies Andrew?

    • Isaiah 5:22

      “Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, and valiant men in mixing strong drink,”

      JPA has no business visiting us here. But if he caught wind of this place, Stoeten would feel his wrath almost certainly.

      • Well that’s the best bible quote I’ve ever seen.
        I learn something new here every day.

        • I’m thinking some bright light will be calling himself a wine drinking hero in 5 more minutes.

    • my “serious or joke?” detector is running a blank on this one.

      Im about 99.9% sure JP has no clue who Stoeten is.

      • Yeah it was a joke. Albeit it a shitty one.
        Trying to send a little props to A.S. for the great dysfunctional community that is DJF.

  65. I’ve come around on Gibby. Thought it was a mistake but I think the guy can manage and he stands up for his team and he casually shows frustration with players and AA. Doesn’t throw them under the bus but casually let’s things slip about personnel or help. However….it’s my belief that he lacks leadership abilities. He has some as quoted above but he lacks in certain areas. JP’s rant Is proof of this. JP is frustrated and made some good points but he needs to focus on his game right now and he should be demoted to work on stuff. He has cost the Jays several games single handedly. Gibbons should be in his face today and tell him to grow up and avoid biting when people criticize. Challenge him to be better and shut the hell up. But unfortunately JP felt the need but also felt comfortable doing this because the environment around the team allows him too. More leadership at the top and this bullshit wouldn’t happen. I’m starting to like Gibby but he needs to improve his leadership skills a bit.

    On another note….wouldn’t Lee and Utley and Ruiz look great with the Jays!!! Instant leadership

    • How is JPA’s rant a sign of Gibby’s lack of leadership? JPA had his say (rightfully or not) and there’s nothing that you, me or Gibby could have done about that.
      As for your fervent wish that Gibby get in JPA’s grille about his comments – how do you know that hasn’t happened? And while we’re on the topic – should he? He’d just make things worse…sometimes you have to let things blow over and not make a mountain of a molehill.

      • Because if the team was focused properly…JP would be focused and whatever Zaun or Hayhurst would have to say…would not matter. Agree??? Gibby is the grand poobah and its his job to have them fucking focused. So there! I think he has some strong abilities as a manager but if JP respected him ….he probably would have shut up.

  66. Hi Everyone

    I haven’t posted in a long time. I think my last post was in Spring Training when I tried to confront that fucker Farrell with my son. Anyway, spent tons of money going to Spring Training, tons of money on Season Tickets and have been treated to some of the worst Baseball I have ever seen and I’ve been following the Jays since 1982. I haven’t been posting much since Si spent most of April and May vomiting up blood. I have never seen a team play worse. I went to 6 games in April and was so traumatized that the 6 games that I had in May, I threw in the garbage. I not only didn’t want to drive down to the Rogers Centre, I refused to even put the TV on. I almost got fired from my job because at inappropriate times I would shout “Someone please stop the pain” and “DFA Boni” In June they actually resembled a Baseball team although recently they have reverted back to those ugly April and May days. Through all of this, I am starting to come to a very painful conclusion. Let me first tell you that as a person I love AA. I have spoke to him many times. He is a great and genuine guy. Up until recently, I thought he was a great GM. But I’m starting to wonder. Does he know what the fuck he is doing? A 8 man bullpen. No other team in Baseball has that. Why do we? Especially when we are carrying 7 infielders and 3 outfielders. Does this make sense? Playing a game with no bench????? Has that ever happened? How about no caring about defense at all? JP is awful defensively. Who cares? He hits home runs. It’s not like catcher is an important defensive position lol. Boni at second base? Anyone who has watched knows that not only the guy can’t play that position but he can’t play any position. But they keep playing him there because they love his speed. But he can’t hit, bunt or field. The guy would make an error as a DH. Pat Gillick used to say Pitching and Defense wins. He was right and until AA starts to believe that defense counts we will never win anything. Also, what is the story with bringing up scrubs to pitch and watching them get bombed and then DFA them the next day. How many times has he done this this year? I’ve never seen any team do it like AA has this year. I was reading an article recently and a scout was quoted as saying, “What are they doing in Toronto with this revolving door of pitchers? What do they think this is, a High School League?” Anyway, I would to know what you guys think

    • Considering they had no Lawrie or Reyes for 40 percent of the season….Boney probably HAD to play a bit more on the field than the Jays were anticipating.
      I’m not sure if he was targeted by AA in the Marlins trade…or if he was the obligatory throw-in – but I’m sure AA didn’t envision Bonie playing as much with the glove than he has been.

    • mmm good copypasta

    • I think that you forgot that players got injured.

    • Interesting post. agree with a couple of your points.

      dude, it is only baseball though. it is not worth making yourself so physically ill over (vomiting up blood!)

    • You were traumatized, huh, Big Guy? I’d hate to see what will happen to you when you face adversity.

  67. Hayhurst schooled JPA with his comback

  68. I hope Thole gets the start on JP’s bobblehead day.

  69. Who has more excuses for why they can’t win: AA or RA Dickey?

  70. Shut the fuck up JPA. I said this the other day, and now he is attacking announcers. What, are baseball fans complete idiots, and listen and believe every thought or idea these guys throw out there, trying to entertain the fans. They are doing their jobs, and, personally, some of what they say rings true, and has some merit, while other times I totally disagree.

    Bottom line is, thou, that you don’t need to be an ex professional baseball player to see how ineffiecient JPA is on either side of the ball, and then every time JP is interviewed, he wants to talk about his “talents” and “leadership”. Fuck right off JP….. I use to be a big supporter of yours, but you seem to think you have nothing to improve on…. Your defense sucks, your framing sucks, your strikeout ratio is actually rising as the season goes on, partially because you watch pitches straight down the middle , and then swing at a ball in the dirt. You need to go keep your boy Romero company in AAA, because both of you seem to think you are, what you are not, and may need to look deep into your own stats, look in the mirror, and ask yourself,”What do I need to do to return to major league form”. Not attack the media because your sucking ass.

    I really hope this is his last season, because if he doesn’t check himself, chances are he’ll be out of the game for good in five years. USE THE NEGATIVE SHIT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU AS MOTIVATION TO IMPROVE YOUR WEAKNESSES, OR JUST FADE INTO OBLIVION! Don’t make yourself look like an ass calling out the media. Dumbass!

  71. How come when I go to sportsnet’s video pages, the videos don’t load? Anyone else having this problem?

  72. Does the mouth move too on JPA’s bobblehead?

  73. Zaun on @ 5:20 pm, 590, should be incendiary. I hope Melky pinches a loaf in JPA’s glove tonight.

    • This Zaun interview is actually not that interesting. Rogers probably did massage this a bit. Then again, he did say that the PED thing went against “bro code” (which…by the way…absolutely negates any argument that Zaun is an actual “analyst”…).

      • C’mon Fitz ! Zaun dropped a huge turd on him when he said “I’m out there every morning and I’ve never seen him working his butt off” (or words to that effect)
        Something he also added which is telling: “I’ve never failed a drug test”
        Fuck that’s the same as ” I never got caught”

  74. You can’t win with guys like JPA and Lawrie. Young and stupid does not win championships.

    • Sure you can. As long as they are productive on the field like Lawrie has been in stretches and should be at some point.

      JP’s mouth isn’t the problem. It’s him being shitty at pretty much everything on the field and getting the chance to show it every 4 out of 5 games.

      • Should be and could be does not cut it here. I don’t understand why some people defend this. Do we want to win championships or not?

        • Because he should be a good player. I got care if he’s the biggest douche in the world as long as he’ll be productive on the field. I don’t care about having a likable team. Just a winning one with good players.

          If Lawrie continues to suck long-term, then I’ll stop defending him.

    • Sure you can! There are a lot of teams who won with dumb asses and assholes on the roster.

      • I see where you are coming from and I agree. But there are dumb asses with talent and produce (Manny Ramirez) and dumb asses who don’t (JPA)

  75. 200th!

  76. To paraphrase The Dude:
    You’re not wrong, JP, you’re just an asshole!

  77. Just open the laptop(busy reading a book the whole day) and what do I see?My boy J.P.being an idiot even more so than the other days.Priceless .HAHAHAHA

  78. Is a podcast coming?

  79. It’s very possible (in fact almost certain) that both Zaun and JPA are right: JPA is a terrible catcher, or a catcher having a couple of terrible seasons, and Zaun is a worse analyst who shouldn’t be on the air, and should definitely shut up more often than not.

    • Absolutely…good call

    • Zaun who actually GETS a massive chunk of air-time isn’t interrupting Dirk and Jamie to go off on how he doesn’t care about the “haters” and defending his abilities as an analyst.

  80. “Those guys get paid to talk, and Arencibia gets paid to play baseball, so why he’d bother walking– very deliberately– into a shitstorm is beyond me. ”


  81. Geez, Rogers is pitching well tonight, and they’re _still_ losing 4-0. WTF ??

  82. JP can not catch.

  83. Can understand Arencibia’s frustration (at his own play and being criticized for it), but it’s a bit rich of him to shoot the messenger with Greg Zaun by discounting him as a “below average player in the Major Leagues”, when so far that’s all that JP has amounted to. Zaun acquitted himself well over a 15-year career, so until JP starts putting up, he ought to shut up.

    Anyway, it’s a red herring to dismiss criticism by Zaun and Dirk Hayhurst because in his view they had “below average baseball tools”. That describes most of the coaches in baseball (by and large it isn’t the stars who go on to coaching), so does that mean that JP also doesn’t respect guys like manager John Gibbons and other coaches with sub-par playing careers like Chad Mottola? Talk about opening a can of worms!

    And raising the whole PED thing is really a low blow. Zaun was never found guilty of doing PEDs, it’s hardly something he can defend himself against and really it just sullies everything to be raising this again. Also, if he’s saying that neither he nor anyone else in the Jays clubhouse has any respect for anyone who ever juiced, just where does this leave his teammate Melky Cabrera? Again, talk about opening an unpleasant can of worms.

    The only thing that JP said that I agree with (and which Gibbons echoed) is if you’re a broadcaster or beat writer who is always around the team, you ought to have the balls to regularly go down to the clubhouse. With all his Don Cherry-esque tirades, always wondered what it’s like when Zaun goes into the clubhouse – so it’s pretty disappointing to hear that he apparently rarely has the guts to ever go down there. That’s doubly lame as a former player. Same goes for Hayhurst apparently.

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